Ergobaby Original vs 360 – Which One Is The Best for Your Baby?

ergobaby original vs. 360

The Ergobaby brand is home to a ton of different baby carriers, all of which are beneficial to both parents and children as far as comfort and usefulness go. But when you look at the Ergobaby Original vs the Ergobaby 360, there are some differences that set them apart from one another that you really can’t ignore.

Of course, either one is sure to be used plenty by you for your growing baby, but when you look at the cost, carrying positions, and overall convenience, there are some differences between the two carriers.

If your main concern is whether or not your baby carrier can be used for a long period of time rather than just for your newborn or small infant, then rest assured that both the Ergobaby Original and 360 are designed for babies from 12-45 pounds or from 4-48 months of age. And for both carriers, you can also purchase an infant insert to start using them right from the start, which is essential for plenty of parents.

When it comes down to it, both options are solid choices since Ergobaby tends to design baby carriers with both parents and babies in mind for comfort and longevity, but since they are indeed individual carriers, you’re going to see some stark differences that set the Original apart from the 360.

However, because of these differences that are hard to look past, you’ll be able to choose which is best for your family a lot more easily.

Main Differences Between Ergobaby Original vs 360

The Main Differences Between Ergobaby Original vs 360 Baby Carrier are:

  • Ergobaby Original has a convenient pocket for small essentials, whereas Ergobaby 360 you have more position options.
  • Ergobaby Original is made of thick cotton, whereas Ergobaby 360 has a lightweight mesh material.
  • Ergobaby Original is a little bit cheaper, whereas Ergobaby 360 costs $130 (on Amazon).

Ergobaby Original Carrier

ergobaby original baby carrier

Because of the added lumbar support in the Ergobaby Original Carrier, your comfort, as well as your baby’s, is key.

But since that’s nothing new with Ergobaby carriers in general, you also get padded straps all the way around so your baby’s weight won’t put a strain on you while wearing your little one against your body.

Speaking of which, thanks to the ergonomic position of the carrier, your baby’s weight will be evenly distributed to keep them in the healthy hip M-position while also keeping too much pressure from pulling at your shoulders or back.

The thick waistband in the front, as well as the back, will make it possible for both you and your baby to stay comfortable all day long. You can also breastfeed with the carrier still on, so you won’t have to worry about taking it off or taking your baby out to do so, though you will need to purchase the infant insert separately for both the Original and 360.


  • Available Positions: You can wear your baby in the front inward carrying position from four months and up, or from newborn with the newborn insert. Then, you can use the hip carrying position from six months and up, as well a the back carrying position for six months and up.
  • Pockets: There’s a large zippered pocket on the front for your phone, keys, and wallet, as well as a small pocket to tuck the privacy hood into when it’s not in use.
  • Weight Range: The carrier is suitable for babies from 12-45 pounds or from newborn with the newborn insert.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on the Ergobaby website and Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.


  • The front pocket for your smaller essentials is convenient and easy to access.
  • There’s added lumbar support in the back to make the carrier comfortable not only for your baby but for you too.
  • In case the sun is out or you want privacy for breastfeeding, there’s also a hood that can be tucked away when it’s not in use.
  • It’s easy to get the Ergobaby Original off on your own with no extra help to loosen the straps.


  • After wearing the carrier for a while, it can get a little hot for both you and your little one.
  • There aren’t as many carrying positions available with the Ergobaby Original as there are with the 360.
  • While it’s relatively easy to take the carrier off on your own, it can be difficult to put it on without outside help properly.


Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier
Check Price
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“This is one of the best purchases we made. We still use it, now on our third child, and if I were to throw it through the wash again, it would look brand new. Makes hiking and going for walks or to the zoo, etc much easier.

I love the zipper section so you can put a small thing of wipes and a diaper, or your phone, or wallet (depending on how big yours is), or keys, or water bottle, or any combination thereof, inside while you’re walking around. Highly recommend.” – Regina N. on Amazon.

“Love, love, love the Ergo! I used this carrier from newborn to three years, and it was comfortable. Both of my girls loved being “worn” in it. I used it mainly for back carrying as they got older and I never felt any discomfort. The front pocket is great for stashing credit cards, car keys, and anything else you may need while out and about. Super easy to use and wear the babies. Worth every penny!” – Allie Blakely on Amazon.

“I absolutely love my Ergo and use it every day! In my house, we call it the “Magic put the baby to sleep machine.” When she is fussy, and nothing else will make her happy, I put her in the Ergo (with the infant insert, sold separately) and give her a binkie and she immediately falls asleep! And I have my hands free to do chores! This is absolutely worth the money!” – Kristen M. Silva on Amazon.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier

ergobaby 360 carrier

At first glance, the Ergobaby 360 Carrier  might appear to be another version of the Original carrier, but it does have the differences that set it apart.

On its own, the Ergobaby 360 is a versatile and comfortable carrier meant for all day use for both you and your baby and, like the Original, it can be used from infancy with the infant insert, up until 48 months or 45 pounds, which is a bonus for some.

One of the aspects that do set it apart from other Ergobaby carriers, including the Original, is that it’s made of a breathable, lightweight mesh material to keep you and your little one cool even during the warmer months.

