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Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier Review

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier Review

Aside from sleep, a warm plate of food and a long, relaxing bath, a pair of extra hands is one thing I always dreamed of when our baby was born. It’s natural to only want to stare at their adorable little hands and feet all day long but let’s face it — unless you have a house full of servants who jump at your command 24/7, you have to get some work done around the house.

Fortunately, I’m not the only one who had this dream and so baby carriers were created! Today, the market is flooded with a variety of baby carriers from the traditional harness carriers to the more modernized wraps and slings.

The best part is that according to research, carrying your little one on your chest is beneficial as well and takes up very little space compared to a stroller! Before we dive into reviewing what is considered one of the hottest new baby carriers on the market, Baby K’tan’s Original Baby Carrier, let’s have a look at some of the superb benefits of carrying your baby on your chest.

I Prefer the Baby K’tan Original

The Baby K'tan just offers more versatility with 6 different carrying positions AND offers better back support for the carrier. This is why we lean towards the K'tan.

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1. Mimics Kangaroo Care

The benefits of Kangaroo Care baby carrier alternatives have been well researched and thus the practice comes highly recommended by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and pediatricians worldwide. For those not familiar with the practice, Kangaroo Care refers to skin-on-skin contact between a caregiver and a baby.

Baby is usually naked, wearing only a diaper and put in an upright position on the bare chest of the mother/father/caregiver with a blanket covering baby and caregiver. Kangaroo care is predominantly practiced during the newborn phase but can safely be continued until much later.

Some of the physical benefits of Kangaroo care include an improved breathing pattern (which leads to improved SAT levels), stabilizing of the baby’s heartbeat, a more stable body temperature and baby tends to sleep for longer periods of time.

Carrying your baby in a wrap mimics Kangaroo Care and although you and your little one will probably not be bare all of the time, many of the benefits still apply.

Thanks to the 9 months that baby has spent inside your womb, he or she will recognize your smell and voice and be comforted not only by your touch but also your heart beat – a sound it has gotten used to while in-utero when he or she is on your chest.

Research has also shown a decrease in babies crying when mothers carried their babies on their chests, leading to a more relaxed environment for everyone and it is believed that Kangaroo Care can aid successful breastfeeding.

2. Babies in slings, wraps or carriers tend to learn more

Babies carried on their caregiver’s chest, tend to learn more which causes them to be smarter. Dr. Sears explains that because these babies fuss and cry less, they spend more time in what is known as the state of quiet alertness, an ideal state for learning.

Babies are like sponges, absorbing whatever is happening in their environment and because you are able to move around freely and work, they also experience this world as opposed to staying in a camping cot for example.

3. Helps create a bond between you and your baby

Carrying your baby around on your chest can help create that strong bond between baby and his or her caregiver. Your baby is exposed to your voice, smell, and constant touch and feels loved and safe when moving around with you.

4. Hands-free Baby Carrier

Using a wrap, sling or baby carrier gives you an opportunity to get some things done without worrying about neglecting your little one. Have you ever tried shopping with a stroller and trolley at once? What a nightmare! Now you can complete simple tasks without having to put your baby down first.

5. Sibling-friendly

This benefit popped up on a blog – Something I never really considered but that makes absolute sense. I will never forget when our second baby was about 3 weeks old, my 3-year-old daughter came and asked me “if we could please put the baby down so that I could play some ball outside with her.”

It was heartbreaking as I realized that she desperately craved some time alone with me, not yet understanding the concept that we can’t just put her baby brother down somewhere and play. The wrap/sling allows you to still play with your other kids and push them on a swing etc. while your baby is strapped safely to you.

6. Space-saver

A sling, wrap or baby carrier takes up a lot less space than a stroller, no matter how small they fold up. Slings and wraps also usually fit comfortably in a diaper bag so it is always near if you need it.

One could also argue that is environmentally friendly compared to a stroller however many slings, wraps and carriers also have plastic rings or clips but still to a lesser extent than that of a full-size stroller.

7. Offers privacy

If you’ve ever been out and about with a newborn, you will know that strangers tend to try and sneak a peek at your little one, whether you want them to or not. Slings and wraps can be positioned in such a way to shield your little baby from unwelcome strangers and provide some protection against germs.

People are also less likely to come up to you and touch your baby seeing that he or she is so close to your chest! Another bonus is that breastfeeding is also made more manageable and discreet in public.

Considering all the benefits of slings, wraps and baby carriers, we were very excited to review the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier which claims to be a sling, wrap and carrier all in one!

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier Review

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier

After experimenting a little with the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier, it is easy to see why this baby carrier is so popular amongst parents. Baby K’tan took many variables into consideration including different sizes, colors, baby’s position, and even gender when designing the Original Baby Carrier.

It’s a 3-in-1 carrier with 6 different positions

The Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier is so versatile that it can be used as a sling, wrap, or carrier. There are six different positions available for carrying your baby which include the Newborn Kangaroo position, Hug position, Two hip positions, Adventure position, Explore position, and the Hip position.

