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Serenity Kids Baby Food Review: Is It Worth It?

Serenity Kids Baby Food Review: Is It Worth It?

After looking at the ingredients packed into baby foods on the shelves at your local grocery store, it’s no wonder so many parents are switching organic, non-GMO baby foods. If you haven’t heard about Serenity Kids baby food, I’ll tell you about this popular, healthy baby food brand.

What makes Serenity special, and what kinds of baby food do they sell? Are there alternatives to the Serenity brand? I’ll explain everything you want to know below, so stay tuned!

About the Serenity Brand

Serenity Kids Baby Food Review

Serenity Kids is an all-natural and ethical baby food brand started by a concerned mother, Serenity. She and her husband Joe realized what a difference in their lives changing their diets made for them, and they wanted the same for their baby.

Serenity and Joe set out to create healthy baby food with organic, non-GMO veggies and ethically-sourced animal products. The team ended up making connections with the local farmers in their area so they could use meat from pasture-raised animals that had never been given antibiotics or hormones.

With their team of scientists, Serenity and Joe created balanced, nutritious baby food without unhealthy fillers, allergens, or preservatives. Some baby food brands only offer vegan options, but Serenity Kids provides a selection of vegan and non-vegan options.

What Products Does Serenity Offer?

Serenity offers a wide variety of baby foods, so you can get your little one accustomed to different flavors and textures. Currently, you can choose from 16 different kinds of foods that are all made without artificial preservatives. Here’s a full list of every kind of baby food Serenity Kids sells.

Pasture-Raised Meat with Organic Veggies

  • Beef with kale and sweet potato
  • Chicken with peas and carrots
  • Salmon with butternut squash and beet
  • Turkey with pumpkin and beet
  • Bison with kabocha squash and spinach

Organic Savory Veggies

  • Carrot, spinach, and basil
  • Kabocha squash, butternut squash, and pumpkin
  • Sweet potato and spinach
  • Butternut squash and spinach
  • Sweet potato, carrot, and beet

Made with Bone Broth

  • Beef pot roast
  • Turmeric chicken
  • Turkey Bolognese
  • Grain-Free Puff Snacks:
  • Broccoli and spinach
  • Carrot and beet
  • Tomato and mushroom

Pros and Cons to Serenity Kids Baby Food

Just like every product in the world, there are pros and cons to Serenity baby food. Serenity’s pros far outweigh its cons compared to every kind of baby food in the baby isles in popular stores in popular stores. Still, you should look through this quick guide to make sure Serenity aligns with what you want for your child’s diet.


  • All vegetables are organic and non-GMO
  • All animal products are from small, local farms
  • Animals are pasture-raised and never treated with antibiotics or hormones
  • No big allergens like dairy, nuts, gluten, and eggs
  • High-nutrient veggies instead of low-nutrient grain fillers
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Healthy fats are included
  • Made to match the nutritional value of breast milk
  • Variety of different types of food to introduce new textures and flavors
  • Products mostly all have 5-star reviews


  • Pricey compared to non-organic, GMO-filled baby foods
  • You have to buy at least 6 pouches of one flavor at a time
  • The baby foods with meat are more expensive than the all-veggie options

What Ingredients are Found in Serenity Kids Baby Food?

Serenity Kids Baby Food Review: beef

Besides the organic, non-GMO veggies and pasture-raised, antibiotic, and hormone-free animal products, every pouch contains water. Also, every pouch of baby food is supplemented with a healthy fat or bone broth. Olive oil and avocado oil are used as healthy fats in organic veggie pouches.

In the puff snacks, healthy starches are used alongside many veggie powders and pastes. Some of these healthy starches are cassava flour and tapioca starch. Other ingredients like garlic powder, rosemary extract, and dehydrated beef bone broth are used, too.

Where Can You Get Serenity Kids Baby Food?

Luckily, you can buy Serenity baby food directly from Serenity’s website! If you’re buying a single puff snack flavor or baby food pouch type, you’ll have to buy at least 6 of one kind at a time. If you’d like to give your baby a variety of flavors to choose from, the baby food pouches are offered in these variety packs:

  • Meat & Veggie Variety Pack
  • Organic Savory Veggies Variety Pack
  • Ethically Sourced Meats Variety Pack
  • Bone Broth Variety Pack

Are Baby Food Pouches Good or Safe?

Serenity Kids Baby Food Review

Yes, baby food pouches are perfectly safe. Every single meal your baby eats shouldn’t come from a food pouch so that they learn other eating skills, but incorporating pouches frequently is absolutely fine. Not to mention, Serenity’s baby food from a pouch is much better for your baby than food from the store that’s full of preservatives.

Alternatives to Serenity Kids Baby Food

Maybe you’re unsure if Serenity is the right choice for your little one, or maybe you’d like to consider more options. I have 3 alternatives to Serenity to show you, each of which takes an organic, all-natural approach to baby food.



