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Postpartum Underwear: 7 Best C Section Underwear Options

Postpartum Underwear: 7 Best C Section Underwear Options

Not many women in a state of pregnancy are aware of postpartum bleeding. Both natural deliveries and C-section procedures are followed by a couple of days of vaginal discharge, which need especial postpartum care.

Getting rid of excess fluids is inevitable which is why it’s highly important to find the best postpartum underwear to wear as a temporary solution after giving birth. C-section moms also need to take care of their incision area and avoid irritation in the scarred skin.

For all these reasons, I’ve decided to present some of the best C-section underwear alternatives that you should definitely consider. The best postpartum underwear is a mix of comfort, an elastic material that is friendly with the skin after a C-section incision, and good coverage.

Most Comfortable Postpartum Undies Alternatives

1. C Section Recovery Postpartum Girdle by Wink

C Section Recovery Postpartum Girdle by Wink This postpartum belly wrap comes with a double layer of medically approved silky fabric that offers just the right level of abdominal support and stretch while also preventing rashes and irritations on the skin. There are three sets of hook and eye closing systems so it will be easy for you to adjust your desired opening as your incision heals and your pregnancy belly starts to fade away.

However, Wink postpartum shapewear is very expensive, especially considering that it lacks the FDA-recommended silicone panel.

On the other hand, its crotch opening feature comes in handy for your bathroom breaks which makes this clothing item highly convenient and easy to use. According to the manufacturer, this girdle is soft, durable, and has an antimicrobial material. Moreover, it lowers the risk of infection, boosts comfort, and reduces pain.


Postpartum Belly Wrap C Section Panty | Amazon

Post delivery, the abdomen is deflated, and it takes a long time for the muscles to contract and the skin to regain its flexible nature. The girdle will help in holding these muscles and skin in the right position, thereby promoting better posture.

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2. Mesh Post-Delivery High-Waist Maternity Panties by Hansilk

postpartum panties

This postpartum shapewear are made from elastic spandex and polyester. This mix of fabrics provides stretchy, breathable, seamless, and lightweight underwear.

The item is created to be used as a temporary solution so the Hansilk’s postpartum panties are washable and disposable. They have a high waist that protects the incision area. Furthermore, Hansilk postpartum underwear options has multi-purpose use: it is leak-proof, it can hold postpartum pads in place, etc.

In fact, these panties are a replica of the mesh underwear you receive before leaving the hospital. They are breathable and soft. On the other hand, you should wear them together with a girdle because this type of postpartum undies doesn’t provide any compression or support. Finally, Hansilk panties are very affordable but they don’t last for a long time.


Mesh Post-Delivery High-Waist Maternity Panties by Hansilk | Amazon
$19.99 ($2.50 / Count)

An Essential Mesh Postpartum Underwear for Your Recovery at Home - skin-friendly, prevent inner-tight chafing and high waist, keep pads and all other recovery layers in place without compromising comfort and easy to put on. Great for postpartum recovery both for natural and cesarean births, Incontinence, Pregnancy!

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3. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle for Support and Compression

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle for Support and Compression Despite the fact that this product is has a very high price tag, it also has an almost unique design and provides you with a lot of benefits such as back pain relief and better posture.

Not only is this underwear provided with two hook and eye closures but it also comes with a very useful side zipper. And, no, it’s not difficult to put on. First, you need to close the hook and eye systems before pulling up the zipper. This C-section item has a crotch opening as well.

Bellefit underwear offers you enough support and speeds up recovery after your C-section incision. Moreover, it is a product that many doctors recommend due to its reinforced abdominal panel and durable design, even just a couple of days after leaving the hospital.

This model of the girdle that also has a zipper is most suitable for two types of body shapes: triangle (when most of your body weight is carried on your hips and your upper body is smaller) and rectangle (those women who aren’t curvy and have a narrow and slender body). In both cases, you can find a good size.


Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle | Amazon

After the delivery, most of the women experience pain because of the uterus returning to its pre-pregnancy size. This postpartum belly wrap helps you to manage this pain by supporting your lower abdomen by assisting your body.

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4. Women’s No Problems Modern Panty by Warner’s

Women’s No Problems Modern Panty by Warner’s


This postpartum panty is made from 90% polyester and only 10% spandex. This stretch fabric combination makes Warner’s maternity underwear one of the most comfortable products for after a long pregnancy. It has a soft and silky microfiber feel and features two great characteristics: high-waisted underwear and a wide flexible and elastic waistband. This product is also easy to clean because it is machine washable.

Most women love these panties because they seem to fit just like a glove, regardless of your silhouette. The upper part goes well above the C section’s incision but despite that, this underwear doesn’t provide the belly support and compression you might expect. That is because Warner’s maternity items were created to embrace the natural shape of your body.


5. UpSpring High-Waist C-Section Underwear

UpSpring High-Waist C-Section Underwear These panties were specially created for C-section support and recovery by a mom helped and assisted by a medical team. They will help you slim down around your tummy area and they speed up recovery by providing medical-grade compression.

UpSpring’s silicone panel lowers the risk of scarring, irritation, and bulging of your C-section incision. This underwear is the creation of a woman who worked as an ER nurse and who went through a cesarean delivery herself.

Basically, the product offers everything a new mom who went through a C section delivery needs: incision protection and healing, support and compression, a comfortable feeling, and a very high waist. You will be happy to know that there aren’t any midsection waistbands, hooks, or Velcro. Also, these panties allow you to move easily and they can be used right after giving birth.


