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Cerebelly vs Serenity Baby Food: Let’s Compare These Two Great Brands

Cerebelly vs Serenity Baby Food: Let’s Compare These Two Great Brands

Organic baby food is hard to come by on the shelves of popular grocery stores, so perhaps you’ve turned to online baby food delivery services for the solution. I’m going to be reviewing Cerebelly and Serenity Kids, which are 2 of my top picks for the best organic baby food services out there.

Both brands have put their focus into creating food from simple, wholesome ingredients without harmful additives. If you still aren’t sold, I’ll discuss 3 alternatives to these brands, as well. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

A Side-by-Side Look at Cerebelly and Serenity Baby Food

If you’ve never heard of the Cerebelly or Serenity baby food brands before, not to worry! This quick chart will let you quickly compare and contrast these 2 popular brands. Both have their upsides and a few downsides, but both are much better than accessible brands at the store.


  • Focused on providing brain-supporting nutrients
  • All the vital essentials a baby needs
  • GMO-free, BPA-free, and Gluten-free
  • Vegan and non-vegan choices
  • Gives your baby farm-fresh goods
  • USDA organic and Clean Label certified
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Clean, simple ingredients


  • Mimics structure of macronutrients found in breast milk
  • Vitamins and minerals provided from meats and veggies
  • No grains, dairy, nuts, or eggs
  • Vegan and non-vegan choices
  • No additives or preservatives
  • USDA organic and GMO-free
  • No unhealthy fillers, added sugars, or preservatives
  • Some of the shortest ingredients lists you’ll find

Main Differences Between Cerebelly vs Serenity Baby Food

The Main Differences Between Cerebelly vs Serenity Baby Food are:

There are more differences between Cerebelly and Serenity than this, but I want to lay out the key differences that make each stand-out. The main differences between Cerebelly and Serenity are:

  • Cerebelly adds all-natural brain-supporting nutrients, whereas Serenity keeps ingredients simple
  • Serenity offers meat products, whereas Cerebelly only offers baby food with meat broth
  • Cerebelly is made to support brain development whereas Serenity offers the same macronutrient structure as breast milk
  • Cerebelly offers granola bar snacks for toddlers, whereas Cerebelly offers puff snacks for toddlers

About Cerebelly Baby Food


Now that we’ve done a little comparing, let’s focus solely on Cerebelly for a moment. Cerebelly products were created to give your baby all the vitamins and minerals they need. Also, Cerebelly is known for making organic, clean baby food with brain-supporting nutrients that help your child’s mind develop.

Main Features of the Company

These are Cerebelly’s main selling points:

  • Only baby food brand to offer baby food with 16 brain-supporting nutrients
  • Many options are vegan, though not all
  • USDA organic and Clean Label certified
  • Non-GMO and BPA-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Snacks available for 1-3 year-olds


Cerebelly offers 3 different types of baby food-purees, smoothie-inspired purees, and Smart Bars. Purees and smoothie-inspired purees are for babies and contain 16 brain-supporting nutrients. The Smart Bars are for children 1-3 and contain 15 brain-supporting nutrients.

The puree baby food flavors are:


  • Carrot pumpkin
  • Butternut squash white bean
  • Pea basil
  • Pea spinach pear
  • Sweet potato mango
  • Spinach apple sweet potato
  • Green bean pumpkin
  • Black bean sweet potato
  • Sweet potato chicken broth
  • Butternut squash chicken broth
  • Carrot beef broth
  • White bean pumpkin apple
  • Broccoli pear
  • Carrot chickpea
  • Kale sweet potato apple
  • Beet carrot blueberry

The smoothie-inspired puree baby food flavors are:

  • Celery apple kiwi
  • Sweet potato peach
  • Purple carrot blueberry

The Smart Bar varieties are:

  • Carrot raisin
  • Blueberry banana sweet potato
  • Apple kale
  • Strawberry beet



In addition to using clean ingredients free of harmful additives and other preservatives, Cerebelly offers an organic nutrient blend in each package of baby food. Some of these all-natural brain-supporting ingredients are:

  • Organic tapioca fiber
  • Chlorella
  • Kelp
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Spinach
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Maitake mushrooms


  • Healthy, simple, organic ingredients without GMOs, preservatives, or gluten
  • Plenty of vegan options available, as well as non-vegan options
  • Only baby food to offer 16 brain-supporting nutrients to help childhood brain development


  • You must buy at least a 6-pack of baby food at a time, so you can’t try just one

About Serenity Kids Baby Food

Serenity Kids Baby Food

Serenity Kids is an organic, all-natural baby food brand started by a mother named Serenity and her husband, Joe. With a team of scientists, this couple set out to create clean, nutrient-dense baby food using local ingredients. They succeeded in their goal, and now Serenity has tons of baby food flavors to pick from.

Main Features of the Company

Serenity is one of my favorite baby food brands to recommend. The food is conveniently packaged. Its ingredient list is pure and simple. Here’s a roundup of everything that makes Serenity Kids baby food unique:

  • Some of the simplest ingredients for baby food
  • All veggies are certified organic and GMO-free
  • All meat products come from local farms with healthy, carefully raised animals
  • No added sugars or unhealthy fillers
  • Free of allergens like grains, dairy, nuts, and eggs
  • Provides the same macronutrients as breast milk
  • Incorporates healthy fats


Serenity Kids Baby Food 2

Serenity offers 2 kinds of baby food and 2 kinds of food for toddlers. Their baby food options include all-veggie puree pouches and meat-and-veggie puree pouches. For toddlers, Serenity makes veggie puffs and toddler formula.

