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The Best Outdoor Toys for 3 Year Olds – Have Fun Outside!

The Best Outdoor Toys for 3 Year Olds – Have Fun Outside!

The market is filled with interesting outdoor toys for toddlers but it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the best ones that will make your child happy. I have researched some of the best outdoor toys for 3 years old and reviewed them to create the following guide that will help you make a well-informed purchasing decision. I am sure you will find something that your little one will love in the list below.

The Best Outdoor Toys for 3 Years Old – Main Choices

1. Little Tikes Basketball Set

little tikes basketball set

The Little Tikes Basketball Set comes with an adjustable hoop. Its height can be modified and it starts at around 2 feet but you can place it up to 4 feet. Therefore, your 3-year-old will be able to use this basketball set up to 5 years old. The rim features a large opening which allows your kid to aim easier.

Your toddler can also handle the basketballs easily due to their junior sizes. This toy is recommended for toddlers because it improves skills such as coordination. You can organize a play date where your little one will also improve his or her social abilities. Children will enjoy this outdoor set for years, especially during the summer.


  • Helps your kid to develop motor and coordination skills;
  • It has a stable base;
  • It is made from plastic and, due to its lightweight structure, can be easily moved around;
  • The oversized rim and the small basketballs are perfect for 3 years old;
  • It’s a great option for social play and interactive games.


  • Some clients mentioned that the hoop should be a tad sturdier;
  • It seems that, on the instruction manual, the set appears to have 5 available height adjustment levels when, in fact, there are only 3.

2. Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Table by Little Tikes

little tikes spiralin' seas waterpark

You can boost your toddler’s motor skills with this exciting and colorful outdoor toy. It has some excellent interactive features. The most exciting one for kids is dropping the plastic balls down the spiral and observing how these items move in a circular motion in the water.

Users can also let the attached Ferris wheel to help them pick up the balls and then dropping them in. With this toy, your little one will develop his or her hand-eye coordination skills. The fact that the balls also squirt water is another entertaining aspect that will make your toddlers laugh and have fun.


Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
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  • This playful mechanism develops kids’ motor skills;
  • Your toddler will have lots of fun playing it;
  • It improves hand-eye coordination;
  • You need to assemble it but it is quite easy to put all the pieces together;
  • It leads to a wide range of creative outdoor activities such as colored water mixing;
  • Kids up to 7 years old can enjoy it, too.


  • The material might be prone to tears;
  • The bottom part is textured which can make the cleaning process quite tricky;
  • Some consider the squirting function of the balls quite unnecessary because it can lead to mildew buildup.

3. Giant Bubble Wand Kit by Wowmazing

wowmazing giant bubble

This amazing outdoor toddler’s toy allows kids to create fantastically large bubbles. The design features two handles and the kit contains three pieces: a pouch of bubble concentrate, a booklet of tips and tricks, and a giant bubble maker. It represented a great birthday gift that your kids could use to entertain all their guests.

Your toddlers will be able to create great bubbles that are as big as them. This set comprised of three different pieces is easy to assemble. All you have to do is add some water and start having fun. If you want, you could buy the family-pack which offers you two wands that can be used at the same time.


  • It is a reliable and high-quality product, manufactured in the USA;
  • This toy is safe and durable;
  • It promotes physical development;
  • The entire kit is lightweight;
  • It comes with an instruction book;
  • This bubble wand helped users create world records.


  • The included bubble mix is quite little;
  • The bubble packing may leek sometimes;
  • It seems there’s a controversy related to where this product is made. The package sais US while a few people claim it is made in China.

4. Playtime Patio and Canopy Playhouse

an outdoor canopy playhouse

This amazing outdoor playhouse has a pavilion type of style and teaches your children the proper way to start hosting their own backyard parties. It is a great choice for social interaction and the canopy protects your kids from direct sunlight.

The manufacturer focused on three major elements: safety, physical development, and durability. The patio set comes with three stations: a snack table, a grill station, and, of course, a well-desired sand and water play area.

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse
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  • It encourages your children to engage in fun activities and play with other kids;
  • It has a durable structure and enables your child to stay away from direct sunlight;
  • This pretend playground promotes creativity and it is wheelchair accessible;


  • It isn’t cheap but it is worth it;
  • You cannot anchor it to the ground.

