The Ultimate Quinny Moodd Review: Does this Super Stroller Live Up to the Hype?

Quinny Moodd Review

Every parent wants a stroller for their baby that can grow with them and be used for years rather than simply the baby stages. But the Quinny Moodd Stroller, Black Devotion stroller takes that to a whole other level.

Because of its ability to seat your baby or toddler comfortably in a variety of positions, it’s definitely a stroller that you can buy without the need for an additional “everyday” umbrella stroller you might require when buying some of the bulkier convertible strollers out there.

Not to mention the Quinny Moodd’s stylish appearance that’s unlike the design of a lot of other strollers, even if they’re of similar quality. To use it with your baby from birth, you can buy the Quinny Tukk Foldable Carrier, Natural Delight that can fit in the stroller either forward or rear-facing.

There’s also the Quinny Buzz Multi-Model Car Seat Adapter, which fits a variety of car seat brands and allows you to fit your baby’s car seat securely in the stroller for as long as they’re still using a car seat carrier.

The Quinny Moodd Stroller, Black Devotionseat itself reclines all the way flat for your baby and can later be used as an upright seat for your toddler, complete with the handlebar for the to hold onto as opposed to the standard tray.


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  • There’s a shopping basket underneath that can hold up to 11 pounds, meaning you may be able to fit more than just the diaper bag.
  • The sun canopy provides 50+ UV protection for your child and ample shade in general.
  • The wheels are detachable for easier storage and when securely reattached have a strong impact-absorbing suspension system.
  • Your child can either be forward or rear-facing as you see fit and the footrest is completely adjustable.
  • The seat cover of the Quinny Moodd is water and dirt repellant, so clean-ups are a lot easier than with most strollers.


  • The Quinny Moodd pops up and collapses with one-handed ease.
  • It’s stylish compared to the design of many other similar infant-toddler strollers.
  • Thanks to the suspension system, the ride is smooth for your little one.
  • You can use it in so many different positions to best accommodate your baby or toddler.


  • There aren’t any cup or snack holders for caregivers or attached to the seat.
  • The Quinny Moodd can only be used for babies and toddlers up to 33 pounds.
  • In the most upright position, the seat stays forward pretty far and it might not be comfortable for all babies or toddlers.

How Others Compare

Mutsy Evo Industrial Edition Stroller

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The Mutsy Evo Industrial Edition Stroller, Grey with Black Chassisis another stylish option for transporting your baby places. Not to mention the fact that it folds up quickly and neatly so it can be carried easily.

The full size seat of the stroller is reclinable up to 165 degrees to make babies and toddlers comfortable at any given time.

The front wheels can either swivel completely or securely lock into place and the Mutsy Evo Industrial Edition Stroller’s suspension system makes for a smoother ride overall.


  • Both the frame and seat of the stroller are lightweight and easy to store and carry.
  • The leg rest is adjustable for your growing toddler.
  • It can be used for babies and toddlers from five to 50 pounds.
  • When folded, the stroller is easy to carry, but it can also stand upright with no problem.


  • Even though it can be used for a long time, the price of $460 is fairly steep for some parents.
  • Without any snack or cup holders, the stroller makes you rely solely on the storage basket underneath.
  • Actually folding it can be difficult.

UPPAbaby 2017 Vista Stroller

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Despite the cost of the 2017 UPPAbaby Vista - Jake (Black/Carbon), it does have some additions that might make it worth the price tag for some families. As an all-in-one stroller, it comes with its own removable baby carrier that can securely hold your infant when using the stroller.

Then, when he or she grows out of that infant stage, you can use the stroller with its toddler seat. Slimmer than its previous model, the 2017 version of the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is one inch smaller at the wheel base and 1.5 pounds lighter than before.

It also has an adjustable handlebar that can be done so with one hand and a roomy storage basket underneath.


  • It’s very easy to put together.
  • The carrier and even car seat, when used with the UPPAbaby 2017 Vista Stroller, can be securely fashioned in a couple of different positions.
  • The basket underneath is roomier than most other strollers’ storage baskets.
  • It’s easy to collapse down and once it does, it can stand upright on its wheels.


  • Although there are the quality and longevity there, the price might be too costly for some families to afford.
  • Although it is a slimmer design, it’s not the lightest stroller option.
  • Since the price is steep, some parents might be deterred from purchasing the UPPAbaby 2017 Vista Stroller.

Chicco Urban Stroller

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As an already trusted brand, the Chicco Urban Stroller, Truffle is one that parents no doubt already love. And when comparing it to the Quinny Moodd, it definitely stacks up.

Its biggest quality is the fact that it’s advertised as a 6-in-1 stroller, meaning that it has six different positions your baby or toddler can be comfortable in.

With a frame that folds down easily into a compact and easy-to-store size, the stroller is one your baby and toddler can both use, from five to 50 pounds. In a way, it could be the only troller you ever need, and it looks a lot more stylish than your everyday bulky stroller.


  • With six different positions, your baby or toddler is sure to find one that makes him or her the most comfortable.
  • The quick-release wheels make for easy and even more compact storage of the stroller.
  • It has an expandable canopy that provides UV protection and shade.
  • It’s fairly simple to put together.


  • Without a one-handed fold, the Chicco Urban Stroller becomes a little more bothersome for parents, especially if they’re holding their baby in their arms.
  • When used as a toddler stroller, the basket underneath the stroller is harder to access.
  • The wheels are detachable, but the front wheels might sometimes have trouble swiveling properly.

Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller For Infant And Toddler

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01N655SUC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”thebabyswag-20″ width=”500″]

The Cynebaby Newborn Baby Stroller for Infant and Toddler City Select Folding Convertible Baby Carriage Luxury High View Anti-shock Infant Pram Stroller with Cup Holder and Rubber Wheels (Linen Grey) is another one with a stylish design and a handly bassinet that transforms into a comfortable toddler seat as you need it to.

Even though it isn’t a jogging stroller, it does have strong bike-like tires and a strong enough suspension to absorb any bumps when traveling over rocks, dirt, or sand.

The seat can be upright, reclined, or deeply reclined and the fact that it’s designed for either your infant or toddler means that you can keep the stroller around until your toddler actually grows out of it.


  • The stroller is fairly easy to put together.
  • It has a simple one-touch parking brake so you can stop quickly or suddenly as needed.
  • The aluminum alloy frame is not only sturdy, but it’s a shock absorber too.
  • The handlebar is adjustable for parents and caregivers of varying heights.


  • Some parents might notice a strong plastic smell in new Cynebaby Newborn Baby Strollers for Infant and Toddler.
  • The footrest might not be long enough to some growing toddlers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it’s no doubt going to be a combination of the price, comfort, and longevity that tells you if the Quinny Moodd stroller is what you need for your baby as they grow into a toddler. While it isn’t a jogger or a particularly large stroller, it is a stylish and sleek option that’s easy to take with you pretty much anywhere.

There are certainly strollers that compare to the Quinny Moodd, but where some may be lacking in overall quality, they might also be more affordable, so it’s going to be up to you to decide which stroller is best for your little one.

But as a whole, the safety and comfort of the Quinny Moodd Stroller, Black Devotion, along with the fact that it can be used as a simple newborn stroller and later a sturdy toddler stroller means that you’ll be able to get use out of it for years.

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