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Besides running around the house and trying to put a diaper on your baby’s butt, one of the hardest things parents will face with their toddlers is potty training. It’s the first task that doesn’t come as naturally to little ones as walking or talking and it’s something parents and toddlers really have to work …

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Lately, I have received many questions regarding the best and most absorbent cloth diapers that new moms could use. So, I did my thorough research, tested and tried some products, asked around a lot, and here it is. Today’s list of the best cloth diaper inserts available on the market.

Before I begin, there’s something you should know when searching for absorbent diaper inserts, something that has to do with their efficacy. You must look at 3 important features: how many layers the insert has, how large the cloth diaper is, and the material it’s made of.

Top 7 Best Cloth Diaper Inserts

I’ve listed and detailed the following products based on their features, quality, and popularity.

1. Thirsties Fab Doublers

Thirsties Fab Doublers

These diaper inserts are among my favorite products for ne

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Maybe you’re not into the whole pink and blue gender stereotypes for babies. Or maybe you simply don’t want to find out what you’re having. If you love surprises, you may be waiting for your baby’s big reveal.

Better yet, maybe your husband doesn’t want to be caught carrying a bright pink diaper bag through the grocery store. Either way, you’re looking for the best gender-neutral diaper bag available, so you can get the most use out of it no matter what gender your bundle of joy turns out to be.

Gender Neutral Diaper Bag Buying Guide

diaper bag

When you’re shopping around for gender-neutral baby items, especially something as important as a diaper bag, there are several things you need to keep in mind while looking.


Perhaps the most i

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A baby wipes warmer may not be something you absolutely need for your new baby, like a crib or a long lasting stroller. But it does add plenty of benefits to your daily schedule with your little one, and in most cases, baby wipe warmers are reasonably priced. Even if you don’t register for one …

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No matter what any enlightened parent tells you, there is nothing fun or special about changing your baby’s diaper. That being said, there is something amazing about finding the best diaper changing pad to make the whole process a little smoother each day. Because infants and older babies go through tons of diapers, meaning that …

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Welcoming a newborn into your home is the most wonderful thing in this world! You’ve been dreaming of holding that tiny little bundle of joy for the past 9 months and now you finally get to go home together! Soon though reality will set in and you find that you are so busy caring for …

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Every year, Americans throw away around 20 billion (yes, billion!) disposable diapers, equivalent to 3.5 tons of waste. Each of these diapers will take at least 500 years to degrade, much longer than you, I or our children will be on the planet. While these figures might be hard to comprehend, they do make it …

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Whatever your reason for wanting to “go green,” it really is as easy as buying online or picking up a pack or organic diapers in the store because there are now that many to choose from. The alternative, of course, is either your standard disposable diapers or cloth diapers, but for some parents, organic is …

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