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10 Best Formulas for Gas & Gassy Babies [2021]

If your baby suffers from colic, gassy stomach, or acid reflux, giving him or her proper infant formula is essential. In fact, it can make all the difference in the world.

Even when you change the brand or the type of formula, it might take up to a week for the new product to work, so you must be patient and hang in there.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gas-relief baby formulas out there (sensitive infant formula) that claim to provide quick relief. But which one is the best baby formula for gassy babies? Stick around to find out!

Which are the best formulas for gas relief?

These are the best baby formula options for a gassy baby:

1. HiPP Comfort Organic Baby Formula

You might not have hear of HiPP before and that’s because it’s actually a European specialty baby formula.

HiPP Comfort is designed as a baby formula from birth onwards, with no added sugar, REDUCED lactose content, and helpful prebiotics and probiotics for digestion. This makes it one of the best formula for gas options to try first.

European baby formulas are generally not available in supermarkers, however you can find excellent suppliers like here or OrganicBabyShop here.


  • No added sugar or corn syrup solids, naturally slightly sweet like breastmilk
  • Designed comfort blend, specifically for easy digestion
  • All organic ingredients, European based (generally higher standards)
  • GMO free
  • A good “first step” formula to aid baby’s gas
  • Contains added prebiotic and probitoic
  • No Soy


2. Enfamil ProSobee Lactose-Free Infant Formula

Another excellent choice is the Enfamil ProSobee formula which is soy-based soy formula instead of cow’s milk (milk based formula). Being a dairy-free product makes this formula the ideal alternative for a lactose-intolerant child.

Enfamil contains the entire list of essential nutrients that a small child needs in order to develop motor, cognitive, and communication abilities properly. When no other regular formula seems to be working, a soy based formula will make a good nutrient replacement.


  • It’s the best choice for babies with milk allergies (cow’s milk) who also deal with gassiness and gas pain;
  • This formula is highly effective, and it lowers the infant’s belly discomfort.


  • Sometimes, the Enfamil ProSobee formula can have clumps when you try to prepare it so you must stir it really well to ensure a properly-dissolved liquid.


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3. Enfamil Gentlease NeuroPro Non-GMO Infant Formula

This product works amazingly for infants with gas pain and reflux. Even though this formula is milk-based, it comes with a lower amount of lactose. Therefore, it is specially created for gassy babies. Enfamil Neuropro Gentlease provides milk protein, the broken-down type, which is easier to digest.

According to many parents, this milk formula has a quick-relief effect. The fact that Enfamil gentlease formula contains two important elements that support proper brain development makes this product one of the best of its kind.


  • Compared to other brands, this formula claims to provide a doubled amount of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in breast milk;
  • It contains a special blend of 30 different nutrients that protect and strengthen your child’s heart;
  • It has a lot of nutrients and vitamins that promote a boosted immune system.


  • When it comes to the smell and taste, this formula might not be the ideal option. It is said to have a pretty bitter taste and a quite strong smell.


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How to Save on Enfamil

Enfamil can actually be ordered in BULK directly from the main brand. Because it's direct to consumer, this means extra savings for you, plus if you have any product quality issues it's MUCH easier to deal with Enfamil directly.

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4. Baby’s Only Organic Non-GMO Toddler Formula

Baby’s Only is an organic formula. Although it is dairy-based, the product is free from GMO ingredients as well as gluten.

The fact that it is organic means that the dairy cows (cow’s milk) that provided the milk for this product weren’t fed any antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids.

Each serving offers a more than decent amount of healthy fatty acids and DHA which are excellent for the kid’s body and brain development.


  • It is free from GMO ingredients such as corn syrup, syrup solids or hexane processed DHA (common in hydrolyzed formula);
  • It comes with a nice smell and a pleasant taste, unlike many other similar products;
  • You won’t notice any greasy residues on the bottle;
  • It is an affordable formula;
  • Organic cow’s milk formula.


  • A few moms have complained about the fact that this formula has made their infants’ poop a bit harder than usual.


You can purchase Baby’s Only Organic formula online. A pack of 3 canisters of 12.7 ounces each is sold for $48.33Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

5. Earth’s Best Low-Lactose Organic Sensitivity Formula

Earth’s Best organic formula is easy to digest by babies with a sensitive tummy or gassy stomach. Its blend comes really close to breast milk (ideal for weaning breastfed baby to formula fed baby with a baby bottle), and it is rich in fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3.

