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Yumi vs Gerber: Which Will Your Baby Love More?

Yumi vs Gerber: Which Will Your Baby Love More?
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Thrilling, exciting, and most confusing of milestones is how introducing solid foods to babies can best be described. Despite years of research, even from renowned brands like Yumi vs Gerber, there still isn’t a “one off-plan” on how best to start this delicate journey, and especially so for first-time mothers.

Theoretically, they can envision how cautious this long-awaited first milestone will be handled. With eyes on the journey, hands-on heart, focus on the end goal, and with the mind full of a handful of hard-and-fast rules, they trek the most traveled path, armed with only but a few do’s and don’ts.

And we know this too well, and that is why we’ve compared two of the most seasoned brands of solid baby foods to take a little of that worry from your weary shoulders.

Read on for our detailed comparison between Yumi vs Gerber.

Our Pick
Why Go With Yumi

I'm rarely "surprised" by a company these days, but Yumi truly DELIGHTED me and our family. Transparent ingredients, quick shipping and AMAZING customer support (our kiddos have a few allergies)! Give Yumi a try. #GameChange

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Main Differences Between Gerber vs Yumi

The main differences between Yumi vs Gerber are:

  • Gerber offers baby meals from 0- 4 months and upwards, whereas Yumi offers meals for babies from 4 – 11 months plus.
  • Gerber offers organic and non-organic baby products, whereas Yumi offers only organic baby meals.
  • Gerber has snacks, baby formula, and microwave meals, whereas Yumi focuses on purees and balanced meals
  • Gerber products can be shipped across the world, whereas Yumi can only be shipped across the United States.
  • Gerber has been in Business for decades, whereas Yumi is barely a decade old.
  • Gerber packages its meals in less than 4 0z jars, whereas Yumi packages most of its products in 4 0z.

Yumi vs Gerber Compared

Yumi vs Gerber

According to Unicef, 75% of your child’s meals go to building the baby’s brain from birth to around age 2 (see advantages of solid baby foods). This explains the need to properly source nutritionally balanced baby solid foods.

But sourcing for the best brand that will meet your child’s unique nutritional needs is no walk in the park. That is why we have compared the two main baby solid food manufacturers to help you take guesswork out of the equation when selecting healthier meals for your child.

Yumi in depth

“We feed them. You let them grow” Is the proud mission that fuels Yumi’s, a company founded by two friends.

Known for fresh, tasty, and deliciously palatable baby foods, Yumi is a household name that has carved a name in the baby solid food niche.

Backed by research, and guided by certified nutritionists and pediatricians- in house Doctors and Nutritionists- based recipes, Yumi is slowly but surely becoming a darling of many, busy or not so busy, parents with young children.

Yumi vs Gerber

Yumi produces a wide range of solid baby products whose main features include:

Organic Ingredients

Yumi features solid baby foods that are 100% organic. That is, their line of products is proudly USDA-certified organic, meaning that products are free of any additives, chemicals, and insecticides that could irritate the delicate digestive system of your baby.

Freshly Made

To ensure that you get nothing short of what you order, Yumi makes weekly purchases of fresh whole ingredients that they steam, roast or Sautee before packing and shipping to customers.

Healthier Meals Based Courtesy of Pediatricians and Nutritionists

Guided by expert pediatricians and nutritionists, Yumi formulates their solid baby products based on informed recipes. This guarantees you that your child will not lack in any of the essential nutrients at any stage of development.

Allergen Free Meals

The solid foods from Yumi are free of common allergens including gluten.

Variety translates to Diversity in Meals

With over 70 recipes that rotate weekly, Yumi meals have a lot of tastes, flavors, and textures for your baby’s palette and taste buds. This ensures that the baby gets all his nutritional requirements, plus curbs picky eating tendencies.

100% Fresh, Whole ingredients

For Yumi, all products are free of added sugars, preservatives, and fortified chemicals. For the natural is better and that is why they rely on naturally occurring sugars from fruits and vegetables.

Safe, Convenient Packaging

Yumi meals come in 4 OZ jars that are made of BSA and BPA free plastic. These jars can be recycled or reused but cannot be dish-washed or microwaved. They are an integral part of Yumi for they make it possible to keep the foods fresh for longer without preservatives.

Shelf Life

Yumi foods being free of preservatives have a fairly short shelf life. That is, 2months in the deep freezer, 7 days in a fridge, and 24 hours after opening..

Help Baby Transition Through Textures

Gradual introduction is the name of the game for baby solid foods. And Yumi knows this too well. And that is why they have dedicated a whole range of texture stages to ensure your baby isn’t put on any drastic nor sudden texture changes, but instead, he is steadily transitioned from smooth single ingredients to harder finger foods. That is, they model their foods to best suit your child’s swallowing and motor development.

Main Features

  • Their meals are suited for children aged 4 months to 11 months and above.
  • The meals are free of concentrates, synthetics, added sugar, preservatives, and additives.
  • Have four main meal plans that include the starter pack, 6-month pack, baby-led weaning pack, and the immunity pack.
  • Each jar contains 4 oz which is an equivalent of 0.25 lbs.
  • The meals come packed in BPS and BPA free plastic.
  • They offer free shipping for meal orders.
  • Their meal delivery frequency can be 1 meal per day, 2 meals per day, or 3 meals per day and on a weekly basis.
  • Makes deliveries to all 48 contiguous United States.
  • Their meals are free from all common allergens that include dairy products and gluten.
  • Offer a Baby-led weaning meal plan.
  • Offer 5 main texture stages
  • They work on a subscription basis that can be canceled at any time through the website.


