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nuna mixx vs uppa baby

When it comes to choosing a stroller, it can be tricky to know where to start. A stroller is one of the most expensive items of baby gear you need to buy, and it will probably be used very frequently, potentially for years. So where to start?

A stroller needs to keep your baby safe and comfortable, shaded from the sun on hot days, and protected from the rain on wet days, with decent brakes to keep everything in place when you come to a stop.

You also need to think about your own needs – is the stroller comfortable to push? Can you push it one-handed if needed? Can it be collapsed down quickly, for example, if you need to take it in and out of a car or get on a bus? Does it have space for your shopping? Or a coffee holder for your much-needed caffeine boost? Do you need a stroller for twins or triplets? Or space for an older child?

My Overall Pick
Why I Picked the Cruz | PishPoshBaby

Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200.

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As overwhelming as it may seem, we at the Baby Swag want to bring you all the latest information on car seats and strollers to help you make an informed decision. Today, we’ll be looking at the Nuna Mixx vs Uppababy Cruz.

Nuna Mixx vs UPPAbaby Cruz – Which is the Right Stroller for You?

Main Differences Between UPPAbaby Cruz vs Nuna Mixx

The main differences between UPPAbaby Cruz vs Nuna Mixx are:

  • UPPAbaby Cruz has more color options, whereas Nuna Mixx has more reclining positions and can be reclined in a ‘true flat’ position
  • UPPAbaby Cruz is a little cheaper, whereas Nuna Mixx is more expensive.
  • UPPAbaby Cruz is a little lighter in weight, whereas Nuna Mixx is heavier making it a little more tiring to lift.
My Overall Pick
Why I Picked the Cruz | PishPoshBaby

Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200.

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What types of stroller can you choose from?

nuna tavo stroller

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of stroller:

Car seat strollers

These consist of a lightweight frame and a car seat that clips into place. These are a great option if you need to transfer your baby from the car to the stroller without disturbing them. They tend to be small and easy to fold, perfect for putting in the trunk of your car.

Lightweight strollers

These are lighter strollers for ease of transportation. They fold down nicely, making them great for storing in small spaces.

These aren’t always suitable for smaller babies, as some of them don’t have padded seats, meaning they won’t be as safe or comfortable for a newborn. They work well for toddlers and older kids, though, and they’re a great option for taking on vacation as they take up little space.

Jogging strollers

As the name suggests, these strollers are perfect if you want to run with your baby. They are designed to be light to push and easy to maneuver, usually with three wheels for balance. If you plan to be very active once your baby arrives, this could be the right choice for you.

Strollers come with different features. Some can be adapted to accommodate more than one child. Others come with accessories, like coffee cup holders and larger under-seat baskets for your shopping and your much-needed changing bag.

Some come with attractive color options and added extras like leather accents. What you will need depends really on your own circumstances and what matters most to you.

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Nuna Mixx – which is the right choice for you?


UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller
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and the Nuna Mixx have a lot in common. For example, they both have a large, easy-to-access under seat basket to hold your changing bag, shopping, and anything else you might need.

They’re both attractively designed with leather handlebar accents. They can both be used from birth with the right attachments (purchased separately), and there are both front and parent facing seating positions.

So with that in mind, which one is best for you? We’ve taken a look at both models, taking into account specifications (like weight and size), the safety features such as restraints, the ways they can be adjusted, and their additional features.

We’ve even checked what is included with each stroller – so you know whether you need to buy any extras. Finally, we have consulted reviews to see the opinions of real parents on how both strollers are working for them.

UPPAbaby Cruz

uppababy cruz

The UPPAbaby brand is trusted by parents. Designed to be simple and easy to use, the Cruz is suitable from three months, or from birth using either the SnugSeat or bassinet accessories. In terms of protection, it includes a rain cover and bug shield for the toddler seat. It also has an extendable, pop-out UPF 50+ sunshade.

