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The Best Ergobaby Alternatives to Consider

The Best Ergobaby Alternatives to Consider

I want to help you discover the ideal baby carrier for your little one, which is why I have researched some of the best options on the market. Most of you will probably say that the Ergobaby carriers are among the best because they are award-winning and ergonomic products. Still, there are plenty of other suitable alternatives you should try.

The market is overcrowded with baby carriers, so the process of finding the right one might make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed. To be honest, you may have to go through a couple of these items before you find the one that’s perfect for your infant.

Below, I have detailed some of the best Ergobaby alternatives. I have chosen them based on their safety features, price, and customer ratings.

baby inside black backpack carrier

The Best Ergobaby Alternatives to Try – 6 Top Choices

If you ask me, a good baby carrier must have a soft structure and should support up to 35 lbs. In other words, with such a carrier, you will be able to use this product until your child turns 2. Here are the things I took into consideration when it comes to the products’ features:

  • The comfort level of the child – is the babysitting in a good, safe, and comfortable position when you place him or her in the carrier? Does the carrier provide good support for your kid’s head and neck areas? Is the carrier versatile enough to allow you to use it for a long period?
  • The comfort the parent feels – is the overall load of your baby well-distributed? Does the carrier’s structure prevent back pain? Do you feel its weight mostly on your shoulders or around your stomach and hips area? Does the carrier come with padded straps?
  • Usability – are the carrier’s buckles and straps easy to put on and use? Is the carrier easy to take off or put on? Does the product feature useful accessories such as storage pockets?

Other elements I kept in mind were:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Price;
  • Fabrics;
  • Wearing positions;
  • Maximum weight.

1. BabyBjörn One

The BabyBjörn carrier is easy to use, and it allows several different carrying positions. With it, you can place your child facing forward or towards your chest. It is made from cotton and polyester, and it weighs 990 grams. While carrying your baby, you will feel the weight distributed evenly on your back.

It comes with a hip belt but, unfortunately, doesn’t have any storage pockets. You can wash this baby carrier in the washing machine, at no more than 40 degrees.

The BabyBjörn One carrier is the updated and improved version of the company’s previous model. With its launch, the manufacturer made sure to solve all the small issues the initial carrier had. Its shoulder straps feature reinforced padding while the angle of the buckles has changed to make it easier for you to insert your child into the carrier’s space.

Due to the product’s zips, you can now lock your child in different positions while easily adjusting the carrier to fit your little one’s size and needs. This versatile and flexible carrier will even let you carry your baby on your back. Moreover, you will prevent any shoulder tension or back pain due to its weight-distribution features.


For starters, the back area is made from a silky fabric for a comfort boost. The inside of the belt is designed in such a way that it allows you to rotate the carrier with very little effort. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is the fact that you can remove your baby from the carrier without opening the buckle or lifting the child up.

This is a high-quality product that displays a sleek and elegant design. Due to its versatility, you can quickly fold down its neck protector when you don’t need it. One thing that could improve this carrier model is a pair of protective padding for the shoulder straps, more specifically for their plastic buckles.


  • It is made from premium materials;
  • There’s a built-in infant insert;
  • It is highly versatile and allows you to carry your baby in three different positions.


  • It is a bit baggy so it won’t be easy to store;
  • The neck support feature lacks some useful buttons;
  • The shoulder straps’ buckles lack protection.

2. BabyBjörn Original

The Original carrier model can be easily stored as long as you fold it properly. Unlike the One model, the Original baby carrier features only two available positions: forwards and towards the chest. There’s no hip belt, and you will probably miss storage pockets.

When inside the carrier, your infant will enjoy a great view of his or her surroundings while the item’s neck protection feature will provide plenty of support when your baby sleeps. If you want to remove the baby from the carrier while the infant is sleeping, all you have to do is unbutton the whole seating area and place the carrier down with your child being still in it.


This baby carrier is made from a soft yet durable fabric and has a lightweight and compact design. It works perfectly for parents who travel a lot with their little ones. You can easily carry this product inside a suitcase because its initial shape won’t be damaged.

It is easy to put on by placing both back straps over your shoulders and fasten the middle belt over your stomach area. Then, you must insert your infant inside the structure before tightening the chest belts to secure the entire harness system.

