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Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease: Which Formula is Better?

Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease: Which Formula is Better?
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Most people would probably be surprised at how many kids experience some sort of digestive issues in their first months and years. The most common way to help them feel better is to provide them with a gentle formula that soothes their tummies and makes them calmer. Today we’re comparing two popular products that target this specific area: Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease.

Finding a good soothing formula for your little one is often one of the hardest tasks parents of infants have to face. Even the best advice is sometimes useless since each baby has a slightly different taste and level of sensitivity. That’s why I would like to warn you upfront that this comparison is partially based on individual preferences and your personal experience may turn out differently.

Nevertheless, there are numerous objective parameters worth comparing too, such as ingredients, a variety of products from the same series, and price. Let’s start with a brief summary of Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease main differences.

Main Differences Between Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease

The main differences between Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease are:

  • Gerber Soothe contains probiotics, whereas Enfamil Gentlease doesn’t.
  • Gerber Soothe tastes and smells more pleasantly, whereas Enfamil Gentlease has a bit of an unpleasant odor and taste.
  • Gerber Soothe only comes as a dried powder, whereas Enfamil Gentlease is also available in premixed ready-to-feed bottles.
  • Gerber Soothe is slightly more expensive, whereas Enfamil Gentlease is a little bit cheaper.
Gerber Good Start SoothePro Stage 1

Soothing Nutrition: Modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk, this formula offers nutrition for babies up to 12 months experiencing colic, excessive crying, fussiness and gas.

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Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease – The Formulas Compared

Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease are both formulas designed specifically for infants suffering from mild to moderate colics, gassiness, and overall fussiness which is obviously related to their nutrition and feeding.

In general, it’s always recommended to consult any dietary ‘experiments’ with your little one’s doctor first, because these common symptoms can have numerous different reasons. On the other hand, unless your baby has some clear diagnosis (such as milk allergy or lactose intolerance), it’s all more or less about patience, trying – and eventually succeeding.

Let’s focus on each of these products separately and see if we can find out which one should you try first:

Gerber Soothe – In Depth 

soothepro gerber

Gerber is an internationally-recognized American producer which has been on the market since 1927 and is known for reliability and constant quality. Gerber Soothe (currently sold as Gerber SoothePro Good Start) is its popular infant formula intended to be used with the smallest babies (up to 12 months) who suffer from various symptoms of digestive issues.

Parents usually opt for Gerber Soothe when their newborn suffers from colics, excessive gassiness, and persisting fuzziness. Those who already tried some other products also tend to switch to Gerber because of its more pleasant smell and taste.


Gerber Soothe helps your baby’s tummy fight digestive distress with highly effective probiotics called L. reuteri (Lactobacillus reuteri). This great substance is in fact a friendly bacteria that naturally occurs in our bodies too, yet some of us simply miss it or have too little of it in our intestines.

Studies have proven that increased oral intake of L. reuteri can effectively colonize intestines and kick-start healthy digestion while being completely safe and without any worrying side effects. Understandably, it’s one of the most recommended remedies to try when your little one suffers from apparent colics.

Gerber Soothe is also available in the form of probiotic drops, which are often used even with exclusively breastfed babies. But parents who buy powdered baby milk anyway will probably find Gerber’s formula much more convenient – and also better value for money.

Besides L. reuteri, Gerber Soothe also contains recommended omega 3 fatty acid DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is important for the healthy development of the brain and eyes. This formula also contains smaller protein particles, which are easier to digest.

The rest of the ingredients includes vitamins (A, E, K, B1-12), folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and some other recommended nutrients. Gerber Soothe also boasts of being completely GMO-free.

Variety of options 

As I’ve already mentioned above, Gerber Soothe is not only a formula – you can also buy it in the form of probiotic drops. However, if you opt for formula, there are not many choices left – only two different sizes (1.21 Pound or 1.91 Pound) and a value sixpack.

Unfortunately, there is currently no age-adapted version of Gerber Soothe Formula for kids older than 12 months. On the other hand, most of the babies with colics grow out of these unpleasant symptoms before they reach this age, so you should be able to continue with any standard stage 2 baby food normally.


Gerber Soothe is praised by thousands of parents who claim this formula really helped them overcome the digestive problems of their little ones. Usually, reviewers say their babies were visibly calmer and happier, suffered from less gassiness and colics, and slept better after being introduced to this soothing formula.

Experienced parents often mention that this formula also smells and tastes much better than some competition (bad odor and strange taste are in general common issues with formulas for sensitive babies). They also like the complex and rare-to-find set of ingredients in this product which is full of probiotics and nutrients.

