Boppy Chair vs Bumbo [2021]: Which one is best?

boppy chair vs bumbo

It is not recommendable that you force your baby to start using a training seat before they’re ready. However, when they do show signs of being prepared to use one, it’s important to look at the Boppy Chair vs. the Bumbo Seat, as both offer some significant benefits in helping your child on this next big learning stepping stone.

In both instances, you shouldn’t incorporate the seat or chair in your baby’s daily routine until they’re able to hold their head up without your help, but once they’re ready to start using one, the fun can begin.

While watching your baby crawl and start to toddle on his or her legs is undoubtedly exciting, there’s a whole new kind of excitement that comes in watching your baby grow some independence in a seat built just for them.

In most cases, you can use either the Boppy or Bumbo seats to help you during feeding time without needing to take out the entire high chair. They can also be beneficial to help your baby continue to sit up unassisted and as long as they look comfortable in the seat, you can use your best judgment to figure out which one is best for them.

At their core, they may seem very similar, but as to be expected, there are plenty of differences to set them apart from each other. When it’s all said and done, the decision between the Boppy Chair vs. the Bumbo Seat is going to rest solely on your shoulders, but because both options do a lot for your baby’s development, it’s important to look at all they both offer and what they both may lack as well.

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Boppy Chair

You might know the Bobby brand best for its breastfeeding pillow that has been a staple for parents for years. Unsurprisingly, the brand’s same quality put into the pillow was also put into the Boppy Chair, which is useful for not only helping your baby get used to sitting up on his or her own but also as a sort of booster seat for meals if you decide to use it that way.

The chair itself is very soft, which is because it’s made almost entirely of fabric. When it’s not in use, the chair folds flat quickly and can be stored pretty much anywhere, which sets it apart from other similar chairs for babies. This particular seat comes with a removable tray that’s also dishwasher safe but can be attached for feedings or even just to put toys on for your little one.

Though the chair is intended for babies from three months and up, there’s a thick padded insert to use if you need it and when you want to put the chair on a dining chair in your home, you simply buckle it around the back of the chair to keep it safely in place.

The Boppy Chair can be used with your baby up until his or her first birthday, and although it is not recommendable that you put it in the washer, you can wipe the fabric clean in the event of any baby messes. One of the best parts of the Boppy Chair, however, is the fact that since it folds down flat, you can take it with you anywhere you go and even use it in restaurants.

Boppy Chair Features

Boppy Baby Chair
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  • Age Range: The Boppy Chair is recommended for babies from three months to one year.
  • Materials Used: Including the removable tray, the entire chair is made from soft cloth and BPA-free plastic.
  • Accessories: It comes with a removable tray and removable straps, so you won’t need to purchase anything separately.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.


  • The insert is perfect for smaller babies. Once it’s removed, your growing baby can still easily fit in the chair for a while.
  • It also has a skid-proof bottom to help prevent it from moving while attached to a dining chair or even just when placed on the floor.
  • Once your baby is old enough, the tray makes it a booster seat high chair, which is another useful way to use the Boppy Chair.
  • You can fold it down quickly and easily for storing or taking with you on the go.


  • The fabric itself doesn’t come off, so it isn’t machine washable, which can be inconvenient, especially with more massive messes.
  • Since it’s not a very heavy chair, it isn’t weighed down when sitting on the floor.
  • Some might find the chair to be a little on the bulky side even though it is designed to hold up for your baby until the one-year mark.


“This is everything I thought it would be. I leave it attached to the chair and use it as a high chair and I have used it once as a floor chair and it again, did not disappoint. I like how it can fold down for storage.” – N. Boyer on Amazon.

“This chair gives ample room for my baby’s chubby thighs, whereas the Bumbo seat was tight. Very portable and useful in restaurants. He sat comfortably in it during a 1.5-hour meal.” – Aristada on Amazon.

“I just love this chair and so does my 5 month old so. Fits him perfectly and love the versatility of being able to make it a high chair so he can eat at the table with me and my husband. I highly recommend it to everyone. Plus love the elephant pattern.” – Taylor Galli on Amazon.

“Love this chair. My 6 month old can sit up with support, so this chair allows him to sit comfortably while we play together on the floor.” – Sv on Amazon.

Bumbo Seat

Bumbo Floor Seat
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The Bumbo Seat may be the more well-known of the two as a baby seat. This may be due to its sturdiness that keeps the chair solid on the floor when not in use, or the fact that the design makes the Bumbo easy for most babies to slip right into.