Another amazing element is the seating part, which can be easily adjusted in terms of height. The seat features two reflectors that come in handy whenever you decide to go for a walk with your baby or use the carrier in the dark.


  • The product comes with a fantastic and comprehensive user manual that contains clear instructions and good-quality images which make parents easily understand the proper way to use this baby carrier;
  • It is an affordable product with a high-quality and durable design;
  • It is very compact and lightweight;
  • The manufacturer did a great job in choosing the fabrics;
  • It is quick to put on and easy to use.


  • There’s no hip belt;
  • It is not suitable for heavier children.

3. Tula Explore Baby Carrier

The Tula carrier is adjustable, which makes it suitable for both newborns and toddlers. It provides multiple ergonomic positions, and it is both lightweight and easy to use. The manufacturing company has come with a totally new and upgraded model that offers boosted comfort and versatility.

Most users are very impressed with this product, saying it is a reliable carrier. Out of the box, this baby carrier is super stylish and made from a comfy yet sturdy material. Its construction is flexible, and it allows you to place your child in many different positions:

a. Front Carry

  • Facing forward for toddlers only;
  • Facing backward for newborns, babies, and toddlers.

b. Back Carry

  • For both babies and toddlers.


It is a high-quality baby carrier with a sleek design and a wide range of available cool prints and colors. You can choose from the following versions: everblue, bloom, French marigold, Skylar, mint chip, sunset stripes, etc. I confess that my personal favorite choice is the French marigold model because my guilty pleasure is everything floral.

You can adjust the seating area via the lower panel, which is modified using snaps. As your kid grows, you will be able to make the sitting area wider. Meanwhile, the upper panel is also adjustable in terms of height. You will find all these details in the product’s instructions manual.


  • It is a durable and reliable baby carrier that focuses on both your comfort and your baby’s well-being;
  • It features a pretty spacious waistband pocket where you can safely keep your essentials;
  • You can use the carrier’s removable hood to protect your child from direct sunlight;
  • The panel design is ergonomic and supports healthy hip development.


  • It is a pretty expensive carrier;
  • The pocket is placed in an awkward position that’s not easily accessible;
  • It could have more padding on those areas that are placed around the parent’s waist.

4. Boba 4G Baby Carrier

The 4G baby carrier marketed by Boba is definitely one of the best Ergobaby alternatives out there. It has plenty of advantages: your baby will feel comfortable in it, the structure is reliable and well-made, the fabric is long-lasting, and the overall design is stylish.

This Boba baby carrier is completely made of cotton that is both durable and machine-washable. There’s a useful hood that you can use when your little one is sleeping or as head support.


It comes with a thick waistband that plays the role of supporting your child’s weight to avoid any tension in your shoulders. Moreover, there are two adjustment points placed on the waistband while the shoulder straps feature their adjustments under the armpits for an easier reach.

You can use this carrier right after birth and up until your child weighs 45 pounds. One thing you may like about the Boba baby carrier is its infant insert. Along the waistline, you will find a small zippered pocket. There are also two tiny foot straps that you can use when your baby’s hanging legs get tired.


  • It features sturdy buckles and reliable straps;
  • Both the stitching and seams are high-quality ones;
  • It is sold in a wide range of fun patterns and colors: kangaroo, bear cub, meadow, navy, constellation, slate, dusk, etc.;
  • This product has an ergonomic design.


  • It has a lower level of versatility; you won’t be able to place your baby in an outward-facing position;
  • Compared to other similar products, this one seems to be a bit less comfortable;
  • Some people consider this baby carrier a tad on the pricey side;
  • One mom said that this carrier is not suitable for petite parents because of the length of the shoulder straps.
Boba Baby Carrier Classic 4GS | Amazon

While the Ergo 360 might be cheaper, the Boba 4G is my preference. Better weight distribution and a more snug form fit are worth the additional cost!

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5. Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier by Baby Tula

The Baby Tula carrier is a fantastic option that has lately gained a lot of popularity among parents. You can use it for infants as tiny as 7 pounds, and you won’t even need an infant insert. It is also suitable for toddlers because it comes with many adjustable features.

You can easily carry your baby around the house in this structure while completing some of your household chores. Some say this is a lifesaver. Babies can safely and comfortably nap in this carrier.