All-veggie baby food options:

  • Carrot, spinach, and basil
  • Organic carrots medley
  • Sweet potato and parsnip
  • Sweet potato, carrot, and beet
  • Sweet potato and spinach
  • Kabocha squash, butternut squash, and pumpkin
  • Butternut squash and spinach

Meat-included baby food options are:

  • Wild-caught salmon with butternut squash and beet
  • Grass-fed beef with kale and sweet potatoes
  • Free-range chicken with peas and carrots
  • Pasture-raised turkey with pumpkin and beet
  • Grass-fed bison with kabocha squash and spinach
  • Turmeric chicken with bone broth
  • Beef pot roast with bone broth
  • Turkey Bolognese with bone both

The Grain-Free Puffs flavor options are:

  • Sweet pepper and basil
  • Pumpkin and cinnamon
  • Broccoli and spinach
  • Carrot and beet
  • Tomato and mushroom

The toddler formula is:

  • A2 whole milk toddler formula


Serenity Kids Baby Food 1

Serenity baby foods are all about keeping ingredients simple. For example, in each pouch of vegan baby food, all that’s in the pouch will be:

  • The vegetables listed on the front of the pouch
  • Water
  • A healthy fat like avocado oil or olive oil


  • Some of the simplest ingredient lists for baby foods
  • Provides clean, organic baby food in vegan and non-vegan options
  • Mimics macronutrient structure of breast milk


  • Because the ingredients are so simple, no nutrients from other plants are added in

Alternatives to Cerebelly and Serenity Baby Food

Cerebelly and Serenity aren’t the only organic baby food subscription services you can buy from. If you’re curious about what other options there are, allow me to introduce you to Yumi, Tiny Organics, and Nurture Life. Each of these is a trusted, certified organic brand with their own unique benefits that make them stand out.




Yumi takes the stress out of planning your baby’s meals, which is great for busy parents. When you pay for a subscription with Yumi, you can select baby foods that were designed for children who are 6 months, then 7 months, all the way to 10 months old. Starting with single-ingredient purees like peach and ending with solid, pinchable foods like zucchini bread bites, your baby will transition to solid foods without you having to do much at all.

Key Features

  • Price Range: Depends on your subscription plan
  • Ingredients: Organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, no added sugars or preservatives, no big 9 allergens, never fortified
  • Some Offered Flavors: Peach, pumpkin, carrot, zucchini and split pea, rustic tomato soup, beet hummus, chocolate peppermint pudding, etc.


  • Organic ingredients without yucky additives, allergens, GMOs, etc.
  • Offers your baby a month-by-month meal plan from 6 months to 10+ months
  • Features a blend of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin A, iron, magnesium, and copper


  • You must pay for a subscription to order any of the baby food

Tiny Organics

Tiny Organics


Tiny Organics isn’t like other baby foods in that none of the foods offered are purees. That’s because Tiny Organics offers pinchable food soft enough for babies to eat. Letting your kid eat with their fingers and decide how much food they need helps them develop healthy eating habits. All Tiny Organics’ foods are plant-based, and the goal is to introduce your baby to their first 100 flavors.

Key Features

  • Price Range: $4.69 per container
  • Ingredients: organic, non-GMO, and no big 8 allergens
  • Some Offered Flavors: Banana sweet potato and butternut squash, apple oats ginger and cinnamon, banana blueberry oats and dates, etc.


  • Promotes healthy eating habits and introduces little ones to their first 100 flavors
  • All plant-based with no GMOs and no big 8 allergens
  • Partner of Michelle Obama’s Veggies Early and Often


  • No meat options available

Nurture Life



This food subscription service is for toddlers and little kids. Nurture Life’s goal is to hide how many healthy veggies are packed in their popular meals. Kids will love the mac and cheeses, burritos, pasta, and more that are dense with nutrients. There are many meat options, which is something to keep in mind if your child is vegan or has a meat allergy. Nurture Life also offers a variety of healthy snacks, so be sure to look through them if you’ve got a picky eater who needs some help getting all their vegetables.

Key Features

  • Price Range: Varies per meal plan
  • Ingredients: Focus on providing right number of proteins and vegetables
  • Some Offered Flavors: Chicken & mac with hidden squash and peas, bean and cheese burrito, chicken and tortellini with broccoli, Chicken meatballs with spiral pasta and veggies, etc.


  • Veggies hidden within inconspicuously healthy foods that look like junk food
  • Made fresh and never frozen meals
  • Easy to make in the microwave and oven


  • The food offered is meant for toddlers and young kids, but not babies


Question: Are Baby Food Delivery Services Good?

Answer: It depends on the baby food delivery service. Cerebelly and Serenity Kids are top-tier baby food delivery services. Yumi, Tiny Organics, and Nurture Life are, too. I’ve talked about all 5 of these brands above, so browse through them to see which company you think suits your little one best.

Question: Is It Safe to Order Baby Food?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to order baby food. Baby food that is shipped to your house must pass federal requirements for food safety. With that in mind, if you receive baby food that appears to have been tampered with in any way, take pictures of the food before you throw it away to show the company. There’s a great chance you’ll get your money back or some kind of bonus package.

Question: Are Baby Food Pouches Safe?

Answer: Yes, baby food pouches are perfectly safe. Pediatricians recommend that not every one of your baby’s meals comes from a food pouch but incorporating them into your child’s daily diet is a-okay. Pouches are convenient for parents, which is why so many companies have begun using them.

The End of the Road

We’ve reached the end of our guide comparing Cerebelly to Serenity Kids. After learning about both brands, do you have a favorite you’d like to try out with your little one? Maybe you were a fan of Yumi, Tiny Organics, or Nurture Life, instead? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I hope after reading this quick rundown of organic baby foods, you feel inspired to feed your child clean, healthy ingredients. For more information about baby care, take a gander at our guide to the best baby foods!

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