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11 of the Best Postpartum Girdles: Support When You Need It Most

A postpartum girdle can be a woman’s best friend during an exciting, yet challenging time, offering support so that the only thing you have to worry about is taking care of your precious bundle of joy!

Some postpartum girdles can be worn immediately after birth, while others suggest you wait a week or so in order for the incision to start healing if you have had a C-section. Postpartum girdles come in all shapes and sizes, each providing different types of support in different areas.

We have searched high and low to find only the best postpartum girdles in each category.

Why a postpartum girdle could be beneficial after giving birth:

1. Supports weakened muscles and ligaments

During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and ligaments tend to weaken as it stretches in order to support the additional weight gain. Once your baby is born, the muscles need to return to its original state and position as well as strengthen again. A postpartum girdle can offer you support during this time by applying gentle pressure on the muscles as well as support all around your waist.

2. Hold incision intact

A C-section requires your doctor to cut through abdominal muscles in order to get to your baby that will leave you with a sensitive wound. Some postpartum girdles offer a certain amount of pressure that will leave you feeling like your incision is supported and protected, especially considering that you have to take care of your little bundle of joy immediately afterward. Other girdles simply offer a “buffer” between your clothing and incision, reducing any chafing that may occur.

3. Aids with back pain

The additional weight of pregnancy causes many women to suffer from back pain during the pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. The back muscles tend to overexert and weaken during pregnancy as they try to cope with the added weight and a postpartum girdle can offer you support by means of a “back brace” in the first few weeks after birth.

4. Correcting posture

If you take into consideration the impact that the added weight of pregnancy has on your body, it is no surprise that many women struggle with maintaining a proper posture after giving birth. As we’ve mentioned, your back and abdominal muscles have stretched extensively and weakened during pregnancy, meaning that it is now difficult for the weakened muscles to support your frame. Afterall, it took your body nine months to get used to the weight. A postpartum girdle offers excellent support while your muscles are recovering and regaining its strength.

5. Body-shaping and weight-loss

While we do not intend to encourage new moms to go on a weight-loss journey immediately after your baby is born, it is believed that some postpartum girdles will aid with weight loss through compression and sweating. Other types of girdles also promise to help shape your body and assists in getting your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape in less time. Be careful though of girdles that are not breathable if you have had a C-Section. Excessive sweating can cause an infection in the incision area.

What to look for in a postpartum girdle?

When considering a postpartum girdle, it is important to consider various factors of which purpose will be the greatest. There are many different types of girdles available, each targeting specific areas and problems new moms may experience. Also keep in mind the kind of material, comfort, affordability and the amount of pressure you require before making a decision. Whether you’ve had a C-section or a normal birth will also influence your decision.

We tried to include a wide array of postpartum girdles that will offer you the best support when you return home for your newborn!

1. The 3-in-1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle Corset Belly Waist Pelvis Belt Shapewear Belly Wrap

The 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Girdle Corset Belly Waist Pelvis Belt Shapewear Belly Wrap is an excellent choice if you plan on targeting different areas at different times. This postpartum girdle is a 3-piece set that can be worn either simultaneous or one piece at a time, and it is suitable for moms who had C-sections as well as moms that gave natural birth. The set consists of the belly belt, the waist belt, and the pelvic belt.

The pelvis belt will help speed up the contraction of the pelvis after birth. The belly belt aids in providing support to your abdominal muscles as well as back support, especially during the first week after giving birth naturally. The waist belt works like a charm in order to flatten your stomach and redefine your waistline. Shapewear suggests that this particular belt is worn 1 – 6 weeks after natural birth and if you had a C-section, you could start wearing this specific section as soon as the stitches are starting to heal.

The belt, manufactured from a breathable material, is sturdy and provides a good amount of pressure and support during the early stages. Each belt attaches by means of Velcro in front, making it easy to put on or to take off. Due to its sturdiness, this is not a belt that is easy to hide when wearing and retailers recommend avoiding direct skin contact. Note that this belt cannot be used during pregnancy or for sleeping in.

