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Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Main Features & Their Benefits

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Main Features & Their Benefits

Baby bottles come in many shapes and forms and it might take a while before finding the right one that your infant will easily accept. Finding the right bottle that suits your baby’s needs can be a complicated task. Some infants enjoy a slower flow while others like faster milk flow.

Munchkin Latch bottles work in a wide range of situations. They are excellent for breastfed infants, babies with colic and gassy babies, etc.

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Product Overview

munchkin latch baby

This product has received plenty of positive reviews on multiple websites. People are praising this set due to its features and stellar performance. The package comes with the following items:

  • Three bottles of 8 ounces each;
  • Three caps;
  • Baby bottle nipples;
  • Sealing discs.

For some people, these baby bottles are overly designed and they display a bit of a quirky structure but the way they are shaped makes it easier for you or your baby to hold them. The system comes with accordion nipples and a double vent mechanism. These features are completed by an anti-colic valve.

About the Company

These products are created and marketed by the Munchkin Company which makes numerous other baby products, all of which are creative and modern. Moreover, most of these items are also budget-friendly.

The whole idea behind the Latch bottles was to come up with a product that will make the transition process from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding a lot easier.

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Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Main Features & Their Benefits

munchkin bottle

There are several aspects you must consider before deciding whether to purchase this set or not.

Ease of Use

The Latch bottles are very easy to hold and manipulate. They will feel very comfy in your hand. In other words, your hands won’t get tired by the end of the bottle-feeding process.

The assembly steps are easy to follow. Many parents complain about how tricky it can be to put together all the necessary parts that are included in an anti-colic feeding system. Well, with the Munchkin Latch products, you won’t need any blueprints to do that. Anyone can easily discover the proper way to piece the bottle together.

Build Quality

The bottle’s nipple is made in such a way to resemble the real thing a lot. It is very lifelike. Your baby will be able to stretch it or move it around in his or her mouth. This particular feature was designed like this so that your little one doesn’t refuse your breast in case you want to combine the two ways of feeding.

The baby must apply a little pressure to the nipple in order for the milk to come out which is also a lifelike feature. This prevents your infant to become a lazy feeder. Other bottles that rely on gravity might sabotage all your breastfeeding efforts.

On the downside, some new moms have said that the Latch nipple can sometimes collapse while using it. This can create an unpleasant situation, especially when you will need to stop your hungry infant from feeding in order to put the bottle’s nipple back in place. Some babies might even lose interest in the entire feeding session.


The fact that the Latch set is a modern and good-quality one comes at a price. There are other similar products out there that are more affordable. At the same time, Munchkin Latch bottles aren’t the most expensive items of their kind.

What I would do is purchase only one of these bottles at first, just to test it and see how well my baby enjoys using it before buying the whole set.


The anti-colic feature is located at the bottom part of the baby bottle. It is a useful and effective addition but it can make the cleaning process a tad harder. Even if you use a brush, that blue vent is tricky to clean. So, some parents might consider spending the extra money to purchase a bottle sterilizer.

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – Pros and Cons

munchkin bottle use

Like any other product on the market, this one comes with both pros and cons.


  • In 2015, these baby bottles were chosen by moms as the best product of their kind on the market;
  • Your baby will be able to maintain the proper latch due to the way the bottle nipple is made;
  • It comes with an anti-colic valve that prevents your little one from ingesting a lot of air;
  • Milk doesn’t drop from the bottle’s nipple until your baby starts sucking.


  • This is a pretty expensive product;
  • Some parents complained about the fact that some of these bottles are leaking.

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review

Munchkin Latch Bottle Review – My Personal & Honest Opinion

I personally asked my sister-in-law to try these bottles and see how my little niece reacts. Here’s how her experience went, from what she told me after.

What I Love About the Munchkin Latch Bottle

My sister-in-law said that she tipped the bottle upside down a couple of times but there weren’t any leaks which is a great thing. Many milk bottles can drip out which can lead to an entire mess or even cause little infants to choke.

Another good thing that she noticed was the fact that her baby girl had to suck harder to make milk come out of the nipple. Did you know that this is actually a good thing because it resembles the process of nursing and helps babies develop stronger muscles?

The style of the nipple is an accordion that moves and tilts at different angles. This made feeding a lot easier. My niece was also able to stretch the nipple until she managed to place it on the back part of the soft palate. There is where it should be to maintain a correct latch.

Your baby will be able to control the quantity of milk that’s released from the bottle. Moreover, your little one can move his or her head freely without breathing in the air due to the way the nipple is built.

The anti-colic valve placed on the bottom of the bottle is a great addition because it prevents air bubbles from reaching the nipple and then being sucked by your baby.

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle - Where to Buy?
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What I Don’t Really Like

One of the issues that my sister-in-law dealt with when using this bottle was the way the nipple was suctioned in quite fast once my niece started to drink the milk. She had to pop it back out. At the same time, this problem can also appear when a new mom is breastfeeding, especially when the latch isn’t right.