5. Sprinkle/Splash Play Mat

sprinkle splash mat

This Banzai splash play mat represents the ideal outdoor toy for your toddler, especially during summer months. It’s wide enough to accommodate more than one kid (it measures 54 inches). It has sprinklers installed on the mat’s edges. You must attach a water hose to it and allow the water flow to keep running. Soon, the pool area will be filled with lukewarm water.

It is recommended to always supervise your kids when they are playing or doing activities that involve pool areas and water. This product is quite versatile: you can either use it as it is (only as a tiny pool) or use the sprinklers to increase the level of fun.


  • It is a fun and highly affordable outdoor toy;
  • This mat dries quickly;
  • There’s a small and shallow pool area that retains water;
  • It is safe enough but it is best to place it on grass rather than harder surfaces, as a precaution measure.


  • Some parents say that the mat feels pretty slippery;
  • The sprinklers will only work when you attach a hose to the mat.

6. Step2 Roller Coaster

step2 up & down roller coaster

This up and down ride on track is 10-foot long and it was created for years of outdoor play. It features a couple of non-slip steps that are attached to the main piece so that kids can access the platform from both sides. Climbing the steps presents minimal slippage risks. The structure remains steady due to its recessed retainer.

Toddlers can learn how to maintain their balance while playing which further boosts their confidence while walking. This mini rollercoaster is very easy to assemble without requiring any tools. All you have to do is place some pieces together.


Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster
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03/07/2024 07:30 pm GMT


  • It develops your kids’ balance abilities;
  • Your toddlers will have plenty of fun playing with this outdoor toy;
  • Its design has anti-slip features;
  • It encourages sensory exploration.


  • Your kid may outgrow this toy pretty quickly so you probably won’t be able to use for a long time;
  • You cannot return it;
  • The little cart won’t roll very far because its wheels don’t roll that easily.

7. Monkey Bars Climbing Tower by Eezy Peezy

eezy peezy monkey bars

The Eezy Peezy monkey bars provide endless play for your children. They enable a healthy active playtime which will soon become your toddlers’ favorite backyard activity. This durable and high-quality structure is extremely portable, being lightweight. The climbing bars are made from sturdy plastic that’s coated with UV protection which makes this product a long-lasting one.

Your little ones will have a blast climbing up and down these bars. This activity improves their motor skills and coordination abilities. Both the locking springs and interlocking design are safe and stable. Also, the fabric is safe for children. The entire structure withstands UV-related damages which is why the Eezy Peezy monkey tower is an amazing outdoor toy.


  • It is portable which means you can move it around;
  • Its structure and design make it the perfect indoor and outdoor toy for your toddlers;
  • The tower develops motor skills;
  • It is made of durable and safe materials.


  • The assembly process might take a while and it can be a tad tricky;
  • A few parents complained that some of the bars might not be as sturdy as they expected;
  • It is hard to disassemble the structure.

8. Garden Tools Toy Set by Liberty Imports

liberty garden tools

This set of garden tools contains no less than 16 different pieces that help your kids learn some gardening insights. The playset can also be used when you’re at the beach with your little one. Each tool features the perfect size that easily fits a toddler’s little hand. This outdoor toy comes with flower pots, a wagon to carry all the pieces around, gardening tools, a water spray bottle, and a water pail.

The Liberty Imports garden set is a versatile outdoor toy that can help children take care of plants or build sandcastles. More children can play with one set at the same time which leads to better social skills. All the materials used to design this set are BPA-free and the product was both tested and certified by ASTM and CPSC.


  • This playset is fun and exciting for all kids due to its wide range of tools and components;
  • It is safe and durable and most moms love to buy it for their children;
  • This outdoor toy’s durability and quality were tested and certified;
  • It is an affordable and versatile toy.


  • It isn’t a real gardening set. The tools are tiny and they are made for pretend play;
  • A few clients stated that the wagon’s handle looks and feels cheap and of poor quality.

9. Easy Score Soccer Set

little tikes soccer set

This colorful soccer set is very engaging and it was created to stimulate a toddler’s visual senses. You can easily use it to help your child learn the basic concepts and rules of soccer. At the same time, kids will have plenty of fun in a healthy environment that keeps them active. The structure is made of sturdy and stable heavy-duty metal. The net’s height can be adjusted to suit your little one’s height.

