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The Full Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed Review

The Full Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed Review
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There will come a time when your toddler is so used to sleeping in a toddler bed as opposed to a crib that they’re ready for that first family camping trip. But before you go shopping for a small sleeping bag to keep him or her cozy all weekend long, consider a travel cot for your toddler.

The Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed is designed to make things easier on camping trips, yes, but it can also be used for so much more. Use it in the place of folding canvas chairs when you’re on a picnic, or let your toddler relax sitting up in the cot at a sibling’s outdoor soccer game.

You can even use it for those first sleepovers your little one is bound to have and go to. One of the best things about the cot itself is that it folds up for easy storage and transporting and fits inside a carrying bag. Then, when you need to use it again, you simply fold it down and let it click into place, much like a canvas camping chair.

The Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed can hold kids who weigh up to 75 pounds, so the general appropriate age range is from 2-5 years old. And since the canvas material can be pulled off and wiped down with soap and water, you can feel free to also take the travel cot to the beach to give your toddler another space to sit and relax other than on the sand.

While it is versatile in the ways you can get use out of it, it isn’t recommended that your toddler jump on or even stand on the cot for their safety and to maintain the integrity of the cot itself. Even so, it offers a variety of options so that you can really see the value in it.

regalo portable toddler bed


  • It can be set up and then folded down in less than a minute for easy transportation and storage.
  • The base of the cot is made from all-steel construction, adding to the durability and longevity of the frame.
  • The canvas is removable to wash by hand and the cot also comes with a specially fitted sheet to go right on top of that.
  • In most cases, when folded down into the bag, the cot is lightweight enough for children to even attempt to carry themselves.


  • The cost of the Regalo cot is affordable for most families, especially as you’ll be able to get plenty of use out of it for different things.
  • You can set up and then fold it down in literal seconds, which definitely takes some of the headaches away that might have come with the days of Pack ’n Play portable cribs.
  • It’s easy to travel with it, especially as it comes with a carrying bag, and it can be stored pretty much anywhere.
  • Your child can even use it as a seat with another toddler, provided that together they don’t exceed the weight limit.


  • The bars under the canvas might be a little uncomfortable, so you may need to purchase an extra pad to act as a cushion for your toddler.
  • Depending on the size and height of your child, he or she might grow out of the cot sooner than expected.
  • Weight distribution is important on the cot, otherwise, it could tip to one side.
Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed
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03/06/2024 02:56 am GMT

How Others Compare

Јоovy Foocot Child Cot

joovy foocot

The Joovy Foocot Child Cot is similar to the Regalo, but it may even be a little wider, meaning that your growing child should feel comfortable instead of as though they’re quickly outgrowing the cot.

It also has two side pockets to store small toys, water bottles, toddler cups, or even tablets. The cot also comes in four different colors (green, pink, blue, and orange) so if you have more than one toddler to purchase one for, you’ll be able to keep track of which cot belongs to whom.

It’s designed to hold children up to 48 inches tall and 75 pounds, so it can easily be used for years throughout toddlerhood, as long as your younger toddler actually stays in the cot throughout the night, that is. But like the Regalo, it also folds up easily and fits into its carrying bag that has a strap to make transporting the cot even easier.

And the sturdy steel frame is sure t hold up well for frequent use, as the nylon fabric that stretches over the top of the frame is both comfortable and breathable at the same time.


  • The cot is lightweight enough and so easy to transport that your toddler might even be able to carry it when it’s in the carrying bag.
  • It’s big enough to fit smaller and larger toddlers and, in most cases, should last years for little ones.
  • If your child sits down on one end of the cot, it’s sturdy and stable enough that it doesn’t typically tip over to that side and instead it stays grounded.
  • There’s also a latch that can be moved into place to fully secure the frame, which will no doubt give you some added peace of mind.


