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The Nanobébé Bottle Review That You’ll Love

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As strange as it might sound, especially to a parent who’s far from new to the game, the Nanobébé Bottle is truly unique in its design and concept.

It’s made to mimic the breast in the most authentic way, given the shape of the nipple and bottle overall, yet it can somehow hold up to five ounces of milk or formula.

The design of the bottle makes it easier than ever to not only transition from breast to bottle but to be able to go back and forth much easier with your baby. It may not have a bottle base to hold onto, but the bottom of the bottle is concave, which makes it easier for little hands, such as your baby’s, to grip it sooner and start to feed him or herself sooner than he or she would with your typical baby bottle.

The strengths of the Nanobébé Bottle don’t just lay with its shape, though. The nipple itself has two vents to release air and help prevent colic and discomfort in your baby’s digestive system.

When you take apart the bottle to clean each piece, you can put them all in the dishwasher for more easy and more thorough cleaning each time. Since the parts are so minimal, cleaning by hand shouldn’t be too much of a problem either. With each breast milk bottle package, you’ll also get a breast pump adapter so you can even pump directly into the uniquely shaped bottle.

On Amazon, the Nanobébé Bottle is $22. Check out the latest price!


  • The nipple has a 360° venting system to help prevent colic and discomfort while feeding your baby.
  • With the correct breast pump adapter, the bottle can be pumped directly into.
  • It’s also 100% dishwasher safe to save you time, especially when you have more than one Nanobébé Bottle.
  • The shape is designed to help babies transition from breast to bottle much more comfortable, and vice versa.


  • Babies from 0-6 months old can use the bottle, so you won’t have to wait until a particular stage to get use out of the bottle.
  • Your child can also start to hold and grip the bottle much earlier since the bottom is concave and therefore easier to grab hold of.
  • There are just three pieces to the bottle, including the twist-off nipple.
  • The nipple is naturally slow flow, which can be beneficial in younger babies as they get used to using bottles.


  • Just one bottle is $22, which can be a bit costly for one bottle on its own, rather than an entire set.
  • The shape of the bottle can take some getting used to, mainly as it may be a little awkward for you to hold at first.
  • Because of its shape and narrow curves, it can be difficult to accurately clean the bottle each time without leaving behind any residue.

How Others Compare

Mimijumi Not So Hungry Breastfeeding Baby Bottle

The Mimijumi Not So Hungry Breastfeeding Baby Bottle” may not be made in the same unique shape of the Nanobébé, but it is much smaller than some other bottles out there, designed specifically for little hands.

The nipple has a broad base, meant to mimic that of the real thing and once again, make the transition between breast and bottle that much easier. The bottle can hold up to four ounces, so it does hold one less ounce than the Nanobébé, but it’s very easy to clean, as the bottle itself is short and wide rather than tall and narrow.

In fact, you won’t even need a bottle brush. The nipple also has a venting system made to help reduce the chances of colic after feedings and to lessen any air intake while your baby drinks. Plus, it has a non-skid bottom to help prevent tipping over or sliding around on tabletops, as well as a silicone lid to keep the nipple safe and free from any unsightly germs. That’s not to say you won’t drop it from time to time, but even dropping it with its silicone lid on should help prevent leaks.

On Amazon, the Mimijumi Not So Hungry Breastfeeding Baby Bottle is $28. Check out the latest price!


  • It’s relatively easy for babies to hold the bottle from the bottom to be able to feed him or herself.
  • The silicone nipple cover and matching no-skid bottom help to prevent spills.
  • The nipple’s shape is designed to mimic that of the real thing and make the transition to the bottle much easier.
  • It mainly has just two parts to clean on their own before putting it back together.


  • Although the nipple means to be realistic, it might be a little too long for some younger babies.
  • The nipple is also relatively firm when compared to other bottle nipples, and that can put off some babies.
  • It’s almost $30 for just one bottle, which may not be economical for some families.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

It’s not short and wide exactly, but the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is unique in its own way. The bottle itself is made from a safe and hygienic silicone material, so it’s soft enough for small hands to grip easily, while being naturally skid-proof all around.

But like the NanobébéNanobébé, its nipple is designing to mimic breastfeeding so that exclusively breastfed babies can transition more easily and in some cases, latch on better. It can also hold up to five ounces of either breast milk or formula, which again, is similar to the capacity of the Nanobébé Bottle. The wide neck design makes it easy to clean by hand, but if you prefer a dishwasher, it’s also top rack safe. Or, it can be used in a bottle sterilizer.

