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The Top 5 Best Train Sets for Toddlers

The Top 5 Best Train Sets for Toddlers
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Whether their little ones are boys or girls, parents invariably find themselves with living room floors full of different kinds of planes, trains, and yes, cars. And at some point, their toddler will show an interest in train sets because who doesn’t love choo-choos that make you blow your imagination and skills?

The best toddler railway set, though, involves more than just finding the same ones of the cartoon their toddlers love or the ones which are the most expensive. In fact, there are easily a set few that are best for most parents and toddlers to enjoy together in the best play ever.

The best toddler electric train set doesn’t have to be huge or come set up on a table like model trains, only to be knocked down in a five train engine pileup disaster at the end of every day play.

Instead, finding the best train sets for toddlers or children can be about figuring out what their toddlers are like in general. Do they still chew on toys a lot? Are electronic options going to go right over their heads? And, most importantly, how much can parents handle the automated train toy noises each day?

Keep in mind that train sets are great for your young children to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Also, by building the track set, your child has to use their problem-solving skills and creative thinking. Not to mention the hours of fun and pretend play that can help boost their creativity and imagination skills.

Here are our top 5  best train sets for toddlers:

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1. WolVol Big Train Tracks Set

WolVol Big Train Tracks Set

The WolVol Big Train Tracks Set is super intricate and designed for toddlers ages three and up.

If parents want to get the most out of the interactive lights and sounds while pretending play, the set takes batteries, or they can have their children play with the train set without any added sounds and make them use their imagination.

In total, it requires 3 AA batteries and 1 AAA battery, so even if parents do want to opt for all the bells and whistles as far as lights and sounds go, there isn’t a need for any extensive or bulky batteries.


  • There’s a real, interactive and working traffic light in the toy.
  • The train can move on its own when turned on with batteries.
  • The track clicks together easily.
  • Multiple levels mean longer periods of fun and creativity for toddlers.
  • The set comes with a bridge, trees, tunnels, traffic lights, etc…


  • At 21 x 12 x 3 inches and almost three pounds, the WolVol Big Train Tracks Set is a pretty big toy when fully assembled.
  • Since there are a lot of pieces, it might be hard to involve toddlers in putting it together with parents.

2. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset

vtech go smart wheels train station playset

For the toddler who already loves VTech cars, the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset is designed with the same kinds of sounds, lights, and songs in mind for your kids.

With 10 different SmartPoint locations, the SmartPoint cars and trains are designed to trigger different songs and phrases to give toddlers hours of unpredictable playtime fun.

Designed for toddlers ages one to five-year-olds, the VTech Go! Go! Train set requires just three AAA batteries which are included in the set and each SmartPoint car can be turned off when not in use.


  • Toddlers or kids can use all of their SmartPoint vehicles with the train set.
  • The sounds and songs are also educational.
  • Since it’s for ages one to five, the VTech Go! Go! Train set can be used for a long time.
  • The tracks click together easily.


  • The train ramp requires someone to crank it themselves, so younger toddlers would need continuous help in the play or high motor skills.
  • The almost constant sounds can be a bit overkill for some parents and even kids.
VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset
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3. LEGO DUPLO My First Train

lego duplo train set

LEGOs are typically best for kids around the age of seven because of their skills and child’s development but to introduce them to the building block toy while playing on their love of trains or cars, the LEGO DUPLO My First Train set is probably the way to go.

For ages two to five-year-olds, the LEGO DUPLO train set toy is easy to assemble and one they can begin to assemble on their own as they get older and more used to how it works. The train does require three AA batteries, as it makes sounds for your child.


  • It’s a good starter LEGO option for toddlers.
  • The large pieces make it harder to lose each one.
  • It’s fairly easy to snap together.
  • Parents can purchase a set of additional tracks to make it larger for your child.


  • Since the tracks are a basic circle, parents would almost have to purchase the additional tracks to go with it.
Our Pick: LEGO DUPLO - My First Number Train Set
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4. Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas and Percy’s Railway Race Train Set

Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas and Percy's Railway Race Train Set

Since Thomas & Friends might be what got the toddler interested in trains in the first place, the Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas and Percy’s Railway Race train set might be the best way to go for your child.

Designed for kids ages three to six-year-olds, it’s one of those train sets that will likely last them well past the toddler stages with all of the intricate track it features and the fact that it’s more of a race than a leisurely train ride for each of the cars.

At more than six feet long, the Thomas & Friends train race set is definitely something to keep toddlers busy for hours in a creative play. It requires four AAA batteries, which are not included in the toy.


  • The characters are ones that toddlers probably recognize well.
  • There is more engine to the game than simple train play.
  • Toddlers and even young kids would potentially enjoy playing with it.
  • Give its size and brand, the Thomas & Friends race train set is a decent value at $40.


  • The length and size of the track might take up too much room when set up and left out.
  • With all of the sounds, the Thomas & Friends race train set makes, the batteries will likely have to be changed quite often.
  • Since it’s so large and intricate, younger children might need a lot more help with it.
Thomas and Friends Railway Race Set
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5. BRIO Rail and Road Travel Set Train

BRIO Rail and Road Travel Set Train

The nostalgia that comes with playing with a wooden railway set where it’s at for the BRIO Rail and Road Travel Set Train, even without the usual train table set up.

Parents and toddlers will probably also love how the magnetic train cars stick together to be pulled along the easily interlocking tracks. It’s made for kids ages three and up and comes with two figurines, a car, and three different train cars to blow your child’s imagination. There is no battery required for this train set.


  • The BRIO Rail and Road Travel Set Train might make parents reminiscent of their own first train sets.
  • The cost, at $48, is fair for the large track and accessories. 
  • Since it doesn’t need batteries, the longevity of the train set and track might be longer.
  • It’s compatible with all other BRIO trains and sets to make the track bigger or switch up the layout at any time.


  • Although the cost is fair for the size and contents of the train set, some might see it as unfair since the BRIO Rail and Road Travel Set Train doesn’t come with any lights or sounds.
  • Most toddlers are already more accustomed to brightly colored and designed toys rather than wooden.
  • Although the tracks are wooden, some of the other parts are plastic, which would be a turnoff for some parents.
BRIO Rail & Road Travel Set
Personally, I LOVE the wooden BRIO train sets. We still have pieces that my husband played with as a kid! They are more expensive, but worth every penny.
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Final Thoughts on the Best Toddler Trains Sets

Choosing the best train set for toddlers doesn’t have to be a strenuous task for parents and it doesn’t have to mean hours of research to have a nice time of imagination and creativity for your children. Luckily, these are legitimately the top five train toys for toddlers that stimulate motor skills, whoever they are.

From wooden and simple to loud with flashy, bright colors, all of these wooden train sets have some aspect that both parents and toddlers will connect with for what will hopefully be hours of fun.

Our Pick: LEGO DUPLO - My First Number Train Set
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 02:38 pm GMT

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  1. Qhouse kids says:

    This is an amazing list As my little guy is now fully been into the the world of trains .we have gotten him his a couple different train items on his birthday recently. Your train list is awesome, and I will definitely be using it when we make a larger train purchase. Thanks for sharing .

    • TBSStaff says:

      Yes, there are so many good things about play for kids and trains are awesome! Glad you liked this article!