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The Full Playtex Ventaire Review: A Bottle That Helps Relieve Gassy Babies

The Full Playtex Ventaire Review: A Bottle That Helps Relieve Gassy Babies
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When you have a baby, you come to recognize the different cries out of hunger, discomfort, and crankiness when your baby is over-exhausted. But in some cases, the cries become much worse and if it’s because your baby suffers from colic, it’s no wonder that his or her cries would be so hard to calm.

Playtex Ventaire

big symptom of colic is gas and due to gas pains and constant discomfort, babies will sometimes be inconsolable. This is where Playtex Ventaire bottles come in though, as they’re designed to prevent air ingestion for less gas, as well as spit-up and fussiness in babies.

The curve of the bottle itself promotes easier upright eating, which in turn helps eliminate the risk of air bubbles getting in the bottle and also helps in preventing ear infections.

The anti-colic bottom vent of the Playtex Ventaire bottles is made specifically to keep any air trapped at the back of the bottle as baby drinks, allowing almost none to mix in and find its way to your baby’s belly.

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle
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  • It helps prevent ear infections: The curved shape of the bottle makes it easier for babies to semi-sit up as they eat, which lessens the chance of ear infections.
  • There are fewer air bubbles: The anti-colic vent in the bottom of the bottle helps prevent air bubbles which, in turn, prevents gas bubble buildups in babies’ stomachs.
  • Babies latch easier: The nipples for the Playtex Ventaire bottle are designed to be as close to nature as possible to make it easier for babies to latch on.
  • It’s designed for easy cleaning: With both a removable top and bottom to the bottle, you can get in and clean each piece and area more easily.
  • The anti-colic vent does a lot: With the anti-colic vent in the Playtex Ventaire bottle, not only does it work hard to prevent colic, but it also helps prevent spit-up and general fussiness in babies.


  • The Playtex Ventaire bottle works at making babies’ stomachs as comfortable as possible in every area, not just regarding colic.
  • It’s designed especially for babies who are switching between bottle and breastfeeding or who are transitioning from strictly breastfeeding.
  • The angled bottle shape is a more comfortable way for babies to eat and for caregivers to feed them.
  • You can take the bottle apart in more ways than your standard bottle, meaning deeper cleaning and sanitizing.


  • The bottom needs to be especially tightened or you risk sudden leaks.
  • The nipples have a specific, wide base style that not all babies will work with, even if it is designed to be close to the real thing.
  • Even though you can clean each part of the Playtex Ventaire bottles, taking the entire thing apart can become tedious, with the lid, nipple, bottle, ring, valve, and base all involved.

How Others Compare

Philips Avent

philips avent bottle

The Philips Avent anti-colic bottle comes in two different options – the simple anti-colic baby bottles and the anti-colic natural baby bottles with nipples that are close to the real thing.

In either case, they work to prevent colic and fussiness in babies through their nipples, but the simple anti-colic baby bottle even has a valve in its nipple designed specifically to reduce gas and discomfort in babies. The Airflex venting system is what reduces the chance if air bubbles going into your baby’s milk flow.

The nipple itself has a rubbed texture made to help prevent it from collapsing during feedings and give your baby a totally uninterrupted feeding experience each time.


  • The nipples stay firm enough to not collapse but are still the standard shape and silicone material a lot of babies will latch on to.
  • The Airflex venting system is what helps prevent colic and discomfort.
  • There’s a wide neck to the nipple and just a few parts to take off for easy cleaning and less to put back together.
  • Philips Avent anti-colic bottles are clinically proven to help reduce spit-up, colic, gas, and burping in infants.


  • The bottles come standard with their medium flow nipples, which might be too fast for some babies.
  • Since they’re shorter and wider, their shape is a little more awkward to fit in diaper bags and for on the go.
  • The Philips Avent anti-colic bottles come in both the natural fit and standard nipple options, but the nipples are not interchangeable for each bottle style.
Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles Clear | Amazon

While both are good options, I strongly prefer the more realistic (nipple) and multi-part (better for cleaning + space) bottles over Tommee Tippee.

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Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic

tommee tippee anti colic

If you’re already an experienced parent, then you know that for toddlers’ sippy cups, Tommee Tippee is already a well trusted brand that is definitely comparable to Playtex. Naturally, then, they would have the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Anti-Colic bottle to help babies right from the start.

The natural latch nipple is designed to help babies latch on to it right away, while the vent and tube system prevents too much air from getting in as your baby feeds. The tube and valve system work with air entering the bottle safely, but being vented down through the tube into the allotted space in the base of the bottle, at the base of the bottle, staying away from the milk completely.

The bottle also has a more compact shape that allows the baby to be closer to his or her caregiver as they feed and really feel the bond each time.


  • The bottle has an anti-colic nipple, as well as a valve and tube system to help prevent colic and discomfort.
  • The silicone nipples are designed for easier latching so babies can get used to the Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic bottles as soon as possible.
  • Since the bottle is compact and shaped for easy holding, it also promotes babies holding it.


  • There’s no disc between the nipple and bottle, so taking the Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic bottle on the go can be messy.
  • There are several different parts to take off and clean separately before putting the bottle back together again.
  • While feeding, the colic cap can loosen, causing leaks during feeding time.
Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle

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Nuk Simply Natural

nuk simply natural

Without using any complicated valves or tubes, the Nuk Simply Natural bottle works to prevent colic in babies with its own anti-colic system. But in this case, it’s a vent air system directly in the side of the nipple.

Depending on the flow your baby prefers, the nipples for the Nuk Simply Natural bottle come with three to nine holes to mimic the flow from a real nipple and help ease babies into bottle feeding. In order to feel even closer to the real thing, the nipples are also flexible as baby feeds to prevent a break in their latch.

Thanks to the bottle’s advanced anti-colic air system that’s already built-in and doesn’t require any extra pieces or parts, babies are more likely to swallow their milk instead of gulps of air, which causes fussiness and discomfort.


  • There are no extra parts to make it complicated to help prevent colic with the Nuk Simply Natural bottle.
  • According to Nuk and their July 2015 home use test, the bottle is recommended by 90% of moms.
  • The natural feeling nipple helps babies feel at ease if they’re new to bottle feeding.
  • The Tritan bottle is BPA Free and is stain and odor-resistant.


  • The air hole can sometimes cause leaks if the bottle is tossed into a diaper bag or knocked over.
  • Since the nipple is so flexible, it might collapse at times.
  • The vented air hole might get clogged with leaked milk if not properly cleaned each time, which can be hard to remember.
NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottles
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Final Thoughts

Even if your baby doesn’t officially have colic, there are enough stomach issues and gassiness in infants to warrant special anti-colic bottles like the Playtex Ventaire.

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle
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In some cases, it’s also a case of being better off safe than sorry and go with the bottles right from the start to prevent any air bubbles in your baby’s bottle or subsequent gas pains in their tiny bellies.

There are certainly comparable products out there, but none of the other brands quite live up to the scientific research that backs up the way Playtex Ventaire bottles help lessen colic, spit-up, gas, and other digestive problems in babies. It might not necessarily be the number one solution to all of your baby’s colicky issues, but it’s certainly a good start.

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