The Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle Review That You’ll Love

Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle Review

The standard baby bottle these days is typically plastic, and sometimes glass for those of you who prefer glass over all else. But the Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle is a welcome alternative for most families, especially because of the versatility it offers.

The bottle itself is made from a totally safe food grade silicone that is also collapsible and stackable. That not only makes it easier to store the bottle when it’s empty, but it also makes it a little easier to take extra bottles with you on the go. And although it comes with a nipple and cap, you can transform it into a sippy cup once your baby grows out of it as a bottle.

When it comes to the nipple, however, it’s non-leaking and has a spiral rib to help your baby drink and suck more comfortably. There are also anti-colic vents to help with the airflow, pressure balance, and gas problems. The nipple has a wide neck design which is also well suited for easy latching, making this an easy to use bottle right from the start.

The Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle Review That You'll Love

The bottle has an eight-ounce capacity, but because you can collapse it down, you can also use it for four ounces for younger babies who may not need as much milk in it per feeding. The bottle is also easy to clean since you can bend and move it around to get in the tiny creases and all around the bottom inside. Although it is high heat resistant, so it can be cleaned in a dishwasher too.

The bottle is also easy to grip for little hands, so your baby might even be able to start holding this bottle earlier than they would with the typical plastic bottle. The overall design is perfect for comfort and versatility and the nipple makes it easy for babies to go from breastfeeding to bottle feeding without any nipple confusion.

A lot of the time, parents have issues with storing dozens of bottles and bottle accessories and finding the right bottle brush to keep them clean. However, with the Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle, you’ll have one that is easy to store in your kitchen cabinet or even toss in a drawer and use with your little one until they no longer need a bottle at all. You can buy the bottle on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon. On Amazon, a two-pack of the Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottles is $48.


  • They can be used as either an eight or four-ounce bottle.
  • The bottles collapse down for easy storage and to make carrying more than one of them a lot easier than taking other bottles on the go.
  • The nipple and top of the bottle is designed to mimic the feel of breastfeeding for infants.
  • The bottles are made of safe and durable silicone.
  • You can put the bottles in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning every time.


  • The silicone is a flexible material that can make it easier for infants to grip the bottles earlier on.
  • The Bexo nipples are designed to keep extra air out during feedings so your little one is less likely to have gas build-ups after they eat.
  • You can store so many more of these bottles than standard ones at home since they fold flat and can be staked in a cabinet or drawer.
  • The bottom of each bottle is easy to access for deep cleaning by hand.
  • They are heat resistant and freezer safe, so you can even store breastmilk in the bottles in the freezer if needed.


  • The Beso Vida Mobi bottles are a little on the pricier side, especially since you only get two in a $48 pack.
  • Although you can reach the crevices a little easier while washing these bottles, the slipper material can make it hard to know for sure if you have cleaned them properly.
  • Some babies might accidentally fold the bottle down during feedings, which can result in a mess.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this bottle.

How Others Compare

Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottle

The Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottle doesn’t collapse to a flat shape and compact size like the Beso Vida Mobi, but it is made from durable and flexible silicone. It also has an ergonomically contoured shape to make holding it easier for both you and baby.

Plus, the wide neck of the bottle makes for easy cleaning, even if you prefer not to use a bottle brush. As with the Beso Vida Mobi, it’s easy to get to the corners of the Perry Mackin for easy cleaning by hand. The nipple that comes with the bottle is designed to mimic the feel and shape of the real thing so your baby can transition from breastfeeding to the bottle and back again with relative ease.

The bottle also has a leak-proof bacteria-resistant joint system to help prevent bacteria and milk build-up over time. You can either buy it in a six or nine-ounce size, but unlike the Beso Vida Mobi, it can’t be used as two different sizes. There’s even an anti-colic vent to help prevent gas troubles with your baby’s tummy. You can buy the bottle on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon. On Amazon, a two-pack of the Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottles is $38. 


  • Babies can typically get used to the natural feel of the nipple more easily than that of other bottles.
  • It comes in two different sizes so you can use the bottle with younger or older babies.
  • The shape of the bottle makes it easier for little hands to grasp once your little one is ready.
  • In most cases, the bottle won’t leak, which can make taking it on the go a lot easier.
  • The bottle is also very soft, so if it falls while your baby is eating, it will have a much lighter impact than a standard plastic bottle.


  • As a single bottle or in a two-pack, the bottle is a little on the pricier side for some families.
  • The nipple might not be a little too fast for younger babies.
  • Some bottle brushes might feel a little too rough for the almost flimsy nature of the soft silicone.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this bottle.

Rumble Tuff Baby Bottle

The Rumble Tuff Baby Bottle is another durable silicone bottle, but there are more benefits to it than just easier feedings. When you twist off the cap and nipple, the wide neck of the bottle is so wide open that you can easily mix formula inside and get it properly dissolved.

