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After reading this article you’ll have all the information you need to compare Kendamil vs Aptamil. It’s important to note though that both of these brands have a couple of different products they offer so our review is going to focus on the overall brand first and then will get into the details of the …

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The Baby Swag is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you’re a new parent, soon-to-be parent or standing in the formula aisle right now staring at an endless wall of formulas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Baby Swag team have …

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While most parents would agree that breast milk is better for your baby because of the natural benefits it offers, as your child gets older or your circumstances change (you return to work, for example), formula offers a good alternative to breastfeeding or using a breast pump. Which formula should you choose though? There are …

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“Breast is best, so give babies 6 months minimum of exclusive breastfeeding.” says UNICEF and WHO.” Sounds simple and pretty straightforward, right? Not really, for some mothers breastfeeding is hard, not in the sense that they don’t feel like doing it, but hard as in, they have low milk supply, have undergone a mastectomy, have …

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If your infant deals with fussiness or gassiness, then both Similac Sensitive and the Pro Sensitive formula are good for these specific issues. Still, they are different in several aspects that we will discuss in more detail in today’s comparative review. In terms of nutritional values, these baby formulas are pretty similar. However, the difference comes from the carb content.

Below, you will discover some other important differences as well as similarities that these two baby formulas have.

The Main Differences Between Similac Sensitive and Pro Sensitive

  • Similac Sensitive contains standard ingredients, whereas the Pro Sensitive option also features a special blend of probiotics;
  • The Pro Sensitive alternative contains a lower amount of lactose (less
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Most people would probably be surprised at how many kids experience some sort of digestive issues in their first months and years. The most common way to help them feel better is to provide them with a gentle formula that soothes their tummies and makes them calmer. Today we’re comparing two popular products that target this specific area: Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease.

Finding a good soothing formula for your little one is often one of the hardest tasks parents of infants have to face.

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Watching your baby struggle with reflux can be one of the most disheartening experiences of being a parent. Luckily, there are formulas designed specifically for use with infants who have reflux.

They work to quell the frequent spit-up and pain that comes from reflux and will help you and your baby feel better. Similac Spit Up and Enfamil AR are two of the most popular formulas for helping babies with reflux.

Main Differences Between Similac Spit Up and Enfamil AR

The main differences between Similac Spit Up and Enfamil AR are:

  • Similac Spit Up has added nutrients like DHA, lutein and vitamin E, whereas Enfamil AR has vegetable oils and probiotics.
  • Enfamil AR comes in both liquid and powder forms, whereas Similac Spit Up only comes in a powder.
  • Enfamil AR is a great choice for babies who have reflux but are otherwise healthy, whereas the Similac Spit Up blend of ingredients is better for babies who have a wide range of health issues.
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Having a baby is hard enough, but when you have a baby who is fussy because of tummy troubles, it’s even worse. Infants have more sensitive stomachs than adults do, and it’s quite common for them to be extra gassy or irritable when their stomach hurts.

There are a lot of formula solutions designed to help combat fussy tummies. Enfamil AR and Gentlease are just two of the options. They’re both made by Enfamil, one of the top formula manufacturers in the United States.

Each works differently to help babies with feeding difficulties, so one may be better than the other for your child.

Main Differences Between Enfamil AR and Gentlease

The main differences between Enfamil AR and Gentlease are:

  • Enfamil AR has a thicker consistency that foams and bubbles when mixed with water, w
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Gerber is a well-known brand that produces and sells four different variations of baby formula. Each type targets a specific dietary need or nutrition stage. Three of the Gerber formulas are based on lactose while the fourth option is soy-based.

In today’s comparative review, I will discuss two of the manufacturer’s formulas: Gentle and Soothe. The first one was created for infants who have normal digestion. It comes with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, ARA, and DHA. This mix resembles the compounds found in breast milk.

Unlike Gentle, which may or may not cause gassiness or other mild tummy issues, Gerber Soothe is more suitable for babies who deal with colic and fussiness. But let’s find out more about these two infant formulas, below.

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The Main Differences between

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