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Boba 4G vs Ergo Baby Carrier: Which Will You Love More?

Boba 4G vs Ergo Baby Carrier: Which Will You Love More?

There is something to be said for baby carriers that are made with a more soft and flexible fabric rather than a sturdy but hard frame that can sometimes be uncomfortable if worn for longer periods of time. So when you look at the Boba 4G vs. the Ergobaby carrier, that’s definitely something to consider.

Both carriers have similar frames and shape that way, but when you really examine both baby carrier options, there are a lot of other aspects that one might have that the other is lacking and vice versa, which will ultimately help you in making your decision between these two particular high-end baby carriers.

Both the Boba 4G and the Ergobaby carriers are designed with a thick waistband to keep the carrier tight and secure around your body while wearing your baby or toddler. They’re both also designed with an ergonomic shape in mind to keep your baby comfortable while in the seated position.

Overall, it’s hard to deny that both of the carriers are designed in a very similar way, but there are certainly enough different qualities between the two to make the decision of choosing between the Boba 4G vs. the Ergobaby difficult enough.

Bottom Line Up Front: Feel free to read my whole article, but to save some time, I slightly prefer the Boba 4G here due to it’s more evenly distributed weight + more useful customized fits.

Boba 4G

Boba 4G Carrier

Made from 100% cotton, you can be sure right off the bat that the Boba 4G carrier will be soft on your baby’s skin rather than rough or stifle like some other carrier fabrics tend to be at times.

The overall structure of the carrier itself is made to be as soft as possible, while still retaining the shape of a strong and sturdy carrier which, in this case, can safely and comfortably hold both babies and toddlers. To use it for babies from 7-25 pounds, you can wear the Boba 4G as a front carrier, and for babies and toddlers from 25-45 pounds, you can wear it as either a front or back carrier.

With adjustable chest straps that easily slide up and down, not only can you find the right fit for your little one, but also the right size to fit your body as well as your partner’s or caregiver’s when they need to utilize the carrier. There are also adjustment straps on each side of the carrier, which help you to pull your baby closer while wear him or her in the carrier, which can be handy when breastfeeding.

And since one of the biggest gripes parents have about carriers is their lack of storage or pockets, the Boba 4G carrier has multiple pockets, as well as a strap to hold your purse on the actual carrier. In a way, the Boba 4G has thought of almost everything as far as convenience and ease of use go.


  • Weight Limit: The recommended weight limit for the Boba 4G carrier is 7-25 pounds for front-facing and for babies and toddlers from 15-48 pounds, they can be carried either forward or rear-facing.
  • Carrier Size: The waist belt spans from 25-58 inches, the shoulder straps can be adjusted from 20-40 inches, and overall, it can fit adults from 5-6.3 feet tall.
  • Extra Storage: There are multiple pockets, including a zippered storage pocket on the waistband, but there’s also a strap to attach your purse or small bag to.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the carrier on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Target and Buy Buy Baby.


  • With all of the available adjustments, you can fit the Boba 4G carrier on almost anyone, which enables parents and caregivers of different sizes and heights to share it.
  • It also comes with a snap insert for smaller or younger babies.
  • The waistband takes most of the baby or toddler’s weight instead of your shoulders or back.
  • Since it’s more of a soft carrier, it’s easy to take with you when you aren’t wearing it.


  • The cotton makes the carrier collect lint a lot more easily than some other carriers, which can be annoying to keep clean.
  • It might be difficult to properly put on by yourself.
  • The infant insert can be uncomfortable for some babies.
Boba Carrier 4G Carrier
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“This is an amazing carrier! My husband and I are both plus size and it fits us well. I am about a 24/26 in pants and he is a 44. We got this on recommendation that it was a good carrier for larger sizes. The baby has plenty of room. If you have the straps tightened correctly, they do not feel like they are digging into you.” – Candj on Amazon.

“Love it! Have used several carriers for my older two, and wish I had bought this one sooner. My 3rd little one is 17 months old and 25 pounds, and I still use it to carry him on long walks and through stores. He loves it, and it’s actually comfortable to wear!” – Amanda on Amazon.

“The best piece of baby equipment, ever. The cotton is so soft. It feels like you’ve had it for awhile. Very comfortable to wear, lots of support around the hips. I love the pocket in the front for my keys and under baby’s bottom, for my phone and a card or some cash.” – Joanna on Amazon.


ergobaby original carrier

With a recently added lumbar support, the Ergobaby carrier is made to evenly distribute your baby or toddler’s weight between your hips and shoulders as opposed to allowing all of the weight to cause a strain on your back, as sometimes happens with baby carriers.

