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Lullaby Crib Mattress Review: Is It The Best For Your Baby?

Lullaby Crib Mattress Review: Is It The Best For Your Baby?

Lullaby Earth offers three different crib mattress models: Healthy Support, Breeze Air 2-stage, and Breeze Air Mini. All of their mattresses are made from a recycled polyester with a waterproof surface, which we all know is key when you have an infant.

The polyethylene they use meets food contact standards and is completely recyclable. All Lullaby Earth mattresses are certified by Greenguard Gold, they are UL-certified formaldehyde-free and certified by Made Safe.

As you can probably tell by the name, every mattress they sell is ultra-breathable, but you may choose to cover them with a breathable mattress topper of your choice. They offer a Breeze Air Breathable Mattress Topper and a Wisp Air Breathable Mattress Topper.

The Breeze Air 2-stage mattress offers dual firmness, so you can transition your toddler out of their crib mattress and into a toddler mattress with ease, using the same product you already have.

Standards for Manufacturing

The government implements flammability standards that regulate the use of flame retardant chemicals. Crib mattress manufacturers aren’t allowed to use boric acid, phosphates, brominated chemicals, fiberglass, chlorinated chemicals, or silica-infused rayon.

They’re also not allowed to use materials that contain perfluorinated compounds, antibacterial treatments, or phthalates. Luckily, Lullaby Earth doesn’t use any of these things.

Their mattresses have a patented waterproof design and WaveSupport core. They’re made from 100% recycled polyester, and they’re recyclable, so when you’re done with it, you can dispose of it responsibly.

All of their materials meet FDA food contact standards and are easy to wipe clean. The seamless edge design keeps bacteria from building up in the little nooks and crannies, preventing contamination throughout the entire mattress. The entire inside of your crib mattress will stay clean and dry while the outside remains easy to clean when accidents happen.

Each mattress has a flat, firm surface with reinforced edges to offer support for your infant as they sleep. This prevents rolling and getting stuck between the mattress and the crib rails. It also provides a safer and more comfortable sleeping environment.



Lullaby Earth mattresses are equipped with features that most other crib mattress manufacturers say they have, but they really don’t. This is an important distinction when trying to offer the best for your baby.


Lullaby Earth offers award-winning mattresses due to their breathability. They have an added layer of breathability to the top of the mattress for a cool, dry sleep. By making this layer removable and machine washable, it’s easier than ever to clean.

While other mattresses require a waterproof cover to keep the inside of the mattress clean and dry, this extra layer of breathability feels just like the real thing, so you’re not placing your infant on something that feels like a plastic sheet.

The concept of breathability is a tricky one to master because with breathability, comes airflow, and with airflow, comes soiled mattresses. However, Lullaby Earth’s breathable layer keeps the entire mattress clean and can reduce rebreathing.


While Lullaby Earth does a great job of telling consumers what’s not in their mattresses, it’s a bit like playing a guessing game when it comes to what is actually in them. They aren’t exactly forthcoming with what kinds of materials they use.

So while they say they don’t use dangerous chemicals and they manufacture their mattresses from recycled polyester, they don’t say anything about the other materials they might use.

They also don’t divulge much about the tests they’ve run to back up claims like reducing rebreathing or reducing the risk of suffocation.

Lullaby Crib Mattress Materials

Accolades and guarantees

Lullaby Earth is recommended by a lot of different organizations as an excellent brand including AllergyKids Foundation, Zero Toxics Product Registry, Kids for Saving Earth, and Mommy Greenest.

They’ve won awards and they are members of the American Sustainable Business Council, the National Parenting Center, the Green Business Network, Green America, and a partner for Women’s Voices for the Earth.

They also work with the Environmental Media Association and all of their mattresses are made 100% in the United States. The Wisp Air specifically has won the 2018 Product of the Year and 2018 Eco-Friendly Product of the Year from Creative Child.

Lullaby Earth offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with every mattress so you can rest assured that if you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you can return it. They also offer free shipping, free returns, and a lifetime limited warranty.

The Healthy Support and the Breeze Air fit in most standard cribs while the Breeze Air Mini is perfect for bassinets and other smaller beds.

Wool-free and fire resistance

For some, it doesn’t matter, but if you are adamant about not using wool in your crib mattress, due to an allergy or a general dislike of the material itself, Lullaby Earth is a great option. They produce crib mattresses that are 100% wool-free.

They also avoid the use of flame retardant materials for the safety of your little one. These chemicals are not used in Lullaby Earth mattresses and help to ensure their mattresses are fire-resistant.


Lullaby Earth offers a more cost-effective option for those who want a responsible crib mattress solution. They’re lightweight, but can be pricey. If you’re in the market for some decent certifications, you might be better off opting for a more trusted brand like Naturepedic or My Green Mattress.

Lullaby Earth Mattresses

Here’s a more detailed description of the crib mattresses that Lullaby Earth offers and how they differ.

Healthy Support

Lullaby Earth Healthy Support

The Healthy Support Crib Mattress offers the patented waterproofing top layer that’s easy to wipe clean. It also offers superior support and safety for your child. Some crib mattresses are soft and squishy on the edges, allowing for rolling, sinking, and possibly suffocation.

A firm surface combined with edge support may feel uncomfortable to you as an adult, but for an infant who doesn’t have any neck muscles and cannot yet roll on their own, it protects them from getting stuck.

