Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula Review: Will You Love It?

Earth's Best Sensitive Formula Review

Most babies are prone to gas. There’s no getting around it, and even if your baby is totally calm one day, that could all change so quickly, since babies are unpredictable by nature. Thanks to Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula Review, though, you can give your baby certified organic formula with iron while treating any gas or fussiness they may have or soon develop.

Since some parents are wary about formula, even organic varieties, Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula is made with both DHA and ARA, which are fatty acids found in breast milk that help in the brain and eye health, so the important nutrients are definitely there.

It also has Lutein for eyesight development and prebiotic fiber for your baby’s immunity, while containing 95% less lactose than some other formulas.

Earth’s Best is already a trusted USDA-certified organic brand that some parents live by, so naturally, their Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula is designed to uphold their reputation and give your infant the right kind of nourishment daily.

Once your baby moves on from the formula, there are plenty of Earth’s Best brand baby cereals and pureed foods to start on, but until then, the Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula has pretty much everything your infant needs, so in this Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula Review you will find out if this formula is the right for your little one.

Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula Review

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  • The formula contains all of the right vitamins and components needed for healthy development in your baby.
  • It’s also organic, which means fewer ingredients you don’t understand and more of what counts toward your baby’s diet.
  • Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula has reduced lactose, which means that there’s less of a chance of your baby having stomach issues because of it.
  • It’s the first FDA Approved sensitive infant formula that’s also certified organic.


  • You can feel peace of mind when it comes to giving your baby what he or she needs without breast milk.
  • Though it’s an organic formula, Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula is also affordable compared to most other infant formulas.
  • It’s made to help prevent gas and added spit-up in babies.
  • You can find it in-store at a variety of big and small drug stores.


  • When mixing Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula, it might get a bit foamy.
  • Even though it’s made to reduce gas and fussiness, depending on your baby, he or she could become constipated instead.
  • It’s sometimes harder to dissolve when mixing with water.
Earth's Best Organic Low Lactose Formula
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How Others Compare

Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula

Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula

A baby formula that’s non-GMO essentially means that the formula is without any genetically modified ingredients and with Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula, that’s what you’ll get. In fact, its biggest strength, of course, lays in its nutritional ingredients.

The formula contains inositol, which helps brain development, as well as and DHA which is found in breast milk. Not only that, but Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula also has what the brand calls a Unique Triple Health Guard blend, which has 30 different nutrients and vitamins for your baby’s growth and development.

Like Earth’s Best, Enfamil also understands the need to help ease fussiness and gas in babies, and their Non-GMO Gentlease Formula is designed to help reduce gas and fussiness within 24 hours of your baby drinking it for the first time.

Claiming to be closer to breast milk than many other leading brands, it could also be a good transition formula for a breastfed baby.


  • It has loads of nutrients and vitamins essential to your baby’s development.
  • Transitioning to Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula after breastfeeding might be a lot easier than with other formula brands.
  • It’s also pediatrician recommended, which is sometimes a deciding factor for parents.
  • Not only is it non-GMO, but it also works hard to ease the discomfort of gas in your baby, and quickly too.


  • For some babies, the taste might be a little more bitter than what they’re used to.
  • Although it is a GMO-free ingredient, corn syrup is listed as one of the formula’s ingredients, which can be worrisome for some parents.
  • The price of the Enfamil Non-GMO Gentlease Formula sometimes fluctuates.
Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula
$35.49 ($1.28 / Ounce)
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Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron

Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron

Finding an organic formula isn’t the hardest task for a parent, but finding one that contains all of the necessary nutrients, as well as protection against fussiness and gas, is certainly a plus. With Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron, you get an organic formula for your infant up to 12 months of age and it’s made with real organic milk.

It also has Similac’s OptiGRO mixture of essential nutrients for growing infants, like DHA, Vitamin E, Lutein, and prebiotics to aid in healthy digestion.

