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In pre-K, pretend play becomes a serious business for most children! This can be a magical time for you and your child. You can support pretend play in all kinds of ways, including by providing appropriate materials for your child. While you have all kinds of costume choices, I recommend buying Melissa and Doug dress-up …

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Before I was a mother, I was a nanny and then a preschool teacher. I used a lot of Melissa and Doug food toys in my day! Looking back, I become aware of how many different skills these toys help children build. It feels good to know I’m giving my child well-made, educational toys. Melissa …

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I’m excited to share this best Melissa and Doug puzzles guide with you. Puzzles are a powerful learning tool that offers your young child the chance to learn hand dexterity, logical thinking, and concentration. If you have a kid under six years old, I’ve got 10 high-quality puzzles from the respected toy brand, Melissa and …

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Have you heard about the popular, award-winning toy brand Melissa and Doug? Curious about what makes Melissa and Doug toys special? Parents want to know all about their kids’ toys to make sure they’re buying a quality product that’s meant to last and enrich their child’s imagination. In today’s article, I’ll explain why Melissa and …

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Kids are constantly growing and learning, and we all know the best and easiest way for kids to learn is through their toys. Infant kids are a little more limited as they can’t sit up and cognitively learn how to play, but as they get a little older, they respond to motor skills and cause …

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In a digitalized era in which most kids would rather spend their time staring at a screen instead of playing outside, it is recommended that parents promote outdoor activities and encourage their little ones to tag along for some old-school backyard fun and entertainment.

Outdoor toys allow your children to get a healthy and well-deserved dose of fresh air on a daily basis. I found some excellent choices for 4-year-olds that will keep your little ones engaged for hours in healthy and educational physical activities.

The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds – Top 8 Choices

You can create many wonderful experiences for your children with any of the following outdoor toys for toddlers. They are all engaging and fun, not to mention they improve cognitive and motor skills.

I have listed these products in no particular order. They were chosen based on their f

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people girl farm lawn meadow wagon play boy male female rural vehicle youth backyard child childhood picnic outdoors outside friends playground little cornfield pulling outdoor play equipment

All parents want to find some of the best outdoor toys for 2 year olds that will keep their children engaged and busy all summer long. Maybe you want to go to the beach and bring some essentials with you or perhaps you have a backyard that you need to dress up with several fun activities.

From old-school classics to trendy toys, there are a lot of options out there that will help your kid consume his or her energy in a positive and constructive way. Here are some of my favorite picks when it comes to outdoor toys for toddlers.

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The market is filled with interesting outdoor toys for toddlers but it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the best ones that will make your child happy. I have researched some of the best outdoor toys for 3 years old and reviewed them to create the following guide that will help you make a well-informed purchasing decision. I am sure you will find something that your little one will love in the list below.

The Best Outdoor Toys for 3 Years Old – Main Choices

1. Little Tikes Basketball Set

little tikes basketball set

The Little Tikes Basketball Set comes with an adjustable hoop. Its height can be modified and it starts at around 2

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Most parents will swear by electronic and battery-operated toys since they also double as easy learning toys, which is fair, but there is still something to be said for some of the best wooden toys for babies and toddlers. As a whole, they last a lot longer than plastic toys and without the need for …

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