Some of the commonly mentioned downsides include a higher price. Some parents also mention that their little ones didn’t like this formula or even vomited from it, but these reactions seem to be statistically very rare.

For more details on this formula, check out our Gerber Gentle vs Soothe comparison too!

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Stage 1

Soothing Nutrition: Modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk, this formula offers nutrition for babies up to 12 months experiencing colic, excessive crying, fussiness and gas.

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Gerber Soothe features:

  • Formula for sensitive babies with probiotics and other nutrients
  • Suitable for babies from 0 to 12 months
  • Contains Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Contains DHA
  • Contains many vitamins and minerals
  • Completely GMO-free
  • Comes in two sizes and as a six-pack
  • Can be also bought as colic drops


  • It contains highly effective probiotics Lactobacillus reuteri
  • It works with most of the babies suffering from colics and gassiness
  • It smells and tastes better than most of the competition
  • It contains DHA, smaller proteins, and many vitamins


  • It’s more expensive than most of the competition
  • You have to be careful about the temperature because of the probiotics
  • There’s no ready-to-feed version

Enfamil Gentlease – In Depth

enfamil gentlease

Just like Gerber, Enfamil is another internationally renowned baby food brand from the US. It’s produced by Mead Johnson, an American company with more than 100 years of experience in the field. Enfamil Gentlease is one of their most specific products for newborns with sensitive tummies, designed to help them overcome painful colics and excessive gassiness.

Enfamil Gentlease is preferred by many parents as a slightly more budget-friendly option in comparison with Gerber Soothe. However, I personally find this difference too small to be important. Here are some factors I recommend focusing on instead:


When it comes to newborn nutrition, there’s no doubt about what’s best: it’s natural breastmilk. Man-made formulas can probably never mimic maternal milk’s qualities completely, but some products (including Enfamil Gentlease) definitely try to get as close as possible, researching and improving its contains constantly.

Currently, Gentlease is the only formula on the market that contains a fat-protein combination of MFGM and DHA, which naturally occurs in maternal milk too. As a result, Gentlease is one of the most advanced Stage 1 formulas for sensitive babies you can get – many pediatricians all around the country even recommend it as the best-proven solution for colics and painful gassiness.

Besides this special blend, Gentlease contains what we could consider a complete nutrition for babies up to 12 months of age: partially broken proteins for easy digestion, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and a wide range of important vitamins.

Enfamil Gentlease is also completely GMO-free.

Variety of options 

Enfamil Gentlease is a Stage 1 formula intended to be used only with the tiniest babies (0-12 months). However, Enfamil also has a very similar Enfagrow Gentlease formula, which is suitable for babies between 9 and 18 months (infants & toddlers). This is probably your best option for upgrading when your baby gets older.

But Enfamil also has a large variety of other formulas for all the different conditions and stages of development, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find some suitable replacement once your baby grows out of Gentlease completely.

Meanwhile, you can choose from several different Enfamil Gentlease packages:


Enfamil Gentlease has received tons of positive reviews from parents who felt genuinely relieved when it saved their little ones from painful colics. Many of them claim that this is the only formula that actually worked for their babies after trying out several other similar products first.

According to the reviewers, Gentlease is really gentle and smooth (no bubbles and lumps when mixed with water). The price is still quite high, but it’s slightly better than with some other similar products.

Some of the commonly mentioned issues are related to the frequent updates of Gentlease’s formulation and packaging – some babies obviously can’t adapt to the new version of the product while parents also miss more convenient packaging from the past (this mostly applies to ready-to-use bottles though).

Parents also mention the occurrence of grossly smelling poops – in fact, Gentlease tastes and smells somewhat weird in general, especially in comparison with much milder Gerber Soothe.

Don’t miss our Enfamil Gentlease vs A.R. comparison for even more details!

Enfamil Gentlease features:

  • Infant formula suitable for babies with colics, spit-ups, and gassiness
  • It contains a unique blend of MFGM and DHA
  • As close to the natural breastmilk as possible
  • Contains various important vitamins and minerals too
  • It comes in infant version (0-12 months) or infant+toddler version (9-18 months)
  • There are refillable tubs, one-dose sachets, and pre-mixed bottles (ready to feed)


  • Very gentle – mimicking breast milk qualities
  • There’s a travel-friendly ready to use version too
  • It’s slightly cheaper than some alternatives
  • It contains partially broken proteins and many vitamins


  • It smells and tastes worse than some competition
  • Some babies don’t accept the recently innovative formula
  • It doesn’t contain probiotics

Are There Any Alternatives?

