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When You Have Two: 4 of Our Top Double Jogging Stroller Picks

When You Have Two: 4 of Our Top Double Jogging Stroller Picks
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Picking up a jogging stroller isn’t the same as going to the store and grabbing milk. As the parents of two, we know it’s essential that we’re taking care of ourselves as much we are our little ones. We’ve researched, evaluated and tried out some of the best double jogging strollers around and consider these four the best way to invest your money.

Best Double Jogging #1 #2 #3 #4
Brand & Model Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Thule Urban Glide
Weight (Lbs) 43 34.8 36.2 22.6
Dimensions (inches) 33 x 16 x 33.5 25.4 x 42 x 48 32.4 x 15.35 x 34.2 30.8 x 14 x 35
Capacity Limits 100 100 100 75
Color Options Vanguard, Tropic Black, Navy, Orange Green Gray, Black Gray Blue, Dark Shadow, mars
Price $265

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Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller

baby trend navigator double stroller

Baby Trend’s spot on this list is a sure thing as the company makes some of the best strollers around. Their name is often associated with quality, reliability, and great products.

The Details

Unlike most jogging strollers, Baby Trend deviates from its design with two upfront swiveling wheels for navigation. The two rear pneumatic bicycle wheels offer easy maneuverability while the dual front wheels swivel for easier control. We love that’s it’s strong, sturdy, and full of storage.

Seating for Two

The two stroller compartments offer accommodations to children up to 50 pounds, allowing for 100 total pounds between the two seats. Just in case your little one wants to make a break for it, there are a five-point harness and a child tray preventing any thoughts of easy freedom.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Storage on a stroller? We want plenty and the Baby Trend offers more than enough with room for snacks, towels, diapers, and more in the compartments beneath each seat. Additionally, there are two cup holders, one for each child so there are no arguments about sharing while you’re breaking a sweat.

Entertainment – for Everyone

Skip the quirky-looking armband while jogging with the Baby Trend and plug into the MP3 player with onboard speakers. The speakers won’t rock your socks off, but you don’t really need Bose quality to crank “Let It Go”.


  • On-board MP3 player
  • Individual canopies
  • Mid-range price with features that punch above its price
  • Pneumatic wheels good on any terrain
  • LOTS of storage for everything you need on the go
  • Five-point harness for safety
  • Works GREAT with other Baby Trend products, as well as other car seats such as Graco and Chicco 


  • Double front wheels can be awkward while turning at jogging pace
  • BIG – fitting through doorways will take some work
  • Heavy – moving into and out of the trunk
  • No manual brake for emergency stops
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller
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BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller

best double jogging stroller

What about Bob?

When your baby hits 8 weeks (aww, they grow so fast!), turning your attention toward this BOB double jogger is a good move. With seating for two, the BOB can hold up to two 50-pound children on either side.

We LOVE the adjustable handlebar. If other stroller manufacturers out there are reading this, hint, hint, adjustable handle bars are a must!

The Ride

A stroller with a suspension system? Don’t mind if we fawn a little over this added feature which helps the double jogger handle rocky terrain with aplomb. The wheels are both wide and durable letting you set the course for the jog, not the other way around.

The lone front-wheel offers close to a full swivel allowing for easy and quick maneuverability. You can also lock the wheel in place if you’re jogging on rough terrain. We just LOVE the suspension on the Duallie. It’s just a joy to push around town, on the trail or on the go.

The Seats

There’s a fairly standard feature set with most brand-name double joggers including the 5-point harness, reclining seats and, of course, the canopy for blocking out the sun. Both seats can be adjusted separately in the event one child wants to take a nap or just lay back.

Let’s Talk Storage

There is one large basket underneath the seats that offers more than enough space for a diaper bag, extra blankets and your sanity. Realistically, you’ll be hard-pressed to fill up the storage space.


While the price isn’t for the faint at heart, this is a serious double jogging stroller capable of making your life easier. The emergency foot brake and adjustable handlebars paired with the fantastic suspension make this well worth the cost of admission.


  • Easy fold up in and out of the car
  • The adjustable handlebar
  • The suspension
  • Separately adjustable seats (something you only learn to love after you have them)
  • Locking front wheel helps handle rough terrain without tipping over


  • Underneath the seat storage, while large, isn’t always easy to access
  • Canopy bunches up when pushed all the way back
  • Requires some driving prowess to fit it through a doorway
  • Priced higher than most name-brand double jogger
If I Had To Pick - BOB Revolution Flex Duallie 2.0
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Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double

baby jogger summit x3


All too often, we look at the world of tandem strollers and just think “yuck, who thought this design was practical?” Baby Jogger is on a mission to change that with the Summit X3 Double Stroller.

First Class Seats 

The X3’s premium look and feel don’t end at the seats. They have a ¾ recline, which is in line with other strollers on this list. The caveat to the almost flat angle is the X3 is rather top-heavy which means if you aren’t careful, your kids could end up tipping backward.