These positions provide optimum comfort for you and your little one, taking into account the different stages your little one finds him or herself in.

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier
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Baby’s Weight Limitations

Speaking of different stages, the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier can be used on infants weighing 8lbs. – 35lbs (0 -36 months) which makes it a very durable baby carrier.

In their instruction manual, Baby K’tan recommends different carrying positions for different stages which are best suitable not only for your baby but also for you as a parent, considering that 35lbs. can be quite a heavy load to carry.

Double-loop design

Baby K’tan is very proud of their patented double-loop design and rightfully so: The double loop design enables the even distribution of baby’s weight across your back and shoulders to provide sufficient back support and prevent back pain.

Each position was also carefully researched to allow for healthy infant development every step of the way (e.g. baby’s legs and hips).

Baby K’tan Original Material

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier is manufactured from 100% natural cotton. They state that no harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, and azo dyes are used in their fabric, and the thing we love most about the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier?

No metal, no plastic, no irritating buckles or complicated straps! This also makes the carrier easy to wash (it is machine washable) and safe to tumble dry. The carrier does tend to stretch out a little when wearing but quickly returns to its original size once washed.

Baby K’tan Sizes

Baby K’tan offers 5 different sizes to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit when carrying your baby around:

X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Pricing differs depending on which size you take. We were impressed by the Sizing Calculator offered on Baby K’tan’s website which takes your length and weight into account when “sizing” you, guaranteeing a perfect fit even when purchased online.

Many people ordered the recommended size calculated online and panicked once they received the carrier, claiming that it feels too small. They then returned it only to go back to the original size they ordered because the carrier stretches out once worn.

Baby K’tan Colors

The Baby K’tan Original is available in 4 different colors: Basic Black, Eggplant, Denim and Heather Grey. They also offer a variety of colors in their Active, Breeze, and Organic range that is available. The colors are neutral enough so that dads can also strap one on and yet offers a variety.

Baby K’tan Storage

The Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier is sold with a matching sleeve that converts to a carrying bag. The carrier also folds up small enough for you to easily slip into your handbag or diaper bag, another reason why we love that they don’t easy bulky clips, buckles or plastic clips or rings.

Baby K’tan Benefits:

So we’ve already discussed the benefits of using a sling in great length but just to recap:

  •  Mimics Kangaroo care
  • Babies see more so they learn more
  • Promotes bonding between you and your baby
  • Hands-free so you can complete tasks
  • Sibling friendly
  • Saves space
  • Environmentally friendly compared to strollers, no buckles or plastic
  • Offers some privacy for both yourself and your baby and enables you to breastfeed

Everyday wear

The one thing we noticed while researching the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier, was that parents loved how easy it was to slip on and that getting baby into the correct position was almost hassle free.

After all, what good is a baby carrier if it is close to impossible to get your baby into the carrier without upsetting them?  It is also very compact, easy to keep clean, and durable.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier range:

Baby K’tan also offers a range of different carriers to suit each and every parent’s individual needs: Baby K’tan Original, Baby K’tan PINK RIBBON that supports breast cancer awareness, Baby K’tan Active, Baby K’tan Breeze for very hot climates, Baby K’tan Organic, and Baby K’tan Print.

Baby K’tan Alternatives

baby k'tan

The MOBY Wrap Cotton Baby Carrier is a great alternative to the Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier and probably one of its biggest competitors.

The MOBY Wrap is also manufactured from 100% cotton and free of any irritating rings, buckles or plastic clips. The wrap can hold a baby between 8lbs. – 35lbs, as can the Baby K’tan, however, the MOBY wrap is only available as a “one-size-fits-all” wrap, measuring approximately 5 meters in length.

The advantage of this is that anyone can wear the MOBY Wrap whereas Baby K’tan is limited to one size. On the downside, this does mean that if you are quite small, you are left with a lot of extra material and might compromise on the snug fit.

You can always wrap the material a few times around the baby but if it is very hot, it might cause both you and the baby to sweat. It’s also a little more challenging to put the wrap on due to the lengthy material.

The MOBY Wrap offers an abundance of variety when it comes to colors – up to 28 different colors that you can choose from. They also have several other wraps in their line including the Bamboo MOBY Wrap, Organic MOBY Wrap and the Design MOBY Wrap.

The MOBY Wrap is sold with a carrier bag but due to the size of the wrap, it takes up a little more space than the Baby K’tan and it is not so easy to slip into your handbag/diaper bag. The MOBY Wrap also offers several options on how to carry your little one including the Newborn Hug Hold, the Hug hold, the Hip hold and the Kangaroo hold.

Both the MOBY Wrap and Baby K’tan have excellent quality carriers and you won’t go wrong with purchasing either one.

Considering the information, the Baby K’tan might be a little more practical to use but it will only fit one size whereas the MOBY Wrap has a great variety of colors and can be used by anyone else. In the end, it is all about what your personal needs are.

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I Prefer the Baby K’tan Original

The Baby K'tan just offers more versatility with 6 different carrying positions AND offers better back support for the carrier. This is why we lean towards the K'tan.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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