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Little Spoon vs Cerebelly: Which is the Best Baby Food Delivery Service?

Little Spoon vs Cerebelly: Which is the Best Baby Food Delivery Service?
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It doesn’t take much more than a glance at the baby food in stores to see why you wouldn’t want to give it to your little one. Tons of chemicals no one can pronounce fill every jar of baby food, which is why many parents have switched to organic. Today, I’m going to compare 2 of my favorite organic baby food brands: Little Spoon vs Cerebelly.

We’ll do a deep dive into products, ingredients, and what makes both of these organic baby food companies special. Let’s dig in!

Main Differences Between Little Spoon vs Cerebelly

The Main Differences Between Little Spoon vs Cerebelly are:

Though there are many aspects of both Little Spoon vs Cerebelly that distinguish them in the baby food world, these are their top contrasting points. If you’re stuck on what to buy your little one, these handy key points might help you decide.

  • Little Spoon has a lot of baby food choices, whereas Cerebelly doesn’t have as many
  • Little Spoon’s focus is on introducing healthy ingredients, whereas Cerebelly’s focus is providing babies with essential, brain-supporting vitamins
  • Cerebelly’s meals are $2.46 per package, whereas Little Spoon’s meals are $2.47 per package
  • Little Spoon provides textured baby food options, whereas Cerebelly does not
  • Cerebelly’s baby foods are all non-BPA, non-GMO, gluten-free, and organic, whereas Little Spoon’s baby foods are only classified as non-GMO and organic

About Little Spoon

Little Spoon vs Cerebelly

In this section, I’ll talk about all things Little Spoon. If you’re searching for an organic, non-GMO baby food subscription plan, read on! If you would like to visit the Little Spoon website, click here:

Main Features of the Company

Have you ever ordered from a food delivery service program, like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or even Imperfect Foods? Little Spoon works the same way. You pay for a membership subscription, you select the baby food you’d like to receive each week, and that food is shipped to your door.

Here are some more key specs about Little Spoon

  • There are meal membership programs for babies, toddlers, and small children
  • All their baby food options are 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Their baby food introduces over 100 ingredients


little spoon products

Little Spoon has a wide selection of organic, non-GMO baby food for you to pick from. Their categories of baby food are divided into 3 sections:

Starting Solids Blends, which has flavors like:

    • Mango
    • Butternut Squash
    • Purple Carrot

Multi Ingredient Blends, which has flavors like:

    • Sweet potato, apple, blueberry, and flax seeds
    • Carrot, mango, banana, and chia seeds
    • Broccoli, pineapple, banana, and hemp

Complex Blends, which has flavors like:

    • Blueberry, chickpea, spinach, pear, and rosemary
    • Quinoa, raspberry, pear, coconut milk, vanilla, date, wheat, and germ oil
    • Quinoa, butternut squash, kale, and apple


What you see is what you get with Little Spoon. This brand prides itself on using all organic, fresh ingredients to make baby food. For instance, the ingredients in the mango baby food are: mango. By looking at the ingredients on each Little Spoon food package, you’ll see that the flavor of the baby food matches up with all the ingredients inside (without additives!)

Pros and Cons

Little Spoon vs Cerebelly products

Just like with any company, there are pros and cons to Little Spoon. I’ll detail some of these pros and cons below in a quick chart. Though I believe the pros outweigh the cons, you can decide for yourself after weighing the benefits.

  • All organic, non-GMO baby food
  • $2.47 per baby food puree
  • Over 100 ingredients to introduce to your baby
  • Baby food made fresh
  • Simple ingredients without preservatives
  • Smooth and chunky foods to introduce texture 
  • You can’t order baby food without paying for a subscription service

About Cerebelly


This is another great organic baby food brand to consider if you’ve got a young one switching to solid foods. I’ll go into detail about what makes this company unique, including products you can buy from Cerebelly and Cerebelly’s scientific foundations. To find Cerebelly’s website and lists of products, click here:

Main Features of the Company

Some of the main selling points for Cerebelly are:

  • Being the only baby food with 16 key brain-supporting nutrients
  • Being GMO-free, gluten-free, BPA-free, farm-fresh, and organic
  • Having Clean Label Certification



Cerebelly’s baby food products are $2.46 per meal. These meals are 10 cents cheaper than a meal from Little Spoon. The baby food purees come in packages with a screw-on lid. Cerebelly is another baby food subscription service where you’ll need to pay for a membership program.

Depending on how old your child is, you can either pick baby food packages out individually or buy them in milestone packages. There are food bundles for babies who are:

5-7 Months, with flavors like:

    • White bean, pumpkin, and apple
    • Broccoli and pear
    • Carrot and chickpea

8-9 Months, with flavors like:

    • Black bean and sweet potato
    • Butternut squash and white bean
    • Pea and basil

10-11 Months, with flavors like:

    • Pea, spinach, and pear
    • Black bean and sweet potato
    • White bean, pumpkin, and apple


Cerebelly’s baby food is some of the cleanest you can find. Though this baby food does sometimes include added sugars, every package is non-GMO, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and more.

The focus of Cerebelly is giving your baby all the vitamins they need for a healthy body and healthy developing mind. These baby foods are vitamin-dense with a huge list of vitamins included listed on each nutrition label.