The retractable seat covers make us smile. They cover a good portion of your child’s body but operate independently for which we are always grateful. The ventilation windows on each side will help keep the little ones cooler while you’re jogging out to your favorite 80’s music.

Look Before Running

There’s a relaxed feel when using the X3 on the road or on surfaces that range from dirt trails to asphalt to cement, etc. There’s a pretty large differentiator between individual experiences, with some of our friends loving this stroller and others rushing to take it back.

There is an independent suspension to help make the ride easier on the kiddos. It’s the rougher terrain that really seems a concern and sometimes poor maneuverability has us wondering if there’s something we’re missing that other reviewers are not. The front-wheel locks for balance but it’s still top-heavy and lacks an adjustable handlebar.

Storing and Storage  

While there are mixed reviews as an all-terrain jogger, one thing we can agree on is the X3 collapses with the best of them. Just lift the straps and, voila, it practically closes itself! That’s just what we want when we’re done with a run and want to get everyone inside and cooled down quickly. It’s easy enough to fit through doorways at around 31-32-inches wide as most doorways are 34-inches in width.

There’s more than enough storage underneath the seats and while it appears small, appearances can be deceiving though accessing it from the side is easier than behind. There’s a 10-pound weight limit on the basket and a 2-pound weight limit on the seatback pockets.


  • Great seats will have the kids loving the ride
  • Ventilation windows on each canopy allow cool air to pass through
  • LOVE the independent canopies
  • Recline seats are comfortable and independently controlled


  • No car seat capability
  • Non-adjustable handlebar is grippy, but won’t work for all heights
  • Plenty of storage (just don’t try and access it from the back of the stroller
  • Questionable control on different terrains
Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller
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Thule Urban Glide Sport Stroller

thule urban glide

All Hail the King

If the BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller is the Mercedes-Benz of double jogging strollers, the Thule Urban Glide is the Rolls-Royce. There’s a new King in this neighborhood and, dare we say, Thule does almost everything right

Running to the Castle

At 32 pounds, the Urban Glide comes just about fully assembled. As with every other stroller on this list, the seats offer a 5-point padded harness and safety buckle. There’s little chance your kids will escape any of these independently reclining seats unless they channel Harry Houdini

The canopies offer just about full coverage against the elements along with a similar style ventilation opening on the side ala the Baby Jogger X3. The pneumatic 16” rear and 12” front tires and suspension offer a great ride for the kids and easy pushing for us parents.

Water-Resistant Storage

Thule is living up to its name as an all-element brand offering up a zippered water-resistant cover for storage of diapers, bags, snacks and more. We LOVE it. This is just a no-brainer type of storage and left us wondering why every stroller manufacturer doesn’t offer zippered coverage.

Adding some icing to the already amazing cake that is the Thule Double Jogger, there’s a secondary compartment for storage on the outside of the larger storage compartment along with mesh pockets on the back of each seat.

Hooray for Handlebars

Thule, you’re winning me over with the foam-wrapped handlebar that has a range of heights to choose from. There’s a handbrake attached to the handlebar and a safety strap to loop around either wrist while jogging. Ideally, we’d like to see a handlebar that’s a little bit thicker since it’s a little “thin” for our taste, but this is more of a nitpick and it’ll get the job done just fine.

The Rest

Folding up the Thule is a snap and easily done with one hand. Just one twist of a handle and voila! Unfortunately, there’s one caveat with all the glowing we’ve done with the Thule, the foot brake.

It’s a little too easy to engage and disengage and we’d be a little concerned that a child playing near the stroller could step on it, even if it requires 25 pounds of pressure. Again, a nitpick given that the brake works just fine. We just hope down the line Thule makes it a little more difficult to activate.


  • Folds up easily, compactly, and fits nicely in the trunk
  • Canopies
  • Smooth fantastic ride with great wheels for all-terrain jogging
  • Great- looking design and Thule is a great name for durable products
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Water-resistant storage (should be mandatory on strollers everywhere) 


  • 5-point security belts require some learning to get on and off quickly
  • Easy to engage brake ß—– Not a deal-breaker
  • Price – at $649, it’s not cheap
  • Handlebar could be a little thicker for extra comfort
Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller
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Alternatives and Final Thoughts

While these 4 strollers made our list of favorites, there’s no question there’s a slew of additional options that might be the right fit for you. Both BOB’s and Baby Trend have additional choices that are popular and hit a range of price points which may be more attractive than some of the pricier options on this list.

Brands like InStep or Schwinn manufacturer some slightly less expensive choices that feature strollers good enough for everyday use, but don’t typically offer the durability, design or ride of more expensive options.

Final Thoughts 

So, who wins? In the end, despite some setbacks, our heart goes to Thule and just got added to our own Amazon wish list. Realistically, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list. In the end, there’s no real “winner” other than what fits your budget and your needs

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