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Best Melissa and Doug Puzzles Guide: Piecing It Together

Best Melissa and Doug Puzzles Guide: Piecing It Together

I’m excited to share this best Melissa and Doug puzzles guide with you. Puzzles are a powerful learning tool that offers your young child the chance to learn hand dexterity, logical thinking, and concentration. If you have a kid under six years old, I’ve got 10 high-quality puzzles from the respected toy brand, Melissa and Doug, to show you today.

We’ll learn about why Melissa and Doug toys are considered the “Golden Standard” in childhood play, and what makes their puzzles special. Ready to see 10 amazing Melissa and Doug puzzles right away? Let’s get started!

Bottom Line Upfront

My kids loved floor puzzles. More so than regular ones. They could get down on the floor and move around, and interact with one another while assembling a cool picture. So, I highly recommend the Melissa and Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle.

Top 3 Picks

Even though I’m going to discuss 10 Melissa and Doug puzzles later on, I’d like to show you these 3 first. These 3 puzzles stood out as the best of the best. Whether you want to buy a top-notch puzzle for a bargain, buy for your young tot, or buy the best puzzle of them all, these 3 are worth checking out right away!

This puzzle set offers your child 6 unique puzzles. They’ll learn about farm animals, pets, safari animals, numbers, letters, and vehicles.

Your kid will learn all about shapes with this puzzle! Below each shape is the shape’s name, so they can get a head start on knowing the basics.

This puzzle may be the least expensive on the list, but it’s also huge! Made with large, easy-to-clean puzzle pieces, your child will love assembling the gorgeous ocean creatures featured on each piece.

About Melissa and Doug

The story of how Melissa and Doug started their iconic toy brand together is a heartwarming one. If you’re anything at all like me and you need to understand what a brand is all about before giving them money, here’s the rundown on Melissa and Doug.

How the Company Began

Let’s go back to 1988 when Melissa and Doug were making toys out of the garage at Doug’s parents’ house. Both were raised by parents in the education field, which inspired them to create meaningful, long-lasting kids’ toys with some old-fashioned flair.

They used to deliver their own toys all over the East Coast and listen to customer reviews by providing a phone number on the back of their products. Decades later, their hard work paid off in spades.

Where They are Today

Melissa and Doug are still happily married! Their HQ in Connecticut has grown exponentially since the company began. They’ve expanded their reach and now have factories overseas. Their current net worth? $500,000,000.

Benefits of Melissa and Doug Puzzles

Melissa and Doug Shapes Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Puzzles are both a fun toy and an educational tool for young kids. Curious to learn more about why puzzles are recommended? Read on!

Hand Dexterity

It’s important that toddlers learn how to properly grip things. They don’t have very much strength in their hands until they practice using them. Puzzles made with large, chunky wooden blocks like the ones offered by Melissa and Doug give them the chance to practice gripping objects that are easy for them to hold.

Problem Solving Skills

Puzzles take logical thinking to complete. Introducing your child to logical thinking now will not only help them in school but also in life. Puzzles allow your kid to solve a small problem on their own in a fun way.


It’s important that children learn how to concentrate on doing one task all the way through to the end. This may be challenging for a very young toddler, but once they complete something they worked on, they’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.

Away from the Screens

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that even little kids between the ages of 2 and 6 are constantly exposed to screens like the rest of us. Your child may not have a smartphone, but hours and hours spent in front of the T.V., playing video games, and scrolling through an I-pad can condition them early on to form unhealthy attachments to electronics. Exposing them to toys and games off-screen lets them learn there’s more to life than the internet.

Types of Puzzles Melissa and Doug Make

Curious about which types of puzzles Melissa and Doug make for your tot? Take a look at these to get a better understanding of what Melissa and Doug are all about.

  • Block Puzzles – These puzzles are perfect for toddlers and young elementary schoolers because they’re made with chunky wooden blocks. These blocks are easy to grasp and easy for little ones to put into place.
  • Pegboard Puzzles – A pegboard puzzle has large wooden puzzle pieces attached to a peg. These pegs make it easier for your child to pick up the puzzle piece and put it into place on the wooden puzzle board.
  • Floor Puzzles – These large puzzles are made of big, easy-to-clean puzzle pieces. They’re called “floor puzzles” because they’re so large, they’re meant to be assembled on the floor instead of on a table.

What to Look for in a Melissa and Doug Puzzle

Not sure which Melissa and Doug puzzle is the right fit for your kid? Here’s a simple rundown of what to consider before buying your kid’s new favorite toy.

  • Age Range – Make sure you buy a puzzle that’s meant for the age your child currently is or will be in the future
  • Aligns with Your Kids’ Interests – Melissa and Doug make puzzles with vehicles, dinosaurs, farm animals, sea creatures, and much more. If your kid loves triceratops, there are tons of dinosaur puzzles from this company you could pick out for them.
  • Price Range – Melissa and Doug puzzles are not inordinately expensive, but sometimes the puzzle sets with multiple puzzles can get pricier.

Best Melissa and Doug Puzzles

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer-these are the 10 best Melissa and Doug puzzles for toddlers and elementary schoolers 2-6 years old. 2-6 is such an important time in your child’s development that I believe it pays to go for quality, educational toys.