As a USDA-certified organic formula, Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron can be used to give your baby nutrition for the first year of his or her life, while providing them with wholesome ingredients that aid in their physical and mental development.


  • The formula has a mixture of the kinds of vitamins and nutrients your baby needs for healthy development over their first year.
  • The powder dissolves easily into the water when mixing bottles.
  • Since it’s made with real organic milk, Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron can be given to your baby with confidence.
  • With prebiotics added to the ingredients, you can ensure that your baby has a healthy digestive system and will have less of a chance of having problems keeping the formula down each time.


  • Since there are no preservatives, it’s best to make it right when your baby is ready to drink it, otherwise, it might not sit well.
  • Depending on how you mix it, the Similac Organic Infant Formula With Iron might seem foamy afterward.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Infant Formula

gerber formula

Like many other baby brands, Gerber is one almost synonymous with healthy baby food and snacks, especially when it comes to your growing toddler. So it would only make sense that the Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Formula would have everything your infant needs as they grow each day.

As a “stage 1” Gerber food, the formula is made for infants and older babies up to 12 months old and contains all of the nutrients that breast milk would provide your baby with.

In addition to DHA for your infant’s brain and eye development, Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Formula also contains “Comfort Proteins,” which are smaller proteins for your baby’s stomach that will enable him or her to better digest foods for healthier stools.

It’s a gentler formula that the closest to breastmilk Gerber has to offer while containing the right proteins and nutrients to make it easy on your baby’s stomach.

Gerber Good Start Gentle | Amazon
$173.64 ($1.45 / Ounce)

This gentle formula features a blend of DHA, prebiotics, and comfort proteins, small proteins that are easy for tiny tummies to digest It's our closest formula to breastmilk.

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  • Since it’s gentle on the stomach, Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Formula allows for less spit-up during and after feedings.
  • Unlike some other formulas, it doesn’t contain corn syrup.
  • Thanks to its small proteins, your baby’s stomach breaks up the formula a lot easier and colic can become less of a problem.


  • When mixing too fast, the formula can clump, so figuring out the right technique to get it properly mixed might take practice.
  • The smell of your baby’s gas or wet diapers might be a little stronger when feeding them the Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Formula.
  • When switching from exclusively breastfeeding, it might not be as gentle on your baby’s stomach.

Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula With Iron

vermont organics

Vermont Organics seems dedicated to providing your baby with the most natural kind of formula, second-best only to the real thing. And the Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula With Iron is definitely comparable to Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula.

To put it into perspective, the first couple of ingredients listed for the formula are organic nonfat milk and organic vegetable oils (including palm or palm olein, soy, coconut, safflower, or sunflower).

It also contains nutrients you’d find in breast milk as well that aid in your baby’s development during their first year.

Made with no genetically modified ingredients, and without any added growth hormones, Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula With Iron is a USDA certified organic formula that you can feed to your baby with confidence.


  • Despite being totally organic, the formula’s price is comparable to the more widely known formula brands.
  • It’s easy to digest for babies and therefore easier on their small tummies.
  • Even with cold water, the Vermont Organics Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula With Iron mixes and dissolves easily.


  • The formula has a bit of an odor before and after it’s mixed, even if your baby doesn’t seem to mind it.
  • It can sometimes leave a film inside of the bottle once your baby has finished it.

Final Thoughts

For some parents, the formula isn’t really an option, as there is still a stigma surrounding it and the benefits breast milk has over formula feeding. But the truth is, formulas like Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula are made with the same kinds of nutrients that babies get from breast milk anyway and provide them with all they need as they grow into toddlers.

Buying organic always puts parents at ease as far as what’s going into their children’s bodies, and with Earth’s Best, there’s certainly the added bonus of the formula being more natural than many of its competitors.

Since the formula is also a sensitive variety, meant for babies who have gas or fussiness that can’t be calmed otherwise, even those who opt for breastfeeding are sometimes forced to go the formula route. And if you have to go back and forth between both formula and breast milk, Earth’s Best Sensitive Formula is a solid option.

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