The Lullaby Earth crib mattress won’t sag, and it also fits more snugly inside your baby’s crib. Without a gap between the mattress and the crib rails, your baby won’t get stuck. It will also grow with your child. The 2-stage dual firmness option offers a firm side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.

The Lullaby Earth Healthy support mattress only weighs 7 pounds, whereas some competitor’s mattresses weigh as much as 20. This makes changes easy on you.

Breeze Air 2-Stage

Breeze Air 2-stage Crib Mattress

The Breeze Air 2-stage Crib Mattress is similar to the Healthy Support crib mattress. However, the top layer of this mattress is ultra-breathable, which can increase airflow and reduce rebreathing or the risk of suffocation.

As your child learns to roll, this mattress can help them breathe better when sleeping on their belly. The airflow also improves temperature regulation and reduces overheating.

Tests have shown that the 360° air circulation allows air to pass freely underneath your baby, meaning they can breathe right through it.

The benefit here is that it all comes in a washable cover that hugs the mattress tightly. You can also remove it and throw it in the washing machine if it gets really dirty. The waterproof backing ensures that the rest of the mattress stays clean and dry.

It offers the same strong support and firm edges as the Healthy Support mattress with the same safe, snug fit, and lightweight design.

Lullaby Earth Breeze 2-Stage | Amazon

Lullaby Earth breathable crib mattresses provides 97% more air while breathing through the sleep surface than traditional crib mattresses according to independent tests. Our practical approach to breathability is effective without sacrificing hygiene.

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Breeze Air Mini

lullaby breeze mini

The Breeze Air Mini is identical to the Breeze Air 2-stage full-size mattress, but it comes in a more convenient, small size. You can place it in a bassinet or make your travels easier by taking it along with you.

Your baby will have a safe and comfortable place to sleep that feels familiar and gives you peace of mind, no matter where you are.

Lullaby Earth Breeze Mini
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If you’re looking for a crib mattress for your little one, there are some excellent options out there. You can’t go wrong with many of the top brands, Lullaby Earth included. However, here are some of the top alternatives.


Naturepedic crib mattresses are also quite pricey, but they’re lightweight and non-toxic. They offer several different options for thicknesses and firmness, as well as some 2-stage varieties. They tout certifications galore and offer premium materials like quilted top layers. Check out our full Naturepdic vs Lullaby comparison here.

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress - Classic 150 Coil - 2-Stage - Non-Toxic Baby and Toddler Natural Mattress

Amazon NaturePedic
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OMI crib mattresses offer many more non-toxic and eco-friendly credentials than any other crib mattress manufacturer out there. Their adult mattresses have even been tested thoroughly and proven to be durable and high performance, although you’re going to pay a lot more for these mattresses than any other.

However, if these tests and certifications give you peace of mind, it’s worth it.


Savvy Rest

If corporate social responsibility and charitable giving are important to you, you may be interested to know that it doesn’t seem like Lullaby Earth is up to much.

However, Savvy Rest has a robust charitable giving program as well as a B-Corp status, which is more than any of these other mattress companies can say.

Savvy Rest mattress


Is Lullaby Earth owned by Naturepedic?

They sure are. Naturepedic manufactures both Naturepedic mattresses and Lullaby Earth mattresses. Lullaby Earth mattresses are similar to Naturepedic, but quite a bit cheaper. If you’re looking for an affordable, quality mattress, Lullaby Earth is a good choice from a trusted manufacturer.
They’re both manufactured without known allergens like soy, latex, or wool and they pass all flammability standards without using flame retardant chemicals. They’re also both waterproof, not just water repellant or resistant.
They offer 2-stage mattresses for an easier transition with reinforced edge support, but Lullaby Earth is an entry-level brand and Naturepedic offers a more premium experience.

Is a breathable crib mattress necessary?

Many studies have shown that laying your baby on their back to go to sleep reduces the risk of SIDS and suffocation. Many doctors warn against purchasing a mattress that is marketed as preventing SIDS or suffocation, as it can create a false dependency.
No mattress will actually prevent these things, although the right mattress can prove to be much safer for your infant than others.
While some parents don’t buy into the idea that your baby could suffocate, there are still other reasons why a breathable crib mattress is a good idea. Airflow promotes a more comfortable sleep environment, keeping your baby at just the right temperature without overheating.

Are firm mattresses good for babies?

Crib mattresses often are and should be, much more firm than an adult mattress. This gives your baby’s bones the support they need while they sleep. It also supports your baby’s little body and prevents them from rolling before they’re ready to do it themselves.
This firm surface is also helpful as they grow because it provides the support and resistance they need to push up, turn around, or stand in the crib without falling.

What is the safest mattress for a baby?

Naturepedic is one of the most highly rated crib mattresses you can find. While there are plenty of other brands that have high ratings as well, it might be helpful to assume that, by proxy, Lullaby Earth is an excellent crib mattress as well.
I think it’s safe to say that with the awards they’ve won and judging by the manufacturer who makes them, they’re probably a pretty decent mattress for the price.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lullaby Earth is one of the best mattresses you can get at this price point, especially when considering their use of non-toxic materials and their eco-friendly design. It’s far better than almost anything at a lower price point.

If you can afford to stretch your budget, you can go with OMI or Naturepedic, but if you want something that offers a good balance between affordability, safety, and value, Lullaby Earth is a fantastic option.

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