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The iBaby M6 Monitor Review – Never Miss a Single Moment

The iBaby M6 Monitor Review – Never Miss a Single Moment
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I can still recall the first time I had to leave our little munchkin alone at home with a babysitter. I’m one of those lucky moms who get to work from home so the first time we let anyone look after our precious little bundle of joy, was at 8 months when we were invited to a friend’s wedding (I know, it was long overdue).

Still, I remember feeling anxious and terrified of leaving our most prized possession in the hands of someone else. A million questions raced through my mind that evening – Did I remember to tell the babysitter to let the food cool down first, does she know where we keep the first aid kit, did she see the emergency contact numbers on the fridge?

What if she’s not able to calm our little one down when she cries? I must have called the babysitter a gazillion times to check up on our little girl and I’m pretty sure that at about 21:00, she was hoping we’d just come home already because we were constantly on the phone. Sounds familiar, right?

The feeling is natural; we all experience this separation anxiety at some stage. Fact is, at some time or another; we have to leave our babies in the care of someone else, whether it is to run an errand, go back to work or go on a much-deserved date-night with your partner.

In order to have peace of mind, I decided to start looking for baby monitors that are wi-fi network connected and that it has a mobile app so it will allow me to see the baby’s nursery all the time and in fact every room I put my baby it. Luckily the ibaby m6 review is all about one of my favorite baby monitors that have a wi-fi connection and that will make parenting a breeze.

How Do Baby Monitors Work?

There are different types of baby monitors that provide high-quality videos and audio and they transmit sounds by radio waves into the receiver. Some monitors have android and play lullabies, music, and sound while others are just providing high definition images and videos and also are two-way communication device. While it can be confusing picking the right baby monitor for your little one/s, we bet that you will love this ibaby m6 review!

iBaby Care Monitor

iBaby Care Monitor

The iBaby Care Monitor will definitely give you peace of mind since it can be connected to your smartphone or tablet and will allow you to stream high-definition video of your bundle of joy from anywhere in the world. The ibaby care monitor is a wi-fi wireless device that and uses the internet to provide quality video and sound, so no internet means no stream.

The ibaby care monitor can be used to keep an eye on your baby whether you are inside the house, at work or half-across the world, and it will definitely give you peace of mind when it comes to checking up on your bundle of joy.

This monitor allows an unlimited amount of users, but live streaming is limited to four users at a time. Includes two-way communication, excellent day and night vision (HD), the ability to play (or record your own) lullabies. The iBaby also sends alerts directly to your cell phone.


The iBaby M6 Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera is a neat-looking gadget. It weighs only 2,6 pounds, making it easy to move around the house (unless you mount it up against the wall, in which case it becomes a little trickier). It is only 7 x 7 x 7 inches, so although not invisible, it is still discreet. We were only able to find this device in the color white.

Quick installation

Parents rave about the fact that the iBaby M6 is tremendously user-friendly, whether you are trying to install it, set up alerts or watch your little baby. Most of the installation is automatic with prompts that will guide you through the entire process. Estimated set-up time: 4 minutes.


Without crystal clear imaging, a baby monitor is useless. One of the iBaby M6’s best attributes, is the excellent quality image and video quality that it provides, both day and night. The camera has a TrueHD lense, sending HD imaging to your phone. Video resolution is 720p. In short, prepare to be amazed both day and night!


The iBaby M6 covers 360 degrees, left to right so you can just about see everything, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, it only has a 110 degree tilt (up and down) which makes placement of the camera crucial.

Remember that babies roam around on the floor the majority of the time and some parents complained that they weren’t always able to see their little one if they were crawling on the floor while the iBaby was placed on a shelf.

Placing the iBaby M6 on the floor is also not the best idea so in order to ensure that you can view all angles, you have the option of mounting the camera to the wall mount kit. This will give you full range if installed at the right angle but keep in mind that if you plan on moving the device from room to room, it becomes a pain to remove it every time.


The iBaby M6 is controlled from your smartphone or tablet. You can move the camera lens, zoom in, capture images, add users etc. all from your cell phone. Take note that only one user can be the administrator at a time so although you can invite other users to view, only you can manipulate the functions such as zooming in or enabling sound.

This is great for safety reasons but it does mean that you and your partner will have to decide who gets administration rights.



The product states that any iOS and Android phone can be used with the iBaby, however, according to several reviews some parents who are not making use of an iPhone/iPad have had some glitches when using the iBaby.

This doesn’t appear to be a major issue but we thought we’d mention this to ensure a thorough review. Also, when installing your iBaby M6, ensure that your router is set to 2.4 GHz and NOT 5 GHz, otherwise it won’t work.

The extras

So here comes the fun part – all the functions that make the iBaby M6 so fantastic!

