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The Battle of the Bottle Cleaners: Wabi Baby vs Baby Brezza

The Battle of the Bottle Cleaners: Wabi Baby vs Baby Brezza

If you think you don’t actually need a bottle cleaner for your infant, then you’ve never stood over a kitchen sink five times a day cleaning and sanitizing the many bottles he or she goes through. That’s where believe it not a bottle sanitizer, and dryer comes in handy. When it comes to some of the top brands, look at the Wabi Baby vs Baby Brezza.

Both sanitizers are designed to not only clean but also dry your baby’s bottles in a timely manner, making cleanup time much more manageable throughout the day. Not only can you use the sterilizers to clean bottles, but also all of the little parts that come along with the bottles, and it’s all done with distilled water, so you won’t have to worry about any soapy residue on your baby’s bottles.

You can essentially set the time for drying the bottles, without even worrying about taking them out. You can use both the Wabi Baby and the Baby Brezza, as storage containers. So, you don’t even necessarily have to take the bottles and bottle accessories out once they’re clean and dry.

Wabi Baby Sterilizer | Amazon
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Of course one of them is bound to be a stronger option than the other though, which is where really comparing the Wabi Baby vs Baby Brezza comes in. Both options will no doubt share some of the best qualities in a bottle sterilizer, but at the same time, in the end, one of them is bound to be the stronger option for you.

Wabi Baby Sterilizer

wabi baby sterilizer

The Wabi Baby Sterilizer is actually a 4-in-1 mechanism that can do more than just clean and dry your baby’s bottles. In actuality, it can sterilize, use hot air for drying, store your baby’s bottles efficiently, and there’s a portion that can be taken out to act as a drying rack outside of the sterilizer.

The swirl motion of the hot air in the sterilizer makes for faster drying time than using air drying for your baby’s diapers, and since the bottles dry inside the sterilizer, you keep the sterilizer working once it gets to the drying stage.

Plus, once your baby’s bottles are inside and drying, the dryer continues to run for 10 minutes every three hours for 12 hours, to keep any moisture from building upon or in the bottles while they’re still in the sterilizer.

The inside itself can fit more than half a dozen of bottles of varying sizes, and you can even fit in nipples and bottle tops to sanitize all of those pieces and parts as well. The Wabi Baby can also disinfect and dry parts to most breast pumps and baby and toddler plasticware, which can make things a lot easier for new parents all around.


  • Capabilities: The sterilizer can store, sanitize, air dry, and even act as a storage rack for other plastic dining ware of your child’s.
  • Storage Capacity: It can hold eight tall and narrow bottles, seven wide neck bottles, or six oddly shaped bottles, all while still fitting in all of the other bottle accessories.
  • Control Panel: To operate the Wabi Baby, you just push one button on the control panel in order to activate cleaning and drying, which all happens within one hour. There’s also a time display so you can keep track of the bottle cleaning progress and memory setting to help the machine memorize your preferred bottle cleaning settings.
  • Price: Check out the latest price here!
  • Where To Buy: You can find the sterilizer on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Walmart and Toys ‘R Us.


  • The Wabi Baby can clean and dry your baby’s bottles in an hour or less, which is especially handy if you’re close to running out of clean bottles.
  • It also cleans a variety of different brands and sizes, so you won’t have to change your preferred bottles just to accommodate the sterilizer.
  • The buttons on the control panel are easily readable and also easy to use.


  • When out on the kitchen counter, the sterilizer can take up a substantial amount of room.
  • During the sterilization cycle, the Wabi Baby tends to leak a decent amount of water onto the counter.
  • Due to the mineral buildup, you will have to clean out the sanitizer itself periodically.


“This is the coolest product that I didn’t know I needed! We use it in our upstairs bathroom for cleaning night bottles. Between gripe water, formula, expressed breast milk, Dr. Browns bottles and twins… We have a LOT of bottle parts at each feeding. This sterilizer is amazing and better than hand washing or dishwashing because it also dries!” – Raegan Conlin on Amazon.

“A must-have baby item. This sanitizer and dryer have been a life saver! It allows me to spend more time with my baby! I used to spend a lot of time wiping the baby bottles and breast pumping pieces before I go to bed. Now my evening routine only requires for me to wash the bottle and breast pump pieces then put them in the Wabi, and it takes care of rest.” – SurfMama808 on Amazon.

“We have had this product for almost 2 years and it has been fantastic! We use it everyday. For the first few months, twice a day. You do have to de-scale it occasionally and we gives all of the parts a good clean down. We use vinegar and water to do this. In addition, I use a scouring pad to get off build up. Wonderful product! Eases into toddlerhood great!” – Ryan Scott on Amazon.