It combines aluminum and magnesium for a lightweight feel, and it folds with one hand. It also stands when folded, which is great for storage. It has a one-handed multi-position recline, making it easy to keep your baby or toddler comfortable.

In terms of looks, it is a very sleek design. It comes in a variety of color options and 100% full-grain leather accents, so if you want to look stylish while you’re out and about with your baby, this could be a great choice for you. A great feature of the Cruz is its under-seat basket – it is extra-large, holding up to 25lbs, and easy access, making it a safe place to store your changing bag as well as your shopping.

If you wish to use the Cruz with your newborn, you have three options. If you wish to lie your baby flat, you can buy the bassinet accessory. The bassinet is ventilated and can be used for overnight sleeping too, and you can purchase a stand for it separately – this makes it a great multi-purpose item, perfect for parents who plan to stay away from home overnight from time to time.

The second option for newborns is the SnugSeat – retailing on Amazon it can be inserted into the toddler seat at the most reclined position, making it a safe and snug place for your newborn.

The third option for your newborn is a car seat. The Cruz is designed to fit the MESA infant car seat without the need for adapters, which is a great option if you want to move your baby from the car to the stroller without waking them. It also works with select Chicco and Maxi-Cosi infant car seats, but you will need to purchase adapters separately to make them fit.

Add-ons for the UPPAbaby Cruz

There are a few add-ons to choose from if you wish to use the Cruz with a newborn:

  • UPPAbaby MESA car seat 
  • UPPAbaby bassinet
  • UPPAbaby bassinet stand
  • UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat


  • Weight: 21.5lb
  • Size (unfolded): 17L x 22.3W x 40.5H in
  • Front and parent-facing seating options
  • Can be used from three months to 50lb, or from birth with an additional purchase of SnugSeat or bassinet
  • Compatible with MESA infant car set, without needing adapters
  • Lightweight with an adjustable handle height
  • Large under-seat storage basket holding up to 25lb
  • Multiple color options including black, white, indigo, and pink


  • Easy to put up and fold down, stands up when folded
  • Attractive color options with full-grain leather accents
  • Extendable UPF 50+ sunshade with peek-a-boo window
  • Includes rain cover and bug shield for a toddler seat


  • Can’t be used from birth straight out of the box – extra purchases are required
  • Not always a smooth ride – can feel quite bumpy at times
  • Can be a little difficult to attach a car seat

Parent’s Opinion

The UPPAbaby Cruz has an average star rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon. This is what parents have to say about it:

  • The large basket is very useful
  • It’s nice to have the option of both parent-facing and rear facing seating positions
  • Can be pushed one-handed
  • Folds compactly

Nuna Mixx

Nuna Mixx Stroller

The Nuna Mixx stroller isn’t as easy to get hold of as the Uppababy Cruz – it can only be bought from select stores and isn’t sold on Amazon. You can find our review of it here.

It is a neat and compact stroller. It comes with a UPF 50+ extendable canopy and a rain cover, to protect your baby from the elements. Five recline positions (including a ‘true flat’ completely reclined setting) and three calf support positions mean there are lots of choices to keep your child comfortable – perfect for nap time on the move.

It is similar to the Cruz in that it can be used from birth with extra attachments – either a Nuna carrycot or a Nuna car seat. The Mixx comes with a ring adapter, which you will need to securely attach a car seat. This makes the car seat easy to click on and off. The stroller seat itself, meanwhile, can be inward or outward-facing and is nicely padded for your child’s comfort.

When folded, the Mixx is almost flat and can be pulled along on its wheels, which is helpful when taking it from the car to the house, for example. The tires themselves are foam-filled and tough, designed to last – on a big-ticket item like a stroller, durability is very important.

The handlebar is extendable and soft for comfortable use. Just like the Cruz, it has a very large under-seat storage basket, with a removable divider to create two compartments. This is great for keeping things organized while you are on the go. It is very nicely designed, with a luxury leatherette push bar and armbar and three color options.