It also has a thick wraparound waistband for added lumbar support and comfort, especially after C-sections. There’s the tuck away hood for your baby’s comfort and for breastfeeding, like the Ergobaby Original, but the 360 also has extra padding in the shoulder straps for your own comfort.


  • Available Positions: The Ergobaby 360 can be worn in the front inward facing position for babies from four months and up or from newborns with the infant insert. It can also be worn front-outward facing from five months and up, hip carrying from six months and up, and back carrying from six months and up as well.
  • Pockets: Unlike the Original, the 360 doesn’t have a large zippered front pocket.
  • Weight Range: The carrier is suitable for babies from 12-45 pounds or from newborns with the newborn insert.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it directly via Ergobaby here and Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Full Review: Ergobaby 360 Review


  • With so many different carrying positions, your baby is sure to be comfortable in one of them.
  • The material makes the 360 a lot more comfortable than some other carriers since it’s more breathable.
  • It’s suitable for parents and caregivers of varying heights.
  • The straps both have elastic bands to hold extra strap material to make it easier to adjust, regardless of your size.


  • There aren’t any pockets to put your keys, wallet, or other smaller incidentals.
  • While there is a hood on the 360 like the Original, it’s smaller, which can be inconvenient, especially when breastfeeding.
  • The buckle on the back of the carrier is lower than the one on the Original, so it can be hard to reach it on your own.

My Favorite Ergo Carrier | Ergobaby

While there are a lot of GOOD baby carriers, my all-time favorite is this Ergo 360 Mesh carrier. You can use it front or back AND the mesh is perfect for air circulation on those warm days (sweaty babies!). Definitely check this one out.

See the Ergo 360 Buy at
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Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360
Check Price
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06/23/2021 02:37 pm GMT

“Couldn’t ask for a better carrier. Our little one loves this and regularly falls asleep in it. I take him to work at my office, and this makes a great way for me to keep him happy and get work done. I also love the versatility of it. I can’t wait till our little guy is a little bigger so I can put him on my back!” – Jessica Abbott on Amazon.

“Absolutely love this! I had the Ergo Original with my first two kids, and loved it! So I was so happy to get the 360 for my third! He loves being able to face out, the love the support it gives my back. I can carry my big guy around for hours. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with my fourth and I just carried my son, who weighs 22 lbs., around for hours at the zoo and I had no pain or fatigue!” – Heidi Osterhage on Amazon.

“I have been using this baby carrier for about two months and LOVE IT! My daughter gets tired of the stroller, and she just doesn’t get enough of being carried on me. I have taken her (14.5 pounds) facing frontward on long and steep hikes. When she gets tired I just turn her around. It’s pricey, but I do feel that it is worth it. I had an inexpensive one, and it hurt my back and shoulders terribly. I literally have no pain with this one. It’s awesome!” – Brianne Ballard on Amazon.

FAQ’s About Ergo Original vs 360

Does the Ergo 360 need an infant insert?

Fortunately no. While all other Ergo carriers might need an infant insert, the Ergo 360 is already equipped with one and it’s made to comfort your little one until he/she reaches 45 pounds.

What age can you carry a baby on the back?

We all know how bothersome it can be wearing a heavy baby in frontal position. It’s recommended to wait until your baby becomes a year old, to safely carry them on your back.

When can a baby go in Ergo 360?

Baby carriers are safe for use in facing out position once your baby reaches 5 months, as his/her neck muscles are strong enough and they can independently hold their head. Before that, you can use the Ergo 360 carrier with your baby facing towards you.

The Verdict: Ergo Original vs 360

Obviously, both carriers are fairly similar to each other, and regardless of which one you find to be the best for you, you’ll have a useful and comfortable carrier. But when it comes down to it, the Ergobaby 360 will be better for your baby in the long run.

Sure, it doesn’t have the convenient pocket like the Ergobaby Original does and it may be a little more costly, but it does have plenty to offer. There are a handful of comfortable positions to choose from and switch between, depending on your baby’s preference, and you really can’t beat the lightweight mesh material. This makes it possible to wear the carrier in warmer weather and still be comfortable while keeping your little one in their preferred position.

Final Thoughts on the Better Carrier

A baby carrier can either be a beneficial thing or a legitimate waste of money, depending on which one you purchase. It’s important to find one that offers all-around comfort and of course longevity so you can really get use out of it.

With the Ergobaby Original and Ergobaby 360, you get both of those qualities, but in the end, the stronger option has to be the 360.

Your baby gets multiple positions to choose from, and you as the parent get plenty of comfort and support as well. Just in case your baby doesn’t respond well to any of the positions, though, he or she might just not be one to take to any carrier, and in that case, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but if your baby loves to be in a carrier and you’re looking at the Ergobaby Original vs. 360, then the 360 here  is easily your best bet.

My Favorite Ergo Carrier | Ergobaby

While there are a lot of GOOD baby carriers, my all-time favorite is this Ergo 360 Mesh carrier. You can use it front or back AND the mesh is perfect for air circulation on those warm days (sweaty babies!). Definitely check this one out.

See the Ergo 360 Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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