On Amazon, the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is $12. Check out the latest price!


  • Some parents may take comfort in the fact that it’s a safe silicone material that’s coming in contact with the formula or breast milk rather than plastic.
  • You can boil, sterilize, microwave, and even use the dishwasher with the bottle without it warping or getting damaged.
  • The bottle is small enough for little hands to learn to grip it more easily and since its silicone, it’s easier to hold onto than plastic.
  • The nipple also helps prevent colic and gas in babies.


  • Lint or pet hair can stick to the outside of the bottle relatively easily.
  • Since it’s top heavy, there is the chance that the bottle could tip over more often than not.
  • While the silicone bottle is soft and convenient, it does make it possible for your baby to squeeze it and, at times, inadvertently squeeze too much milk into their mouth.

LUX Nature Baby Bottle

The LUX Nature Baby Bottle is another soft silicone bottle that also holds up to five ounces at one time.

There is a hard plastic ring around the nipple, however, so the shape of its base doesn’t perfectly mimic the real thing as some other nipples tend to do. The tip of the nipple is designed to be close to nature to help your baby latch on more easily, and it even has anti-colic and gas vents to improve air escape and prevent your baby from taking in any extra air during feedings.

The bottle is made from the highest food grade silicone to keep your baby’s milk or formula safe from BPA and latex, and it comes with a no-drip dust cap to keep the bottle from spilling or leaking when you put it in your diaper bag for on the go feedings. You can also rest easy knowing that if you drop or tip over the bottle, you won’t have to deal with cracks or scratches on the bottle, since it’s silicone and not plastic.

On Amazon, the LUX Nature Baby Bottle is $17. Check out the latest price!


  • The shape and size of the bottle make it easy for you to hold, but also easy for your baby to learn to hold as well.
  • The slow flow nipple is perfect for babies ages 0-3 months old, but the bottle itself can be used with other nipples from the brand as well.
  • Your baby could become much less gassy thanks to the anti-colic air flow nipples.
  • It’s easy to clean each piece of the bottle and inside of it thoroughly.


  • Since the bottle is so soft, you need to be sure your grip isn’t too tight on it, since gripping it too tightly can cause more milk to come out than necessary.
  • $17 for just one bottle may be out of some families’ price ranges.

Baby Brezza Natural Bottle

It may not have a short and concave shape or even a silicone body, but the Baby Brezza Natural Bottle is short and wide to give it an easier to grip shape.

It will not only leave your hand less tired after holding it for a while, but once again, this particular bottle can make it easier for your baby to hold it too. The bottle comes in either five or nine ounces, but the five-ounce bottle should be large enough to accommodate your infant’s needs.

And since it’s not made of plastic, you can enjoy it for even longer, with no scratches made from bottle brushes and less of a chance of damaging it if you drop it. The wide breast-like nipple makes it easier for your baby to latch and it even has an anti-colic system to help your baby drink milk or formula rather than take in the air, which can make your baby gassy and uncomfortable. It can also be taken apart into just two pieces for easy cleaning.

On Amazon, a three-pack of the Baby Brezza Natural Bottle is $23. Check out the latest price!


  • The short bottle is easy to clean by hand without needing a bottle brush, and since it’s just two pieces, you won’t be left with more parts to clean than seems necessary.
  • It’s also leaking and spill-proof, so it won’t leak out around your baby’s mouth as they feed.
  • You get three bottles in one pack for less than $30, which is a real bargain.
  • The nipple is firm enough so your baby won’t have to deal with a nipple caving in and confusing them.


  • Unfortunately, there is the chance that the nipples can leak milk or formula from the holes meant to be air vents.
  • For some babies, the nipple might be a little long, especially for younger babies.
  • The bottle ay is easy to clean, but the nipple with the air vents can be a little more challenging to get properly cleaned.

Final Thoughts

While some bottles are, in their one ways, comparable to the Nanobébé Bottle nothing really beats the real thing. It’s unique and useful for babies who are either bottle or breastfeeders, and it can promote bottle holding early on.

Plus, the entire thing, and not just the nipple, imitate the real thing, which can make the whole experience that is much easier for babies. There are indeed positive aspects to using silicone bottles or bottles that simple have larger or wider bases, since babies can benefit from the ease of use those offer as well, but the Nanobébé Bottle is unique through and through. Plus, it’s designed to be anti-colic, which is essential in any bottle.

Yes, all babies are different, and they all might have their preferences, so there’s a chance that the Nanobébé Bottle won’t work for them, but it’s certainly worth the try.

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