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Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra is a devoted aunt to two beautiful nieces: Iris (4 years) and Giulia (4 months old). She has a deep understanding of how emotionally-stable children should be brought up. Moreover, Alexandra is eager to guide new parents through the complex yet rewarding time of parenthood. 

Why are you here sharing your advice on The Baby Swag?

I love children and want to help parents make the best decisions for their little ones. I firmly believe in raising happy kids, and that’s only possible if parents are also happy – trust me, I’ve learned that the hard way. 

My life experiences made me a bit sensitive (but also highly aware) when it comes to raising children the right way because the perfect way doesn’t exist. I may not be a mother yet, but I apply all my knowledge to my two wonderful nieces every chance I get. 

I spend a lot of time with both of them. It’s easier to talk to Iris, who’s already four years old. But, I manage to emotionally connect with both of them, even with Giulia, who’s only four months old. 

I’ve read many parenting and child psychological books. Moreover, I’ve been to therapy myself to raise my inner child the way the adults around me were supposed to. 

I’ve seen firsthand how difficult parenthood can be. It comes with numerous challenges and responsibilities. But, to me, the most important thing we can offer to our children is our unconditional love, support, and affection, even when they’re difficult or making tantrums, especially when they’re like that! 

I believe we can turn our kids into happy and healthy adults if we approach their childhood with care. After all, mental health is primarily created in the first year of a person’s life. 

What’s the most valuable advice (swag) you can share with other parents?

Live in the present. Enjoy life alongside your kids. Through your own example, you can teach your children how to achieve their full potential while remaining true to who they are. Teach them to cherish themselves by honoring their achievements. 

My advice would be to raise a free and independent child by establishing healthy limits while constantly boosting their self-esteem. Make your children your top priority and spend a lot of time with them. 

Finally, be open-minded, trust your intuition, and adjust your parenting style if necessary. Our little ones can only develop traits such as compassion, empathy, consistency, and commitment if they see all of them in us, their role models. 

Bonus tip! Pay attention to your kids and really listen to what they have to say. Become aware of their emotions and let me experience all the things they feel. 

What’s the one product that you would always recommend to a parent?

I believe high baths with step stools made for infants are a wonder. They make bath time a lot easier, almost effortless, and safer. Before, we had to pay attention to so many details, such as holding the baby’s body without forgetting about their head and making sure they don’t sleep in a standard tub. With this product, parents have easy access to their babies. 

Where else can people find you?

Everyone can connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn!