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Top Gifts for a New Dad: He Deserves Something Too!

Top Gifts for a New Dad: He Deserves Something Too!

With the arrival of a new baby, attention tends to revolve around mom and baby, so it is normal for a dad to feel left out sometimes. That is why we compiled a list of our favorite gifts for new dads to ensure that they too feel included and that they have something special to remember the occasion.


1. What I love About Dad Journal

what I love about dad

The What I Love about Dad  Journal is a keepsake journal from baby to dad that allows you to capture hundreds of special memories as time passes.

The book offers entries such as “I love that you taught me to appreciate…” and your little one can fill in the answers as he or she gets older. A new dad might not appreciate the gift as much right away, but as the answers fill the journal, this is sure to become of his most prized possessions that will keep the sentimental memories alive long after your baby is all grown up!

Knock Knock What I Love About Dad Fill In The Love Book Fill-In-The-Blank Journal
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2. Books

One can never establish a child’s love for reading too early, so why not include dad by getting him a few special books that he can share with your little one.

Of course, baby won’t understand the words just yet, but lying on dad’s chest, hearing his voice, and feeling his chest rise and fall, provides a wonderful opportunity for baby and dad to bond. This special opportunity to spend quality time together can continue well into toddlerhood and will help both dad and baby to get to know one another. Here’s a list of some of our favorite books to get you going:

Top Gifts for a New Dad: He Deserves Something Too!

3. Matching outfits

Perhaps a little cheesy, but who can resist the cuteness factor when dad and baby are dressed in the same (or similar) outfit. The internet is full of ideas so tap into dad’s favorite activities, TV shows, or even PlayStation games and get a matching onesie and t-shirt made or shop online for items.

Be sure to take a picture of the special occasion and while you’re at it, but the photograph in a special “DAD” photo frame for him to keep!

4. Key ring

Key rings have always been a convenient way of carrying a little memento around with you. Not only is it small but it is also useful and something that dad can use every day. The keyring with the photograph is always a winner. However, nowadays, there are so many different options available.

You can have baby’s footprints engraved on metal, or we particularly liked the Milestones Keyring, available on Etsy, which allows you to engrave special milestones in dad’s life such as the day he was born, the day he got married, and the day he became a father.

On the plus side, he will never have to miss an anniversary again seeing that he is carrying around your wedding date on his car keys!

5. Board games

No, we’re not referring to Monopoly or Cluedo in this instance. Surprise your husband with a fun, seductive board game to put the spark back into your relationship.

Pregnancy and the birth of your new precious little bundle of joy can sometimes take their toll on the romance department in your relationship, so this is a fun way to show dad that he is still loved, cared for, and important. Add a “date night” coupon to his gift and allow yourselves to relax, unwind and have a little fun.

6. Digital Photo frame

If he doesn’t already have one, spoil your baby daddy with a digital photo frame which he can display on his desk in his office. While most dads will never admit this, they too love to brag about the new addition to the family and a digital photo frame will give him the opportunity to engage in some “humble bragging.”

Load some pictures of the new baby on there and be sure to update the images on a regular basis.

7. A baby manual

dads playbook

Dads like to bring their A-game all the time. But when it comes to pregnancy and babies, they often feel like they have no idea what they are doing. Unlike mothers that are encouraged to do extensive research and given the opportunity to discuss all sorts of topics with their friends and doctor, dads are usually afraid to ask questions, and they can sometimes feel a little lost.

Empower him by getting him a fun “baby manual” that he can refer to or read up on without feeling embarrassed. We suggest Dad’s Playbook: Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time by Tom Limbert and Be Prepared A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden for a quick, enjoyable read.

Dad's Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time
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8. Coffee machine

coffee machine

Spoil the new dad with a brand new coffee machine and add some new exciting coffee brands and flavors for him to experiment with. After all, coffee might help me the only thing that keeps him going when you’ve both had a rough night with the baby.

Make him the King of the Coffee machine and remember to get decaf for mom too if she’s still breastfeeding! We used to love catching up over a good cuppa while the baby is taking a nap!

9. Engraved watch

wood watch

Since the “push present” has become such a popular phenomenon, we think it is only fair to spoil dad with something special to celebrate the birth of his child as well. After all, he did a phenomenal job supporting you during the pregnancy and birth, putting up with some erratic behaviors and a few disturbing midnight cravings.

