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WAY Too Thin? Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes Review

WAY Too Thin? Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes Review
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From the time your baby is born, you have a natural inclination to do any and everything to keep them safe and comfortable at all times.

And since at the very beginning all your baby has is you, it should definitely start with keeping them comfortable when they can’t even vocalize what makes them uncomfortable or even what might be painful for them. Like, say, your run-of-the-mill baby wipes.

One of the key ingredients in typical baby wipes is alcohol, which can dry out and irritate anyone’s skin, let alone the sensitive and naturally soft skin of a baby. With the Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes, you get something very different, which is wipes that are made with more water than anything.

This enables them to still get the right kind of clean on your baby’s bottom, but without any potential irritants added in there.

Chances are if your baby wipes are made with alcohol as one of the liquid components, then there are also fragrances and other chemicals added in to get the job done. While these things aren’t overly harmful to your little one, using water-based baby wipes can give you a gentle and thoroughly clean but without any added chemicals.

The Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes are made with 99% water and just 1% of a gentle dermatologist-tested cleanser for your baby’s skin. They’re free from alcohol, parabens, and any fragrances, which help keep them gentle enough for everyday use on your baby while not drying out or irritating your baby’s skin.

They’re also made from a premium cotton blend, which only adds to the natural softness and further helps keep your baby comfortable when he or she needs a wet diaper changed.

And since the wipes are so gentle, you can use them on your baby’s hands and face too and not have to worry about chemicals or strong smells upsetting your little one.  Plus, you definitely won’t have to wait until your newborn is older, since you can use these right from the start.

Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes Features

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  • The wipes are made without added chemicals or fragrances, which are often found in other more standard types of baby wipes.
  • They’re made almost completely with water for a more gentle feel and effect on your baby’s skin.
  • You can start using them right from the start with your newborn.
  • The wipes are available for purchase on Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Target.


  • The packs of wipes come in plastic pouches, but with convenient hard flip top lids, as opposed to sticky flaps, which preserve moisture for longer.
  • In some cases, you might only need one wipe to get the job done for your little one.
  • Since the wipe itself is made from cotton, there is double the softness and gentle feeling for your baby to get to enjoy.
  • They’re also durable and likely won’t rip very easily when using them.
  • Babies with sensitive skin or a penchant for getting diaper rash can be free from those familiar irritants with the Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes.


  • Since there’s no fragrance at all, some might be put off by the natural smell the wipes give off.
  • While the wipes will stay wet when in a tightly closed pouch, they’re probably not any more consistently wet than standard baby wipes.
  • The cotton wipes are soft but are a little thinner than thicker and bigger wipes you might find elsewhere.

Pampers Wipes Alternatives

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

Although Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes are designed to give you a more gentle way to clean your baby after soiled diapers, the company behind WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes prides itself on being about that first and foremost, without endorsing any other kind of baby wipes.

In fact, the brand’s tagline is “The World’s Purest Baby Wipes,” which says a lot. The wipes are actually made from 99.9% water with just a drop of fruit extract, which does make the water content more than that of the Pampers option.

It also might be comforting for parents or caregivers to know that the added ingredient is fruit extract rather than some sort of chemical cleanser. According to the official website for WaterWipes, the National Eczema Association has actually given their Seal of Acceptance to WaterWipes thanks to its soft and gentle nature for babies’ skin.

You can find them on Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Target. They’re also hypoallergenic and safe to use with your baby right from birth.


  • The only added ingredient in the wipes is a fruit extract, which can help add a natural fragrance to them.
  • They’re gentle enough to use on your baby’s bottom of course, but also on their hands and face too.
  • Since they’re soft but also a generally large size, you won’t have to worry about tearing or ripping when taking them out of the package or using them.
  • The wipes also don’t have any kind of residue or extra moisture on your baby’s skin.


  • When pulling wipes out of the package, you might end up with two or three instead of just one.
  • As you get near the end of your pack of wipes, the closing tab on top might start to get more difficult to close.
  • It might be hard to wipe away things from your baby’s skin, as the wipe will sometimes stick to the skin rather than pick up anything that needs to be taken off your baby’s bottom.
Baby Wipes, WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes
$42.99 ($5.97 / 100 Count)
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03/06/2024 11:41 am GMT

Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Unscented Baby Wipes

For some, Huggies is already a brand they know and trust for diapers and wipes in general, let alone water-based or more gentle ones. So the Huggies Baby Wipes are an easy substitute for those looking for more water-based baby wipes.

They contain 99% water and are also free of fragrances, alcohol, and parabens. Plus, they don’t have phenoxyethanol or MIT in them. Since they’re meant to safe and gentle enough for sensitive baby skin, the wipes do also have aloe and vitamin E to keep things gentle while using them.

