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Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress [2020]: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to choosing your baby’s comfort, it’s important to thoroughly inspect different crib mattress options on the market.

Chemicals and toxins found in some crib mattresses can be flammable or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Since your babies spend more than half their time in their cribs, it’s critical that you, as parents, opt for organic crib mattresses.

This review will help you understand more about Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress. By the end of the detailed comparison, you’ll be able to make an informed choice between the two top-rated organic crib mattresses on the market.

We’ll discuss the features, product models, and the pros and cons of each brand. We’ll also tell you what existing users are saying about the products.

When exploring Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth crib mattresses to choose the best option for your baby, try to look at factors such as material, softness, waterproof properties, and so on. We’ll discuss the complete list of factors you should consider while buying a baby crib mattress in the article.

Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress – What’s the Difference?

By the end of the detailed comparison, we sincerely hope you’ll have a clear idea of the features, pros, cons, and parents’ thoughts about both products.

Main Differences Between Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth

The main differences between Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth are:

  • Naturepedic mattresses are made of 100% organic cotton fabric and filling, whereas Lullaby Earth mattresses are made of food-grade polyethylene foam
  • Naturepedic is GREENGUARD GOLD and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, whereas Lullaby Earth is only GREENGUARD GOLD certified
  • Naturepedic mattresses are a little expensive with prices between $259 and $379, whereas Lullaby Earth mattresses are easily affordable at prices between $159 to $199

Factors You Should Consider While Buying Crib Mattresses

When it comes to picking the best crib mattress for your baby, comfort and safety are of utmost importance. Nevertheless, with a variety of crib mattresses on the market today, the task has become a little challenging.

So, when looking for a crib mattress for your little one, here’s a list of factors you should consider:

Type of Mattress

There are 2 types of crib mattresses on the market — foam and innerspring. Foam mattresses are typically more lightweight and portable than innerspring mattresses. Moreover, they’re firmer and more comfortable for infants.

Organic Properties

These days, you can easily find organic mattresses on the market. Like other mattresses, they are primarily foam-type and innerspring-type. However, they’re made of all organic materials that are safe for babies and toddlers.

Some organic mattresses include:

  • Coconut fibers
  • Food-grade polymers
  • Natural latex
  • Organic cotton
  • Plant-based foam
  • Wool

Mattresses made of organic materials are typically expensive. Naturepedic mattresses are 100% organic.

Sizing and Weight

As per the sizing standard set by the CSPC, the thickness of a crib mattress should not be more than 6 inches and the size should be at least 27.25 x 51.25 inches. Moreover, the mattress should adhere to the 2-finger rule. There should be a gap of 2 fingers between the crib and the mattress. Also, the mattress should weigh around 7 to 8 pounds.


You may notice many crib mattress brands selling 2-stage mattresses these days. But, what does ‘2-stage’ mean?

2-stage mattresses are dual-sided and can be easily flipped over to accommodate an infant or a toddler. One side is firm to support the delicate bodies of infants, while the other is soft to provide toddlers with a sound sleep.


It can be beneficial to look at the following critical certifications before choosing a crib mattress.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress —  Which is Good for Your Baby?

Both Naturepedic and Lullaby have become popular with parents, thanks to their quality and organic properties. While both brands offer durable, high-quality mattresses, they do come with differences that make it somewhat difficult for parents to pick the best brands for their newborns. Let’s look at the detailed reviews of both brands.


Naturepedic is one of the most successful organic mattress brands on the market. The brand was launched by a 30-year veteran from the environmental engineering space in 2003. The mattress design and manufacturing process are supported by expert chemists, environmental scientists, parents, and pediatricians around the world.

The manufacturing process is also backed by G.E.M. Testing Engineering Labs ?— a chemicals and toxins analysis laboratory based out of Ohio. All Naturepedic mattresses are manufactured in the U.S.A, in a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified facility. All Naturepedic mattresses are GREENGUARD GOLD-certified, as well as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) compliant.

While many parents question the brand about the absence of CertiPUR-US compliance, it’s a positive point as CertiPUR-US only provides certification to mattress brands selling products made of PU foam. Therefore, you can rest assured that Naturepedic mattresses do not contain PU foam. The brand is also the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified.

The mattress is covered with a spick-and-span white, stain-resistant mattress cover made of organic cotton material. Not only this, but the mattress cover is also food contact-grade polyethylene coated, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, bed bug-resistant and waterproof. To enhance the stain resistance and waterproof properties, another layer of polyethylene is added under the mattress cover.

Naturepedic uses two types of lining for their mattress — organic cotton and non-GMO sugarcane. Both do not contain chemicals and are safe. The mattress core features polyethylene in the Wave support technology configuration patented by Naturepedic. The unique configuration makes the mattress firm yet comfortable and soft.

The product packaging is not cumbersome and you can simply unpack and use the mattress straight out of the packaging. No off-gassing required. Naturepedic mattress can support up to 50 pounds of weight or in other words, the average weight of a 3-year old.

All in all, most parents have voted Naturepedic mattresses are comfortable, soft and safe for their babies. However, some parents have called-out the mattress are “too firm” for their infants.