  • Two-way Audio –The iBaby M6 has two-way audio, meaning that you can hear whatever is going on in the room but you also have the advantage of letting your baby hear your voice from wherever you are. This also allows you to give instructions to a babysitter or ask a question while they are in the room and get an instant response without having to pick up your phone and call them.
  • Smart alerts – Smart alerts allow you to customize the iBaby, sending a message directly to you phone whenever the customized event occurs. For example, you can set an alert for when you baby cries (noise based) or wakes up (motion based) and an alert will be sent to your phone. The iBaby also allows for a photograph or video to be taken whenever such an alert pops up. We love this function seeing that even though we know you want to stare at your beautiful baby all day long, you need to get work done but with the assurance that you always know how or what your baby is doing.
  • Plays lullabies – The iBaby M6 allows you to play lullabies, music that is stored on your phone or even a bedtime story you recorded yourself! It’s like you never even left the room!
  • Share special moments – You can share images and videos of special moments recorded by the iBaby with friends and loved ones. You even have the option of uploading the images/recordings to social media. With the iBaby, you will never miss your baby’s first word, roll over or steps as it will all be recorded! You can also invite friends and family to have access to the live streaming without giving them any administration rights.


  • Connects wirelessly to your phone from anywhere in the world
  • Able to connect more than one iBaby M6 camera to your phone at a time and have control over all of the devices, a great option if you choose to fix the iBaby M6 to the wall in several rooms.
  • Has an ibaby app and saves photos and videos on cloud storage
  • Allows you to record, save and share all the special moments
  • Unlimited amount of users can be added to the live video streaming
  • Only one person has control over what viewers can and cannot see and adjustment of the camera
  • Makes use of the secure Amazon Cloud Server to ensure that you have no unauthorized access is granted
  • Allows you to play lullabies, music and record your own voice/bedtime stories
  • Easy installment
  • Excellent quality image/video both day and night time and cloud storage
  • You can customize alerts that are sent directly to your phone
  • Two-way audio allows for real-time interaction
  • User-friendly
  • It has humidity sensors, air quality sensor and long battery life


  • Although you can add an unlimited amount of viewers, the viewing is limited to only 4 users at a time.
  • Designed for mobile devices and tablets only.
  • Requires excellent internet connection in order to work
  • The iBaby M6 doesn’t have an SD card slot so you will have to save everything using cloud storage.
  • Poor customer service has been reported
  • In most cases, you need to buy the wall mount kit separately
  • Only tilts 110 degrees up and down

All in all, the iBaby M6 is a nifty little device. It allows you to experience special moments with your baby when you unable to be at home with them. It also captures these moments so that you can share and cherish them for years to come and if you have someone looking after your baby, it provides a little peace of mind, knowing that you can check on your little one whenever you want to.

We also love the alerts that can be customized and sent to your phone, allowing you to get things done without worrying that you will miss a thing. The excellent quality imaging is also a big selling point for us!

On the downside, if you have a slow internet connection, you will have trouble using the iBaby and might not be able to view anything! Fortunately, we live in an era where fast internet is available almost everywhere we go but keep this in mind whenever you plan a vacation or work trip.

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iBaby Care Monitor Alternatives:

FREDI Wireless Camera Baby Monitor

FREDI Wireless Camera Baby Monitor

The FREDI Wireless Camera Baby Monitor is a good alternative if you are shopping on a tight budget. The camera also connects wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing you to keep an eye on your precious little bundle of joy from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi!

The FREDI baby monitor offers two-way communication, night vision and HD 720p viewing quality which projects excellent viewing quality. Installation is very easy for both devices and smart alerts will also be sent directly to your smartphone when using the FREDI.

In both cases, the smartphone is used to control the camera and multiple users can view live streaming when invited by you. You can also use multiple cameras linked to one smartphone. The devices will only work if connected to the internet – no internet, no viewing.

FREDI Baby Monitor Wireless Security Camera
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FAQ’s About the iBaby Care Monitor

How do I reset my iBaby m6?

In case it comes time to reset the iBaby care monitor you have to press the reset button on the back for 30 seconds and wait until it restores. Usually, there is a jingling sound on the monitor in order to know when the device is all set to be used again.

Do WIFI baby monitors use data?

Baby monitors don’t use Internet bandwidth if you are at home and using your home Wifi, however, when you go out and want to watch your baby, you definitely will be using bandwidth for video streaming of your little one.

Is this the safest baby monitor for my little one?

Whichever iBaby Care Monitor you choose, you will definitely not go wrong because they are VOC’s monitors which measure the humidity levels, smoke in homes, and the air quality in the room and the monitor sends notifications on your phone when you should open a window due to letting the air out.

In Conclusion

Though the smart baby monitor does provide more features such as motion, real sleep video monitoring, has a temperature sensor that measures the temperature in the room where the baby is, the FREDI Wireless Camera Baby Monitor certainly gives you value for money. It does more or less the same with excellent quality video/imaging at a fraction of the cost.

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