2. Gotoly Quick Weight Loss, Adjustable Straps Body Shaper Waist Cincher Tank Top

We love the Gotoly Quick Weight Loss, Adjustable Straps Body Shaper Waist Cincher Tank Top simply because you can wear it as a top. The tank top closes in front by means of an inner Hook & Eye with 3 adjustable settings which is then covered by a zip to protect your clothing and to give it a smoother look. The steel bones inside of the tank top assist with good posture and also prevent the top from riding up.

The tank top, comprising of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, reduces swelling and helps new moms get back into shape in no time. The top provides enough pressure to support your muscles while at the same time also compressing all the loose skin you may have after giving birth, giving you a lean, slim look. The open bust also makes breastfeeding easier while providing a little boob lift. The arm straps are adjustable to create a perfect fit.

The Gotoloy Quick Weight Loss tank top is also great to exercise in as time passes. The material helps to increase perspiration which will assist in weight loss. Sadly, this top is hand wash only.

3. Sweet Cherry 850 – Women High Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear Panty

The Sweet Cherry 850 is one sure way to have you feeling like a sexy mama in no time. Manufactured from polyester and spandex, this girdle not only provides a slimming look but also helps to improve your posture and provide support to your weakened abdominal muscles.

The Sweet Cherry 850 closes by means of 3 adjustable hook and eye columns and contains four flexible “bones” to prevent the girdle from sliding. Our favorite feature is the crotch area that can be opened when you need to use the bathroom which means you don’t have to remove the whole girdle. It can be a little tricky to put on in the beginning, but this waist girdle is very easy to close and adjust. Its pressure will also ensure that your tummy is flat and keep everything together those first few weeks.

Has this product been recalled?

There are no recalls ever made for this product, so it is safe for use.

4. Foumech Girdle with adjustable straps

The Foumech Girdle is easy to put on, easy to take off and easy to adjust thanks to the double Velcro bands. This hassle-free girdle provides efficient abdominal compression and lumbar support and can be used as a postpartum belt, a waist trainer and a way to lose weight by means of sweating. The lumbar support and abdominal compression helps improve posture and relieves back pain throughout the day, and Foumech claims that their product is a 100% latex-free.

The girdle also contains “bones” in order to provide extra support, and the stretchy fabric prevents you from having the dreaded muffin top look. The Foumech Girdle adjustable straps are available in several exciting colors including pink, green, yellow, purple, beige and black for those wishing to add a little color to their life.

Has this product been recalled?

This product has never been recalled and it is safe for use.

5. Postpartum Seamless Support panty from Motherhood Maternity

The Postpartum Seamless Support panty is a great alternative to the traditional postpartum girdle, especially if you have had a C-section.

Postpartum panties provide gentle pressure and help reduce the appearance of the baby belly flab afterward. We also like that the Motherhood Maternity seamless panty is manufactured from 63% cotton, 23% Nylon, and 14% spandex, creating a “breathable” fabric which in return prevents excessive sweating if you have an incision. Unfortunately, though, these panties are hand-wash only.

We like that while the panty offers subtle back and abdominal support, it is invisible to the eye. It also doesn’t come up too high, warding off the muffin-top look. These panties are comfortable to wear and create a good buffer between your incision and clothes. We suggest buying a bigger size for the first week or so and then purchasing your normal size after that.

Has this product been recalled?

This product has never been recalled and it is safe for use.

6. Women’s Postpartum Panty with adjustable Belly Wrap by Ciel Infini

The Women’s Postpartum Panty from Ciel Infini is a great pick if you are looking for something similar to a postpartum panty but with a little more pressure. This postpartum panty relies on a two-layered panel for sufficient pressure that is adjustable by means of Velcro, allowing you to increase or decrease pressure as you require.

The panty sits relatively high up on the waist, giving you abdominal as well as back support. The material consists of 90% polyester, 5% cotton, and 5% elastin. It can be a little difficult to get the panty on at first, but once it is on, you will be grateful for the good support. The Velcro also makes it very easy to adjust without any assistance.

Has this product been recalled?

There are no information that suggest this product should not be used.

