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Nuna Leaf Grow vs Curv [Jan 2020]: Which Is Best?

Nowadays, there’s an abundance of baby seats on the market. Some of these products rock while others bounce or swing.

The seats manufactured by Nuna Leaf do neither of these movements. Instead, they smoothly move from one side to the other.

So, your baby will comfortably sway and the feeling mimics the one in which you hold the infant in your arms.

There are two popular Nuna Leaf models: Curv which is the company’s initial product and Grow which is the newer version.

The Curv model can sway for up to two minutes at a time once you give it a gentle nudge.

The Grow alternative was launched in 2018 and it is an updated and upgraded baby seat. Features such as the look and the soothing sway movement are present in both models.

Still, Grow comes with some interesting extra characteristics like new vibrant colors, removable cushions, and a more flexible recline function.

So, which one of these two products should you opt for? In today’s comparative review, I will discuss the seats’ features, price, and other useful aspects.

Bottom Line Up Front: I personally strongly prefer the Nuna Leaf Grow here as it features more reclining positions, is easier to assemble, and has more color options to choose from.

I Strongly Prefer the Nuna Leaf Grow

The Nuna Leaf Grow is the LATEST model with the most improvements and extra features (including more reclining options). The Grow also features more color options and palletes to choose from. Simple choice for our family!

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Nuna Leaf Grow vs Curv – Adjustability

Both these seat models were created to accommodate babies from birth and all the way up to 130 pounds. Still, the Grow version, as you can guess, was designed in such a way that you can adjust it alongside the infant.

In either one of these Nuna Leaf products, your child will be safe and secure due to an important feature: a three-point harness.

But, while Nuna Leaf Grow features a removable harness which allows for toddlers to continue using the seat, the previous model, Curv, has a safety system that cannot be removed.

Nuna Leaf vs Curve – Which of the Two Is The Right for You?

Besides the removable harness, the Grow model also has a couple of removable cushions so the seat will be very comfy for both infants and toddlers.

If you decide to purchase Nuna Leaf Grow, at first, you will be able to use it with the harness to protect your little baby. Another thing I like a lot when it comes to the Grow seat is the fact that it features a comfortable infant insert which provides additional support.

In other words, you can use the Grow version until your child is old enough to sit upright and even climb out of the seat. Then, you can remove the harness so that the toddler can use the product while watching TV or enjoying a fairytale book. It’s safe to take off the safety system only when the child starts walking on his or her own.

Regardless of which one of these two Nuna Leaf baby seats you choose to purchase, you should know that the seat pads can be easily removed. Without them, the back features a structure made from a breathable mesh which works great when the weather is warm.

Organic Fabrics

Grow and Curv both have cushions made from organic cotton to protect the skin of your infant.

However, the upgraded model goes even further by introducing GOTS-certified inserts. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. The dye is also child-safe. There are three components that can be removed and easily cleaned in the washing machine. I am talking about the following elements: the toddler’s seat, the infant insert, and the seat pad.

The Product’s Recline Function

The Curv model comes with only one single recline position. This might be an issue because it might not be reclined enough or suitable for a sleeping newborn.

On the other hand, a toddler who is ready to sit upright might get uncomfortable because the seat is too reclined. Unlike its predecessor, the Grow alternative features an adjustable recline.

There are three available positions that you can select in order to make sure your kid is comfy enough at any age.

Available Colors

While the Nuna Leaf Curv seat can be bought in one single color which is a shade of gray, the upgraded and improved model, Nuna Leaf Grow, is available in a wider array of color options: iron, granite, champagne, Oxford, midnight, and blush.

Color is important, of course, and you should feel free to pick one that suits your personal taste and that, in your opinion, matches your baby’s personality the most. Still, if you ask me, there are other things that are much more important than color. Some of those things are the product’s level of safety, recline, durability, etc.

Motor Power

You might think that most parents choose to buy the Nuna Leaf Grow model because it is the newest and improved version. However, many people still opt for Nuna Leaf Curv due to one of its accessories: a small detachable motor.

The company sells the motor, which goes by the name of Wind, separately, and you can attach this element to the base part of the seat. The motor keeps the seat moving without requiring you to activate it. Unfortunately, this accessory isn’t compatible with the Grow model because the seat was redesigned.

How Much Do These Products Cost?

As you would expect, the Nuna Leaf Grow model has a higher price compared to Nuna Leaf Curv due to all the extra features that it comes with.

Important Update! It seems that the Nuna Leaf Curv model was discontinued so it might be tricky to find it online.  (You can check the price on Amazon!)

On the other hand, you can also go on the company’s official website and access their store locator page.

There, you must insert the area where you live in and the map will show all the distributors that sell the Nuna Leaf Grow seat.

