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Naturepedic Changing Pad Review

Naturepedic Changing Pad Review


I am by no means a crunchy momma. I feel like I fit in more with the scrunchy crowd; I limit non-organic foods, don’t put shoes on my baby when he’s outside, do baby-led weaning, still allow screen time, and use disposable diapers. But I wouldn’t say I was specifically looking for an organic changing pad when I started shopping around online.  

My son, Nathanael, was born with a severe bleeding disorder (Severe Hemophilia B). Due to this medical condition, he bruises easily, and his bruising is always severe. I had bought a changing pad when he was born, but unfortunately, I purchased the cheapest changing pad I could find. Due to how little I spent on this changing pad, it was thin and didn’t have a lot of padding to keep Nate safe. 

It wasn’t until several months into our parenthood journey that my husband and I received Nathanael’s diagnosis. So began the shopping journey that led me to the Naturepedic changing pad; I needed something super thick, padded, and durable. 

Did Naturepedic live up to what my son needed in a changing pad? Keep reading to find out!

TLDR; is it worth it?: Yes! The Naturepedic changing pad did live up to (and surpass) all of my expectations. While I think $130 is a lot to spend on a changing pad, I’m happy with finding this one! 

What is Naturepedic?  

Naturepedic Website

Naturepedic is a company that prompts healthy organic sleep for the entire family. That’s right; they’re a mattress company! They want to change the world by promoting healthier sleep; Naturepedic accomplishes this by eliminating harmful chemicals in their products. All of the products they offer are 100% organic. 

A Close Look at the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad 

I mean, $130 is a lot to spend on a changing pad. I didn’t even spend that much money on Nate’s crib. But there’s a lot that the Naturepedic organic cotton pad has to offer. 

Naturepedic’s changing pad is 100% non-toxic and is made from non-GMO sugarcane, so it’s great for the environment and your babe! It’s completely waterproof (with a boy, this is a big plus). Plus, it’s layered with 100% cotton (that has a GOTS certification). On the website, you can choose between a 2-sided or a 4-sided option.  

My favorite part? Its contour prevents your baby from rolling! I know a lot of changing pads have that, but my son is a WIGGLE worm. He’s hyperactive (a side effect of his medication) and mixed with typical baby/toddler excitement; diaper changes are a pain. Before Naturepedic, I managed to master holding him down (to prevent him from death rolling like a crocodile) while changing his diaper with one hand.

But, thanks to Naturepedic, I don’t have to do that anymore! There’s a nice deep contour that keeps him snuggly inside the changing pad while also preventing him from death-rolling. 

My Ordering Experience 

The ordering experience from Naturepedic was so easy! They offer free shipping on this changing pad. In addition, Naturepedic also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a one-year warranty, and free returns on all orders! My changing pad came two days after I ordered it, which was amazing! 

I felt even more confident in this changing pad because of everything Naturepedic was offering to back its product. 

My ordering experience was a breeze! It took me less than five minutes in total to order the changing pad. I was more than thrilled when my order arrived on my doorstep just a few days later. 

Unboxing The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad

I always judge an eco-friendly company after I get their orders. A company may claim they care about the environment when you’re on their website, but how they use packaging materials is where I place my final judgment. Unfortunately, a lot of companies say they care about making less of an impact on the ecosystem, but they’ll waste a lot of packaging materials in their shipments.

Not Naturepedic! The box the order came in was simple and beautiful. There wasn’t anything flashy, and they didn’t have the box covered in advertisements for their company. When I pulled out the changing pad, it was covered in one plastic bag. I’m grateful they did this because I feel like it kept the changing pad clean during shipment. 

Inside the plastic bag was another bag! This bag felt like canvas, but I’m not 100% sure about the texture. It’s a carrying case! How cool is that? The carrying case came with a handle and a zipper. I now travel with this changing pad everywhere because of the carrying case too. Another huge win in my book! 

Nathanael vs Changing Pad – Who Will Win?

I change an average of 8 diapers a day. That means there was a chance I was taking eight times a day on having to re-wash the old changing pad cover I used on my previous changing pad. Nate would constantly poop or pee on it, so that left me having to switch out changing pad covers several times a day. 

Another significant benefit for me was the waterproof exterior of this changing pad. I could just wipe it clean, and I would be all good to keep moving on with my day! While Naturepedic does sell a cover you can put on this changing pad, I opted just not to use a cover on this changing pad. After all, the exterior was smooth and comfortable for Nate to lie on.

 After I had pulled the entire order out of the box, I saw that this changing pad came with screws, a safety buckle, and snaps. I loved that I was able to screw this changing pad onto the dresser to prevent it from slipping. Even the small movements in the old changing pad when Nate thrashed around increased his risk of an injury. I loved that I didn’t have to think about mommy-rigging it to make sure this wouldn’t happen with the new changing pad. 

The changing pad is super lightweight, so I can easily carry it around to different rooms. The first time I put Nathanael on this changing pad, I didn’t smell any chemical smell from the air inside of the changing pad. Also, I love that the changing pad itself doesn’t have any weird smells coming from it. 

