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Jovie Goat’s Milk Formula Review

Jovie Goat’s Milk Formula Review
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When you’re looking for a good formula as an alternative to breast milk, it can be challenging to sort through all the options available to find the right one for your baby. However, goat’s milk formulas like Jovie’s Organic Toddler Milk or Follow-On Milk have become increasingly popular.

This is because they are better tolerated than many of the cow’s milk-based formulas available and naturally contain beneficial prebiotics similar to similar ones to some found in breast milk. So, if you’re looking for a Jovie’s Goat’s Milk Formula review for your baby or toddler, let us do the leg work for you – here is everything you need to know!

About The Jovie Brand Goat’s Milk Formula Review

Jovie was created to take the beneficial qualities of natural animal products and create a nutritionally complete, healthy, pure, and easy-to-digest formula that families should feel safe offering their babies as an alternative to breastfeeding.

The Jovie brand is dedicated to caring for the planet and the animals they source their product from. Their products are organic. Plus, the goats are raised in clean, spacious, and healthy environments and not pumped full of chemicals and medications. Jovie products are also non-GMO and sustainably made.

Pros and Cons to Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Pros Cons
Easier to digest than cow’s milk Still contains lactose
Bioavailable micronutrients Not vegetarian friendly
GOS prebiotics similar to those found in breast milk Not readily available
Full fat, so babies continue to receive most of their calories from fat like with breastfeeding  
No palm oil  
DHA for cognitive development  

Features of the Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Jovie Goat Milk Formula review

Available Sizes

Jovie is only available in one size across all their products: Infant Milk, Follow-On, and Toddler Milk – an 800g container.


Jovie is certified by the EU as being organically produced without synthetic pesticides (certified as Glyphosate Residue Free – a chemical found in RoundUp pesticide), GMOs or hormones.

Goats used for their milk are raised in clean, spacious, and humane environments without hormones or unnecessary antibiotics or chemicals.

Sustainably Produced

Jovie is sustainably produced. This means that goats are cared for to ensure their health and longevity and Jovie’s commitment to things like sustainable packaging.

Easy on Sensitive Tummies

The proteins in goat’s milk are easier to digest than those in cow’s milk, making it a great alternative to other formulas if you have a baby with a sensitive tummy. While cow’s milk may produce gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, colic, constipation, or diarrhea – goat’s milk is much less likely to produce these same side effects.

Goat’s milk is okay for babies with cow’s milk sensitivities but is not lactose-free and should not be used if there is an established cow’s milk allergy.

Micronutrients, Vitamins & Minerals

Jovie’s Goat Milk Infant Formula is nutritionally complete and contains everything your baby needs to grow big and strong. This includes:

Essential Nutrients Vitamins Minerals Other
Fats including DHA & AA Vitamin A Sodium Choline
Carbohydrates from Lactose Vitamin D3 Potassium Inositol
Dietary Fibre (Prebiotic from GOS) Vitamin E Chloride L-Carnitine
Protein Vitamin K Calcium  
  Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 Phosphorus  
  Folate Magnesium  
  Pantothenic Acid Iron  
  Biotin Iodine  
  Vitamin C Zinc  

How to Prepare and Serve Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Jovie Goat's Milk Formula review

Jovie’s Goat Milk Formula is super quick and easy to prepare:

  1. Fill a clean and sterilized bottle with the correct amount of water for the amount of formula needed. Water should be around 40C.
  2. Add the recommended number of scoops of formula to the bottle.
  3. Close the bottle and shake until fully dissolved.
  4. Test the temperature of the formula before feeding your baby.

How Much Formula Do I Feed My Baby?

How much formula you prepare for each feeding will depend on the weight of your baby.

  • 3kg or less: 60mL of water and 2 scoops of Jovie Infant Milk.
  • 3 – 3.5kg: 90mL of water and 3 scoops of Jovie Infant Milk.
  • 3.5 – 4kg: 120mL of water and 4 scoops of Jovie Infant Milk.
  • 4 – 5kg: 150mL of water and 5 scoops of Jovie Infant Milk.
  • 5kg or more: 180 mL of water and 6 scoops of Jovie Infant Milk.

How many feedings of formula per day will depend on your babies’ age, weight, and appetite. On average, you will be feeding your baby 6-7 times per day when they weigh less and are eating less formula at each feeding and five times per day as they become heavier and consume more formula at each feeding.

This is highly dependent on your baby, and you should always follow the advice of a medical professional when it comes to how much and how often you should be feeding your baby to help them gain and maintain a healthy weight.

Nutritional Value of Jovie Goat Milk Formula

Jovie Goat's Milk Formula review 2

Per 100mL of formula, Jovie’s provides:

  • 66 Calories
  • 3.5g of Fat
  • 7.1g of Carbohydrates
  • 0.4g of Fibre
  • 1.3g of Protein

Goat Milk Formula vs Regular Formula

Both Goat Milk Formula and Cow’s Milk (regular) Formula are fairly similar in nutritional value. However, goat’s milk contains proteins that many find easier to digest and do not cause stomach upset in babies with sensitive tummies.

Additionally, goat’s milk has higher amounts of certain important vitamins and minerals, and micronutrients are more bioavailable than in cow’s milk. The biggest difference between the two formulas is in fat content. Goat’s milk contains more essential fatty acids and medium-chain fatty acids (MCT). These types of fatty acids contribute to goat’s milk’s easier digestibility.

Cow’s milk formula contains more casein which can be harder for babies to break down and maybe a reason for many milk protein allergens. While casein is found in breast milk and goat’s milk as well, the ratio in these two kinds of milk is lower than that of cow’s milk. In fact, the ratio of casein in goat’s milk is similar to that of breast milk.

