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Solly Baby vs Boba Wraps: Which Is The Best?

Solly Baby vs Boba Wraps: Which Is The Best?
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To help you find the most trending baby wraps on the market and make an informed purchase, our expert new-moms and dads conducted a hands-on comparison between two top-rated baby wraps: Solly Baby vs Boba Wraps.

Our Pick: I would personally go with the Solly Baby Wrap here, due to it’s better support and breathable fabric that doesn’t sweat like other wraps, perfect for warm Spring or Summer days.

They tested the products for useful features, safety, popularity, and several other parameters. And, at the end of the Solly Baby vs. Boba Wraps comparison, they’ve given their final verdict.

Both Solly Baby and Boba Wraps are soft and suitable for babies up to 18 months old.

While the Solly Baby Wrap can hold babies up to 25 lbs., the Boba Wrap can easily hold babies up to 35 lbs. The Solly Baby Wrap is crafted in America using 100% Certified Lenzing Modal, whereas the Boba Wrap is made of 95% cotton. There are no buckles, hard pieces, or straps that could potentially harm your baby’s delicate body.

However, these are just the basic differences between the two best-selling baby wraps, and there’s a lot more than you’ll come to know as you read the Solly Baby vs Boba Wraps comparison further below. So, without much ado, let’s look at both the options closely.

I Personally Prefer Solly Baby

Most people think a wrap is a wrap. Not the case. With Solly baby the subtle things like soft material, thin lightweight fabric, and surprising stretch make it stand out! Best of all, it's generally the cheaper option.

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Solly Baby Wraps

Solly Baby Cross Stitch Baby Wrap

Solly Baby Wrap is considered one of the most versatile and durable baby wraps on the market. It is lightweight, soft, and perfect for newborn babies. So, if you prefer wearing your baby whenever you’re out for a walk or busy with your household chores, the Solly Baby Wrap can be a great pick.

The unique folding style makes it convenient for new moms and dads, and the super-soft fabric of the baby wrap feels like the baby’s gentle skin. With the Solly Baby Wrap, you don’t need to worry about your baby sweating or your baby’s body overheating.

It provides you with a comfortable experience while you’re wearing your baby and allows you to feel each and every movement of the newborn. The Solly Baby Wrap is indeed the best way to build a special bond with your little one.

The wrap is available in two sizes: standard and long. It is very easy to wrap the product, and you’ll also find a pocket at the closing of the wrap. You can use the pocket for a variety of purposes such as storing the infant’s milk bottle, baby napkin, etc.

The best position to place your baby in the Solly Wrap is them facing you. It can be a little risky to wear the wrap while your baby is facing the front.

Solly Baby Wrap has been designed keeping in mind the average weight and size of a baby up to 18 months old. It can carry a weight of up to 25 lbs easily. The 5.5-meter long, durable fabric allows you to wrap your baby multiple times to ensure safety.

You don’t need to worry about the length of the wrap at all. Moreover, the fabric is stretchable, breathable, and allows you to wrap your baby in a way that they’re fully covered and secured by the wrap. Some moms even wear their baby in the Solly Wrap while working out.

You can easily wash the wrap in your washing machine and allow it to dry in the conventional drier. With each wash, the fabric of the wrap becomes stronger and softer.

So, Solly Baby Wrap is the best option for you if you like to carry your baby. It keeps you relaxed throughout the day and keeps your baby safe. Moreover, when your baby is wrapped around your body, there’s no way people with germ-laden hands will touch your little one.

