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Pronto Stroller Wagon Review: Will You Actually Love It?

Pronto Stroller Wagon Review: Will You Actually Love It?

Our Pronto stroller wagon review is meant to put Pronto Wagon to the test. It seeks to determine how well it delivers on the perks that have attracted considerable hype among users.

To get an up-close of how well it delivers on these perks, we have compiled an extensive review for you, our precious readers, and parents. We’ll start with tips you should consider when choosing wagons, a detailed introduction of Pronto wagons, then their features, followed by what some users have had to say based on previous experience.

We shall then switch gears to alternatives (contrast Veer and Evenflo) to Pronto wagons, some FAQs before wrapping up everything in a concise final verdict.

Let’s start with some important tips to consider when choosing a wagon.

Tips on How To Choose a Wagon


Buying a wagon can be a substantial investment. They, therefore, ought to have a considerably longer lifespan to offer optimal value for money. When selecting, go for wagons with steel frames, fabrics that can take loads of laundry, as well as non-inflatable tires.

Easy to Maneuver

Since the wagons are used to move kids from place to place, you ought to consider maneuverability. This should be in terms of braking, wheel swivels, all-terrain wheels, and adjustable push/pull handlebars.


We can never say enough of this, for safety is the one thing any parent should never compromise on. And there are no two ways to safety. It is either safe or not. We, therefore, encourage that you go for wagons bearing relevant certifications and accreditations. The other most obvious feature is the harness; the more, the better.

Other Bonus Features

Other features to consider include folding weight, comfort, cleaning, ease of customization among others.

Pronto Stroller Wagon – In-depth

pronto one stroller

The versatility of wagons is making them more and more appealing to most parents. Unlike push-over strollers (skip to Wonderfold and Veer strollers), wagons are comfortable, spacious, easy to maneuver, durable, and can bear much more weight than regular strollers. And it is this that Pronto Wagon offers plus more.

The Pronto wagon is impeccably designed, offers comfort, guarantees safety, and allows for diversity. It also comes with several accessories to solve your convenience hurdles. The overall design intention of Pronto is to make life easy, adventurous, and safe both when indoors and outdoors. Its main features include;

Integrated Folding Style

For the wagons that come with a canopy, you often have to disassemble the canopy before folding. This eats into time that should be used in other fun-filled activities with your kids. But not with Pronto wagons. The wagon is ingeniously designed to fold into an all-in-one fold structure. This means that the storage space which could have been used to store the accessories is availed for your other on-the-go essentials.

Sturdy Frame

The frame is solid and sturdy and is available in 2 variations of either black or white. These variations can be matched with touches of contrasting melange or neutral non-melange colors..

The frame dons a durable solid skeleton, which is made of transposed amorphous aluminum. This ingenious design makes it durable and gives it a touch of sophistication and class.

One-Touch Folding/Unfolding System

pronto stroller

The Pronto Wagon stroller, similar to Veer and Keenz, has an easy one-touch fold/unfold system. Ingrained into the frame is an easy auto-lock folding lock that, when pressed, collapses the entire frame together with the sunshade still intact.

To fold, all the accessories, including the canopy, inner seat, backrest seat, and kids tray, remain attached. This gives Pronto a competitive edge when compared to other wagons such as Wonderful and Evenflo Pivot Xplore (read a detailed Evenflo pivot Xplore review).

Safe ride enabling wide tire

For wheels, Pronto features two larger rear wheels and two front smaller wheels. The tires are made of high-end PU materials, making them stable and steady when in motion.

To reduce impact to the passenger when moving on uneven terrains, the wheels are designed to be relatively wide thus evenly distributing the impact.

5 point Safety Harness

Each of the two seats has a 5 point safety harness that allows for 4 step adjustments. With these, you can be sure that your child will grow with the wagon for some years to come. To protect against infernal chafing, the harness straps have extra padding on the crotch and shoulder region.

Optimal Internal Depth

Children, especially toddlers and teens, make for an interesting group. They are fragile, curious, and instantaneous. They may be sleeping in one second and be poking fingers into the rotating tires in the next second.