Upspring C-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear
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6. Women’s High Waist Slimming Underwear by Dodoing

Women’s High Waist Slimming Underwear by Dodoing

Womens High Waist C-Section Recovery Slimming Underwear | Amazon

The waist cincher panty shaper tummy control butt lifter will help you look sexy in any outfit. This 3 in 1 tummy control butt lifter shapewear can be used as Waist Trainer, Butt Lifter and Postpartum Recovery Underwear.

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Unlike many other similar products, Dodoing’s maternity panties also have a slick and sexy design and they can be worn as a butt lifter, waist trainer, and C-section recovery underwear. Their structure is body slimming and body shaping.

You can use them even under an evening dress because they are both comfortable and seamless. So, as you can see, this is a 3-in-1 product.

Nevertheless, Dodoing’s panties lack a crotch opening which means you have to take them down every time you go to the bathroom. Another disadvantage is represented by their super skinny fitting. Still, when thinking about the price, this is a pretty affordable product. It’s made from three different materials: nylon, spandex, and cotton. It’s also provided with a couple of steel bones for better support.


7. Bamboo Viscose Leak-proof Panties by Yoyi Fashion

Bamboo Viscose Leak-proof Panties by Yoyi Fashion

These C-section postpartum panties come are sold in sets and they are quite affordable. Yoyi Fashion’s underwear offers all-night protection and it is leak-proof but it’s also true that this product isn’t the most flattering panty of its kind.

Ok, I will just go ahead and say it: they look like granny panties but they are also very comfortable. 95% of the product’s material is bamboo viscose fiber which prevents scarring, rashes, and itchiness around the incision zone. These panties are also very durable and seamless.

With Yoyi Fashion underwear, you will receive plenty of protection. Finally, their fabric is a breathable one and they are very easy to clean: you can either hand wash or machine wash them. The important thing to remember is to always air dry them because if you use a tumble dryer, you will ruin these panties.


Bamboo Viscose Fiber Leakproof Panties | Amazon

Great protection for women and girls during their menstrual cycle, excellent for days with menstrual cycle heavy flow, post partum bleeding or urinary incontinence! The Leak proof Protection Makes You Worry-Free!

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How Should Postpartum Underwear for New Moms Look Like?

  • High-waist and comfortable;
  • Made from a comfortable and stretchy fabric;
  • Having a wide flexible yet firm band in the top part;
  • Made from soft materials in order to avoid irritation in the incision area;
  • Large enough to fit post-delivery pads – some discharge is completely normal for the first couple of days after giving birth, even if we talk about cesarean delivery.

Why Should You Wear C-Section Underwear?

  • They provide better compression without putting too much pressure on the incision;
  • This type of underwear is specially created to lower swelling while also providing support to your weakened abdominal tissue;
  • The design might help lower excess fluids. It is said to smoothing and flattening the incision zone and helping your uterus regain the size it had before the pregnancy;
  • Postpartum moms underwear is usually comfy and made from special materials that prevent itchiness which will further speed up skin healing process and recovery;
  • Most postpartum underwear items contain silicon which is approved by the FDA. It is said to prevent scarring;
  • This underwear is flexible and adjustable so that enables you to modify the level or intensity of compression as your incision heals;
  • It lacks elastic waistband which is too restrictive and they can cause discomfort. Instead, C section underwear has a fluted and nonbinding waist design.

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Underwear Options

What Materials Should You Consider?

  • Microfiber – compared to other fabrics such as cotton or mesh, microfiber is stronger which means it will give you better support. Also, this material has good absorbing properties;
  • Spandex – for an increased level of support and compression as well as a better shaping, spandex C section panties are the way to go;
  • Mesh – most mesh materials are found in disposable postpartum underwear products. It may not be the strongest type of fabric but it is very breathable which, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects of a post-delivery panty;
  • Cotton – if you’re more into comfortable underwear, cotton represents your to-go type of underwear material. Being a natural fabric makes it perfect for maternity underwear because it prevents skin rashes while also remaining breathable.

What Style of Postpartum Panties Should You Opt for?

Nowadays, there is a wide range of postpartum underwear that new moms can choose from. The most commonly-met panties are the following ones:

  • Full brief – this covers your abdominal area entirely and it is a high-back type of panty. It will cover your incision and protect it from infections. Most full briefs are also seamless and they prevent scarring;
  • Low rise – these panties don’t offer full coverage and when they are worn, they sit below your hips. I’ve never used this type of underwear during my postpartum recovery, but I have heard that it offers new moms enough support while also being fashionable;
  • Disposable – these products are created to be worn one single time before you throw them away. Most options are marketed with in-built pads. So, disposable panties are excellent for the first period right after C section delivery because most women use them for their postpartum leakages;
  • Compression underwear – this type of postpartum undies provides the best support for your tummy which is great considering that after a C section, your abdominal muscles are weaker. Also, through compression, your uterus will shrink back to its initial size (more or less). These products are usually worn for weight reduction and body shaping.

As to “what to wear after a ceasarean section” that really depends on your unique situation. In general, it starts with the right post c-section underwear and then it’s really about what you are comfortable with. Once the scar area no longer has a dressing, the key will be SUPPORT as these muscles can remain compromised for 6-9+ months (gradually re-knitting and re-building).

The Best C Section Underwear – Final Thoughts

Ok mamas, I truly hope that today’s article of the best postpartum underwear has helped you figure out which type of underwear you should buy in order to suit your needs and preferences while also making you feel good, supported, and comfortable.

As you could see, there are many excellent options available on the market, for all body types and budgets. I, for once, am a fan of hygienic and occasionally stylish alternatives.

Medical Disclaimer: As always, if you have ANY questions regarding health post c-section, please do consult your qualified medical practioner as we are not them!

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