These compounds play a crucial role in eye and brain development. Moreover, the product also contains iron which fortifies a child’s body. Not only is this an organic formula but it is also kosher; it’s free from artificial colors and flavors and prepared without fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.


  • It is a gentle formula that lowers gassiness;
  • It has received plenty of positive reviews from moms who say their babies feel better after consuming this formula. I’m talking about infants with stomach issues like acid reflux and colic;
  • The product has a delicious taste so your child won’t refuse it.


  • In order to avoid clumps, you must shake the mix thoroughly.


Earth’s Best formula (4 containers of 23.3 ounces each) is marketed for the price of $95.91Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

6. Similac Sensitive Baby Formula with Iron

Similac’s infant formula for a sensitive stomach is a great choice if you want to help your baby get rid of gassiness. The brand is a well-known and trusted cow’s milk formula. This product will do the trick, especially overnight and when you’re traveling with your infant.

Although Similac Sensitive is a milk-based formula, it doesn’t contain lactose, and it is easily digestible. It even contains nucleotides which are elements that boost your newborn’s immunity.

So, if your baby is gassy and also has a lactose sensitivity, this alternative is the right choice for him or her.


  • It is an effective baby formula (infant formula) which lowers baby’s gas;
  • It is free from lactose which is a great thing for babies with intolerance (lactose intolerant or sensitivity, or just baby’s fussiness and gas pain);
  • Scooping the powdered formula is highly convenient due to the product’s container design.


  • Once you prepare it, this formula can get a tad foamy which is why you should remove all the bubbles before giving it to your baby (tends to be more of a problem with lactose free formulas).
  • Not suitable for a general formula milk allergy (cow’s milk allergy)


You can purchase the Similac Sensitive non-GMO baby formula on Amazon for the price of $167.94 (a pack of 6 containers). Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

7. Gerber Good Start Soothe Infant Formula

If your baby is fussy, then the Gerber formula is the way to go. It comes with trademarked Comfort Proteins (milk protein) which are a lot easier for your infant to digest. Furthermore, it also contains a powerful blend of DHA, probiotics, and prebiotics. Gerber’s powder formula is made with non-GMO ingredients. In other words, it lacks harmful genetically-engineered compounds.


  • It’s a safe and effective cow’s milk formula for gassy babies;
  • The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee;
  • Some say it tops Similac which we all know that’s a much more popular brand;
  • Has received a lot of positive reviews from moms who claim their babies got rid of bloating, gas, and fussiness by consuming this formula.


  • It might not work equally effective for all kids;
  • A few parents stated that their infants experienced constipation because of this formula.


On Amazon, one container of Gerber Non-GMO PRO Blend formula is sold for $22.49 (22.2 ounces). Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

8. Enfagrow Gentlease for Newborns and Toddlers

Enfagrow is created for older babies and toddlers, and each serving ensures proper brain development due to the formula’s brain-nourishing DHA. It is easy to digest, and many pediatricians recommend it. There are no harmful ingredients in this non-GMO product.

The gentlease infant formula blend is enriched with iron, vitamin D, zinc, and calcium. All these substances will enable your child’s organism to grow and become strong. And, because we all know how picky a toddler can be, Enfagrow is available in two different flavor varieties: vanilla and natural milk.


  • Lowers gas and eases fussiness in formula fed babies;
  • Supports your kid’s rapid cognitive development;
  • Contains brain-nourishing ingredients such as iron, DHA, and choline;
  • It comes with a Triple Health Guard blend made of vitamins and prebiotics, DHA, and a mix of 22 nutrients;
  • It represents an easy transition from milk to solid foods.


  • Some parents have said that this formula has an unpleasant taste and it is too bitter;
  • One reviewer has even stated that her 11-month old baby has experienced mild symptoms of gas and diarrhea after consuming this formula, but that might be an isolated case.


One container of Enfagrow Gentlease baby formula contains 20 ounces of powder and costs between $30 and $35, depending on the seller. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

9. Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Baby Formula by Enfamil

Enfamil’s Nutramigen product line is dedicated to infants and older babies who suffer from gas and colic because of lactose intolerance. The manufacturer claims this formula will help your child get rid of these annoying symptoms in only 48 hours.

