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Similac Total Comfort Review: Safe for Baby?

Similac Total Comfort Review: Safe for Baby?
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Even if you’re new to parenting, chances are, you’ve heard of the Similac formula brand. But as a parent, you probably know the struggles of finding the right formula for your particular baby, even if their needs often change. Luckily, the Similac Total Comfort formula is made to cover most of the bases when it comes to nutrition and less discomfort in babies.

The non-GMO formula is made with the necessary nutrition for your baby’s first year and has broken down proteins to ease fussy tummies in babies that often comes when trying to find the formula that works best for your little one. The formula’s special blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, and nutrients commonly found in breast milk are essential to your baby’s brain and eye development, so Similac Total Comfort has done its best to think of it all.

While it’s not exactly designed to strictly treat fussiness and gas in babies, the Similac Total Comfort formula is made to help formula-fed babies digest more easily to prevent some of the discomforts that come from proteins that aren’t broken down enough, as with some other formulas.

There might not be a guarantee that the formula will be the perfect one for your baby, but Similac Total Comfort is an already incredibly trusted formula brand, which can ease most parents’ minds.

Similac Total Comfort Nutritional Features

  • The formula is made with Similac’s OptiGRO blend of necessary nutrients and vitamins that all babies need for healthy growth and development.
  • It can help prevent gas or discomfort in babies (Similac sensitive family of formula – ideal for sensitive stomachs)
  • The tubs come in large sizes over one pound each.
  • Similac Total Comfort formula also has Human Milk Oligosaccharide, which is an immune-nourishing prebiotic (immune support) typically found only in breast milk.

Pros of Similac

  • For some babies, the Similac Total Comfort formula can promote healthy bowel movements and less constipation.
  • It has most of the nutrients that can be found in breast milk as well.
  • After using this particular formula, some babies might have a change for the better in digestive issues.
  • For babies with allergies to some formula additives, the Similac Total Comfort can be the answer to that, with all of the nutrients it has.
  • No artificial growth hormones

Cons of Similac

  • Although it helps with gas in some babies, the immediate smell of the formula isn’t very pleasant.
  • It might not be affordable for some families.
  • There is a substantial amount of bubbles and foam that form once you mix it.

Top Similac Total Comfort Alternatives

1. Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Formula Powder

Gerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula | Target

Gerber Good Start gentle formula is designed with HMO and Comfort Proteins that are easy to digest.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Made with smaller Comfort Proteins, Gerber Good Start formula is designed to have not only the nutrition that breast milk has, but also the gentleness of breast milk on the digestive system. In fact, it’s Gerber’s closest brand to actual breast milk in both gentleness and nutrition for babies.

It’s made with a healthy blend of DHA for brain development and eye development, prebiotics, and probiotics. Plus, it’s made with non-genetically engineered ingredients, which only adds to the gentleness of the formula on babies’ stomachs (tiny tummies).

The Comfort Proteins are where the strength of Gerber Good Start Gentle lays, though, as they’re broken down enough to help babies digest the formula better as a whole.


  • Because of its nutrition and proteins (nutritionally complete), the formula is as close to breast milk as Gerber has gotten so far (and a good supplement for a breastfed infant)
  • It’s helpful in keeping babies’ digestive systems on track and able to break down the contents of the formula daily.
  • For some babies, it can help with constipation issues (although consult Pediatrician for specific diagnosis).
  • Overall, Gerber formulas are relatively easy to find in most stores.


  • The taste might be a little bitter for some babies.
  • Despite having the right nutrients, the Gerber Good Start formula might give babies bad gas.
  • Some parents might have a hard time getting the formula to totally break down and mix with water.

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2. GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula with Iron

The GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO formula, though possibly not as well-known as some of the other brands on this list compared to Similac Total Comfort, is made to give your baby the kinds of nutrients he or she needs. Thanks to the ingredients that the formula shares with actual breast milk, it’s designed to help prevent and treat fussiness and gas in babies.

Not only does it have the partially broken down protein which is essential to treating gas and discomfort in babies, but the GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO formula is also made with one-fourth of the lactose of other milk-based formulas, which can be good for babies who might be intolerant of too much lactose (lactose intolerant).