Therefore, to minimize chances of being caught off-guard, Pronto designed its wagon to an optimal internal depth. One that will allow the occupant to have optimal comfort and allow you, the parent, optimal visibility of all that they are doing.

Wheel Suspension and Ball bearing

It is never easy to soothe some children to sleep. And you wouldn’t want to awaken them once they drift to dreamland. This is why a smooth frictionless ride is the one thing you expect from an ideal wagon.

Not to disappoint, the Pronto wagon has a 4 wheel suspension and an all-wheel ball bearing. The bearings ensure a smooth, friction-free spin across different terrains. To further cushion against any accidental impact reaching the passengers, the wheel suspension absorbs and dissipates all the impact to the wagon frame.

Eye-catching and Sensual Design

So unlike most wagons that are available in neutral and relaxed colors, Pronto stretches both the frame and fabric colors. The design is a definite game changer and has ushered in a new deluxe era that is bordering between class, sophistication, versatility, and functionality.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike the Keenz wagons that feature a shoe storage basket (read more on Keenz stroller wagon), Pronto provides for an easy-to-fit inner seat. The insert, together with the stain-resistant wagon fabric, are removable and machine washable. Through this, the interior is kept clean and comfortable for unlimited fun and adventures.

One-Touch Brake system

pronto wagon

Attached to the large rear wheel tires is a one-touch linkage brake. The linkage allows for easy access and application of the brakes to both wheels, enabling secure travel for you and your young ones.

Observation Window

Unlike the Peek-bow window in strollers, the wagon has a double large-sized window. Through the windows, the parent can easily keep a watchful eye on the child.

Spacious and Comfortable Interior

The wagon sidewalls are designed using an extra soft fabric that is capable of withstanding loads of machine laundry with little to no piling.

To allow for adequate legroom, the wagon has an optimal internal depth, which is long enough to fit two children.

Fabric Finish at the Top Frame

On the top frame of the wagon is a soft fabric covering the exposed aluminum metallic parts. This is chiefly to protect curious occupants from accidents should the frame accidentally bend or break.

Spacious Storage

Attached to the fabric is a spacious storage basket with numerous internal pockets. To extend the storage, Pronto wagon includes an extra organizer basket. The organizer basket is extendable and easily clips to the frame handlebar. For additional attachment, it has two Velcro leather straps for attachment.

The organizer is perfect for holding keys, phones, and snacks, among other essential stuff within reach.

Leather Handles

Unlike the performance grip that dominantly features in Veer wagons (skip to in-depth Veer cruiser wagon review), Pronto comes with leather handles that easily fit the handle frame. The leather handles allow for better grip and confident steering.


The canopy has a reflective nighttime belt cutting across the middle length of the canopy fabric. The belt makes nighttime strolling safe.

Plus, to protect against light rain showers, the canopy fabric has waterproof properties to let you not worry about your toddler getting wet.

Cup holders for adults

The wagon comes with easy to attach and detach adult cup holders. They can be attached to various parts of the wagon frame and double up as water bottle holders.

Durability and Stability

To steadily hold the frame and minimize it from shaking or swaying, the frame is designed so that it has a low center structure frame. For durability, stability, and safety, the wagon uses transposed amorphous aluminum that is built into a solid fitting frame.

Pronto Stroller Wagon Adjusted Heat Kit | Amazon

The Pronto wagon is impeccably designed, offers comfort, guarantees safety, and allows for diversity. It also comes with several accessories to solve your convenience hurdles.

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Double Ball Bearing

The wagon has a 12 double ball bearing per tire to ensure minimal impact reaches the occupant and can withstand up to 100 kg load.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar has a height slide button that easily adjusts the handlebar to match the parent’s preference to cater to different height preferences.


To store it or park for travel, the wagon easily collapses into a compact fold. To collapse, fold, tighten the brakes, and hold the front wheel and pull it up.