Cerebelly is a baby food brand founded by a very determined scientist and mother who wanted to change the way the world saw baby food. Every single pouch of baby food offered by Cerebelly is:

  • BPA-Free
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Clean Label Certified
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free

You can buy pureed baby food in pouches, smoothie-inspired baby food in pouches, and Smart Bars. Smart Bars are nutrient-dense bars loaded with fruits, nuts, seeds, and other ingredients without added sugars. These come in 5-packs.

As far as the smoothie-inspired pouches go, you can choose from:

  • Celery apple kiwi
  • Sweet potato peach
  • Purple carrot blueberry
  • The pureed baby foods offer:
  • White bean pumpkin apple
  • Broccoli pear
  • Carrot chickpea
  • Sweet potato mango
  • And more!

The smoothie-inspired pouches and the puree pouches both come in a 6-pack. These provide your baby with all the nutrients they need, plus added vitamins and minerals.


  • Provides 16 brain-supporting nutrients
  • Selections of purees, smoothies, and Smart Bars
  • Organic, vegan, and BPA-free


  • None of the options contain meat

Sprout Organics


Like Serenity Kids, Sprout Organics offers both vegan baby food and baby food with meat products. This baby and toddler food brand make convenient, organic, healthy snacks for babies and toddlers. None of their foods ever contain GMOs, and nothing artificial is added. Since this brand started in 2008, they’ve grown a loyal customer fanbase.

This is another baby food company that offers pureed food in pouches. One thing I’m a big fan of is the ingredient list on the back of the package-it’s all familiar ingredients you could find in your cupboard. These pouches are available in 12 packs. Some of the varieties Sprout Organics offers are:

  • Homestyle vegetables, pear, and chicken broth
  • Power Pak Superblend mixed with apple, blueberry, and plum
  • Protein, butternut, chickpea, quinoa, and date
  • Mixed berry and oatmeal
  • And more!

You can also buy baby puff snacks, which come in 6-packs. The baby puff snacks offered are:

  • Apple and kale (only 5 ingredients)
  • Carrot, peach, and mango (only 6 ingredients)


  • Vegan and non-vegan options offered
  • All organic, non-GMO baby foods
  • Large variety of baby food pouches for your little one to try out


  • Only 2 varieties of baby puff snacks to choose from

Once Upon a Farm

once upon a farm website


Once Upon a Farm is a baby and toddler food brand that offers a selection of pureed baby foods and inventive finger foods. What sets this company apart? This awesome brand has gone above and beyond to make baby food that is:

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Artificial-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Without added sugars
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Fresh from the farm to the fridge

There are 6 different kinds of baby food puree you can buy for your young one. 2 are fruit blends and 2 are fruit and veggie blends. You can buy these in either a 12-pack or a 24-pack. The flavors are:

  • Apple, carrot, beet, and ginger
  • Pineapple, banana, and kale
  • Mango, coconut, and carrot
  • Apple, banana, spinach, and avocado
  • Mango
  • Apple and blueberry

There are 13 kinds of finger foods to pick from. You can either let your child eat the food as finger food, but you can also puree or mash it. Some of the finger foods, which you can buy as a single pouch, are called:

  • Butternut squash, quinoa, banana, and coconut butter
  • Sweet potato, mango, and coconut milk
  • Black beans, sweet potato, red pepper, and cilantro
  • Peas, zucchini, and basil
  • And more!


  • No GMOs, dairy, added sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients
  • 13 types of finger foods for babies
  • Chock full of important vitamins and minerals your child needs


  • Only 6 types of baby food puree in pouches


Question: Is Serenity a Good Baby Food Brand?

Answer: Yes, Serenity is an incredible baby food brand for multiple reasons. For one, Serenity only uses non-GMO, organic veggies. Only healthy fats are incorporated. All the animal products come from pasture-raised animals who were never introduced to hormones or antibiotics. What’s more? You won’t have to worry about allergens like nuts, dairy, gluten, and eggs, because Serenity doesn’t add them.

Question: What is the Healthiest Baby Food Brand?

Answer: You can find some of the healthiest baby food brands above, which are Serenity, Cerebelly, Sprout Organics, and Once Upon a Farm. Each of these brands has its upsides and downsides, but each has way more pros than cons. Serenity, like the other 3, is dedicated to producing clean baby food free of allergens and other harmful, yucky stuff.

Question: What is the Least Toxic Baby Food?

Answer: Serenity is one of the least toxic baby food brands around. This is the ingredient list for their beef, kale, and sweet potato baby food: Organic sweet potato, water, grass-fed beef, and organic kale. That’s it. It’s hard to beat that.

Question: Is Serenity Baby Food Good?

Answer: Yes, almost every product on Serenity Kids has a perfect 5-star review. Babies tend to like Serenity baby food because it’s made with such simple ingredients. Serenity offers your child a healthy, savory, delicious way to eat all the nutrients they need.

Serenity Kids Baby Food Review: Fin

I hope you feel better informed about organic baby food and the Serenity Kids brand. After learning about Serenity, do you think you’ll be buying some pouches or puff snacks for your child? Have a look at the other three organic baby food brands I mentioned, too! And for even more great recs for parents, check out our list of the best baby formula.

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