Both cow’s milk and goat’s milk formulas contain lactose. Meaning that if a baby is found to have an allergy to lactose or cannot digest lactose properly, they will likely be unable to consume either type of formula or will instead need a plant-based alternative.

Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat Milk Benefits

Goat Milk Formula is beneficial for many reasons:

  • Less allergenic than common cow’s milk formulas.
  • Proteins and fats in goat’s milk are easier to break down and digest.
  • Prebiotic dietary fibers from GOS are similar to those in breast milk.
  • Highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals and higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals than in cow’s milk.
  • Full-fat goat milk formulas have similar fat content to breast milk.
  • DHAs & AAs for cognitive development.

When Should You Choose Goat Milk Over Other Types of Baby Formula?

While breastfeeding is always considered the best option for your baby, we recognize that that isn’t a reality for all parents and babies. So, whether you are supplementing with formula because you can’t breastfeed or you’re weaning your baby off breast milk, finding the right formula is important.

While it’s easy to go the traditional cow’s milk route – there are endless options available to you if you do, there are certain times when you should consider goat’s milk formulas.

Suppose you have a baby that has a cow’s milk sensitivity or has a sensitive stomach, and you’ve noticed symptoms such as gas, colic, constipation, skin concerns such as eczema, etc. In that case, you may want to consider an alternative option.

You may also consider goat’s milk formula if your baby does not like the taste of cow’s milk formula, is having issues with spit-up from other formulas, or if you’re looking for an organic, sustainable, non-GMO alternative.

Alternatives to Jovie Goat Milk Formula

If you love the Jovie brand but are looking for a cheaper or more widely available option, here are some alternatives to Jovie Goat’s Milk Infant Formula:

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula

If you’re looking for a similar formula to Jovie but more widely available, the Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is a great alternative.

  • Servings: 44 per container, 28oz
  • Milk Type: Goat Milk
  • Price Range: $35 – 45

Goat milk formulas are a great option for those weaning their child off breast milk or for those that cannot breastfeed as it has a mild, sweet taste and is easier to digest than cow’s milk.


  • Easier to digest than cow milk
  • Mild, sweet taste
  • Fortified
  • Hormone, antibiotic and heavy metal free


  • Not lactose-free
  • Contains palm oil
Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula
$40.99 ($1.46 / Ounce)

Proudly crafted in The Netherlands with no GMO ingredients, Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is naturally easier to digest than cow milk, mild in taste, and rich in critical nutrients.

Buy it on Amazon
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02/26/2024 03:38 am GMT

Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula – 4 Pack

Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula - 4 Pack

Not all babies respond well to cow or goat milk formulas. For those infants with sensitive tummies, colic, gas, and other GI complaints switching to a plant-based formula like Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based may be a great choice.

  • Servings: 75 (2 fl. oz) servings, 20.5oz
  • Milk Type: Soy-based, dairy/lactose-free
  • Price Range: $100 – 130 for 4, 20.5oz containers

With expert-recommended levels of DHA, added iron, and fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals for immune support, your baby will not miss out on anything they need to grow big and strong.


  • Great for sensitive stomachs.
  • Dairy and lactose-free
  • Expert recommended amounts of DHA for cognitive development
  • Fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals.


  • Soy may be an allergen for some.
Enfamil ProSorbee | Amazon
$144.79 ($1.73 / Ounce)

Enfamil ProSobee baby formula powder is a complete lactose and dairy-free, soy formula alternative to milk-based baby formula.

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Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula With Iron

Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula With Iron

For those looking to give their baby the closest thing to breast milk, the Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Formula with Iron is a great option.

  • Servings: 129 (2 fl. oz) servings, 32oz
  • Milk Type: Cow’s milk
  • Price Range: $30 – 50

Made from cow’s milk, this formula has everything your baby needs from iron to DHA and lutein to ensure a healthy immune system, cognitive development, and eye care.


  • Closest to breast milk.
  • Prebiotic GOS fiber
  • Fortified with iron, DHA, and ARA for immunity and cognitive development
  • Lutein for healthy eyes.


  • Not suitable for babies with dairy or lactose allergens.
  • May not be suitable for sensitive tummies and babies with colic or gas issues.
  • Contains palm oil
Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula
$33.24 ($1.58 / Ounce)
Buy it on Amazon
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03/05/2024 10:24 am GMT


Question: Is Goat Milk Formula Good for Babies?

Answer: Goat milk formulas are considered generally safe for babies, but you should avoid fresh goat or animal milk before the age of one. Formulas are made with proper ratios of proteins and carbohydrates, etc., for growing babies. Still, fresh animal milk is not, and babies younger than one year have not yet developed what they need in order to be able to digest these proteins properly.

Question: Is Goat’s Milk Formula Closest to Breastmilk?

Answer: While there isn’t another animal milk that is all that close to breast milk, goat’s milk is a pretty good choice. Some research has found that the GOS prebiotics found in many goat milk formulas are close to those found in breast milk[1].

Question: Why is Goat’s Milk Formula Better for Babies?

Answer: If you’re weaning your baby off breast milk or cannot breastfeed, goat’s milk formula may be a better option for your baby if they have a sensitive tummy. Goat’s milk tends to be easier to digest than cow’s milk.

Goat’s Milk Formula Review – Our Final Say

Overall, goat’s milk formulas like Jovie’s Goat’s Milk Infant Formula offer a great alternative to traditional cow’s milk formulas. Formulas like Jovie’s offer an easily digestible alternative that is nutritionally complete and closer in composition to breast milk than cow’s milk formula, including beneficial prebiotics from GOS.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to Jovie’s formula, Enfamil ProSobee Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula is a great choice, especially for babies with dairy or lactose allergies.

If you liked this article, be sure to comment down below! And for more great baby product suggestions, check out our guide to the best baby food!

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