  • Yonger toddlers might still fall out of the cot in the middle of the night since it doesn’t have any raised sides.
  • Older toddlers close to the weight limit might actually end up being too low to the floor when laying in the cot because of the stretchy fabric on top.
  • Similar to that of the Regalo, there is one part of the Joovy Foocot’s frame that’s a little harder and uncomfortable that could use additional padding.
Joovy Foocot Child Cot
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The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed

shrunks portable mattress

Unlike actual folding cots, The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed is actually inflatable, which can have its upsides and downsides.

It’s beneficial because of its comfort and the way the sides are slightly raised, which helps keep your toddler safely nestled in it rather than rolling out. However, some families may not love the idea of needing to inflate the cot every time you need it, or the potential for holes to arise or worsen despite efforts to prevent them or plug them up.

Still, the Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed is soft enough even without the fitted sheet, which is included with it and can provide ample support for your little one. It also comes with a travel bag and pumps for even easier filling each time, and it’s suitable for children ages two and up and can sustain a weight of up to 150 pounds, which is considerably more than most cots and adds to its longevity for your toddler.


  • The raised edges of the cot help keep your child from rolling out of it in the middle of the night, which can be a problem for some toddlers who aren’t used to sleeping in a bed yet.
  • When it’s not in use, you can deflate it and easily carry it almost anywhere in the accompanying bag.
  • It takes just a couple of short minutes to fully inflate the bed each time your toddler needs to use it.
  • It’s essentially the size of a crib mattress, which means that it’s definitely large enough for your growing toddler and can also fit most crib sheets.


  • The fact that the pump that comes with the bed is a hand pump rather than electric might not be as convenient.
  • There is always the possibility of the travel bed popping or ripping since it’s inflatable.
  • It’s long enough for most toddlers, but could probably be a little wider to really comfortably fit larger or older toddlers.
The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed
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02/24/2024 10:46 pm GMT

Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed

Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed

It may not be a foldable cot or even an inflatable one, but the Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed is also a useful option that’s comparable to the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed.

To use it, you simply unzip and unfold the bag to reveal the cot that has raised walls on all four sides. Not quite a crib, but also not totally open, the bumper bed is designed for children from 18 months-5 years old. Because of its design, it makes it even easier for your little one to make that transition from crib to bed and can also be used while away from home or on family trips.

This is especially true since you can zip it back up into a square carrying bag with ease. Not only that, but you can also add overnight clothes or pajamas in the bed as you zip it up into a carrying case. The mattress that fits snugly inside the bed is 48 x 20 inches, so it really is made to comfortable fit most children, including older toddlers and small children.


  • The raised sides help make the transition from crib to toddler bed so much easier for some children.
  • When you fold it up into its carrying case, there’s also a convenient handle on the outside to make things easier.
  • The mattress, as well as all four sides, are cushioned to keep your toddler safe and comfortable while he or she sleeps.
  • You can also keep a blanket, small pillow, and change of clothes in the bed when it’s folded up.


  • Since it’s a portable travel bed and not an actual bed, it may be a little costly for some families.
  • Even folded up, the bumper bed isn’t suitable for carrying on a plane as a carry-on bag on its own.
  • It can be difficult to get the hang of properly folding it up the first few times.

Final Thoughts

A travel toddler cot is one of those items for your little one that you never really know you need or even want until you realize how useful it can be. With the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed you get a travel cot that can be used in a variety of ways for your child that go beyond just sleeping on it on overnight trips. It can also be used outdoors and for camping as well as in place of a hideaway bed in your own room in case your toddler has a penchant for coming in your room in the middle of the night.

Of course, there are parts of the cot, like the hard base bars, that can be improved upon, but it is affordable and useful in enough ways to help you really get use out of it for a while, making it well worth its cost.

While some parents, or even toddlers, might prefer something more similar to an inflatable toddler travel bed, the Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed is durable and could make your toddler feel like they’re using a “big kid bed,” which can make it even more fun for them and maybe even help them get used to it sooner. Yes, there is the off chance that your particular child doesn’t take well to the design of the cot, but with its multiple uses, it’s definitely worth a shot.

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