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Top 5 Best Wi-fi Enabled Baby Monitors: Check on Baby Anywhere

Top 5 Best Wi-fi Enabled Baby Monitors: Check on Baby Anywhere
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When having a baby, you will have to purchase plenty of things for the baby’s room and for the baby itself. After finding the essentials like bottles, diapers, and pump, you will have to find a smart baby monitor for your baby’s nursery and luckily, today we go over the best wifi baby monitors with high-definition video and more features such as sensors, night’s sleep monitoring, digital zoom, rechargeable battery, wi-fi connection and so much more!

Are you thinking about getting a wifi-enabled infant optics baby monitor but have no idea where to start? There are so many options available it can be a difficult decision trying to find the one that’s suitable for your needs.

Baby monitors give us that peace of mind knowing that we can check on our sleeping children at any time. Wifi Enabled Baby monitors take it to the next level and allow us to check on the sleeping little ones from anywhere, even if we are away from the house thanks to the wide-angle lens and rotating properties.

In order to help you out in this all-important decision, we have done the research and found the Top 5 Best Wifi Baby monitors that come with a wi-fi monitor, rechargeable battery, pan tilt, and so on. Check them out and decide which would be your perfect choice!

What to Consider Before Buying a Baby Video Monitor

Before investing in a baby video monitor and a parent unit, it is a good idea to come up with a list of ideas on the type of baby monitor you want.


Set a budget for how much you want to spend and ensure you stick with it. Baby monitors come in a range of prices and definitely, the features will depend on whether you are willing to spend more or less.

If you are only looking for an audio baby monitor, you might be able to find a monitor that is not that pricy in comparison to camera monitors.

Do you want a baby video monitor?

Eventually, you will want to be in the other room and check whether your baby has rolled, whether she/he has the blanket on, and just because, so in this case you might want to opt for a baby monitor with infrared night vision and digital zoom.

Are the video quality clear and the sound easy to hear?

Another thing to consider before purchasing a smart baby monitor is instructions! Read reviews and instructions on the back of the pack to see if there is any indication of the quality of the sound and video and also, another important thing to do is check the installing instructions so you can check if you can handle the process before purchasing it!

Is it Smartphone or Tablet compatible?

This is a very good idea if you are away from home and want to check in on your little one – just ensure your unit is compatible with your current Smartphone or a Tablet.

Is it cordless?

If it comes with a monitor can it be unplugged from the unit, can it be taken into the garden or around the house? Is the Camera cordless or does it need to be plugged in at all times to work?

Can you play music from it?

Some parents like the thought of having the option to play a soothing lullaby.

Does it show the room temperature?

A great feature that many moms will recommend. Having a monitor showing the temperature ensures you can rest assured knowing your baby is not getting too hot or cold.

The Top 5 Best Wifi Enabled Baby Monitors Are:

Puretech Baby Wifi Video Camera

Puretech Baby Wifi Video Camera

A smart looking baby monitor that operates on wifi to allow you to look in on your child from anywhere. With its affordable price and essential features, it is just what many parents are looking for. The monitor comes with a motion detector that will receive video clips by an alert, night vision, so you can quickly check on your little one in complete darkness and moms, and dads are reporting that it is easy to install.

The Puretech Video Baby Monitor is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


  • Wifi-enabled
  • Night vision.
  • View camera from anywhere


  • You need a stable wifi connection to use the camera.
  • May have trouble setting up the app on your phone or tablet.
  • The sound quality is not as good as other baby monitors.
Video Baby Monitor Camera
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Snug Baby Monitor v2 – Wifi Video Camera with Audio for iPhone/Samsung

snug baby monitor

The Snug Baby Monitor is easy to set up with the camera connecting to your home wifi network. You then can control the camera from your smartphone or tablet once you’ve installed the app. A reasonably well-priced baby monitor that provides clear pictures and excellent audio.

A great feature for parents is the audio and motion detection alarm that will notify you if it picks up movement or sound and the Night Vision feature that allows you to see your baby at night while they are peacefully dreaming. With 350-degree coverage, this is sure to keep moms relaxed while watching their little ones.


  • Wifi Enabled
  • Very easy to set up
  • Clear picture quality and audio
  • Price


  • Audio/Motion alerts may not be consistent.
  • Have to keep the app running on a smartphone/tablet to get alerts.
Snug Baby Monitor Camera

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LeFun Wireless Baby Monitor

LeFun Wireless Baby Monitor

A baby monitor with some fantastic features that include Wifi compatibility, wireless camera, video monitoring and recording with live streaming, night vision, and two-way audio. Parents have reported that it is easy to set up and the quality of the sound and video meets their expectations.