This outdoor toy includes three elements: a soccer ball, a goal with a net, and a ball pump. Transporting this set is hassle-free and, as long as your children play it with other kids of their age, they will develop some serious social and team player skills.


  • This soccer set is easy to assemble and it is portable;
  • You can also disassemble it in no time for easy storage;
  • It helps to develop motor skills;
  • The product boosts coordination;
  • With it, you will be able to keep your toddler active and healthy.


  • For some kids, the soccer ball can be a tad small;
  • It seems that there’s a lack of reinforcement right where the plastic material is holding the net.

10. Play Tent and Tunnel

utex 3 in 1 tunnel

This tent and tunnel combo toy is built to last and it features colorful and high-quality fabrics that are resistant to both wear and tear. The entire structure is compliant with all the safety standards required by US authorities. The set comes with three main elements: a long tunnel made of a transparent mesh, a teepee house, and a square tent. These can be used either together or separately.

With this outdoor toddler’s toy, your little one will have hours of play and fun. You can set it up in just a few seconds and then fold it quickly when you want to store it. It is an excellent birthday present for both girls and boys. Its colors are very appealing for all kids and there’s even a small ball pit area that represents an additional element of fun.


  • The set is made of colorful and durable materials;
  • It supports and promotes group play and interaction;
  • This toy is versatile and it can be used by toddlers as well as preschoolers.


  • When used on its own, the tunnel might topple over;
  • Some parents seem to think that this toy could be a safety hazard so you should use it with caution.

Finding the Best Outdoor Toys for 3 Years Old – a Brief Buying Guide

Before purchasing outdoor toys for your toddler, you should consider certain factors. Besides the options I have presented above, here are some other important things to keep in mind:

  • Motor skills – most of these outdoor toys involve plenty of physical play and activities so they help your child develop strong motor and mobility skills. Moreover, they can have a positive impact on your kid’s hand-eye coordination and balance;
  • Bonding time and physical play – playing outside is crucial for all children so you should encourage them to do so. It keeps them fit and healthy but it also encourages them to interact with others which further leads to well-balanced mental health. Finally, playing outdoor with your little ones helps you create unforgettable memories and have some quality bonding time with them;
  • Imagination – kids can easily develop their imagination and creativity when they play outdoor with tents and playhouses. This will also develop their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Main Types of Outdoor Toys for 3 Years Old

Here are some of the commonly-met outdoor toys that children enjoy the most:

  • Ride-on toys;
  • Inflatable pools and sprinklers;
  • Beach and gardening sets;
  • Playhouses and play tents;
  • Water tables; etc.

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What Should You Buy a 3-Year Old?

There are many exciting and fun toys a toddler would love. The most popular options are included in several categories: water tables, pit ball, and pool areas, playhouses, play tents, bubble creation, sports-related toys, swings, slides, etc.

Why Does Playing Outdoor Benefit a Child?

Playing outside is excellent because kids can practice their motor skills and other physical abilities such as hand-eye coordination and balance. Most outdoor toys involve healthy activities like jumping, running, playing ball, or even skipping. All these will strengthen your little one’s muscles and bones which will further lead to good overall health and wellbeing.

How Many Hours Should a Toddler Play Outside?

Many specialists agree that outdoor playtime helps children develop many types of skills, from creativity and physical abilities to emotional wellbeing and academic success. Ideally, all children should spend no less than three hours outside, playing.

How Do You Encourage Your Toddler to Play Outside?

First of all, you should tell your kids that’s totally fine to get a little messy or dirty as long as they are willing to wash and clean afterward. Make sure to organize as many outdoor play dates as possible with your kid’s friends.

Establish a strict schedule of indoor and outdoor play as well as screen time. Go out with your little ones in your backyard and play together. All these initiatives will determine them to enjoy playing outside while also bonding with you more.

The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers – Final Thoughts

I know how overwhelming picking a toy can be because there are so many nice options available. That’s why I did my best to narrow it down and offer you only some of the best outdoor toys for 3 years old as well as their detailed features and advantages.

Make sure to read the list as well as the short and concise guidelines I provided in the final part of the article. All the information presented above will help you choose those items that are most suitable for your needs and your kid’s preferences.

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