It’s made to help your baby sit up more easily for meals or just playtime and the firm foam all around your baby’s body will help with their posture as well. As to be expected, it isn’t recommendable that you use the Bumbo Seat until your baby can hold his or her head up on their own.

Once that happens, you can use it at home or even take it with you and use it as their seat in any instance or as a possible booster seat even. Since it comes with a restraint belt, you can keep your baby from leaning or falling forward when in the chair.

Although the foam is thick and heavy enough to keep the seat from falling over easily, it’s still light enough to take with you away from home, on picnics, or when traveling. And when you have a growing baby, being able to take as many of their necessary accessories is very important. For many babies, the Bumbo is their first seat, and as far as infant seats go, it’s one that adds comfort and versatility.

Why Go with Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat?

Your baby’s comfort matters THE MOST and that's why you should go with a trusted option! Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat is safe, lightweight and soft enough... It simply speaks for itself!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Bumbo Seat Features

  • Age Range: The Bumbo Seat is recommended for babies from 3-9 months of age.
  • Materials Used: It’s made from a safe low-density Bumbo foam.
  • Accessories: Although the Bumbo doesn’t come with any accessories, you can purchase the feeding tray or the attachable suction toy separately.
  • Where To Buy: You can buy the seat on Amazon or in-store at Target and Walmart.


  • If your baby is sitting up easily, the Bumbo Seat can help them sit up a little straighter each time.
  • It’s light enough to take with you pretty much anywhere but still firm and sturdy enough to stay in place instead of falling over easily.
  • You can also use it as a booster seat and even as a high booster chair if you decide to buy the adjustable tray for it.
  • The Bumbo foam is soft enough so that your baby really can’t hurt him or herself, though it’s still recommended that you keep an eye on your baby whole in the seat.


  • If your baby is growing a little faster or has thicker legs, they may grow out of the Bumbo Seat faster than some other babies.
  • Some parents may find that the removable safety straps aren’t very useful.
  • Because of the Bumbo foam that goes between the legs, your baby may be uncomfortable, depending on their size and whether or not their diaper is also bulky.


“This is a great seat for my baby. He has learned to sit up better and straighter in this seat. It also builds his neck muscles. It holds him in very well. I usually put my son in this seat while we are eating so he can be near us and still see us.” – Adam on Amazon.

“My baby is 6 months old and refuses to sit propped up with pillows or do tummy time. I bought this in hopes of it being a fun way for him to sit up independently while strengthening his core and he absolutely loves it!” – Ziba Velazquez on Amazon.

“This is the best chair for newborns hands down. My 5-month-old loves it, she sits in front of the TV, and I feel like it’s strengthened her posture as well. Hats off for such a wonderful product.” – Joshua Mallen on Amazon.

“This seat has been great! My boys are learning to sit, and they have improved so much since we got this seat. It is also a nice place for them to sit and watch you do things. I love that it is soft so that when their legs get bigger, it wouldn’t be uncomfortable.” – Kirwats on Amazon.

The Verdict: Boppy or Bumbo Chair?

Because both seats are so similar, it may still be a hard choice for you to make. In fact, when comparing them both, the more logical and trusted option is the Bumbo chair.

Obviously, Boppy has its benefits for your growing baby, but when it boils down to it, the Bumbo will very likely be the best one for you to choose in the end. Feel free to try out both to narrow it down for yourself, but you really can’t ignore all that the Bumbo has to offer, mainly because of how portable it is and how long you’ll get used out of it.

Tons of parents trust both brands, and both offer similar products that can do a lot to help your baby with sitting up and learning to be more independent in the upright position, but the stronger option this time around is going to be the Bumbo.

Final Thoughts on Bumbo vs Boppy

Typically, parents know and love and Bumbo Seat as the top-notch option for growing babies. Also, when comparing it with the Bumbo Chair, the latter also offers excellent benefits for your baby.

Both are certainly designed to help your baby learn to sit up even better than they already are. However, when it comes down to it, the Bumbo Chair is the superior of the two in this instance.

At the end of the day, your baby’s comfort is all that matters. Thus the Bumbo Chair’s soft design and flexibility, make it plenty comfortable for your little one. Of course, you’ll need to figure out whether that is the one that’s best for you and your family. However, it’s hard to ignore all that it offers! And if you already trust the brand for their pillows, then it’s easy to trust the Bumbo Chair.

Why Go with Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat?

Your baby’s comfort matters THE MOST and that's why you should go with a trusted option! Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat is safe, lightweight and soft enough... It simply speaks for itself!

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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