Comfort for the Toddler

The wagon comes pre-installed with tripping and mosquito net cover to protect the child against late evening nasty insect bites when strolling.

Weight, Dimensions, and Usage

The wagon can bear an instantaneous load of 200 kg and has a maximum capacity of 100kg. It weighs 15.8kg and is suitable for usage by toddlers between ages 3 to 8. The wagon measures 68 x 112 x 110 cm when unfolded and 68 x 98 x 38 cm when folded.

This length and width are adequate to provide a spacious interior for occupants. The dimension also makes it possible for the wagon to fit in tight aisles and constricted doors. Plus, with a front-fixating tire system, the wagon easily maneuvers without swaying off the road, sidewalk or path.


Among the numerous accessories that come with the wagon include a cup holder, sleeping cover, kid’s tray, mosquito net, leather handle cover, and organizer basket.

Main features of Pronto Stroller Wagon

pronto stroller

  • It comes in frame colors (Black and white) that can be paired with over 13 fabric colors.
  • Two 5 point safety harness points with 4 point adjustments.
  • 12 double ball bearings.
  • Wide PU built tires
  • Has a front rotating tire fixating system
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • One-touch fold/unfold system
  • One-brake system
  • Wide mesh observation window
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Suitable from ages 3 to 8.
  • All-wheel suspension.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • Waterproof canopy fabric with nighttime beltline.
  • Spacious storage basket.

Pros and Cons of Pronto Stroller Wagons


  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a many color choices
  • Offers occupants a comfortable ride
  • Has a stain-resistant fabric.
  • It comes with many useful accessories
  • Has ergonomic handlebars.
  • It is durable
  • Versatile and all-terrain.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Aesthetically appealing.


  • It is costly.
  • The seats cannot recline.
  • It has no pull feature.
  • Though all-terrain, it is not able to handle sand.
  • Cannot be used for infants of less than 3 years.

Reviews of Pronto Stroller Wagons

Most of the users feel that Pronto does offer value for money. They also note that the wagon, unlike others, provides a flexible option to customize the wagon to their liking.

Others still appreciate the diversity of the wagon’s accessories, making it more convenient and versatile for parents on the go.

Those who feel cheated note that though the wagon is marketed as all-terrain, it performs dismally on the sand and is way too costly compared to existing wagons.

Alternative to Pronto Stroller Wagons

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Class

The Keenz stroller Wagon has a chic, versatile design with all-terrain tires. The wagon is perfect for mothers looking for a durable, easy to maneuver wagon (skip to our detailed Keen 7s wagon review). For safety, unlike the Veer (see the Veer wagon review here), it features a two 5 point safety harness point. Its seats are thickly padded and can allow you to pull or push loads of up to 110 pounds comfortably.

To ensure that your kids are comfortable, it also has all-wheel suspension and ball bearings to minimize impact. The seats are also adequately padded and have a spacious interior for two. For maneuvering, it has a push/pull handle that can be adjusted to 5 different points. The canopy has side drapes that can be drawn on either side to keep intense sun rays at bay.

The wagon easily folds using one hand fold/unfold system into a portable easy to store fold. It also has a one-touch brake system that can instantly bring the wagon to a halt.

The key drawback to this wagon is the absence of a footrest and incompatibility with infant car seats. To counter these drawbacks, the wagon boasts of safety certification and compliance accreditations, durability, numerous accessories at no cost extra, and varied usage of ages 1 to 8.

It tops these up with being lightweight, sturdy, and visually appealing. Here is where we to buy the Keenz wagon (skip to our detailed Keenz stroller wagon review)

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

Check it on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 01:25 pm GMT

Wonderfold Stroller Wagons


It is never easy to move about with more than two kids. And most strollers or wagons have done little to nothing to solve this as they only manufacture two passenger wagons, which is where Wonderfold XXL Quad stroller wagon (see Wonderfold Quad wagon reviewed)comes in.