I chose these Melissa and Doug toys because they are created from highquality materials for maximum durability, so you can pass these puzzles along to future children and grandchildren you may have, too.

Melissa and Doug Construction Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Melissa and Doug Construction Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Best For: Vehicle Puzzles

I always opted for bulk items when my kids were teeny tiny. If something came with several items and more options for play or learning, then I couldn’t pass it up. Your little one will get to put together 4 different construction vehicle puzzles with this 4-in-1 set. All 4 puzzles fit together in an organized wooden box that will keep all the pieces from the 4 puzzles separate.

  • Price Range: $7-$17
  • Age Range: 3-6
  • What’s Featured: 4 different construction vehicles

Each puzzle has 12 pieces, so it’s perfect for little ones who are just learning about problem-solving.


  • 4 brightly colored construction vehicles
  • Helps teach hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • 4 puzzles in 1 set


  • Kids who don’t collect vehicle toys may not want this

Melissa and Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle

Best Bargain

Searching for the perfect floor puzzle? Melissa and Doug offer a beautiful 2 feet by 3 feet floor puzzle featuring your kid’s favorite underwater creatures.

  • Price Range: $4-$14
  • Age Range: 3-6
  • What’s Featured: Sea creatures like stingrays, jellyfish, and sharks

They’ll feel inspired to learn more about marine life after assembling this puzzle with gorgeous artwork showcasing animals like whales and jellyfish. This puzzle has an easy-to-clean surface, so your tot won’t ruin it if they spill their juice while puzzling things out.


  • Gorgeous seascape design
  • Large 3 feet by 2 feet puzzle
  • Made of durable, extra-thick cardboard that’s easy to clean


  • Not ideal if your kids are scared of sharks

Melissa and Doug Animals Wooden Peg Puzzles Set – Farm, Pets, and Ocean

Melissa and Doug Animals Wooden Peg Puzzles Set

Best Animal Puzzle Set

If you’re searching for a puzzle set purely featuring animals, check this one out! Your tiny animal lover will adore how cute each animal’s design is in all 3 puzzles. My son adored all his animal-themed puzzles.

  • Price Range: $14-$24
  • Age Range: 3-5
  • What’s Featured: Farm animals, pets, and sea creatures

This is a pegboard puzzle, so it’s easy for your child to grasp the pieces and put them into place. Melissa and Doug have been named the “Gold Standard of Childhood Play,” so you can rest assured these puzzles were made from high-quality materials.


  • 3 adorable puzzles in 1 set
  • Variety of different animals on each puzzle
  • Large wooden pieces are easy for small hands to hold onto


  • Some elementary school kids may think the puzzle is too easy

Melissa and Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Safari Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Best For: Adorable Designs

It’s time for your child to pull out their binoculars and get ready to go on a safari! I loved chunky puzzles for my littles because the pieces are so robust which is great because they’re so freakishly strong at that age.

Puzzles like this one help your child develop logical thinking skills and get them interested in learning about the world around them. Since this puzzle is brightly colored and eye-catching, using this is a great way to get even small children away from screens. The colors used are there to draw your kid’s attention to the puzzle.


  • Perfect for teaching toddlers problem-solving skills and dexterity
  • 8 cute safari animal pieces
  • Chunky pieces are simple for little hands to grasp


  • Only 8 puzzle pieces

Melissa and Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle 6 Pack Numbers, Letters, Animals, Vehicles

Melissa and Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle 6 Pack Numbers, Letters, Animals, Vehicles

Best Overall

Get ready for your little one to have a puzzle-a-thon! There are 6 different puzzles within this set, each with its own unique animals, numbers, letters, and vehicles. Like I said before, buy in bulk whenever you can. The more puzzles, the better.

  • Price Range: $29-$39
  • Age Range: 2-3
  • What’s Featured: Numbers, letters, pets, farm animals, safari animals, and vehicles

Showing toddlers parts of the world through cute learning activities like this puzzle will get them curious to learn more. The pegs are incredibly sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking off.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Peg Puzzle 6 Pack Numbers | Amazon

Grab on to this exciting assortment of early-learning, Super fun wooden peg puzzles. The set of six includes See-Inside numbers, See-Inside alphabet, farm, pets, safari, and vehicles. 

Buy at
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  • 6 educational puzzles in 1 set
  • Chunky wooden pieces are easy for toddlers to grasp
  • Number and letter puzzles can help teach kids math and English


  • Too easy for elementary school kids

Melissa and Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle – Wooden Peg Puzzle With Sound Effects

Melissa and Doug Farm Animals Sound Puzzle

Best For: Sound Effects

This 8-piece puzzle featuring adorable farm animals has sound effects! I know, I know. You’re like, “A toy with SOUND, Candace?” But, trust me, this puzzle is super cute and not as annoying for parents as you might think. When your kid places the puzzle pieces in the correct spot, they’ll hear an animal sound.