For some babies, working harder to suck the milk out of the bottle could be too much. For my little niece, the milk flow wasn’t fast enough. Therefore, her mother had to switch the default nipple with one that allows a medium flow. Other infants would perhaps prefer a heavy flow.

I’ve discussed all these problems with her and now I realize that maybe the one regarding the bottle’s nipple retraction has something to do with the way my niece had to suck to get the liquid out. I believe that Munchkin Latch bottles would be ideal for newborns.

For older babies such as my niece who is 9 months old, a faster-flowing nipple would be recommended.

Main Alternatives

Munchkin Latch is a great product but, the market also offers other viable alternatives that you should know about.

Tommee Tippee Bottles

tommee tippee closer to nature

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are very easy to clean and they enable a stress-free transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. They might seem tiny but, for an infant, they hold the perfect amount of milk.

On the other hand, they lack an anti-colic feature and their popular slow-flow function isn’t effective every time. Overall, Tommee Tippee bottles are a good-quality alternative to many other leading brands.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle | Amazon

Breast-like nipple shape for an easy and natural latch—acceptance guaranteed* and 97% mom recommended. Super-sensitive slow flow nipple flexes like mom for a comfortable feed, smooth silicone feels closer to skin.

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Nanobébé Bottle

nanobebe baby bottles

This is a truly innovative baby bottle that’s very easy to clean and it comes with a bottle brush. It’s unique in terms of concept and design. The shape resembles a mother’s breast in a highly authentic manner. The Nanobébé Bottle can hold a maximum of 5 ounces of milk.

The nipple features a 360° venting system that prevents both discomfort and colic. You can clean this product in the dishwasher safely which is great because it helps you save a lot of time. It is a great choice for infants up to 6 months old.

nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottle

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Mobi Collapsible Bottle by Beso Vida

beso vida mobi

This baby bottle is super convenient for both parents and infants. Its foldable design makes this the perfect product for travel or day trips. It is very easy to wash and it features an adjustable size. Moreover, its anti-colic vent design aids pressure balance as well as airflow.

Both the nipple and the cap are adjustable and the bottle is manufactured from natural and non-toxic materials that are soft to the touch. Parents love the Mobi collapsible bottle due to its high level of versatility.

Baby Brezza Bottles


These bottles are made from glass and the nipple section is made from BPA-free materials. Due to its design, this type of milk bottle is easier to wash and it won’t stain. You can even boil it safely, unlike the plastic bottles.

These bottles are broader and shorter and they are very convenient and low-maintenance. Milk debris won’t get stuck on its inside walls. As a downside, being made of glass makes Baby Brezza bottles a tad riskier because you may drop and break them.


Baby Brezza Two Piece Natural Baby Bottle
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Playtex Ventaire

playtex baby

The Playtex Ventaire baby bottles are known for their gas relief purpose. This makes the ideal choice for you if your infant is inconsolable because of gas discomfort. The bottle has a curved shape. Together with the anti-colic bottom vent, this structure lowers the risk of swallowing air bubbles.

The top and bottom are both removable for easier cleaning. This product offers a more comfortable method to bottle feed your baby. Still, if the bottom isn’t carefully tightened, leaks may suddenly appear.

Playtex Baby VentAire Bottle
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Comotomo Bottle


The Comotomo baby bottle is another innovative and modern product with a sleek yet simple design. It is made of silicone that’s both squeezable and soft. The opening is wide and the nipple allows an easy latching. To assemble it, you must put together three main pieces.

The company says that, with this bottle, there won’t be any leaks. One thing that might be a small disadvantage is the bottle’s price which is higher compared to other similar products.

Comotomo Baby Bottles | Amazon

Comotomo baby bottles are deisgned to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection and nipple confusion issues. Ultra wide-neck design allows easy cleaning by hand without a brush. Nipple and body is made of 100% safe hygienic silicone.

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Are the Munchkin Latch Milk Bottles Any Good?

These products are good and they have many benefits. On the other hand, they aren’t perfect. For example, one of the main complaints is linked to the fact that the nipple tends to retract quite a lot which can make your baby fussy and agitated during the feeding.
They are made of plastic instead of glass. At least, the material is BPA-free.

Can You Boil the Munchkin Latch Milk Bottles?

Yes, you can safely boil or sterilize them. In fact, the company suggests that before the first use, you should take apart each piece of the bottle and boil all of them for about 5 minutes. Another way to go is steam sterilizing.

How Do the Munchkin Latch Milk Bottles Work?

The latch is created and kept because the bottles feature an accordion-style teat. The nipple is flexible and it can stretch just like a mother’s breast. During the feeding, the baby is able to control the milk flow and he or she must apply pressure to get the liquid out of the bottle.

Final Thoughts

These milk bottles made by Munchkin Latch can be a tad expensive and some users found them a bit hard to clean. Still, they are very easy to put together and their anti-colic feature truly works in keeping air bubbles away from your baby’s milk and tummy.

The way these bottles are designed will stop your infant from being a lazy feeder because he or she must actively suck the liquid the entire time. These products are definitely an excellent choice, especially for moms who are looking for an effective way to transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle - Where to Buy?
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