Add-ons for the Nuna Mixx

nuna mixx stroller

There are a few add-ons to choose from if you wish to use the Nuna Mixx with a newborn:

  • Nuna bassinet
  • Nuna Pipa infant car seat


  • Weight: 27lb
  • Size (unfolded): 37L x 23.5 w x 44 H (in)
  • Front and parent-facing seating options
  • Large multi-compartment basket
  • Can be used from birth with a car seat or bassinet
  • Front and parent-facing seating options
  • Comes with a ring adapter to attach car seat safely and easily
  • Three color options: grey, black, or blue


  • Attractive design with leatherette details
  • Extendable UPF 50+ sunshade
  • Multiple reclining positions including ‘true-flat’ position
  • Includes rain cover


  • Sometimes difficult to fold one handed
  • Some parents found the hood fell back while they were walking
  • Doesn’t have the clearest instructions
  • Cannot be bought from Amazon

Parent’s Opinion

Here is what parents have to say about the Nuna Mixx:

  • The huge basket makes it easy to transport shopping and changing bag, and the removable divider helps to keep things organized
  • Comfortable for both baby and parent to use
  • Good quality straps that are easy to adjust
  • Feels robust and well made – parents felt that their babies were safe

The Verdict

The Cruz and the Mixx are pretty close in terms of features. They have multiple options for newborns, with additional purchases. They’re both relatively easy to fold down and they have large baskets, making them great for shopping trips. Both strollers have front and parent-facing seating positions.

The Nuna Mixx has a true-flat position which is great for naptime on the go, and the UPPAbaby Cruz has more color options, which may appeal if you are looking for a particular color choice. They are both attractive strollers, however, with appealing leather accents.

There have been some issues with both strollers – some parents found the UPPAbaby Cruz to be a little bumpy, especially on uneven terrain, and would have liked it to be a smoother ride for their babies (particularly younger babies). Some of these parents were able to resolve the issue by contacting UPPAbaby customer services, however.

On the other hand, a few parents found that the Nuna Mixx hood would sometimes fall back as they walked, and it was annoying to have to stop to fix it again and again.

Although they are both great options, the slightly cheaper price of the UPPAbaby Cruz – and the wider availability – make it the best pick here. With many things to do when preparing for the arrival of a baby, it makes it slightly easier having the option to buy baby items from Amazon, especially if you need items in a hurry. Having more retailers stock the Cruz means you are more likely to find it on sale, making it a potentially even cheaper option.

FAQ’s About Nina Mixx vs Uppababy Cruz

Do either of the strollers come with a coffee holder?

All moms and dads need coffee and that’s nothing new, unfortunately neither of the strollers come with a coffee holder. They do have space where one can be put, but it has to be purchased separately.

Can I run with the UPPAbaby Cruz or the Nuna Mixx?

No. Despite the fact that you might need a way of exercising when you are walking your little one, neither of these two strollers can be used for jogging.

Are the UPF covers on either model machine washable?

With time, UPF covers, along with the seat cover itself can become dirty and collect dust and all kinds of dirt considering the fact that you will be walking your little one on different grounds. Unfortunately, neither of the UPF covers can be machine washable and can be only washed with mild soap and a sponge.

Final Thoughts: UPPAbaby Cruz or Nuna Mixx?

My Overall Pick
Why I Picked the Cruz | PishPoshBaby

Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

It was difficult to find a clear winner here. Both strollers look stylish, and they offer lots of great features, including UPF protection, multiple reclining positions, and front and parent-facing seating options.

Both have many positive reviews from parents, who enjoy using the strollers with their children, but both have had some features that parents would like to change, like the bumpiness of the Cruz and the problem with the flapping hood on the Mixx.

Bottom Line: However, for the wider availability and the slightly cheaper price, we have to choose the UPPAbaby Cruz.

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