  • Price Range: $5-$15
  • Age Range: 2+
  • What’s Featured: 8 farm animals with sound, such as a sheep, cow, pig, and more

The animals included in this puzzle are a horse, chicken, goose, cow, dog, cat, pig, and sheep. This pegboard puzzle has chunky pieces that are easy to hold onto, so this helps teach your child how to grip things easily, too.


  • Features 8 cute farm animals
  • Only puzzle on the list with sound effects
  • Eye-catching colors


  • Eventually, the sound effects could malfunction

Melissa and Doug Farm Wooden Cube Puzzle with Storage Tray – 6 Puzzles in 1

Melissa and Doug Farm Wooden Cube Puzzle with Storage Tray

Best For: 6 Puzzles in 1

This puzzle is a lot like a Rubix cube if the Rubix cube had cute animals on each side of each block instead of solid colors. I think it’s a great brain teaser toy for toddlers and even older kids.

  • Price Range: $6-$16
  • Age Range: 3-6
  • What’s Featured: Farm animals like ducks, cows, chickens, and more

Since each side of each block is a puzzle piece, your little one can have fun constructing 6 different farm animals. The large, chunky blocks are easy for small hands to pick up and put into place.


  • Unique block puzzle
  • 6 puzzles in 1
  • Blocks are easy for toddlers to grasp


  • Small toddlers may find this confusing

Melissa and Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle

Melissa and Doug USA Map Floor Puzzle

Best For: Elementary school kids

What a fun way to teach your kid about geography! If you want your child to get a head start on knowing all the states in the U.S., this puzzle is a fun way to do that. I wish they had one for Canada lol.

  • Price Range: $4-$14
  • Age Range: 6+
  • What’s Featured: A map of the United States

Memorizing a map isn’t very fun but putting together a puzzle with the family is! The puzzle pieces for each state are brightly colored and have pictures on them, which makes for an eye-catching design.


  • An educational toy that teaches kids about the geography of the U.S.
  • Brightly colored pieces with pictures to represent iconic facts about each state
  • Perfect for elementary school kids


  • Too complicated for toddlers

Melissa and Doug Search and Find Beneath the Waves Floor Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Search and Find Beneath the Waves Floor Puzzle

Best Search and Find Puzzle

This puzzle lets your kid play 2 games with 1 toy. This floor puzzle will first need to be constructed. Then, your child can play seek-and-find once the picture is together to find the sea creatures hidden within the design.

  • Price Range: $6-$16
  • Age Range: 4-7
  • What’s Featured: Underwater creatures like dolphins, octopi, sea turtles, and more

The painted design of this puzzle is absolutely gorgeous, which is another reason I had to recommend it.


  • Beautiful design
  • Helps kids learn hand-eye coordination and logical thinking
  • Sea creatures are very popular with little kids


  • Can only be constructed in a large space

Melissa and Doug Shapes Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Melissa and Doug Shapes Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Best For: Early Learners

Your little one will learn about shapes by putting together this brightly colored wooden puzzle with chunky puzzle pieces. Below where each shape fits into place is the name of the shape, like “rectangle” and “circle.”

  • Price Range: $7-$17
  • Age Range: 2-4
  • What’s Featured: Shapes

Not only will they learn what each shape is by name, but you can also teach them about different colors given how many colors are used in the puzzle.


  • Helps teach kids about different shapes and colors
  • Easy-to-grip wooden puzzle pieces
  • Highly durable wood


  • Too easy once kids reach 5 years old


Question: How Many Puzzle Pieces Should a 4-Year-Old Have?

Answer: It’s recommended that 4-year-olds complete puzzles that have between 20 and 40 pieces. Fewer puzzle pieces can feel too easy for them, but more might be too frustrating. You can increase the puzzle piece amount while they’re little as they age by the year.

Question: Are 1,000 Piece Puzzles Good for Your Brain?

Answer: Yes, 1,000-piece puzzles are good for your brain! That being said, I wouldn’t recommend a 1,000-piece puzzle for a child between the ages of 2 and 6. Buying a 1,000-piece puzzle for them is going to agitate them because 1,000-piece puzzles are meant for older kids and adults. If you’d like to try out a puzzle for yourself, 1,000-piece puzzles are a great place to start!

Question: What Dinosaurs are in the Melissa and Doug Puzzle?

Answer: That depends on which Melissa and Doug puzzle you buy. Melissa and Doug have made several puzzles that feature dinosaurs. Some feature familiar favorites like t-rexes, stegosauruses, and triceratops. If you’ve got a tiny paleontologist on your hands, be sure to pick up one of these puzzles for them!

Question: What is a Floor Puzzle?

Answer: A floor puzzle is a puzzle that’s meant to be assembled on the floor. Unlike other puzzles, floor puzzles are typically large and made with big pieces. The puzzle should be a few feet long and a few feet wide.

All the Pieces Come Together

The final piece is in place because now you know all about the best Melissa and Doug puzzles out there! Did you learn something new about Melissa and Doug today? Is there a puzzle you plan on buying for your child, niece, or nephew?

I highly recommend the Melissa and Doug Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle. Let me know in the comments below! If you’d like to read even more helpful buying guides about kids’ toys, have a look at our list of the best Melissa and Doug dollhouses!

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