  • Overall, the GoodSense formula is a lot more affordable than some of the other more widely known formula brands.
  • It’s good for babies who might already have milk allergies.
  • Most of the ingredients are easy to understand and read and include tons of nutrients and vitamins essential to your baby’s development.


  • Amazon is really the only reliable place to purchase the formula.
  • The flavor might be a little strong at first for some babies.
  • If left in the refrigerator already mixed, the formula might separate from the water and require extra mixing.

3. Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease Infant Formula

Enfamil is already a trusted formula brand, so it’s not hard to trust in the Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease Infant Formula.

Made with the typical DHA as well as inositol, which are both found in breast milk, it also contains its Unique Triple Health Guard blend which consists of 30 different nutrients for proper growth and vitamins and minerals to provide immune support for your baby.

Because of the partially broken down hydrolyzed protein in it, the Enfamil formula is designed to be gentle and ease fussiness or gas in babies. In fact, the formula claims to help settle your baby’s stomach within 24 hours of trying it for the first time.

It’s also fairly easy to find both online and in-store, which can sometimes be a challenge when you find the right non-GMO formula. On Amazon, a 21.5 fl oz tub of Enfamil Premium Non-GMO Gentlease formula is $27.


  • Enfamil is already a known and trusted brand and in the event that it doesn’t work well for your infant, there are other varieties to try out.
  • It’s also relatively affordable and in the general price range of most standard formulas.
  • There is a guarantee of less fussiness and discomfort in your baby within 24 hours of trying the formula.


  • The smell of the actual powder might be unpleasant to some.
  • It might leave some residue on the inside of bottles.
  • Depending on your baby, the taste might be too strong or bitter for them.

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European Non-GMO Baby Formula

A new emerging trend is European formulas as they are generally organic, Non-GMO and face more stringent regulations on ingredients and purity (from grass-fed cows). While most of them are significantly more expensive than Similac, Enfamil, and other generics, you can find some less expensive options*.

Here are a few of the EU based formulas that I recommend:

Best European formula
Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle has been making organic baby formula for nearly 90 years. They hold the highest organic certifications you can get in Europe which lots of parents love to see. Use code 'BabySwag' for 5% off at TheMilkyBox.

Try Holle

The most “intense” ingredients that you might find is natural palm olein oil, but no other “fillers” while still providing a complete nutrition package.

*Note on pricing: While most European formulas ARE more expensive, we were able to get a 5% off coupon for our readers via Just use code BABYSWAG5 at check out. 


Question: What is Similac Total Comfort used for?

Answer: Similac Total Comfort formula offers an alternative to typical cow’s milk whey protein. The proteins in Total Comfort are partially broken down, making it easier to digest for infants while providing all the nutrition needed for growing babies.

Question: Does Similac Total Comfort aid with constipation?

Answer: Yes, Similac Total Comfort is designed with colicky babies in mind, and constipation is one of the leading causes for colick. With the easier to digest protein formula, Total Comfort can lead to easier bowel movements.

Clearly, the Similac Total Comfort formula isn’t the first to provide a non-GMO formula that’s close to breastmilk in the nutrients and benefits that it brings. But it’s also a solid formula in terms of what-if offers and for the price, especially when purchased in bulk.

Containing Human Milk Oligosaccharide, which is found in breastmilk and beneficial to your baby, Similac Total Comfort provides exactly that — comfort in your baby’s digestive system as well as all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients for proper development and growth over the first year of their life.

Like any formula, the Similac Total Comfort option might not be the best for your baby, and a little trial and error might be needed, but overall, its proven ability to help ease discomfort while providing everything your baby needs as far as nutrition goes is hard to ignore or underestimate.

At the end of the day, trying out this particular formula could be the difference between a perpetually fussy, gassy, and uncomfortable baby and one who is content after each feeding. And as any parent can attest to, having the latter is a much more enjoyable experience for all involved.

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Disclaimer: We are not qualified medical professionals, please consult your Pediatrician for specific guidance.

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