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Topfer Formula Review (March 2019): Is It The Best for Your Baby?

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When it comes to organic formula, and formula in general, a lot of parents trust European formulas above others. Like Topfer Formula, for example. It’s made with the right nutrients and minerals to give your baby the nutrition he or she needs right from birth. In fact, it can be used instead of or even in addition to breast milk.

The formula itself is relatively easy to mix and likely won’t lead to air bubbles in your baby’s bottle. And unlike other similar formulas, Topfer doesn’t contain added sugars or corn syrup solids. Since it can be difficult to find the right American formula without these added ingredients, this is a huge plus for Topfer.

Topfer is made with organic ingredients to give you added peace of mind and comes in five different stages for your baby’s growth. Since each stage is made specifically for that age range, it’s important to stick to the guidelines, but the important thing is that Topfer can take your child all the way through their first year and beyond. Use the PRE stage for babies from birth, Stage 1 for babies from birth as well, Stage 2 for infants who are older than six months, Stage 3 for babies from 10 months old and up, and Stage 4, or Kinder, for little ones ages 12 months and up.

So once your baby had graduated from just drinking formula, they can still keep going with Topfer. You can find it on and on Amazon, but it is currently out of stock on Amazon. On, Topfer Formula is $37.

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Topfer Nutrition Features

  • It comes in five different stages to take your baby from birth to beyond 12 months of age.

  • The formula contains all of the nutrients they need for healthy emotional, mental and physical development.

  • It’s an all-around organic formula made with ingredients found on an organic farm.

  • Although it’s primarily available online, you can buy in bulk from the Organic Start website.


  • Topfer has smaller proteins which make for easier digestion.

  • It’s easy to measure and mix the formula for bottles with no big chunks of unmixed formula and little to no foam.

  • The taste is mild enough to make the transition from breast milk as easy as possible.

  • It can also help make bowel movements more regular in little ones, which can be a big issue when trying out different formulas.


  • You can only buy it online, which can be difficult for some parents who might run out of the formula unexpectedly without a new shipment in transit.

  • It’s a little on the pricier side for the size box you get, but check out OrganicStart here for bulk pricing.

  • Unlike other comparable European formulas, there is no goat milk formula alternative from Topfer.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no current or recent recalls on Topfer Formula.

Alternatives to Topfer Formula – How Others Compare

Holle Organic Baby Formula

holle formula

As far a European organic formula goes, Holle Organic Baby Formula is easily one of the top options compared to Topfer. Holle comes in a cow’s milk and goat milk option depending on your specific needs and is made with all of the nutrients your baby needs for healthy development. These include folic acid, Vitamin A, and calcium, among others.

The protein balance in Holle is similar enough to that of real breast milk, so you can potentially switch back and forth as needed with little to no confusion from your little one. And as your child grows, he or she can transition to the different stages offered by Holle. In some cases, Holle can even help alleviate gas pains and constipation issues in babies, so that’s another win. You can find it for a good price on


  • Babies will, for the most part, find Holle a little easier to digest than a lot of other similar formulas.

  • Not only does it smell good, or as good as can be expected, but it also tastes just sweet enough to compare to breast milk.

  • The milk comes from cows on biodynamic organic farms.

  • Thanks to the many stages, babies can use Holle from birth all the way to three years old.


  • You can only buy it online, which might be a deterrent for some parents.

  • As your child grows, there is a chance that your baby won’t take to the formula at each stage.

  • There’s also a chance that some little ones won’t like the flavor, especially if they don’t enjoy breast milk.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no current or recent recalls on Holle Organic Baby Formula.

Hipp Organic Baby Formula

hipp combiotic

Since Hipp Organic Baby Formula is so similar to both Holle and Topfer, it should come as no surprise that it’s another comparable option. It contains organically sourced skimmed milk, which is a plus on its own. But it also contains necessary nutrients like DHA and AA for your baby’s development. It can be used from birth up to beyond two years old thanks to the different stages Hipp offers.

Although it’s not a formula specifically meant to lower or lessen colic symptoms, parents can see a decrease in colic symptoms in their child after switching over to this formula. This is likely due to how gentle the formula is on babies’ digestive systems overall. You can buy it on or here.


  • It can help some babies in reliving their constipation brought on by other formulas.

  • Hipp has all of the necessary nutrients your baby needs for healthy overall development.

  • The taste isn’t too strong, so it can be easier for some babies to switch to Hipp from breast milk or other formulas.

  • It can also help in reducing spit-up during burping and feedings.


  • Because you have to order the formula online, there’s always a chance that the packaging can get damaged in transit.

  • Ordering formula online can be more trouble than some parents might feel it’s worth.

  • It may be a little too pricey for some families to purchase on a regular basis.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on Hipp Organic Baby Formula.

Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula

Lebenswert Bio Organic Formula

The Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula is another European formula not unlike Topfer. It’s made with milk from cows on an organic farm and can be used from birth onward. In fact, there are three different stages which allow you to use the formula from birth all the way up through 10 months old.

Regardless of the stage, your little one is in, however, you can be sure that Lebenswert will give them all of the nourishment they need to develop on track. There are no added sugars or colors to dilute the formula and overall, it’s easier to digest for most babies and young toddlers. This can lead to easier and more regular bowel movements, which is often a reason for switching formulas anyway.

Where to Buy: You can primarily find it on Also, be sure to check out BuyOrganicFormula where you can save 5% with code BABYSWAG5 at checkout.


  • Although it has to be purchased online, shipping is typically quite fast for this formula.

  • Babies can use it right from birth.

  • When mixing the formula, there are fewer bubbles than can be seen with other formulas.

  • A lot of babies take to the taste easily.


  • You can only purchase the formula online, so if you don’t like to buy in bulk, you might find yourself without formula in the middle of the night.

  • Even though most babies may enjoy the taste, the smell of the unmixed formula can be a little overpowering.

Has This Item Been Recalled?

There are no recent or current recalls on Lebenswert Organic Baby Formula.

Final Thoughts on Topfer: Is it Worth it?

As with any formula, there are a handful of solid options that compare well to Topfer Formula. Where they might be lacking, Topfer might be a little stronger of an option and vice versa. But when it all comes down to it, Topfer is a fine choice for any little one. It can take your baby from the infancy stage all the way through toddlerhood until you’re ready to switch to regular cow’s milk.

But the beauty of Topfer is that each separate stage is designed to give your little one exactly what they need when they need it. Yes, there is the off chance that your baby doesn’t take to Topfer as well as you might hope, but it’s still a great option for any newborn, older baby, or young toddler.

Where to Buy Topfer Formula

Unfortunately, it’s REALLY hard to find reliable retailers online. However, I was able order it from here (they seem to have a reliable supply and prices).

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