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Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling Review

Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling Review

With the Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling, you can enjoy two basic positions to hold your baby. Since it’s made to fit babies as small as seven pounds, you can choose to keep them on the front of your body facing in.

As your baby gets older, he or she can then be a word on your hip for their comfort and healthy hip development and your comfort as well. One of the differences you might see with this particular sling, though, is the fact that it’s made of lightweight linen material, as opposed to stretchy fabric.

While it’s sometimes convenient to have fabric with a little give to it, the linen doesn’t stretch out over time and retains its strength to keep your baby safely held against your body until they outgrow it or tire from being held in that way.

The linen used for the Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling is woven from spun flax and is even stronger than cotton. While it’s breathable enough during warmer months, it’s also thermal regulating, so you can be sure that it will keep the heat in when it’s colder outside, ensuring that your baby stays nice and toasty while in the sling carrier.

Cinching the sling seems fairly easy and can be done in just a few moments before you, and your little one is all set to go, and since cotton-free, you can wash, and air dry it without the worry of shrinking or damage. And while it may be most comfortable as either facing inward or hip carrying, you can also put your infant in a cradle position to bottle or breastfeed them with ease.


Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling

  • Since you can adjust the ring sling, it should fit most adults and modified it as different parents or caregivers use it.
  • You can easily carry your child in a few different positions comfortably and safely.
  • The construction of this sling is with a lightweight single-layer Belgian linen fabric instead of cotton or stretch material, unlike some other ring sling carriers.
  • It’s designed to keep you and your baby cool in the warmer months and warm in the colder months throughout the year.
  • The sling is designed for little ones from 7-35 pounds.


  • It won’t stretch out or lose its shape over time, so you can be sure that your infant and eventually, your toddler will enjoy the ring sling.
  • To wear it, you can adjust it to fit your body and go and get your baby in and out of it will become even more comfortable after a while.
  • Over time, it will become even softer and stronger, so it’s perfect to fit your growing baby securely.
  • Since it’s not bulky or complicated, it’s relatively easy to use the carrier pretty much anywhere and then slip it in your diaper bag when it’s not in use.


  • For some babies, it may not feel as though they’re sitting deep enough in the sling to feel secure.
  • Since it’s non-stretchy linen, some may find the fabric to be almost too stiff for their little one.
  • Being a ring sling and not a carrier with clasps and buckles, you might have a hard time figuring it out if it’s your first baby sling.

How Other Ring Slings Compare:

Vlokup Baby Ring Sling

vlokup carrier

Overall, the Vlokup Baby Ring Sling looks like your standard baby sling to keep your baby in place against your body, but it also has several little details you may not find elsewhere.

Like the padded shoulder, for starters. Without there being too much added padding, there is an extra layer in place to make the baby ring sling comfortable for you while your baby or toddler is in it. It also has a deep seat so your child can fit in it properly and safely and an extra-long tail of fabric that you can use as a privacy shield for feeding time, so you won’t have to take the sling off or take your baby out of it to breastfeed him or her.

The sling is comfortable, safe, and suitable for babies and toddlers from infancy up to 40 pounds and you can adjust it relatively easily and quickly by pulling the excess fabric through the aluminum ring. Plus, no matter the position you have your baby in, they can be in the comfortable and hip-healthy M-position.


  • The padded shoulder helps to keep the strain off your neck, shoulder, and back while wearing your baby or toddler against your body.
  • Your little one’s weight is distributed week throughout the sling to keep them comfortable and safely in place.
  • The excess fabric is multifunctional and you can also use it as a breastfeeding cover essentially built-in to the ring sling carrier.
  • Unlike many other ring slings, this one also has a convenient pocket to store your cell phone or wallet while wearing it.


  • The fabric is relatively thin so that it can feel a little less durable at times.
  • Some might prefer that the fabric is softer or more stretchy for your baby’s benefit.
  • Once your child is in the sling, it can be difficult to tighten it through the rings.
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Moby Sling

moby ring sling

Whether you need a front or hip carrying position and whether or not your little one would prefer to have their hands out so they can feel a little freer or tuck tightly inside the sling, the Moby Slink will come in handy. Compared to the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling it shares the same general style and possible carrying positions, but it’s made from soft, breathable cotton rather than a more durable linen material.