  • Offers vast variety – Yumi offers a wide range of flavors, textures, and whole ingredients.
  • The foods are all made of organic ingredients.
  • Saves on time – all that is required is either warming or slight boiling as opposed to cooking from scratch.
  • Less stress on what and when to feed a baby – The solid foods come pre-packed for specific baby weight or ages.
  • Zero sugar additives.
  • The meals come in convenient reusable and recyclable food jars.
  • Timely shipping
  • Balanced nutritional needs for the baby.
  • Timely, responsive and helpful customer service.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Its deliveries are only within the United States.
  • You can only customize to what they offer and not what you want.

Gerber in depth

Gerber is one of the oldest baby product manufacturing companies that are currently under the parent company Nestle. Conceived over casual talk between husband and wife, Gerber has grown in both product, reach, and profit margins and currently sits among the best manufactures of packed convenience baby foods.

Despite innumerable changes made over the past years to better align its products with health directives, it is still a force to reckon with among its peers. Known for vast baby products that are both organic and synthetic, formulas, and snacks, Gerber has continuously reinvented itself to better serve the needs of the 21st-century parent.

Below are key features and principles that have kept Gerber afloat and ahead of the competition over the years.

Has an Organic and Non-GMO Line

Though a key pillar to sustainable food production and approved by WHO, USFDA, USAD, Gerber baby products are non-GMO and they adhere to the strictest of rules and regulations. This applies across all their organic baby products

Smart Flow Spout

It is never that easy to restrain a young one, especially one that is hungry and can see food within reach. To minimize such necessary but messy occurrences, some Gerber products (See one here) features a smart flow spout to carefully pour your child’s nutrition into the spoon.

Resealable Pouches

The packaging by Gerber features resealable easy to use pouches that are convenient for or travel use. This greatly improves and maintains the freshness of the foods besides from keeping harmful bacteria at bay. One such product can be found here.

Has a variety pack of 18 Branches

Gerber has a special package in which it ships 18 4 lb pouches. This is available in stage 2 baby products and is a great way to ensure that your baby gets a balanced ratio in every meal delivered.


Most organic baby solid foods are free of common allergens including gluten and dairy products.

Wholesome ingredients

Puff cereal snacks come packed with 2 grams whole grain per serving, minerals, 5 essential vitamins, and have neither artificial sweeteners nor artificial flavors.

Main Features

  • Their products are based on subscription plans.
  • Deliver across America and other parts of the world.
  • Offer both organic, natural, and synthetic products.
  • Their organic line of products features wholesome ingredients.
  • Some of their products have smart flow spouts.
  • Most of their products are available in variety of packs of 4 to 18.
  • Offer allergen-free meals for baby’s on dietary restrictions.


  • Cheaper than store-bought baby food.
  • Saves on time that could have been spent preparing baby foods.
  • Their meals are nutritionally balanced.
  • Offer convenience and flexibility.


  • Short shelf life after opening.
  • Some baby meals and foods come contaminated.

Alternatives to Yumi vs Gerber baby foods.

Still not sure as to whether Yumi vs Gerber will best serve your baby’s nutritional needs? Worry not, below are equally good solid baby food manufacturers that are worth considering.

You can also see our other brand comparisons here or if you have time, and want to try your culinary skills, check out our how to make a solid baby food guide.

Beech Nut

Founded in 1891, and located in Upstate New York, Beech Nut is one of the leading producers of solid baby foods that are natural and organic baby products. Their products are free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.

To ensure that the quality of food is never compromised, Beech Nut conducts over 20 rigorous tests on their Purees and up to 255 pesticides and heavy metals. Their extended stay in baby solid products is the testimony of doing things right. Read more about Beach Nut here or check out their product here.

Earth’s Best Organic

With specialties in pure blends free of potentially toxic pesticides, Genetically modified foods, chemical and animal-derived growth hormones, Earth’s Best Organic is a brand to reckon with.

Its Purees come in pouches and jars, have whole grains for ingredients, and can be stored by freezing. Their offerings cater to the nutritional needs of babies in all stages starting from the first milestone, solid food introduction.

For babies on dietary restrictions, Earth’s Best Organic offers Kosher and Gluten-Free products. Check out their organic food here or try out their special diet here.

Our Pick
Why Go With Yumi

I'm rarely "surprised" by a company these days, but Yumi truly DELIGHTED me and our family. Transparent ingredients, quick shipping and AMAZING customer support (our kiddos have a few allergies)! Give Yumi a try. #GameChange

Use Code BABYSWAG50 at checkout to save extra

Try YUMI First
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Final Verdict

Based on the pros and cons above, it’s evident that both Yumi vs Gerber brands have both contended and disgruntled customers. Of significance too is the diversity of their products in terms of gradients, subscription plans, shipping coverage and cost.

It is therefore not logical to pick Gerber over Yumi or vice versa as one brand may be lacking in a product and make up for it in the other.

The best approach therefore would be to try both and see what works better for your baby. And once you do, be kind enough to share your experience with our community of moms, dads, experts and parents to be in the comments section below.

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