The wide neck opening also makes it easier to clean this bottle than almost any other similar one. Even when compared to the Beso Vida Mobi, which is already easy to clean because of its design, the Rumble Tuff’s design makes it easy to thoroughly clean each time. It can withstand temperatures up to 356 degrees, so you can clean it in the dishwasher if you prefer to wash it that way.

There are scale lines clearly marked on the side of the bottle so you can keep track of just how much milk or formula is going in the bottle for each feeding. Plus, the nipple is designed to mimic the feel and flow of the real thing. You can primarily find the bottle on Amazon. And on Amazon, the Rumble Tuff Baby Bottle is $16.


  • The anti-air system in the nipple helps to prevent added air intake, thereby lessening the chance of your little one developing gas bubbles.
  • The bottle’s shape makes it easy to hold onto during feedings and a little easier for some babies to learn to hold onto themselves.
  • When you have the cap on, you can easily drop the bottle and won’t have to worry about the bottle breaking or leaking.
  • The thick walls of the bottle helps keep contents either warm or cold.


  • Because the bottle can be used with juices for babies too, it might get stained after a few uses.
  • The bottle can only hold five ounces of liquid, which may not be ideal for older babies.
  • Since you can squeeze the bottle to help with the speed of milk flow, little ones who grasp the bottle may accidentally do that and squeeze out too much milk at once.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on the Rumble Tuff Baby Bottle.

Comotomo Baby Bottle

The Comotomo Baby Bottle is easily one of the top options when it comes to silicone baby bottles and it is certainly comparable to the Beso Vida Mobi, but it does come with its own important qualities.

The nipple and body of the bottle are made from a safe and durable silicone and the nipple is designed to reduce the risk of nipple confusion while mimicking the feel of breastfeeding. The double anti-colic vents reduce colic while preventing additional air intake, which only adds to the benefits of this particular silicone bottle. Plus, the wide neck design makes for relatively easy cleaning.

The nipple also features a no-leak design, so if you happen to drop it or just flip it upside down, the bottle won’t spill all over the place or all over your little one. Though because of the design and silicone, your baby can indeed learn to grip it a lot sooner than he or she might with a regular baby bottle. You can buy it on Amazon or in store at Buy Buy Baby. On Amazon, a two-pack of Comotomo Baby Bottles is $21.


  • The Comotomo is more affordable than a lot of other comparable bottles, including the Beso Vida Mobi.
  • It mimics the milk let-down that babies experience with breastfeeding, so they aren’t likely to be confused when using the bottle.
  • The five ounce and eight-ounce version of the bottle both fit in The First Years Bottle Warmer.
  • The slow flow nipples don’t easily leak when the bottle is dropped or turned upside down.


  • This particular bottle does take a lot longer to warm in bottle warmers than other bottles do.
  • The design makes for a tighter fit in bottle pockets in most diaper bags.
  • While the slow flow nipples are virtually leak-proof, faster flow nipples from Comotomo will likely leak.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on this bottle.

Nuby 2-Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottle

The Nuby brand is already trusted by a lot of parents, so naturally, the Nuby 2-Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottle is fairly comparable to the Beso Vida Mobi. It’s also made of durable but flexible silicone that’s easy to grip, but one of its other bonuses is that it is made to be anti-colic and anti-reflux for your baby’s overall comfort.

It also has a 360 degree weighted straw that follows the milk flow during feedings. Then, once your baby has outgrown the colic or reflux stage, you can remove the straw and continue to use the bottle with your little one.

The bottle comes with a breast-like Soft Flex nipple for an easy latch each feeding and to make the transition from breast to bottle and back again a little easier. You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon. On Amazon, a two-pack of Nuby 2-Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottles is $22.


  • The 360 straw makes feedings a lot easier and more comfortable for infants.
  • Most babies will find it easy to latch onto the nipple that comes with the bottle without getting confused if they also breastfeed.
  • A two-pack of the bottles is pretty affordable for most families.
  • It’s also virtually spill-proof, which is another huge bonus.


  • The bottle cap can open relatively easily, which isn’t good if you toss the bottle in your diaper bag.
  • Although babies can grip the silicone bottle, it’s also easy for them to squeeze, which can make more milk than necessary squirt out during feedings.
  • The milk can also squirt out when you tighten the lid.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on the Nuby 2-Piece 360 Comfort Silicone Bottle.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying that theBeso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle is unique. It offers a soft and lightweight design that also works well for babies in preventing bubbles from getting in while they eat and is less likely to result in nipple confusion than some other bottles and nipples.

There’s nothing wrong with plastic or glass baby bottles, per se, but you really can’t ignore the benefits of using a soft bottle that’s easy for little hands to grip and can be collapsed down to a nearly flat shape. Yes, there are some comparable silicone baby bottles out there and they have their own benefits. But at the end of the day, not many can beat the versatility of the Beso Vida Mobi Collapsible Bottle.

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