Of course, Nathanael tested out the waterproofing factor on our first tryout. The cover itself isn’t too thick, and it isn’t slippery. I was able to wipe up the lovely pee pile Nate had left me, and there wasn’t anything else to worry about. The waterproofing part of this changing pad is Nate approved! 

I bought the two-sided changing pad because Nathanael is really tall. At nine months old, he was 31-inches tall. Now that he’s 12 months old, he fits into 24 months/2T. I didn’t want him to outgrow the changing pad within a few months, which would’ve happened if I had chosen the four-sided changing pad. The two-sided changing pad kept him nice and secure but left plenty of room to stretch his legs out. 

I don’t have a standard changing table to change Nate on; I use a dresser. This changing pad was longer than my old changing pad, but it doesn’t hang off of the dresser. I don’t have any plans to try elimination communication or potty training before 2, so I know I’ll be using this for at least another year (and for our next baby). 

I do appreciate the buckle that’s on this changing pad. Unfortunately, Nathanael broke that strap very quickly. It only lasted us about a week before he had managed to rip the buckle from the pad because he thrashed around so much. I know, I know; I should consider having him audition for Baby Hulk if they ever release a casting call. 

The durability of this organic cotton changing pad is pretty good; my only complaint is about the buckle on this changing pad. I wish I could fix it after it had gotten ripped off. But my other changing pad had the same problem, so I think it’s more of my problem and doesn’t have too much to do with Naturepedic.

I love that the coating is non-toxic. I think it’s really important to make sure there weren’t any toxic chemicals used in the creation of this changing pad, considering I have my baby’s bare skin on the pad without any cover. I just make sure to wipe up any messes as soon as they happen. Once a week, I’ll use a baby-safe organic all-natural anti-bacterial spray on this changing pad to kill off any bacteria. 

Alternative Pads To Look Into

Listen, I know $130 is a lot to spend on one baby item. Here are a few other alternatives I’d recommend you look into if you aren’t ready to shell that much money out: 

Summer Contoured Changing Pad

summer contoured changing pad

This changing pad is a lot cheaper (by about $100). This changing pad also has great contouring to it to keep your baby inside. I’m recommending this changing pad to moms looking for a changing pad that’ll keep their wiggle worm inside of the pad for safety. If you’re more concerned about structure and not chemicals, this is the changing pad I would recommend. I’ve used this a few times at friends’ houses, and it’s sturdy, secure, and has deep contouring. 

Summer Contoured Changing Pad
Check it on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Nook Sleep Changing Pad

Nook Sleep Changing Pad

This is another organic and non-toxic changing pad. This changing pad is a bit smaller compared to the Naturepedic Organic Cotton pad, so if you have a standard-size changing table, this will fit. Not only does it have a stain-resistant waterproof cover, but it’s also machine washable! There’s organic cotton and organic eucalyptus used in the development of this changing pad. 

Nook Sleep Changing Pad
Check it on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Holy Lamb Organics Changing Table Pad

Holy Lamb Organics Changing Table Pad

If you’re a dedicated crunchy momma, I would recommend this changing pad. It’s made with eco-wool, and the cover is an organic cotton canvas. It’s SUPER plush and padded. Plus, this changing pad is entirely handmade in Washington, USA! You’ll only need to spot clean messes, but you should shake the pad up every few weeks to keep the wool from matting down. 


Question: Do you really need a changing pad for a baby? 

Answer: No, you don’t technically need a changing pad. You could absolutely change your baby on the floor. But changing pads make things much more comfortable and easier for you and your babe. You can change your baby up on an elevated surface, but make sure they keep themselves from getting hurt. Plus, it’ll help your baby keep their temperature regulated while getting dressed or changed. 

Question: At what age should you stop using a changing pad? 

Answer: Around 15 months! This is when most babies outgrow the weight on the changing table. Once you don’t need the changing table anymore, you don’t need the changing pad. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t keep using it! You could keep using the changing pad on the floor as long as you’re still changing diapers or as long as your baby isn’t too tall for it! 

Question: How do I keep my changing pad from sliding on my dresser?

Answer: If your changing pad doesn’t come with an attachment kit, you can buy a velcro kit to place onto the dresser. I’ve even seen some moms using double-sided sticky tape to keep everything in place! 

Is The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Changing Pad Worth It?

For my baby and I, it’s completely worth it! The deep contouring in this changing pad makes diaper changes so much safer. Nathanael still fights the changing pad, but I can keep him from rolling around (which decreases his risk of falling off the table). I love that this changing pad also takes a lot off my laundry schedule.

I don’t have to worry about changing and washing the cover for a changing pad anymore. I do wish the buckles were on a snap, so if there was too much stress put on them, they would just snap off of the sides instead of breaking off. But I know the straps breaking on this isn’t 100% on Naturepedic, either. Overall, I’m thrilled with this changing pad! 

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