Even so, it’s also breathable and can hold your child securely regardless of which position you choose out of the two. You can use it for your baby or toddler from 8-45 pounds, which does give you a bit more use and allows you to use it for a longer period overall.

While the material is thick enough to resist easy ripping, it does provide a sturdy place for your baby to sit in a healthy ergonomic position whether they’re on your hip or nestled against your chest.


  • Since you can use it up to 45 pounds for your toddler, you can get literal years of use out of the Moby Sling.
  • The thick material makes for a comfortable napping spot for your baby, especially if you’re wearing the sling for long periods of time.
  • If you’re on a budget, the Moby is less than $40, so it’s affordable for most families.


  • The thicker fabric can be difficult to pull through the ring and adjust at times.
  • When in the hip carrying position, if not properly cinched, the fabric can sometimes dig into your child’s legs.
  • Although it can be used for a newborn at eight pounds, the Moby might feel more secure and comfortable for larger or older babies.
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LilleBaby Ring Sling

ring sling lilebaby

The LilleBaby Ring Sling isn’t very different from other baby ring slings, but it does have a handy zippered pocket right where the ring is, which can hold small items but can also act as a cover of sorts for the ring, keeping it out of sight. It’s made of a lightweight linen material that can fit most and be adjusted by pulling the excess fabric through the ring, as to be expected.

Like some others, though, there’s also the option of adding shoulder padding to help ease any strain the sling would put on your shoulder or neck while carrying your child. Speaking of which, you can use the LilleBaby for your baby and toddler from 7-35 pounds.

Plus, you can fit it in pretty much any diaper bag or purse when it’s not in use or when you want to take it with you for later use.


  • Once you’ve mastered how to use and wear the sling, it’s relatively easy to take it on and off each time.
  • The zippered pocket is convenient for a wallet or cell phone, but it can also be removed if you don’t need it.
  • The fabric is lightweight and easy to work with, and it’s also breathable to keep both you and your little one from getting overheated.


  • It can be difficult to get the hang of using the sling carrier.
  • Some of the colors may shed a little piece of lint all over everything, including your clothes and your child’s as well.
  • Although the fabric is soft enough, the edging of the linen fabric can be a bit rough for your baby’s legs.

Baby Tula Ring Sling

baby tula carrier

Although the Baby Tula Ring Sling is designed for children from 8-35 pounds and can be adjusted as they grow, it comes in two sizes to also fit you so you can be comfortable as well.

You can opt for either the S/M/ or the L/XL size depending on which fits you best, so it means you won’t have to worry about the ring sling fitting you wrong or to be unable to adjust it properly to fit your body while wearing your baby or toddler.

Like the Sakura Bloom and most other slings, you can carry your baby in the front tummy to tummy position or the hip carrying position, which is best as your child learns to hold up his or her head on their own and is well out of the newborn stage. With the Baby Tula, you also get a soft cotton fabric to keep your baby cool while curled up in it.


  • Overall, the fabric is lightweight and soft enough to allow you to wear your baby all summer long.
  • Learning to adjust and secure the sling is relatively easy, especially when compared to some other similar sling carriers.
  • The cotton fabric also softens as time goes by, which creates a more lived in fabric that’s still plenty durable.


  • At $135, the sling may be out of some families’ price range for a sling carrier.
  • Unlike some of the other carriers in a similar bracket, the Baby Tula doesn’t have a storage pocket or shoulder pad for your comfort or convenience.

Final Thoughts

It’s no big secret that the Sakura Bloom Classic Baby Sling isn’t the only baby sling carrier out there, but when you compare it to similar products, you can really see some of its advantages, like the price and ease of use. Of course, you can also see some of the not so great qualities that come along with it, as it doesn’t have the added comfort of some others, but overall, it does plenty to keep your baby safe and snug while in it, and it’s an affordable sling that can potentially last your family years.

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