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There will come a time when your little one will start drinking milk, water, and juice from a bottle, which is why you have to be prepared with the perfect bottle to introduce to your little one which will be anti colic and gas and made of BPA and phthalate free. When considering of buying …

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Whether you plan to breastfeed or formula feed, you’ll need bottles. Whether it’s for exclusive feeding, for pumping, or for storage, bottles that mimic the breast are the best option for your baby because it promotes a smooth transition and a healthy latch.

While nipple confusion and problems latching are rare, it can be scary, especially for new moms, so having a bottle that gives you an extra bit of comfort can mean the world.

Who the Mimijumi is For

The team at Mimijumi developed this bottle for breastfeeding moms who want to avoid nipple confusion. Moms who are moving from breast to bottle often have a big dilemma.

Bottle feeding can often also make your baby too lazy to breastfeed. It offers them instant gratification, whereas latching to a breast is a bit harder and they have to work for a letdown. The flow is much slower.

However, the Mimijumi solves that problem. The slow flow nipples are meant to mimic the flow of the breast so your baby won’t get th

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Baby bottles come in many shapes and forms and it might take a while before finding the right one that your infant will easily accept. Finding the right bottle that suits your baby’s needs can be a complicated task. Some infants enjoy a slower flow while others like faster milk flow.

Munchkin Latch bottles work in a wide range of situations. They are excellent for breastfed infants, babies with colic and gassy babies, etc.

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Product Overview

munchkin latch baby

This product has received plenty of positive reviews on multiple websites. People are praising this set due to its features and stellar performance. The package comes with the following items:

  • Three bottles of 8 ounces each;
  • Three caps;
  • Baby bottle nipples;
  • Sealing discs.
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As a new mom, I was positively puzzled by all of the different brands that existed for the same products. People would ask me which brand of diapers I would prefer to receive at my baby shower, what kind of sterilizer to get, which breast pump to get- how was I supposed to know? I’d …

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The standard baby bottle these days is typically plastic, and sometimes glass for those of you who prefer glass over all else. But the Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle is a welcome alternative for most families, especially because of the versatility it offers. The bottle itself is made from a totally safe food-grade silicone that …

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Glass bottles might seem like something of the past, but in reality, they can be more long-lasting and practical for your baby. The Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle is explicitly designed to give your baby a durable and safe bottle that can last him or her a lot longer than your standard BPA-free plastic bottle. The …

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Just because using plastic bottles is the norm, it doesn’t mean that you too have to adopt that practice once you have a baby. In fact, using glass bottles like the Baby Brezza Bottles does away with worries of harmful chemicals being used in the materials or whether or not you’ll ruin the bottles with …

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As a new mom, I was positively puzzled by all of the different brands that existed for the same products. People would ask me which brand of diapers I would prefer to receive at my baby shower – how was I supposed to know? I’d never done this before! The same concepts applied to baby …

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When you have a baby, you come to recognize the different cries out of hunger, discomfort, and crankiness when your baby is over-exhausted. But in some cases, the cries become much worse and if it’s because your baby suffers from colic, it’s no wonder that his or her cries would be so hard to calm. …

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