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Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2: Which is the Best Stroller?

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2: Which is the Best Stroller?

At first, there was the Nuna Mixx stroller model which was a pretty affordable yet luxurious product with many useful features such as easy car set compatibility, simple fold, and reversible seats. After that, the company launched the Nuna Mixx2 version, back in 2018.

This newer model had stylish upgrades and it came with chrome-accented wheels and leather handlebars. But wait, because there’s more! In 2019, the manufacturer has created an even newer model which has kept the older retro Mixx name. Despite the simple name, the 2019 Nuna Mixx stroller is, in fact, an improved alternative to the Mixx2.

In today’s comparative review, we will discuss the following Nuna strollers: Mixx2 (2018) and Mixx (2019) which are the company’s latest creations.

Nuna Mixx2 – Brief Introduction

This stroller looks nice and it’s sturdy. Nuna Mixx2 features a sleek yet simple design and it’s an all-purpose product. The tires are filled with foam and the wheels come with great suspensions that ensure smooth strolling.

In other words, you can use it on almost any type of terrain. Other important features are adjustable handlebars and a large basket that allows parents to store plenty of baby items. The stroller is easy to fold so you can place it in a small area of your home.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2: Which is the Best Stroller?


According to the manufacturer, Nuna Mixx2 is made of premium fabrics. All the elements combined (bumper bar, matte black frame, leatherette handlebars) lead to an overall stylish product without sacrificing its practical functions. Moreover, the baby seat is adjustable. You can easily recline or reverse the seat.

Nuna Mixx– Brief Introduction

Nuna Mixx

This is an excellent stroller that keeps your baby comfy and safe. Its design is sleek, sturdy, and elegant. The seat is an all-season version which means that your little one will remain cool during warm months. Also, the seat, which is reversible, is made from two bamboo pieces. Parents can safely use this stroller model even when their kids get older due to the product’s no-rethread harness.

One of the things that differentiate Nuna Mixx 2019 from the previous model is a unique ring adapter. With this tool, parents can quickly attach or detach the baby’s car seat using only one hand.

The folding system is simple and the stroller gains a compact form. The new Nuna Mixx model is compatible with the following baby travel systems: Pipa, Pipa Lite, and the Mixx bassinet.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx 2 – How Much Do They Cost?

Nuna Mixx2’s price ranges based on color and the shipping is free. There are three color options to choose from: Indigo, Caviar Black, and Berry Red but, at the moment, only the Caviar Black version is still available for purchase.

The newer model, the Nuna Mixx 2019, has a higher price. It’s true, however, that it comes with some interesting upgrades like a free ring adapter. This stroller can be bought in the following colors: granite, caviar, and birch.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2 Features – Seat and Harness

Mesh Back

nuna mixx positions

One of the main differences between these two stroller models is given by the product’s seat. The new model released in 2019, the manufacturer has recreated the seat in such a way that it now includes a no-rethread harness and a mesh back. The newer seat is also 1.3 inches longer than the previous version.

What’s even more exciting is the way the new seat can be comfortably used all year long due to its liner which can be taken off. That way, the back will reveal a breathable mesh fabric. Simply put, your kid won’t get too hot during summertime when you take him or her out for a stroll.

The Mixx model released in 2019 also features a bamboo insert. This natural fiber is great to prevent moisture because it keeps it away from the infant’s body. So, again, Nuna is all about keeping your child happy, safe, and comfortable.


Now, let’s talk a little about the harness feature. The no-rethread harness that Nuna Mixx 2019 comes with represented a valuable advantage.

With the previous model, the Mixx2, you would have been required to grab the harness and then insert it through the slots in order to adjust it. So, as your kid grows, it will be a lot easier for you to adjust the stroller to prevent accidents or injuries.

Seat Height and Pocket

One thing that was better on the Nuna Mixx2, released in 2018, was the fact that the back part was equipped with a storage pocket where you could place your phone as well as plenty of other small accessories. Now, with the mesh seat back, Nuna Mixx doesn’t have a pocket anymore.

On the other hand, the seat of the newer version is higher, reaching up to 45.6 inches. This allows for more space which comes in handy, especially for toddlers and bigger children.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2 – Available Colors

The Nuna Mixx model launched this year is available in 5 different colors. Still, only three of them are marketed as standalone strollers: Granite Gray, Caviar Black, and Birch which has a gray seat paired with a beige canopy. The other two additional colors can be bought together with a matching car seat (the Pipa Lite XL model).

These hues are Verona and Bleu and they have a herringbone pattern that is interlaced with tweed. So far, the manufacturer doesn’t allow clients to purchase these two colors (bleu and Verona) separately.

Now, let’s see what options you have if you decide to buy the Mixx2 model. Clients can choose from the following colors: Caviar Black, Indigo Blue, and Berry Red. Unfortunately, if you love these shades, you won’t be able to purchase them anymore because the company plans to discontinue them pretty soon.

What about These Strollers’ Accessories?!

The newest Nuna Mixx stroller which was launched in 2019 comes with a ring adapter. This particular accessory isn’t included in the previous model’s package. Moreover, with this item, a baby car seat becomes a lot easier to use. If somehow, you want to purchase the ring adapter separately, you need to cover an additional cost.

On the other hand, Mixx2, the previous model, is marketed with a set of adapters. These are shaped like two posts. You must place the car seat in the vehicle and align it onto the adapters.