Nuna Leaf Grow vs Nuna Leaf Curv – Pros and Cons

Nuna Leaf Grow

nuna leaf grow

Nuna Leaf Grow Advantages

  • The design of this baby seat is contemporary yet elegant and stylish;
  • The seat is easy to assemble and clean;
  • You don’t have to use batteries because the product can work without a motor;
  • It’s a quiet baby swaying seat;
  • There are three reclining positions (the seat is adjustable): upright, flat, and in-between.

Nuna Leaf Grow Disadvantages

  • The seat can be a tad bulky which makes it a bit difficult to store;
  • It is an expensive product;
  • If you want to get the toy bar, you will have to pay extra.

Nuna Leaf Curv

leaf curv nuna

Nuna Curve Advantages

  • It has an appealing design;
  • It doesn’t require the use of batteries;
  • The motion is smooth and gentle;
  • The chair can be used for other things, too due to its lockdown feature. For instance, you can feed the baby while sitting in the seat;
  • It’s easy to use and easy to clean.

Nuna Curve Disadvantages

  • There aren’t as many available colors as the one found in the case of the Grow model;
  • It is difficult to transport it because it isn’t foldable;
  • The base part is pretty large and bulky;
  • It is quite expensive.

Alternatives to Nuna Leaf Baby Seats

Deluxe Bouncer by Fisher-Price

Babies love the Fisher-Price Deluxe bouncer due to its smooth and calming vibrations. It’s a reliable baby rocker. Actually, this product is a combination of two things: a baby rocker and a bouncer. It’s very affordable and it comes with a detachable toy bar to entertain your child.

Not only you can use the toy bar together with the seat, but the package also contains three fun and colorful toys that can be attached to the bar: a lion, a monkey, and a zebra. The seat pad is made from a fabric that’s easy to clean in the washing machine.

Still, as a downside, there’s no reclining feature. You can purchase this product online on Amazon. (Check its price here!)

Playful Pinwheels Baby Bouncer

This is yet another great and affordable baby swaying seat manufactured by Bright Starts. It it is an excellent choice, especially for parents who’re on a tight budget. You will be able to relax and make your baby fall asleep without breaking the bank.

The seat has a cheerful design full of vibrant colors and the structure offers a very good level of support for your little one. Unfortunately, some clients have complained about the fact that the seat’s toy bar can be a tad flimsy. You can find this bouncer on Amazon, and you can check the price here!

Graco Duetsoothe Baby Seat

The Graco Duetsoothe sea t is simply amazing. It mixes the functions of a rocker and a swing. So, basically, you will buy one product but benefit from the feature of two baby seats.

You can adjust it to move front-to-back just like a swing or sway from one side to the other. The swing is removable and there are two available vibration speeds that will definitely calm your child. Its harness system is a secure five-point-one.

It’s true, however, that all these great perks come at a higher cost. This baby seat is sold on Amazon, and for more price information you can check here!

3-in-1 Rocker Napper by Tiny Love

The Tiny Love seat works more like a baby rocker rather than a swing but it has plenty of useful features.

It comes with no less than three reclining positions which means you can either use it as a napper or as a seat. The best part is the way this product can be used as a portable bassinet due to its compact shape.

Tiny Love has a reclining mechanism that can be easily handled with only one hand. It’s lightweight and it is very easy to store. Finally, the rocker features a toy bar which is adjustable and which will help your infant to develop his or her motor skills.

The 3-in-1 Rocker Napper is sold on Amazon, and you can check its price here!

4moms rockaRoo

This compact baby swing manufactured by 4momsis a very popular alternative due to its modern and innovative approach.

The design might be cutting-edge but it still has a stylish influence. This baby swing has plenty of useful and versatile functions. It’s small and lightweight so you will be able to store it anywhere you want, in your house.

The motion is a smooth and calming one and some say that this seat might even help infants who deal with colic or reflux. A disadvantage might be the product’s price. You can buy it online on Amazon, and you can check its price here!

Bottom Line: Nuna Leaf Grow or Curv?

If you ask me, the choice is pretty simple: you should buy the latest version of the Nuna Leaf baby seat which, in this case, is the Grow model here.

It has multiple useful features and comes with extra functions, not to mention, there are plenty of beautiful colors to choose from.

Nuna Leaf swaying baby seats are popular since forever but the Grow version is, without a doubt, significantly better and more comfortable.

On the other hand, the Curv seat might have a limited number of functions but it is the only seat that’s compatible with the detachable Wind motor.

No matter which one of these two products you’ll buy, you can rest assured that both of them represent a good investment in your infant’s comfort. Still, it is wise to go with the Grow option.

I Strongly Prefer the Nuna Leaf Grow

The Nuna Leaf Grow is the LATEST model with the most improvements and extra features (including more reclining options). The Grow also features more color options and palletes to choose from. Simple choice for our family!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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