Parents love that they can also move the camera to look around the room in any direction and that they can easily see their sleeping baby during the night with the night vision feature.


  • Wifi Enabled
  • Cost
  • Easy to set up
  • Can move the camera with a smartphone


  • The app always needs to be running
  • The camera can be noisy when it moves around
  • It always needs an internet connection to work
LeFun Wireless Camera Baby Monitor
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Big Time Smart Cam Wifi Video Baby Monitor

big time smart cam

Fast becoming a favorite baby monitor for many parents, the Big Time Smart Cam is reasonably priced, quick, and easy to set up and is wifi enabled so you can check in on your little ones at any time even while they are sleeping.

You can view the camera on your cellphone, PC computer, Iphones, and Ipads. It comes with night vision capability that has been reported to give a clear image. A feature that many parents enjoy is the ability to move the camera left, right, up, and down 360 degrees which provides more viewing options.


  • Wifi Enabled
  • Great picture and audio quality
  • Easy to set up


  • Apple computers not compatible.
  • May experience a slight delay in sound coming through from camera.

Comfort Cam Pro HD Baby Monitor

comfort cam pro

The Comfort Cam allows parents to rest assured that they can see and hear their baby any time of the day from home or away. Coming with some excellent features including wifi-enabled, HD, 2-way audio, and night vision.

A baby monitor also allows up to four people to view the camera all at the same time. The comfort cam has quality viewing with room coverage of 350-degree pan and 120-degree tilt that you can use your tablet or smartphone to navigate.

A baby monitor that is worth investigating also allows you to photo and video record so you can capture those special memories.


  • Wifi-enabled
  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent video quality
  • Photo and video record to capture special moments


  • Cost may be on the higher side for some families.
  • Need wifi for the camera to work.
  • Cost may be involved with the app that is required to get the camera to work on devices.

Comfort Cam Reviews

While many people still seem to enjoy this monitor, it does have a lot of negative reviews as of late. Here are a few to help balance out your buying decision properly.

It would appear that the most recent comments are negative, so perhaps there was a shift in production at the company. Some reviewers complained about the software, customer service, and overall quality of the product.

This is another reason it’s so important to do your homework before making an investment. The great thing about purchasing from Amazon is their return policy.

From K Nobison:

Carefully read all of the information and reviews on this product before purchase. It is $10/month on top of the initial purchase price to use. We returned this product after setting it up in our home.
Even if we were willing to pay the $10/month to use this device, we would have had to deal with slow reaction time and delays. The awful product really. Bait and switch for sure.

Features At a Glance:

Puretech Baby Wifi Video Camera

Wifi Enabled

Motion Detector

Quick & Easy Install

Night Vision

2 Way Microphone and Speaker

Wide Angle Lens

Snug Baby Monitor V2 – Wifi Video Camera with Audio for Iphone/Samsung

Wifi Enabled

Simple to Set Up

Motion and Audio Detection

2 Way Microphone

Night Vision

Online Support

Free downloadable App

Lefun Wireless Baby Monitor

Wifi Enabled

Wireless Camera

Video Monitoring and Recording

2 Way Audio

HD Video

Easy Install and Setup

Night Vision

Motion Detection

Big Time Smart Cam Wifi Video Baby Monitor
  • WifiUecording
Comfort Cam Pro HD Baby Monitor
  • Wifi EnУding


Overall, when choosing a Wifi enabled baby monitor it is crucial to get one that fits within your budget, is easy to install and use, and also provides you with comfort knowing you can check on your baby at any time.

Finally, there are many styles, designs, and brands to choose from. It is great to see that a range of baby monitors are cost-effective and trusted by many parents.

The overall research is showing that the ComfortCam Pro HD Baby Monitor is fast becoming a popular choice for parents as it allows them to feel happy that they can monitor their baby at any time, which supports why it is in our top 5 best wifi enabled baby monitors.

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  1. BDM says:

    Time to update your ComfortCam review. Check the newer reviews on Amazon – this thing has gone down hill big time. The new ones are awful, and there is no customer service. Avoid it at all costs, unless you just love extra stress in addition to a new baby.

    • Rowan says:

      Thank you for drawing this to my attention. I have made an update in the article to inform our readers. Appreciate you reaching out!