Then, just by pressing a couple of buttons, the entire system clicks off and holds the seat safely in place. Unlike the Nuna Mixx 2019, the Mixx2 version requires the user to complete this process with two hands instead of just one.

Due to its ring-shaped adapter, the most recent stroller allows for a one-handed car seat placement process. There’s an instant click when you drop the baby seat onto the adaptor and immediately release it by pressing a visible button that’s located on the car seat’s back part.

Purchasing the 2019 Nuna Mixx comes with a small inconvenience: you won’t receive a rain cover anymore because the company has decided to sell it separately.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx 2 – Best Features – Brief Comparison

Nuna Mix:

  • Nuna Mix weighs 27 lbs. and it can accommodate children, from birth and up to 50 lbs.;
  • It comes with an upgraded and improved design;
  • There’s a no-rethread safety harness;
  • The seat works great regardless of the seasons or the weather;
  • You can choose from several beautiful colors;
  • A car seat ring adapter is included in the package.

Nuna Mixx2:

  • The stroller weighs 26.8 lbs.;
  • It can be used from birth and it can hold a baby up to 50 lbs.;
  • The canopy component is both breathable and large;
  • It comes with great maneuverability and it’s easy to handle and push;
  • The recline function can bring the stroller’s seat platform near a flat position;
  • The storage basket underneath the stroller is very big and spacious.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2 – Pros and Cons

Nuna Mixx


  • You can easily open and close the stroller using only one hand;
  • Parents can recline the seat all the way back so that their kids can be safe and comfortable;
  • The rear brake system is easy to activate with only one touch which increases the safety capacity of this stroller;
  • The package comes with a matching bassinet and car seats;
  • Nuna Mixx features foam-filled tires that offer a smooth ride.


  • This product is quite expensive and its price might exceed some parents’ budget;
  • You won’t be able to carry cups in an upright position without spilling any of the liquid that’s inside because the stroller lacks built-in trays of cup holders;
  • You won’t find this product in a lot of places or stores which can lead to a bit of a hassle when it comes to purchasing the stroller.

Nuna Mixx2


  • It’s a multifunctional, multi-purpose, and versatile stroller;
  • You can adjust the seat to a near-flat position due to the product’s recline function – this position is great for newborns;
  • The canopy is large as well as extendable and it comes with windows made from mesh;
  • Its wheels enable a smooth stroll, regardless of the type of terrain you decide to go on;
  • It’s easy to turn and push the stroller;
  • You’ll be able to fold this product easy and quick;
  • The main seat is reversible so it’s easy to adjust it to meet the needs of your family;
  • This stroller is made from a good-quality soft fabric.


  • Some parents have complained about the fact that the Nuna Mixx2 stroller can be quite heavy;
  • Although it’s more affordable than 2019 Nuna Mixx, the price remains pretty high.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2 – What Do Clients Say about These Strollers?

2019 Nuna Mixx

Many moms would recommend this stroller because of its smooth operating system. According to them, Nuna Mixx is easy to turn and steer and it comes with a very useful shopping basket. Moreover, clients feel that their kids are safe when placed in the stroller’s seat while the holding straps seem to remain in place without sliding down.

What others like most about Nuna Mixx are its compact form and how comfortable their little ones feel in the stroller. One tiny downside is represented by the storage basket, which some people find a tad small.

Another thing that has caught many clients’ attention is the product’s weight. Nuna Mixx is a lightweight stroller that doesn’t sacrifice durability. It’s a compact yet robust stroller. A few moms stated they don’t really like the way the hood looks, saying that, if they could, they would’ve changed that element’s design.

Nuna Mixx2

When asked to share their honest opinion about the Nuna Mixx2 stroller, most parents said it is a versatile and safe product that’s also adjustable and easy to operate. With Nuna Mixx2, parents seem to feel like they achieve versatility and luxury in only one purchase. Users like the product’s features such as its large basket, the easy folding process, and very smooth experience due to the stroller’s big wheels.

A few people have complained about the high price of this product, saying that, despite its features, it remains an average stroller and all the features don’t really justify its cost. Other said that the item is a tad large and heavy.

Nuna Mixx vs Mixx2 – the Final Verdict

Although Nuna Mixx is not a revolutionary product, it definitely comes with plenty of important perks and interesting features.

For starters, it features a wide range of comfort elements for both the mom and the baby. You can safely use this stroller from infancy as long as you properly adjust the harness. These factors lead to better product longevity. Moreover, Nuna Mixx is easy to fold and handle.

So, all in all, it has all the right and necessary features that will satisfy your needs. However, all these advantages come at a price and Nuna Mixx costs more than the previous model.

Although the newest version of the stroller has a lot of improved features, Nuna Mixx2 still is a popular choice among parents. It’s true that Nuna Mixx2 is heavier compared to the model launched in 2019 but it looks great and has an elegant European design.

The footrest is adjustable and the bassinet is safe and comfy. Folding the stroller is easy and quick but the final folded result is quite bulky and it will occupy plenty of space in your home. This is why you should check to see if your car’s trunk is large enough to accommodate Nuna Mixx2.

To conclude with, both these models are great, they look nice and classy, and your infant will feel very good in any of them. All things considered, you should choose the one that meets your needs and preferences in terms of cost, size, functions, design, color, etc.

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