And they also contain Coco-Glucoside from coconut oil, which is meant to add to healthy and supple skin for your baby. You can find them on Amazon or in-store at Walmart.


  • The wipes are made with Huggies’ TripleClean Layers, which add to the softness on your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • The wipe packages have EZ Pull Dispensing to help pull out just one wipe at a time when you need them.
  • There isn’t a strong smell, even without added fragrances, which is beneficial for both you and your little one.
  • They’re gentle enough to use on your baby’s face too.


  • For some, the wipes might be almost too wet each time you pull a new one from the package.
  • When being pulled out of containers, the Huggies wipes tend to tear or rip more easily.
  • The wipes themselves are relatively small, so you might be using more than one or even two at a time to get the job done.
Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Wipes
$22.99 ($2.99 / 100 Count)
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03/06/2024 01:18 am GMT

Seventh Generation Free And Clear Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation Free And Clear Baby Wipes

The Seventh Generation Free And Clear Baby Wipes don’t claim to be made of 99% water like the Pampers Aqua Pure Baby Wipes, but they are made with 0% alcohol and harmful chemical additives.

Plus, the first ingredient in the list is water, so you can be sure that the majority of the ingredients behind the Seventh Generation wipes is water. This makes them gentle enough to handle touch messes for babies with the most sensitive skin.

Each wipe package has an airtight snap-close top, which helps in keeping them fresher and full of moisture for longer, and they’re made to be thicker than most. This means less tearing and easier cleanups, even with the main ingredient being water. You can find them on Amazon or in-store at Walmart and CVS Pharmacy.


  • They’re thicker than a lot of other wipes out there, so you might only need one each time.
  • After using them on your baby, you’ll notice a clean feeling, rather than leaving behind a film or moisture that needs to be wiped away with something else.
  • They’re fragrance-free, but they also don’t have any unknown scent because of the absence of parabens and other chemicals.
  • For the most part, the wipes come out of the dispensers easily and without pulling multiple wipes at once.


  • For some, the wipes might not be wet enough or able to retain their moisture for as long.
  • After using them on your baby, you might notice lint left behind from the wipe itself.
  • They might not pull moisture away from your baby’s skin very easily.
Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
$62.50 ($8.14 / 100 Count)
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02/24/2024 08:23 pm GMT

ECO By Naty Baby Wipes

ECO By Naty Baby Wipes

Made with 98.5% water, the ECO By Naty Baby Wipes are gentle enough for your baby’s sensitive skin, while also remaining durable enough to clean up big messes when need be.

They’re made from plant-based renewable material and do contain organic chamomilla extract, but they’re also made without alcohol, phthalates, parabens, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, chlorine, or artificial dyes. Because of the gentle nature of the wipes, they help to prevent diaper rash while also cleaning up your baby’s messes after soiled diapers.

Being made with aloe vera added in also helps to soothe any existing diaper rash without irritating your baby’s skin further. You can find the wipes on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Target.


  • The texture of the wipes allows you to clean up your baby’s diaper messes relatively easily.
  • Since they’re made with mostly water, they’re gentle and effective too with the added aloe vera for a soothing agent.
  • Not only are the wipes gentle, but they’re also eco-friendly, which can put some parents’ minds at ease when using so many of them per week.
  • For the most part, they remain wet enough without dripping with water when pulling them out of a pack.


  • At almost $30 for 240 total wipes, the ECO by Naty Baby Wipes might be a little too pricey for some families.
  • They are on the smaller side, which could potentially mean needing multiple wipes at once and using them a lot faster than you would with other brands.
  • You might notice an almost chemical smell from the wipes, though they’re made to be gentle and don’t contain any added fragrances or harsh chemicals.

Final Thoughts on Pampers Aqua Pure

Even though there are plenty of baby wipes that compare to the Pampers Aqua Pure, what everyone can probably agree on is the benefit of using water-based wipes in general.

Some of them might be a little more affordable than the Pampers, while others simply don’t hold up with their quality, but using water-based wipes is the most gentle thing you can do when cleaning up after yet another soiled diaper from your baby. It might not be the best thing in the world that the Pampers Aqua Pure is a bit thinner than some other similar wipes, but they are made with just water and fruit extract, which is more than can be said for some of the brand’s competitors.

They’re also useful when you need to quickly wipe your baby’s face or hands and since the formula behind them is as gentle as possible, you won’t have to think twice about using the wipes for more than just diaper changes. If you’re looking for something affordable and gentle but effective for your baby, then the Pampers Aqua Pure wipes is going to be a safe bet for you.

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