Top features

  • Made of 100% Certified Lenzing Modal which is sustainable, stretchable, breathable, and silky soft
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Promotes bonding between parents and newborn
  • Reduces newborn crying by almost 43%
  • Calms down infant reflux and gas
  • Helps minimize postpartum depression in new moms
  • Keeps your baby safe and secure


  • Comes with a tag in the center of the baby wrap that allows you to pull up the wrap and lifts it conveniently
  • Stretchable and it easily fits different body types. Therefore, it can be used for both, new moms and dads
  • Universal size fits all, and the baby wrap is perfect for parents with different heights and weights
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Very comfortable during all seasons
  • Easy to wrap and use


  • Since the material is stretchable, it can stretch permanently with repeated use
  • Cannot be worn on the back. If you wear the baby wrap on your back, the wrap can exert undue pressure on your baby’s spine and damage their developing joints. Also, in this position, your baby can slip from the wrap and fall
  • Cannot be worn with your baby facing the front. In this position, the movement of your baby can loosen the wrap
  • Can only be used until your baby weighs 25 lbs. or below


Solly Baby Cross Stitch Baby Wrap

“Purchased the sollybaby wrap for my daughter’s new baby. She absolutely loves it, once she got the hang of wearing it and wouldn’t be without it. Thank you Sollybaby xx” – Jamilah A.

“LOVE this brand so much!  This wrap has been a life saver.  My baby and I both loved the experience of baby wearing.  Once you learn how to put it on it’s so easy to put on and off! We even nurse while he’s in it.  I bought the gray for myself and several others as gifts for the “must haves” as new moms.” – Mary G.

“I was worried at first about getting the Solly Baby wrap. Mostly because I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out and it would just be stashed away in a drawer. After watching the tutorial, a couple times and practicing I feel so confident in using it and use it daily! I had a C-section and this was comfortable to use even with my healing body. It is one of my most used baby items. I have a one month old who hates to be put down. I just wrap him up and he’s happy and in most cases falls asleep while I get what I need done!” – Alyssa H.

I Personally Prefer Solly Baby

Most people think a wrap is a wrap. Not the case. With Solly baby the subtle things like soft material, thin lightweight fabric, and surprising stretch make it stand out! Best of all, it's generally the cheaper option.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Boba Wraps

boba wrap

Boba Wrap is a budget-friendly baby wrap that is comfortable to wear. It is made of a mildly stretchable fabric that conveniently wraps around your baby. A 360-degree support feature allows your baby to move while wrapped and provides your baby enough room to adjust their body. Don’t worry; the wrap won’t let your baby fall.

The wrap is very long, almost 4.8-meter long and somewhat difficult to wrap. Initially, you’ll find it a bit intimidating to wrap the product around yourself and your baby, but after going through the user manual, you’ll be able to use it properly. You can also go through the video on Boba Wrap’s official website to learn how to wrap the product.

The wrap can hold a weight up to 35 lbs. and babies up to 18 months of age. However, if your baby is less than five lbs., make sure you discuss with your physician before using the product. It provides hands-free comfort to busy new moms. The robust and durable cotton knit is woven using spandex for long-lasting quality, proper support, and retention of the shape so that the wrap does not sag on prolonged usage.

Another positive thing about this wrap is that it allows your baby’s arms and legs to dangle outside the wrap or remain entirely covered.

To cover your baby’s body completely, all you need to do is lift up the outside cover, tuck in your baby’s legs and arms, cover your baby’s head with a cap, and that’s it. You are ready to go out in the sun with your little one. So, if your baby is younger, this will be a bonus for you because the sunscreen application is not recommended for newborn babies.

Like the Solly Wrap, you need to position your baby facing toward you while using the wrap. Don’t worry; the position is not uncomfortable. Instead, you’ll feel more bonded to your baby. You’ll feel like your baby is hugging you. Your baby will feel really happy and excited about the new snuggly environment created by the Boba Wrap.

They will even doze off while you’re wearing them around you. So, if you’re looking for a baby wrap with multiple positions, we recommend you buy baby wrap that allow multi-position use.

The Boba Wrap is easy to wash, and the fabric does not lose its strength and softness on repeated washing. If you end up spilling something on the baby wrap or your baby throws up on the wrap, don’t get freaked out. Just apply some stain treatment and wash the wrap is your washing machine. If at any point you feel that the wrap is getting stretched out, just put it in the machine drier, and it will shrink to its original shape and size.

