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Keith Lindner

Chief Research Officer

Keith loves being a dad and wants to help new parents embrace the chaos and find their parenting swag. He is our resident research expert.


  • Father of one, uncle to three, fun uncle to many more
  • Married to an amazing woman who is a lactation consultant and midwife, which means I know just enough about pregnancy and birth to be considered dangerous
  • Worked as a qualitative and quantitative market researcher for nearly 10 years across a variety of industries and freelance as a market researcher to this day
  • 10+ years of experience directing product and growth strategy at a number of early stage startups
  • Lucky to have been able to travel all over the world and live in 3 different countries


Why are you here sharing your advice on The Baby Swag?

I love being a dad and like to think I’ve learned a few valuable things along the way that I hope someone can find valuable. 

Basically, I realized that I was already fitting the stereotypical dad that researches anything extensively before purchasing even before I had my son. But after I had my son, that went to an entirely new level. It’s your baby so you want to make sure what you’re buying is safe, reliable and ideally made by companies that give a sh*t.

This is when my work brain took over and I decided that maybe other parents would find my research helpful as well. 

My approach to parenting has definitely been shaped by my career path. To be good at my job as a researcher and a product manager at early-stage tech companies, I have to continuously reprioritize what I’m doing based on feedback I’m getting from my customers and other stakeholders. 

I think raising children and product management share some striking similarities. I know that being a dad has already made me better at my job, and the reverse is also true.

Product managers have all the skills needed to thrive as parents: 

  1. First, it’s all about understanding our customer’s (baby’s) needs and then framing and prioritizing those needs. 
  2. Second, we can traverse through the complicated baby market landscape by determining what products will benefit our family. 
  3. Third, we can navigate a structureless environment and help our child go from A to B. 

So I want to share some of the ways I approach parenting and also how my wife and I find the right products to help us along the way. 

What’s the most valuable advice (swag) you can share with another parent?

Try to remember that most things in those first couple of years are fairly short term. While you’re right in the middle of a massive meltdown or your baby has a few bad days of sleep in a row, it can feel like your life is over and things will never go back to “normal.”

But in reality, it might be a few days or weeks of your life. Those can be challenging times but one thing is for sure… your kid will be onto the next developmental change very soon (hopefully one of the more pleasant ones). So even though it’s incredibly hard to remember this at times, when I can, I found that it makes things a lot easier.

What’s one product that changed your life as a parent?

The product that sticks out more than any other is The Baby Shusher, hands down. My son was not one of those babies that just slept really easily, it took quite a concerted effort to get him to sleep. One of the things we found helped get him ready for sleep during his first year was doing the shushing sound. 

Well, after about a month straight of shushing, my mouth was so sore that I couldn’t do it anymore. My wife had shown me the Baby Shusher before and I honestly thought it was the most ridiculous product I’d ever seen. I would have never ordered it.

Luckily my wife is way smarter than me and just had one delivered without telling me. 100% the best gift she’s ever gotten me.

Where else can people find you?

I’m not on social media much these days but when I am it’s on LinkedIn and Twitter and would love to connect with people on there.

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As a team full of parents, most of the products we mention on the website are things we have bought and have real lived experiences with. We don’t claim to do this for every product as that proves to be too expensive, wasteful or not appropriate for certain types of products.

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