Buy him a special watch and have it engraved on the back with your baby’s name and date of birth. You can even add to it later on if you decide to have more kids. Now, dad can carry the kids on his arm wherever he goes, and one day when the kids are all grown up, it will be a very special, sentimental heirloom for the kids.

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10. Baby carrier


So you probably already have one lying around in the house, but we’re talking about getting dad his very own special baby carrier – one that is not pink, blue or covered in teddy bears. We’re talking about a manly baby carrier that he wouldn’t mind carrying around in front of his friends, and that is adjusted to fit him perfectly every time.

Dads love to think that they have superpowers when it comes to putting babies to sleep, so why not play along and have him carrying the baby around on his chest using the baby carrier. This will also give the new mom a much-deserved break and allow for baby and daddy to bond. 

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11. Diaper kit

While co-ed baby showers are on the rise, it is usually mom that gets spoiled the most during the baby shower. We suggest that you create a special “Daddy Diaper Kit” for the new dad to make him feel included.

Buy a toolbox and fill it with fun items such as gloves and goggles for nappy changing, energy drinks and snacks for those days that seem to go on forever, a pack of beer or his favorite liquor, and of course, a cigar or two which he can use to celebrate with his friends once the baby arrived. It is also a fun way to celebrate the new arrival.

12. A star

These days, anything is possible. So why not buy the new dad a star for him to name after his newborn child. Star kits are widely available on the internet, and most companies will send you a certificate with the star’s official name and coordinates.

We do feel that it is our moral obligation to include that even though you will receive your certificate as proof of the star’s new name, the star will never officially bear that name, and no astronaut will ever call it by that given name.

(Only the International Astronomical Union has the authority to name a star and do so using standardized rules for naming objects). Still, we thought it a nice gesture or idea, and although it might not officially be called “Mary” or “Don,” you will still be able to locate the star and show it to your little one once they are a little older.

13. Photoshoot

Newborn photoshoots are widely popular for obvious reasons but remember to get some pictures of dad and baby alone as well.

You can either book a whole family shoot or even book an amazing shoot for baby and dad alone. These photographs will be cherished for years to come, and one will never be able to have those moments back once the baby is grown up. Why not load these special photographs on the digital photo frame as part of dad’s gift!

14. Personalized leather bracelet

Spoil dad with a personalized leather bracelet that features the sound wave of your unborn baby’s heartbeat, engraved on a copper plate.

This will take some effort on mom’s part to get a printout or sound clip of your little one’s heart before he or she is born but it will all be worth it when you see dad’s face when he opens his present. He can wear his baby’s heartbeat with him wherever he goes, and the gift will also make for some interesting conversation with his colleagues.

If you’ve missed the opportunity to capture a baby’s heartbeat before he or she was born, you can also have the sound wave of baby’s laughter or gurgles engraved as a gift to dad.

15. Baby Footprint dog chain

If the new dad is not fond of bracelets, have a look at these cute personalized dog chains that contain baby’s name, actual footprints, and date of birth. Not only is it a special keepsake, but dad can also keep adding to it if you decide to have more kids. Also, he doesn’t necessarily need to wear it around his neck.

He can hang it on the mirror in the bathroom or tie it to his luggage if he travels quite often for work. He can even place the tags inside of his wallet!

16. Special Ops

Boys will be boys and well… boys love games and toys. Make hubby feel like a Top Secret agent by delivering envelopes with his morning coffee that contain special ops missions.

We got this idea online from Third Time Charm that sells these “special missions,” ranging from Operation Diffuse the Bomb aka Nappie Change to Operation Flaming Fire aka Mummy & Daddy time. It will add a little fun to mundane baby tasks, and because it is now a “real” mission, dad’s competitive side will surely get the better of him, and he will jump at the chance to help out with the new baby.

17. Date night

If you do not already have regular “date nights”, now is the perfect time to introduce it. It is important for mom and dad also to have a little alone time, and any new dad is sure to welcome the idea. Several companies nowadays will even deliver a box containing everything you need to have a special evening for the two of you.

So be sure to drop your little one off at grandma’s or a babysitter and spend time reflecting on the experience of becoming new parents and remember to not only talk about the baby! It might also be the perfect opportunity to get out that fun and entertaining board game we were referring to earlier on…

That concludes our list of top gifts for new dads. Remember that with all the baby stuff going on, dads can easily feel left out so be sure to make him feel wanted, needed, and appreciated on a regular basis by involving him. He was the love of your life first and will continue to be even after the kids have left the house.