Capable of towing a massive 180 pounds, with a seating capacity of up to 4, that can easily be converted to 1 is what Wonderfold brings to the wagon market. To firmly and securely hold the kids, the wagon has four 5 point harness safety with adequately padded straps.

For durability, the wagon features a steel frame covered by removable polyester fabric. The fabric can withstand numerous laundry trips to be either hand or machine-washed with little to no beating.

To make it possible for the parent to keep an eye on the kids, the seats are slightly raised than the sidewalls. The wagon has suspension springs for impact absorption and dissipation. They also have front-wheel swivels for easy maneuvering using a telescopic pull handlebar.

Like the Keenz wagon, it has no footrest but has a removable canopy and an adjustable push handlebar. Conspicuously absent also are snack trays and cup holders (skip to wonderfold cons). It is, however, spacious enough to conveniently pack enough for all the wagon occupants.

Similar to Evenflo Pivot Xplore and Creative Outdoor wagons (here is an in-depth Creative Outdoor wagon review), it has an easy one-step fold system. Which can then easily be hauled into a car trunk within the travel or storage bag it comes in. Here is where we buy our Wonderfold wagons.

Wonderfold W4 Stroller Wagon

Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the Wonderfold Multi-Function Wagon, secured in a 5-point harness and covered by a UV-protected canopy. With high face-to-face seats with footrests, this stroller wagon makes it easy to take the entire family to the park, beach, campsite, and more!

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02/23/2024 01:48 am GMT

Larktale Caravan


The Larkatale caravan is one of the few wagons that come without canopy sets (are to be bought separately). The canopies have inbuilt water and bug covers that can be drawn over the entire wagon.

To conveniently pack enough for your kids, the wagon has adequate storage space for packing all outdoor essentials. The parent is not forgotten either. The wagon comes with a parent organizer basket for all your phones, keys, credit cards, among other basics.

Like Radio Flyer 3-in-1 (see Radio Flyer reviewed here), the wagon collapses into a compact fold that easily hauls into your trunk, ready for travel. To comfortably transit your kids through uneven terrains, the wagon has an all-wheel suspension that will soak up all road bumps en route to your picnic.

Here is where we bought the Larkatale stroller wagon.

Larktale Caravan Foldable All-Terrain Stroller Wagon | Amazon

Larktale's all-terrain stroller wagon for 2 kids is made for active families that are always on the go and the adjustable handlebar makes for a comfortable push for users of varying heights.

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03/07/2024 03:51 am GMT


Question: How do you maintain the Pronto stroller Wagon fabric?

Answer: The pronto fabric can be removed and washed in soapy water with a mild detergent. The fabric can also be spot wiped using baby wipes should it pick easily removable stains.

Question: What is the main difference between Pronto stroller wagon Version 1 and 2?

Answer: Version 1 has a manual lock, less storage, 3 spoke wheels, and gloss paint finish, whereas version 3 has 5 spoke wheels, an auto-lock, more space, and a matte scratch-resistant paint finish.

Question: How does Pronto in the US differ from Pompolarr in Korea?

Answer: The Korean version has a black base fabric and has only 4 color-packs, whereas the US pronto has 13 color-packs and an additional gray body fabric base.

Question: What is the difference between the pronto stroller mélange fabric color-packs and non-melange fabric color-packs?

Answer: The non-melange fabrics are softer and smoother to the touch, less stain-resistant, and come with more cushioning, whereas the mélange fabrics are less padded but are more stain-resistant.

Final Thoughts

While Pronto stroller wagons are relatively pricey, they offer fancy and functional features compared to most wagons. They hold up to 100 kgs, have a durable aluminum frame that easily folds into a lightweight portable fold of 15.8kg, comes in various frame colors, and are usable by kids of between 3 to 8.

The 5 point harness with 4 adjustment points nicely tucks and secures your kid, while the canopy with inbuilt water and bug covers protects your kids against bugs and weather elements. Add all these to the one-touch brake system, with all-wheel suspension that soaks up any impact, and it makes the Pronto stroller wagon a great buy that is definitely worth the price tag.

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