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Snoo Bassinet Review: Is This The Best For Your Baby?

Snoo Bassinet Review: Is This The Best For Your Baby?
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Whether or not you opt to use a bassinet is totally up to you as a parent, but some big benefits come from keeping your infant close to you for the first few months of their life. Not only does a bassinet keep your baby easily accessible for a middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, but it can also give you peace of mind regarding your baby’s safety.

While you will need to switch your baby to a full-sized crib eventually, the Snoo Bassinet will provide your little one with a comfortable and soothing place to sleep near your bed. Read More: (Bassinets vs Cribs: Which to Choose)

To protect your baby from the possibility of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, you can choose a bassinet to keep them close to you while they nap and sleep overnight. The Snoo Bassinet specifically is designed to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

It has a constant rocking motion and low rumbling white noise sound to lull your baby to sleep. And in case the noise or motion stops, the bassinet is programmed to understand your baby’s cries. Upon your baby crying out, the bassinet will make the rumbling noise and gentle rocking gradually louder and faster in order to help them fall back asleep again. Read More: 5 Best Bedside Bassinest That Moms and Babies Love)

The design of the bassinet itself is perfect for keeping your infant on his or her back while they sleep, which is the recommended position for newborns and young babies who don’t know how to roll themselves over. You can use the buttons on the side of the bassinet or download the app to control it right from your phone.

Overall, it’s a great way to help sleep train your baby from the start. The bassinet is designed for little ones from the newborn stage up to six months old, or when they can get up on their hands and knees. And the maximum weight capacity is 25 pounds. You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

On Amazon, the Snoo Bassinet is around $1,160. Check out the latest price!

Snoo Bassinet


  • The bassinet rocks and plays white noise to lull your baby to sleep or back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, it has a sleek and modern design.
  • It’s made to take under a week to get infants on a proper sleep schedule.
  • It comes with special Snoo sleep sacks which attach safely to the side of the bassinet and contain safe cotton and breathable mesh materials.
  • There’s also a weaning setting on the app to help your child gradually stop needing the white noise and rocking motion as they prepare for a crib.


  • In most cases, the bassinet promotes through the night sleeping for infants.
  • Being able to control the bassinet from your phone means you won’t even have to get out of bed to lull them back to sleep.
  • It makes the transition from bassinet to crib a lot smoother.
  • The Snoo sleep sacks that come with the bassinet keep your baby warm enough throughout the night without overheating them.
  • Since the sleep sacks attach to the sides for safety, your baby can move their head from side to side and their feet up and down, but they’ll still be secured in the bassinet.


  • Using the bassinet can create a dependency for your child, and they might start expecting the same noises and rocking motion every time they go to sleep.
  • Overall, it’s a lot more costly than nearly all of its competitors.
  • Some babies may not take to the swaddle sleep sacks that come with the bassinet.

Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no current or recent recalls on the Snoo Bassinet.

How Others Compare

Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet

Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet

The Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet has a sleek and modern look to it, so you can easily put it in any room of your house, and it won’t look out of place. It has naturally rocking feet so you can gently rock your infant to sleep or back to sleep if they wake themselves up in the middle of the night.

It doesn’t have any of the controls that the Snoo has, but it can be used as a carrying bassinet so you can take it away from home to keep your baby comfortable at all times. Your little one can use it from the newborn stage until they can roll over and move around or until they reach 18 pounds.

The mattress inside is waterproof for easy cleaning, but still comfortable enough for your baby to fall asleep. You can buy it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Crate and Barrel.

On Amazon, the Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet is around $524. Check out the latest price!


  • It’s easy to put together, even for new parents.
  • The rock itself is subtle enough to lull your baby but still quick enough to keep them from getting uncomfortable.
  • You can take the bassinet out of the stand if you want or need to bring it to a family member’s home or on vacation, giving your infant a familiar space to sleep.
  • In case of messes, you can clean the mattress cover.


  • It may be a little unaffordable for some families.
  • In most cases, you’ll probably only be able to get a few months of use out of the bassinet.
  • The rocking motion is nice on hardwood floors, but on carpets, the rocking doesn’t last very long.

 Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no recent, or current recalls on this bassinet.

Baby Bjorn Cradle

Baby Bjorn Cradle

The actual legs on the BABYBJORN Cradle are stationary, but the cradle does have a slight rocking movement option to rock your baby to sleep for naps or for bedtime. Compared to other similar bassinets, it’s lower, which makes it easier to access for moms recovering from c-sections. It also has a breathable mesh material surrounding the bassinet on all sides.