Gerber Soothe and Enfamil Gentlease are definitely not the only two formulas for sensitive tummies on the market. Here are some interesting alternatives for you to consider:

Similac Pro Sensitive

similac pro sensitive

Similac Pro Sensitive is the newest upgrade of the popular Similac Sensitive formula. This product is specifically designed for fuzzy babies suffering from colics, gassiness, and other discomfort related to immature digestion.

The formula is non-GMO, there are no growth hormones in it, and it’s also completely free of palm oil in any form. Instead, it contains a rich blend of lutein, DHA, vitamin E, and numerous other nutrients beneficial to the healthy development of your child.

You can find more details on this formula in our Similac Sensitive vs Pro Sensitive comparison.

Our Top Choice
Similac Pro-Total Comfort Gentle

Similac Pro-Total Comfort* with 2-FL human milk oligosaccharide (HMO) is complete nutrition designed to strengthen your baby’s immune system. 2-FL HMO is an immune-nourishing prebiotic like that found in breast milk.

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HiPP Combiotic

hipp organic

Hipp Combiotic is another popular choice for those who struggle with colics and gassiness. This hypoallergenic formula from Europe contains valuable probiotics PRÆBIOTIK (GOS) and omega 3 & 6 LCPs that improve digestion and help with the healthy development of some other vital functions too.

Moreover, Combiotic is also certified organic and contains a wide range of other nutrients and vitamins from natural sources. In comparison with some other organic formulas, it’s also relatively affordable. Potential downside – although it’s FDA approved and regularly sold in the US, it might be occasionally unavailable. (which, of course, can be resolved by ordering it from overseas)

We’ve recently compared Hipp vs Holle formulas – see how they stand here.


Is Gerber Soothe the same as Enfamil Gentlease?

No. Although both of these formulas are designed to help babies suffering from colics and other digestive problems, each of them has slightly different ingredients, tastes, and smells. They are also manufactured by different producers and their prices vary too.

How long does it take for Gerber Soothe to work?

If your little one’s fuzziness is truly related to his or her nutrition, you can expect to see effects almost immediately (within the first 24 hours of use). Most parents claim to have a completely different baby in just a few days. If you’re using Gerber Soothe for 7-10 days and see no improvement, it’s recommended to consult your doctor and look for a better solution.

Is Enfamil Gentlease good for babies with milk allergies?

No, if your baby suffers from milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance, this is not your best option. Enfamil Gentlease is a milk-based formula, so it would most probably trigger your little one’s digestive problems. Instead, look for some completely lactose-free plant-based formulas.

Is it OK to mix Enfamil Gentlease and Gerber Soothe?

In general, mixing two similar formulas should be perfectly safe for your baby, but it’s usually not recommended. Each of the formulas has different ingredients that might require different preparation procedures – for example, Gerber’s probiotics can’t be mixed with excessively hot water, etc. Also, it would be really hard to know which formula actually works for you if you mixed them.

Why does Enfamil Gentlease taste bitter?

Enfamil Gentlease reportedly tastes more bitter than some similar formulas (including Gerber Soothe), and it also has a distinctive smell that might be considered rather unpleasant by some parents. This is probably caused by a partially hydrolyzed protein of which this formula is made. It usually takes some time to get used to this taste and smell, but some babies refuse it altogether

The Verdict: Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease – Which one is better?

So far, we’ve mostly discussed hard facts in this Gerber Soothe vs Enfamil Gentlease comparison. Now I’d like to add a few words about my personal experience, which might help you decide whether any of these formulas might be better for you.

After trying both Enfamil Gentlease and Gerber Soothe formulas during a short period of time (I had to replace Enfamil with Gerber when I ran out of the first while on a holiday), I must say that both of them are really great when it comes to soothing your colicky baby. The effect was almost immediate on both occasions – and it was a great relief!

However, once we switched to Gerber Soothe, it was almost impossible to go back to Enfamil. The taste and smell were simply much more pleasant and it seemed to work a little bit better too. Needless to say, we stayed with this formula until our little one grew out of his colics completely. If you want to avoid the trial and error method, I’d suggest you should try Gerber Soothe first.

Have you already tried both of these formulas with no (or little) effect? Maybe your baby needs to avoid lactose and milk completely. Check out our Elecare vs Alimentum comparison for detailed information on some lactose-free formulas that might work for you better.

Gerber Good Start SoothePro Stage 1

Soothing Nutrition: Modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk, this formula offers nutrition for babies up to 12 months experiencing colic, excessive crying, fussiness and gas.

Buy at Amazon

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