With the Baby Tula carrier, you will be able to place your child in several different positions, by holding the structure on either your chest or your back. However, it lacks a forward-facing capability. In terms of comfort and convenience, this carrier has a front pocket that’s great for small items such as keys or pacifiers.

It is made of durable cotton that feels like canvas. The structure isn’t very thick, which makes this product breathable yet suitable for warmer days. You can use its attached hood if you need it. The ergonomic design will help you even your baby’s body weight.


  • It is pretty comfortable and quite versatile;
  • It comes with thick leg padding that lowers the risk of health issues like his dysplasia;
  • There’s no strap that blocks the chest area, which makes this product great for breastfeeding.


  • One user complained about the lack of an infant insert, saying that the way this product is created doesn’t allow the baby’s legs to naturally hug the parent’s waist.

6. BabyBjörn Miracle

If you’re searching for a baby carrier that enables optimal weight distribution, then the Miracle model from BabyBjörn might be the perfect choice for your needs. It allows you to carry your baby in a forward-facing or rear-facing position, but you can’t place it on the back.

The fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester, which gives the product a boost of durability. There’s no hip belt or sun protection. Overall, this baby carrier is well put together, and it is quite similar to other models marketed by this company.


It has broad and thin shoulder straps that allow parents to carry their babies comfortably. Due to its structure, your infant will remain safe and comfortable in this carrier even when you’re moving actively. Also, it is simple to shift or adjust your little one inside the carrier without opening any belts.

The process of putting it on or taking it out is quite simple. All you have to do is place the backplate on your body and fasten it around your abdominal area. Then, you must tighten the chest buckles while also fastening the straps that come right under your armpits.


  • It is easy to clean, being machine-washable;
  • It features safe construction and comfy materials;
  • The weight you carry will be evenly distributed all over your upper back;
  • The waist belt is padded and offers additional back support;
  • There’s a scale on the product that helps you figure out exactly where to place your child, which is highly intuitive if you ask me.


  • The lack of storage pockets is definitely a downside;
  • The weight distribution isn’t perfect around the hip and waist area;
  • A few users said that the stomach buckles might be a tad difficult to open quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Ergobaby Alternatives

Which Ergobaby Carrier Is Best?

There are several Ergobaby models that are amazing for both infants and toddlers:
Ergobaby Original – has three available positions, useful pockets, nice weight distribution, and a support feature for your baby’s head;
Ergobaby Omni 360 – it comes with a removable pouch for tiny items like keys; it is very comfortable and machine-washable;
The 360 All Carry Positions – it is pretty similar to the original model, but it also provides an outward-facing position;
The Adapt Baby Carrier – this Ergobaby carrier is lightweight and compact. It also has a privacy hood.

Which Baby Carrier Is the Most Comfortable One?

According to many users and reviews, the best all-around is the Tula Explore baby carrier. Still, there are also many other amazing options, such as Ergobaby Omni, BabyBjörn Original, etc.

Could Baby Carriers Lead to Hid Dysplasia?

The risk of this health issue is bigger in the infant’s first few months. While it is true that certain carrier structures might affect a child’s hip positioning, most of the baby carriers manufactured nowadays have ergonomic constructions that allow a natural and safe position.

What Things Should You Consider When Buying a Baby Carrier?

The best baby carriers should be made of comfy and smooth yet durable materials; they should display an ergonomic and safe design. Here are some other things you must keep in mind when purchasing a baby carrier:
Comfort – padded shoulders, ergonomic design;
Longevity – carrying toddlers as well, adjustable;
Ease of use – buckles, belts, size, shape;
Maintenance – machine-washable;
Fit – adjusting to both your baby’s shape and your body;
Fabrics – breathable and lightweight materials for warm weather; padded fabric for cold weather.

Best Ergobaby Alternatives

The Best Ergobaby Alternatives – Final Thoughts

All the baby carriers presented above are great alternatives to the Ergobaby models. They are comfy and sturdy as well as safe. All of them are adjustable, which means you can use them for a long time, even when your infant becomes a toddler.

Based on their features, prices, and your needs, you can now make a well-informed purchasing decision. I am glad I could help you go through this process a little bit easier.

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