Since it’s lightweight, it’s easy enough to move around your house in case you need it in other rooms. It also has sturdy non-slip feet which make the bassinet a solid choice for either bare or carpeted floors. And it’s designed for babies up to six months old or 18 pounds. You can purchase it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

On Amazon, the BABYBJORN Cradle is around $350. Check out the latest price! 


  • The mesh sides allow for optimum breathability for your baby.
  • The feet have non-slip bottoms to keep the bassinet from moving around.
  • It’s relatively easy to set up.
  • Compared to some other high-end bassinets, it’s a little more affordable.


  • The rocking motion comes from gently pushing the cradle rather than an actual rocking feature that other bassinets might have.
  • It might be almost too low for some parents, especially those who are taller than most.
  • Although it can hold infants with ease, the bassinet isn’t sturdy enough for anyone to lean on or grab.

 Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no current or recent recalls on the Baby Bjorn Cradle.

BabyHome Air Bassinet

BabyHome Air Bassinet

By the looks alone, it’s obvious that the BabyHome Air Bassinet is easy to take on the go, but just in case you aren’t sure, it comes with a carrying bag, which some other bassinets don’t. Therefore it’s relatively easy to set up each time and come with a comfortable mattress and air pad to keep your infant as comfortable as possible throughout the night.

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It also comes in a handful of different colors to choose from so you can match your home’s decor. The bassinet comes with a removable changing insert for diaper changes, a mesh window so you can peek in at your infant from the side, and storage pockets on the side as well. There are even three different leg options, including rocking, wheels, and stationary. You can primarily find it on Amazon.

On Amazon, the BabyHome Air Bassinet is $595. Check out the latest price! 


  • You can use it as a rocker, on wheels, or as a stationary bassinet.
  • At just a little more than 13 pounds, the BabyHome Air Bassinet is easy to move and carry around as needed.
  • With the storage bag, the bassinet is also essentially portable.
  • The removable changing pad is convenient and unique to this particular bassinet.


  • It might feel a little short to come parents.
  • Changing out the legs for the other options could be a little difficult for some.
  • It could seem a little on the bulky side, depending on where you put it in your home.

Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no current or recent recalls on the BabyHome Air Bassinet.

BabyHome Air Bassinet
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Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinest

halo bassinest

The Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinest might be a little different from the Snoo in material and general design, but it’s still a useful and comfortable bassinet for your infant.

The bassinet allows you to co-sleep without having the bassinet actually in your bed. Instead, it can be pulled right up against your bed so you can look in on and care for your little one in the middle of the night if needed. Like the Snoo Bassinet, it has soothing music and vibration, but it also has a nightlight and a back to bed reminder.

Combined, these little features can do wonders in helping to keep your baby’s sleep schedule on track. All four sides are made from a breathable mesh, and one side even drops down to allow you to care for your baby right from your bed. It’s designed for babies up to 20 pounds and can be found on Amazon or price tag at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

On Amazon, the Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinest is around $300. Check out the latest price! This Might Interest You: (Everything You Need to Know About the HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper)


  • You can get a safe and comfortable close sleep to your baby but without having them in bed with you.
  • At $300, the Bassinest is more affordable than a lot of its competing bassinet options.
  • It has music and vibration options to lull your baby to sleep and help keep him or her asleep too.
  • You can swivel the bassinet on top to get out of bed without actually moving the entire thing.


  • Since the weight limit is 20 pounds, your baby might grow out of the Bassinest sooner than they would with other similar bassinets.
  • You might need to change the batteries more often than not.
  • If the bassinet on top isn’t centered properly, it can tilt to one side.

Has This Item Been Recalled? There are no recent or current recalls on this bassinet.

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper
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Final Thoughts

Bassinets aren’t an absolute must for newborns, but they can certainly help with getting your infant on a proper sleeping schedule. They can also keep your newborn close to you in those first few months, which is plenty important. The Snoo Bassinet, in particular, is the perfect combination of modern technology and sleek modern design.

It can lull and rock your baby to sleep with little effort needed on your part. It also just looks like a nice piece of furniture and isn’t too bulky to fit in any room of your home. It’s like the best of both worlds. It may be a little costly for some parents, but for others, the benefits and little features outweigh the price tag.

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