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Parents all over the United States are looking for the most unique names for their babies and who could blame them, right?! A name should represent your child’s personality and should mean something important since it will follow your little one his or her entire life.

A well-chosen name should come with a story and a meaning. Some parents spend months searching for those letters to come to life. Their child represents their most precious gift of all and the name should fit just like a puzzle piece.

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1. Anders

This is the Scandinavian version of the name Andrew.

Meaning of Anders

son of Andrew, courageous

Origin of Anders

Norwegian, Swedish, Greek

Pronunciation of Anders

AHN-ders, AN-duhrz

Variations of Anders<

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There’s no better way to honor your Welsh origin than giving your little one a traditional Welsh name. But you don’t really have to be Welsh to appreciate how beautiful, noble, and original Welsh names are. These are 27 of the best Welsh baby names for both girls and boys we think you’re going to love.

When you’re picking the right baby name, you’re usually considering several different factors – most commonly, you want the name to sound and look good, have a nice meaning, and some sort of a story or tradition behind it. Welsh names are ticking all the boxes – and today we’ve handpicked some of the best and most original of them for you to consider.

But before we get to the list itself, let’s take a brief look at their historical roots.

History of Welsh Baby Names

Wales is one of the culturally and hist

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Since our names are often our first introduction to others, the significance of their meanings, origins, and popularity cannot be understated. After all, most of us put a lot of thought into strollers and toys we expose our kids too; so why devalue the importance of selecting your child’s name. Russian names combine all three …

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Before all of the diapers and sleepless nights, there’s an important decision all parents have to make: What should I name my child? It can often be a frustrating and confusing process to sort through all the options available. Therefore, let’s simplify the process. French names have a certain elegance and flair which can help …

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