Top 9 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Expecting Parents

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Not many things in life compare to the excitement when soon-to-be parents find out they are expecting, knowing that they are about to embark on one of life’s greatest journeys. I can still remember sharing the news with darling hubby and the rest of the family. Once we found out that we were expecting a girl, we immediately rushed out to buy that very special first outfit and then the preparations started: Decorating the Baby room, shopping for a good quality car seat, comparing diapers and bottles, etc.

Preparing for the Baby

Within the first few months, everything was ready. I even had my hospital bag packed at 20 weeks! Of course, I packed and repacked it several times afterward… but aside from the birth itself, I was really looking forward to the baby shower! I wanted it to be perfect! Now I have to admit; I had pre-set ideas on what the décor and cake should look like, who should be there and of course, the type of gifts I wanted for our perfect, little unborn girl. In fact, I planned it all in my head! The problem with this, of course, is that a baby shower is supposed to be a surprise and the soon-to-be parents should not be involved in any of the planning at all!

In the end, I do think that things worked out perfectly and I actually had a lovely time at the baby shower even though I had nothing to do with the planning (I did, however, sneak a picture of the cake I wanted to all of my friends and they were kind enough to get that cake for me!).

In all honesty, the baby shower was probably a lot better than the one I had imagined. I received the most beautiful baby clothes – most of which our little girl only got to wear once due to babies growing up so fast, and a ton of baby products such as powders, creams, and ointments.

I also received a few gifts that I deemed rather boring such as diapers, eating utensils (seriously, the baby will be few months old before it even starts to eat) and clothing for 1year olds and older. Funny enough, even though I didn’t think much of these gifts at the time, they ended up being the items that I needed and cherished the most once the baby arrived!

The List

So I’ve put together a list of what is probably the most boring baby shower gifts in the history of baby showers… BUT they contain items that I’ve appreciated and valued the most or items I wish someone had given us once our little one was born!

New Moms First Aid Kit

So it’s not technically a First Aid kit but a kit that contains similar items. What I’m referring to, are items such as a digital thermometer, medicine dispensers, something to bring down a fever (For some unexplained reason, our kids always get sick in the middle of the night), a nebulizer or a baby vac. I suppose the reason why we didn’t purchase any of these items ourselves beforehand is probably that no soon-to-be parents like to even think of the idea of their little one getting sick, but the reality is that they do and these items often cost an arm or a leg. I love the digital thermometer that we received and still use it to this day!


Why not give the soon-to-be parents the gift of choice? Okay, so it is a little boring when someone opens a gift voucher, especially compared to those parcels that contain the most adorable baby clothes and the tiniest socks you have ever seen but I’ve found that most of the time, you get so many cute little clothes and your little one hardly even gets to wear it because they outgrow them so quickly. By giving new parents a voucher, they can actually buy something they really need or want or perhaps contribute it towards those more expensive items such as strollers or car seats. Most vouchers only expire after a year which also gives the new parents some time to figure out what they really need even after the baby is born.

Diapers and Wipes

Again, probably one of the most boring gifts one can possibly give at a baby shower…yet it is the one item new parents are bound to need… and plenty of it! Try buying a bigger size seeing that most parents tend to stock up on the small sizes early on. By the time the baby is 8 or 9 months old, the novelty of a new baby has probably worn off, gifts for the little one will become less and they as parents will be thankful for that bigger size diapers stacked in the cupboard. The good news is that there are so many creative ideas on Pinterest these days on how to present diapers, ranging from the traditional diaper cake to a beautiful bouquet of diapers.

Keep in mind though that some new parents these days are opting for more eco-friendly options where diapers are concerned so be sure to find out their preferences in advance.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor can be fairly expensive but can also be considered a life-saving tool these days thanks to new technology. We received an Angelcare movement and sound monitor as a baby shower gift from my parents that includes a movement pad put under the mattress. Should there be no movement for 20 seconds, an alarm will sound. As first time parents, this really puts our minds at ease when it came to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Diaper Bag

So I’m not actually referring to your average diaper bag here. The chances are that the expectant parents have already bought one and they bought one that suits their specific needs. What I’m referring to here is an “Oh crap diaper bag”. Yes, it’s an additional diaper bag, but it is filled only with a few essentials such as one or two baby grows, a blanket, wipes, a few diapers, a pacifier, cream, bath oils etc. that, parents, can keep in the back of their car. Sometimes you end up visiting friends at the spur of the moment, and you find that you are unprepared as you end up staying for dinner. The idea is to whip out the bag without having any worries simply. This also comes in handy in emergencies.


Unfortunately, I’m not referring to those darn cute baby clothes that make everyone go “oooh” and “ahh”. I’m talking about buying clothes for one year and older. Once the little one has reached the age of one year, the chances are that they aren’t getting much clothing as gifts anymore. Parents will be happy to have a cupboard filled with clothing that they can actually use for more than one month, and while they are still spending a lot of money on items such as diapers and formula milk, they will be happy not having to stock up on clothing as well.

A First Aid Course

A little unconventional, I know but my husband and I were discussing how to perform CPR on an infant the other day, and we ended up talking about how nice it would have been to receive a First Aid course as the gift. They provide parents with real tools and skills that they hope never to have to use but should they ever need to; they will never regret having taken this course. These skills can also be used at kids’ parties, school outings, and vacations, so it’s not just for your own children.

Baby-proofing Equipment

Baby-proofing one’s home can be a costly but necessary exercise. Let’s face it, some of these items such as electrical outlet covers aren’t so expensive when purchased on its own, but try buying ten outlet covers, six door covers and 20 edge and corner guards at one time! It becomes expensive, and for that reason alone, baby-proofing is often neglected. We as parents often only baby-proof our homes after an incident occurs. Rather help parents to be pro-active in this aspect.

A little something for mom, a little something for dad… and don’t forget other siblings if there are any!

Of course, the baby shower is meant to be for the baby, but a small gift for the new mom, dad, and other siblings will go a long way and is often truly appreciated. When I was pregnant, my mother gave me a hamper filled with my favorite body butter and bubble bath, and I loved it! It was nice to have a little “me-time” and to spoil myself before the baby arrived.

I’m also a big fan of getting the new dad a “survival kit” filled with silly items such as energy drinks, sweets, a diaper or two and headache tablets. It involves and prepares the father for what lies ahead and it is nice to have something to giggle about! I also had a great appreciation for anyone that gave a little gift to our two-year-old daughter while I was expecting our second child. It can be a trying and confusing time for them as well, especially if they are still young and making other siblings feel loved and appreciated during the excitement of a new baby really helps with the adjustment.

My Final Thoughts

So there you have it: My extremely boring list of 9 gifts for new parents. I get it, no one wants to buy new parents a boring baby shower gift but I can almost guarantee you that they will thank you for it. Perhaps not at the baby shower but certainly a few months down the line! Give a gift that will be appreciated and cherished long after the baby is born!

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