Baby Brezza Sterilizer

baby brezza

The Baby Brezza Sterilizer might look like it’s more futuristic than anything, but in reality, it’s fairly easy to use for your bottles.

As another 4-in-1 system, you can use it just as a sterilizer, just as a dryer only, as both at once, or as a storage system for all of your bottles, nipples, and bottle tops. What truly makes the sterilizer remarkable though is the fact that it can sterilize your baby’s bottles all in just eight minutes.

With BPA-free plastic, the Baby Brezza can be used for up to six bottles at once, but since the sterilizing process is so quick with this particular system, it’s easy to put the bottles in the sterilizer in batches.

The drying mode after sterilization turns on automatically after the bottles are clean and then shuts off the machine right afterward to prevent any steam heat from getting the bottles wet once again. This means that you can simply turn on the sterilizer and set it to the proper setting and walk away while it does all of the work.


  • Capabilities: The Baby Brezza can both sanitize and dry your baby’s bottles, or do one or the other and also use it as storage for said bottles.
  • Storage Capacity: You can store up to six bottles, along with the necessary bottles tops, lids, and nipples that go along with them and also need cleaning and drying.
  • Control Panel: With a few simple buttons, you can choose which mode you need to set to sanitize, dry, or both at any given time. You can also opt to select the 30, 45 or 60-minute drying cycle for the bottles.
  • Price: Check out the latest price here!
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it from the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon or in-store at Target and Buy Buy Baby.


  • While drying may take a bit longer, you can sanitize your baby’s bottles in just eight minutes, killing 99.9% of germs.
  • If you don’t put enough water in to run the complete cycle, a red backlight will turn on to alert you, rather than running the cycle without any water to actually sanitize the bottles.
  • From Tommee Tippee to Dr. Brown bottles, you can fit a variety of different brands of bottles in the Baby Brezza.


  • You may have to get creative in fitting in all of the bottles and accessories to get them adequately sanitized in the machine.
  • At times, it may leak water on your countertop during the sanitizing cycle.
  • It will also take up a lot of counter space on smaller countertops, so that’s something to consider unless you have proper storage space for it.


“A mother’s dream come true. We use this every single day, sometimes up to 5 times a day and it has really held up. Holds all my medela pumping equipment as well as medela bottles and nipples. I seriously don’t know how I survived without this thing. Easy to clean too!” – Gloria G. on Amazon.

“Worth every penny! We were using the microwave which would only clean 1-2 bottles and leave them wet. This machine allows us to clean 6 and dries them, so they are ready to go when needed.” – Jesse Boyd on Amazon.

“This sterilizer is awesome. We use the Comotomo bottles, and our dishwasher always left nasty water spots on the bottles and nipples. The Baby Brezza leaves the bottles spotless and it’s so nice not having a dish drying rack overflowing with bottles parts.” – Heather Hall on Amazon.

The Verdict

While the best qualities of the Wabi Baby and Baby Brezza are hard to ignore, so are the similar aspects they share that is less than desirable. Since they both may leak out water on the countertop, you can assume that it’s merely a part of the course, but when it comes to storage capacity, you can’t overlook the options that the Wabi Baby provides.

Wabi Baby Sterilizer | Amazon
Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
09/30/2022 12:13 am GMT

It can potentially hold two more bottles and closing it is a breeze regardless, unlike the lid of the Baby Brezza, which can be hard to close once you find a way to fit all of the bottles and accessories inside.

Overall, even with the cost of the Wabi Baby being a little pricier than the Baby Brezza, the stronger option between the two would have to be the Wabi Baby. You’re getting ample cleaning and storage space, along with a smooth control panel and it also continuously dries your baby’s bottles until you take them out.

Final Thoughts

A baby bottle sanitizer is easily one of those baby products you don’t realize you need or want until you have one and can’t imagine what life was like before it. While washing bottles by hand it’s not the hardest thing in the world, it can sometimes be tedious, especially after a long day of dirty diapers and chasing your little one around.

Investing in a bottle sterilizer like the Wabi Baby is what any parent or caregiver could use to make bottle cleaning that much easier and, in turn, make their day a little less hectic as well.

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This post is a bit misleading. Those devices don’t clean the bottles but only sterilize and dry them. You still have to wash the bottles by hand prior to using the machines. It makes me believe that the writer didn’t wash the bottles themselves nor did they use the products described in the article