The blend is rich in many essential nutrients like DHA, ARA, and probiotics. These compounds are known to support a healthy digestive tract while also lowering gassiness. It is a hypoallergenic formula that promotes both eye and brain development.


  • It offers a quick relief, easy on baby’s stomach
  • It claims to help your baby get rid of colic within 2 days (colicky baby);
  • This formula is said to lower the risks of future allergies;
  • Also works for babies with special dietary needs;
  • It has a complete nutritional profile;
  • Supports a healthy digestive system.


  • Several clients complained about the fact that the cans’ seals were broken;
  • It contains corn syrup solids which might have harmful effects in the long run.


Enfamil’s Nutramigen infant formula can be bought online for the price of $241.63 (4 cans of 19.8 ounces each). Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

10. Kirkland Signature Infant Formula with Iron

Kirkland is a gentle product that’s specially formulated for small children with special digestive needs. It is very gentle on sensitive babies sensitive tummies, and it lowers baby gas and fussiness.

This product contains a good amount of vitamin D which promotes strong bones, DHA that’s good for both brain and eye development, and prebiotics which boost immunity. Kirkland Signature is a non-GMO formula and contains some great nutrients.


  • It is a non-GMO cow’s milk product that’s easily digestible;
  • Supports your baby immune system and promotes a good brain development;
  • It is a highly affordable baby formula compared to most other similar products and provides a great value for the money.


  • It can be a bit foamy;
  • Some say this formula is not as qualitative as other more popular brands such as Enfamil or Similac.


The price of Kirkland’s baby formula might vary between $25 and $32, based on the seller. One container has 2.13 pounds of powder. Check out the latest prices on Amazon.

What Else Can You Do to Alleviate or Prevent the Symptoms of a Gassy Baby?

  • When feeding your child, make sure to keep his or her head in an upright position so that the head comes above the baby’s tummy. This way, the food will go to their stomach’s bottom part while the air will remain to the top. This method is supposed to prevent gas;
  • After every single feeding session, you should burp your baby. If the infant doesn’t burp right from the start, I suggest you lay him or her down on the bed for a short while and then try again;
  • When you prepare the formula, mix it in a separate glass, bottle, or container, and only then pour the final result in your baby’s feeding bottle. This easy technique lowers the amount of air that remains in the bottle which will hopefully reduce gas;
  • Another thing that works is massaging your baby in a gentle manner. Pump the infant’s legs back and forth just like the movement one makes when riding the bicycle. Warm baths might also help to relief gas-related symptoms like fussiness, burps, bloating, a hard tummy, and a lot of crying.

As a mom, you should also pay attention to the foods you eat.

The elements contained by those foods will be transferred to your little one through breast milk. For instance, caffeine and dairy products can lead to unpleasant gassy symptoms that your child will deal with.

What you have to do is talk to your doctor who will advise you to buy other brands of formula (best baby formula picks), consume other products, or even stop eating certain foods.


Can changing formula cause gas?

If you are concerned that your baby is being gassy because of the new formula you started using recently, you might be wondering if it’s time to switch formulas again.

Oftentimes, that’s true. Your baby might need a different formula or type of formula, but there are cases where your baby’s symptoms are quite common.

If I am gassy and I am breastfeeding, could that transfer to my baby?

Definitely not. Gas in mom’s body cannot pass into breastmilk, despite some breast milk myths to the contrary.

Could my baby be gassy because I am drinking carbonated sodas?

No. For something to pass into your milk, first, it must pass into your bloodstream, as the carbonation in sodas. The bubbles in a carbonated drink, however, cannot pass into your milk and affect your baby.

Will my baby get gassy if I eat certain foods?

Certainly. The most common reason for your baby being gassy are dairy products in your diet: milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, or any food that contains milk products, casein, whey protein, or sodium caseinate in it.

The Best Formula for Gassy Babies – the Final Verdict

It’s true that you will find a wide range of good and effective baby formulas out there. Still, if none of these options seem to work and your infant continues to experience gassiness, bloating, and other issues, I strongly recommend you to seek your pediatrician’s advice.

However, in the meantime, feel free to give the products mentioned above a try. In my opinion, you should start with Hipp Comfort here and then try the more popular brands such as Similacor Enfamil, despite the fact that they are more expensive.

The Top 9 Best Formula for Gassy Babies

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