Available Naturepedic Crib Mattresses


  • Naturepedic mattresses are certified by GOTS and GREENGUARD GOLD for comfortable, non-toxic sleep.
  • The mattress is a breathable mattress pad system.
  • Higher quality cotton material
  • The quilted surface of the mattress can be removed and machine washed.
  • The core, as well as the cover of the mattress, are waterproof.
  • The mattress is made of materials that are flame retardant (flame retardants) and do not contain harmful chemicals (many mattresses DO have harmful flame retardant chemicals) or toxins such as soy, vinyl, phthalates, latex, and so on.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic (free from common allergens), and bed bug and dust mite-resistant.
  • The mattress can easily fit standard-sized cribs, cots, infant beds, nursery furniture, etc.
  • The patented Wavesupport technology provides incredible strength and firmness to the mattress.
  • The 2-stage flip model can be used for both infants and toddlers. You can switch from ‘infant mattress’ to ‘toddler mattress’ by simply flipping the mattress.


  • Made of high-quality, all-organic materials
  • Safe for babies with sensitive skin
  • Easily affordable for organic mattresses
  • Comprises food-grade polyethylene to make the core and cover waterproof
  • Offers top-quality support for your infant and toddler
  • Offers exceptional edge support
  • Comes with square corners that help the baby’s mattress to fit properly
  • Does not comprise seams
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Leaks and spills stay on the outer layer of the mattress


  • Can sag from middle upon repeated usage
  • Can measure smaller than the stated size specifications

Parent’s Opinion on Naturepedic Crib Mattress

When it comes to reviews, Naturepedic has a little over 100 customer ratings and reviews. Here’s what parents are saying about the brand:

  • Most moms and dads love the brand and its products for their quality, organic properties, and entry price point.
  • Most parents also love the fact that the mattresses are breathable.
  • Parents struggling to put their babies to sleep at night our making the most of Naturepedic crib mattresses to help their babies with a sound sleep.
  • Some parents have mentioned that the mattress does not retain shape and sags in the middle upon regular usage.

Lullaby Earth

Lullaby Earth mattresses also rank among the best crib mattresses on the market. Similar to the Naturepedic mattress, Lullaby Earth mattresses are also designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. The brand meets the stringent GREENGUARD certificate standards and all products come with limited warranty.

Most of the mattresses by Lullaby Earth are lightweight and provide adequate support for babies and toddlers. All you need to do is flip the mattress to switch from the ‘infant crib mattress’ to the ‘toddler mattress.’ The dual-sided mattresses are constructed using a firm inner-foam layer that is augmented using a unique mattress pad. The outer shell comprises a honeycomb configuration and is 100% breathable.

The mattress cover is made of a woven fabric with 360-degree airflow. The layer beneath the mattress cover is made of food-grade polyethylene that makes the mattress waterproof. Moreover, the cover comes with a seamless design leaving no space of bacteria, virus or liquid retention.

The core comprises plush, premium-quality polyethylene foam. The rigid core and strong structural support meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and pediatrician firmness recommendations for babies.

As far as the packaging is concerned, the mattresses are delivered in mattress boxes. Moreover, the mattresses are wrapped in colorful inserts that provide you with lots of valuable information about the product. On one side of the mattress packaging, you’ll find a list of chemicals/toxins that are absent in the mattress material and on the other side, you’ll find a list of awards and certifications.

Available Lullaby Earth Mattresses


  • Lullaby Earth mattresses are GREENGUARD GOLD certified.
  • The mattresses are made of food-grade polyethylene foam mattress and not PU foam.
  • The mattresses are free of flame retardants, pesticides, vinyl, phthalates, and so on.
  • The waterproof cover provided with the mattress is seamless and does not allow bed bugs or dust mites to reach the mattress surface.
  • The core is firm and comfortable.
  • The reinforced edge support keeps babies safe.
  • The patented Wavesupport core makes the mattresses lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The square corners ensure a secure and snug fit.
  • All Lullaby Earth crib mattresses come with a Limited Lifetime warranty.


  • Breathable mattress with a unique woven outer shell to ensure maximum airflow
  • Made of natural, recyclable material
  • Odorless and waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Leaks and spills stay on the cover
  • Great support for infants and toddlers
  • Lightweight and easy to lift or move


  • You may notice indentations after 4-5 months of usage
  • Can be a little hard for some infant/toddlers

Parent’s Opinion on Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress

When it comes to reviews, Lullaby Earth has close to 90 customer ratings and reviews. Here’s what parents are saying about the brand:

  • Most parents are satisfied with mattresses manufactured by Lullaby Earth. They find them comfortable, durable, easy to maintain, and safe for their infants and toddlers.
  • Many parents are delighted by the fact that the same mattress can be used for infants and toddlers by switching sides.
  • Some moms and dads simply love the mattress for its lightweight and portability.
  • None of the parents have reported any allergies/toxin issues so far.
  • Some parents have mentioned that they noticed indentations on the mattress after 4-5 months of usage, as well as sagging within 1 year of purchasing the product.

FAQ’s About Baby Mattress

Is Lullaby Earth mattress organic?

No. Unlike Naturepedic mattresses, Lullaby Earth mattresses are not organic. 

Is Naturepedic really organic?

Yes, Naturepedic mattresses are 100% organic. They are GOTS compliant and non-toxic. 

What is the correct measurement of a Naturepedic mattress?

Naturepedic crib mattresses measure approximately 27 ¼ x 51 ? x 6 inches. 

Are the Lullaby Earth crib mattresses made of PU foam?

No. Lullaby Earth mattresses are made of food-grade polyethylene foam. 

Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth Crib Mattress  — The Verdict

Now that you’ve gone through the detailed Naturepedic vs Lullaby Earth crib mattress comparison, can you identify the best option for your infant or toddler?

Bottom Line: Our expert moms and dads tried and tested both products side-by-side and per popular opinion, the Naturepedic crib mattress emerged as the clear winner. Even though Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are almost similar in terms of comfort and safety, the eco-friendly mattresses ‘organic properties’ of Naturepedic make them a hit among parents.

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