Pros and Cons

cerebelly products

I love Cerebelly, but just like how there are pros to this great baby food company, there are also a couple of cons. Check out this quick chart I made when you’re weighing your options on whether or not to buy the Cerebelly subscription.

  • Your baby will have all the vitamins and nutrients they need
  • Clean, non-GMO, gluten-free, farm-fresh, organic ingredients
  • The company was created by a scientist concerned about the baby food she saw on store shelves
  • Introduces lots of different flavors to your baby
  • Cerebelly baby foods contain added sugars
  • None of the baby food purees are textured

Alternatives to Little Spoon vs Cerebelly

If you’d like to learn about even more organic baby food options, I have 3 more to show you. Each of these 3 options shines in its own way, so I’ll give you a quick rundown that helps you decide what’s best for your child.



Best For Clean Baby Food


Yumi is another organic baby food brand with a membership subscription service. Yumi’s slogan is “Baby food reimagined,” which Yumi certainly made with an organic, fresh-made baby food subscription. Their boxes are delivered weekly because Yumi’s food doesn’t contain preservatives and should be eaten within the week after the food arrives.

Yumi’s baby food ranges from a completely smooth puree to soft and crunchy snacks, depending on your young child’s age. This company offers a “milestone plan” so your baby’s food is perfectly planned with their age milestones, and you don’t have to worry about picking out individual containers.

  • Ingredients: Non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, big-9 allergen-free, no added sugars or preservatives, and never fortified
  • Price Range: $3-$5
  • Best Feature: Free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, big-9 allergens, and added sugars


Yumi products

Yumi’s baby food categories are divided into seven sections, which are stages 1-7. Stages 1-7 offer food for your baby for months 6-11+.

  • Stage 1- Thin, single-ingredient purees for babies older than 6 months
  • Stage 2- Thicker single-ingredient purees for babies older than 6 months
  • Stage 3- 2-ingredient puree, for babies older than 7 months
  • Stage 4- Thin, multi-ingredient puree for babies older than 8 months
  • Stage 5- A multi-ingredient, mashable puree for babies older than 9 months
  • Stage 6- Soft, whole food pieces your baby can eat as finger food for babies older than 10 months
  • Stage 7- Soft cake-like bites, vegetable puffs, and more, for babies older than 11 months


  • Lots of stages of ingredients formulated especially for your baby’s exact age
  • Introduces many different flavors
  • One of the cleanest baby food brands
  • Eventually, weans your baby onto solid foods


  • Some stages have more flavor choices than others

Tiny Organics

tiny organics Best For Textured Baby Foods


Tiny Organics is an organic, plant-based baby food brand. All Tiny Organics’ meals are created by a chef and a team of neonatal scientists so that their food tastes great and your baby gets all the nutrients they need.

All Tiny Organics’ baby food is textured. It is intended to introduce your little one to their first 100 flavors with tasty food combinations. Some of these combinations are blueberry, banana, oat, & date and butternut squash, carrot, peas, and red lentil.

  • Ingredients: Organic, no big-8 allergens, and plant-based
  • Price Range: $2-$5
  • Best Feature: Textured baby food



Tiny Organics baby food is broken up into 2 categories, which are:

  • Breakfast Bowls
  • Lunch & Dinner

You can buy 3 of their most popular types of food in a bigger package for toddlers called “Mighty Toddler Meals.”


  • Textured food
  • Introduces your baby to over 100 different flavors
  • Options for toddlers


  • Only 5 different breakfast options

Fresh Bellies

Fresh Bellies

Best For Not a Food Subscription Service


Unlike the other companies listed, Fresh Bellies is not a food subscription service. You’ll be able to purchase their baby food purees individually. Fresh Bellies makes food for babies, toddlers, and young elementary-aged children that is all organic and non-GMO.

I love that the Fresh Bellies packaging for baby food purees is so adorable. The package even comes with a little spoon attached to the top! If you buy from the Fresh Bellies website, you’ll have to buy baby food purees in a 2-pack.

  • Ingredients: Organic and non-GMO
  • Price Range: $6-$8 per 2-pack baby food puree
  • Best Feature: Products can be bought individually


fresh bellies products

Fresh Bellies’ baby food puree choices are:

  • Broccoli, Swiss chard, and garlic
  • Apple and cardamom
  • Apple, blueberry, and mint
  • Pear and ginger
  • Cauliflower and bell pepper
  • Golden beets and thyme


  • Can be bought in grocery stores
  • Can be bought in a 2-pack online
  • Very cute packaging
  • Organic and non-GMO


  • Most expensive choice
  • Least amount of baby food choices

Little Spoon vs Cerebelly: The Winner

Though I’d recommend either of these organic baby food brands over anything you can pick up in the store, I do think there is a winner of this race. My vote is for Little Spoon. I appreciate that Little Spoon’s baby food becomes more textured as babies get further along into the weaning process.

I love that Little Spoon has more flavors to choose from, and if you give your baby all the baby food options they have, they’ll be introduced to over 100 different ingredients, which helps them develop their palette. For even more great guides about what to buy for your baby, check out our guide to the best baby formula!

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