This wrap even makes nursing possible which is not the case with many other baby wraps on the market. You don’t need to unwrap to nurse your baby, just stretch the shoulder piece to widen it and lower your baby to a relaxed nursing position.

It is available in eight pleasing colors including navy blue, bright turquoise, charcoal grey, and purple. If you’re not too fond of solid shades, you can pick the neutral Stardust print. Whether you’re a baby wrap pro or a newbie, the Boba Wrap is value for money. It provides a stylish, flexible, and comfortable environment for your baby.

Top features

  • Made of 95% cotton and machine washable French terry blend
  • Convenient tying style for a better fit
  • Enough support for hands-free functioning
  • Stretchable, soft, and breathable material for your baby’s gentle skin
  • Convenient for nursing – anytime, anywhere
  • Supports up to 35 lbs
  • Comes with photo-based instruction manual and warranty card


  • The material is soft, stretchable, and does not sag
  • The wrap is machine-washable
  • It allows you to nurse your baby anytime, anywhere
  • Provides utmost comfort and a cozy environment to your child
  • Pocket-friendly price (see here for latest promos)
  • Can be stored and carried easily


  • Baby must always face inward
  • Lack of structure – the wrap does not support your baby if they want to lean forward, so you always need to place your hand on your baby’s back. This sometimes limits the hands-free functionality
  • The wrap is extremely lengthy and can end up dragging on the floor at times unless you’re very tall. Also, the extra length makes it a little difficult to wrap at times, especially when you’re in a hurry


“I’ve been baby wearing my daughter in this thing since she was born. It’s so cozy and all the different wraps you can do make it extremely versatile too! It’s stretchy so it’s not constricting but it does get warm pretty fast so if you’re have a baby around summer I would get something that breathes better. My babe was borin in October so this worked out for me but even then I worried about her overheating. Other than that, this was such a necessity! Couldn’t get through those first few weeks without it. Or go to the store by myself without it! Also, just a tip: tie it tighter than you think you’ll need it because it stretches and it will loosen because of this and the baby’s weight.” – Corinn Finn

“So happy I gave baby wearing another try with this Boba. I was struggling to find a comfortable wrap for a plus size mom. I’m a dress size 18, and bra size 44D. The last wrap I bought squished my baby into my boobs. This wrap is comfortable for myself and my baby. She is currently 11 pounds and fits fine. Would recommend to anyone.” – Hetzie21

“I love this!! We bought a car seat that grows with our baby, so it stays in the car. This makes it a lot easier to get to and from the car!! I also like it because if I am carrying her in this people don’t try to touch her like they do if she is in the stroller. I’m plus-size so I was worried about it getting all the way around me and I have no problems at all! Love this product.” – Amy Brown

The Verdict: Solly or Boba?

When it comes to picking the best baby wrap out of the two options mentioned here, the Solly Baby Wrap is the better option here. While Boba Wrap has more material and makes nursing convenient, Solly Baby Wrap is thin, stretchable, soft, and great for sultry summer days.

Also, it is easier to wrap and manage.

Unlike Boba Wrap, with Solly Baby Wrap, you don’t need to rest your hand on the baby’s back while you’re walking or bending over to fetch something, the chances of your baby falling are zero.

I Personally Prefer Solly Baby

Most people think a wrap is a wrap. Not the case. With Solly baby the subtle things like soft material, thin lightweight fabric, and surprising stretch make it stand out! Best of all, it's generally the cheaper option.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Bottom Line

Whether you buy Solly Baby Wrap or Boba Wrap, either way, it’s hard to think you’ll make a bad choice. Both the wraps are good options because of their material, breathability, ease of use, lightweight property, and comfort.

While Boba Wrap comes with some top-notch features such as nursing ease, the Solly Baby Wrap wins an edge for most new parents, babysitters, and caregivers. Obviously, at the end of the day, it’s completely your choice depending on your requirement.

Our Pick: I would personally go with the Solly Baby Wrap here, due to it’s better support and breathable fabric.

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