There are front, back, and hip carrying positions with the carrier that you can use at different times, depending on how comfortable each one is for both you and your little one, but the back and hip carrying positions are recommended for babies ages six months of age and up.

The ergonomic M-position of the carrier’s seating allows for your baby’s comfort as he or she grows.

As “the only carrier you’ll ever need,” the Ergobaby carrier can be used from the time your baby is a newborn, provided that you purchase the newborn infant for babies ages 0-4 months or 7-12 pounds.

After that, the three possible positions with the Ergobaby carrier are designed to be comfortable and safe for each stage of your baby or toddler’s development. While some parents might not feel comfortable utilizing a carrier with a newborn, the Ergobaby makes it plenty possible, which is just one part of its strong and safe design.


  • Weight Limit: The recommended weight limit of the Ergobaby carrier is 7-45 pounds, with the use of the infant insert, and with the hip and back carrying positions made for babies and toddlers over six months of age.
  • Carrier Size: The dimensions of the carrier are 18.1 x 2.2 x 28 inches and all of the straps are completely adjustable.
  • Extra Storage: There’s an extra-large zippered pocket on the back of the carrier.
  • Where To Buy: You can find the carrier on the Ergobaby site here and on Amazon or in-store at Nordstrom and Target.


  • Being a higher-end carrier, the Ergobaby is a lot more affordable than some other carriers from similarly trusted brands.
  • It’s easy to adjust, which is especially useful for parents or caregivers of different sizes.
  • To wash the Ergobaby, you can simply put it in the washer as opposed to hand washing.
  • The large zippered pocket is convenient for storing important items like cell phones, keys, or wallets.


  • For larger babies, using the Ergobaby might not be as comfortable.
  • It’s relatively difficult to put the carrier on yourself and adjust it properly.
  • Although there is a front carrying position, the Ergobaby doesn’t actually have a front-facing position.
Ergobaby Original Award Winning Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carrier with X-Large Storage Pocket, Rose Harmony

Made out of cotton, it’s a soft-structured carrier that you and your little one will enjoy. This baby body carrier provides various ways to wear your baby, providing comfort and versatility for both parent and baby.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


“This is the best carrier out there! I have tried so many different carriers and slings and the Ergo is the most comfortable, secure and has the longest span of time that you can use it with your baby.” – K. Aber on Amazon.

“I am so crazy about the Ergo Baby. It is so comfortable and easy to use, not to mention extremely well made and customize-able. The straps around the hips and shoulders are well padded and distribute the baby’s weight perfectly.” – Alex Pientka on Amazon.

“Love, love, love the Ergo! I used this carrier from newborn to 3 years and it was comfortable. Both of my girls loved being “worn” in it. I used it mainly for back carrying as they got older and I never felt any discomfort.

The front pocket is great for stashing credit cards, car keys, and anything else you may need while out and about. Super easy to use and wear the babies. Worth every penny!” – Allie Blakely on Amazon.

The Verdict

Overall, despite the fact that the Ergobaby is more affordable, the best choice between these two carriers, would have to be the Boba 4G carrier. Because of its many adjustments for both you and your little one, you can truly personalize the carrier in terms of fit all around.

While it does boast just two carrying positions, it’s also ergonomic in design, which is useful as your baby grows and requires the more natural and comfortable seating position of the Boba 4G carrier.

Your baby or toddler’s weight is also distributed evenly so as to take pressure off your back and shoulders, which can sometimes be a huge factor in not using baby carriers at all, so as a whole, the Boba 4G carrier is designed for not only your child’s safety and comfort, but really, for yours as well.

Final Thoughts: Boba vs Ergo?

If you’re going to use a baby carrier, then you’re going to want to go with one that’s not only durable and long lasting, but one that is also designed with comfort and safety in mind. In this case, the Boba 4G definitely lives up to that standard.

When you can wear your baby, you get the chance to still keep them close to you, but you can also use your hands for everyday things, especially when out and about. A solid baby carrier, like the Boba 4G, eliminates the need for a stroller in some cases and helps you bond with your child in a whole new way.

While a baby carrier might seem like one of the baby accessories that are more of a luxury than a necessity, it can also be seen as a needed tool, much like a stroller might be considered to be.

In the end, investing in a trusted and solid baby carrier like the Boba 4G is not only handy for everyday use, but it’s something that benefits both you and your child.

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