7. Postpartum Girdle panties tummy control by DODOING

The Postpartum Girdle panties tummy control by DODOING targets all the problem areas which new moms often struggle with. The panty covers your legs, butt, and waist and provides additional support to weakened abdominal and back muscles by means of a waistband. The waistband can be adjusted by means of three Hook and Eye settings.

Manufactured from 85% Polyamide and 15% Spandex, the panty is breathable and sweat-free and creates a slimming figure. The panty also contains “bones” on the inside that prevent the girdle from sliding down while wearing.

You can expect firm compression around the waist area while the panty gently shapes your thighs and provide a subtle butt lift. Unfortunately, you will need to untie the hook and eye column when you go to the bathroom (the back opens up), but this won’t take up too much of your time.

Has this product been recalled?

There are no information that suggest this product has ever been recalled.

8. Colombian Post-surgery Postpartum Body Shaper by Fajate

The Colombian Post-surgery Postpartum Body Shaper, a body suit by design, provides pressure in all the right places, allowing you to resume your daily activities as a new mom. Thanks to the shoulder straps, the suit stays perfectly in place while still allowing you to breastfeed without having to take the suit off. The suit closes by means of a flat zipper on the side that is reinforced with internal hooks.

The pressure is enough to provide good abdominal and back support with the added benefit of a little butt lift. You can also expect a little boob lift from the body shaper as a bonus. Going to the bathroom though proves to be a little bit of a hassle as you need to undress completely.

Has this product been recalled?

There are no information that this product has ever been recalled, so it is safe for use.

9. Superelastic Breathable Sweat Seamless Postpartum Belly Belt Shapewear

The Superelastic Breathable Sweat Seamless postpartum Belly Belt from Shapewear is a more traditional postpartum girdle. Though it keeps everything together as it should, this belly band offers little compression.

This makes it perfect for wearing during the day and at night and offers a nice layer between clothing and your incision if you’ve had a C-section. The material is very breathable, and its high elasticity makes it easy to move around in. We also love that no one will even notice you are wearing a belly band underneath your clothing!

Has this product been recalled?

There are no information that this product has ever been recalled. This makes it safe for use.

10. Ardyss Post Partum Girdle

The Ardyss Post Partum Girdle offers ample compression and support for your stomach, buttocks, and thighs. If you require any pelvis support after giving birth, this girdle is for you. It also offers back, and abdominal support for weakened muscles and will allow you to lift the baby without placing any strain on your muscles.

The pressure is sufficient to shape thighs, flatten your stomach and give you a little lift in the buttocks area. The girdle will also reduce the appearance of love handles.

Taking into consideration the amount of pressure it provides, the girdle, unfortunately, won’t be invisible when worn under clothing. We do however like that the pressure can be adjusted by means of Velcro straps at the hips on both sides, leaving your pelvis feeling secure after childbirth.

Has this product been recalled?

There are no information that suggest this product has ever been recalled, which makes it safe for use.

11. Postpartum Recovery Pelvic correction belt from EUBUY

The sole purpose of the Postpartum Recovery Pelvic correbelt from  from EUBUY is to narrow and support your hips after giving birth. Manufactured from nylon and spandex, the belt compresses the pelvic cavity which will relief lower back pain. What the belt lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in sturdiness, offering great stability around the pelvis.

The Postpartum Recovery Pelvic correction belt also promotes uterine contractions by means of pressure applied. The belt can be worn underneath dresses as well as pants and depending on how tight your clothing fits, this belt will be difficult to spot.

Has this product been recalled?

This product has never been recalled and it is safe for use.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, there are many different postpartum girdles available on the market for moms who have just given birth. The perfect postpartum girdle will depend on your individual needs and the area in which you require support.

While postpartum girdles can be a woman’s best friend during those early weeks, also keep in mind that as beneficial as a postpartum girdle can be during those early days, it can also have the opposite effect if worn too often for an extended period. If your body learns to rely on the girdle alone, your muscles will have no time or opportunity to strengthen on its own.

Always check with your physician before investing in a postpartum girdle.

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